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Lucky Dube - Remember me lyrics

where ever you are remember me In what ever you do I love you Daddy where ever you are remember me In what ever you do I love you You left for the city many years ago Promised to come back And take care of us Many years have gone by now Still no sign of you Da

Laura Branigan - Mama lyrics

remember how you warned me that he would only hurt me? Remember how I didn't listen then, wasn't listening? Mama, you said I shouldn't see him Said I didn't need him Said "Don't fall, that guy is gonna take your heart Just to brea

Il Divo - Mama lyrics

thank you for who I am Thank you for all the things I'm not Forgive me for the words unsaid For the times I forgot Mama remember all my life You showed me love, you sacrificed Think of those young and early days How I've changed along the way [along th

Lucky Dube - It's not easy lyrics

remember the day I called mama on the telephone I told her mama I'm getting married I could hear her voice on the other side of the telephone she was smiling And she asked me a question that I proudly answered She said son did you take time to know her I said mama she's the best

Lucky Dube - Hold on lyrics

knew exactly What you were going through It's just that I didn't have the right To discuss your problems I saw you struggling For our education I saw you struggling to get us clothes to wear mama This man you got married to is dead alive Over the years I asked myself

Lucky Dube - On my own lyrics

my own, on my own, On my own, on my own, On my own, on my own, On my own, on my own, I have been waiting twenty years For this time to come I am tired of being called mama's boy I am tired of being told, what to do and when to do I have to be a boss of my own I

Lucky Dube - Little heroes lyrics

heroes, go down The drain day by day Future leaders they go down The drains day by day They cry so loud yeah But the whole world Is not listening Only you mothers of the world Can save the children There's a lot of things To be legalized yeah But abortion is

Lucky Dube - Love me (the way i am) lyrics

s child am I gonna be tonight? Who's bed am I gonna sleep in tonight? You told the other ones I was your brother's child You told the ones I was your sister's child Everytime they come to the house I got to change my name Everytime they come to the house

Lucky Dube - Big boys don't cry lyrics

we both believe in Reincarnation, Maybe we will have a Chance in the next life. You felt something for me And I was so deeply in love with you. But we both said nothing Till we ran out of time Sometimes I cry, I said I cry And it's not because of t

Lucky Dube - Divorce party lyrics

is not the 4th of July But we're celebrating Mr. BB and Mrs. BB have decided to call it a day After so many years, living together They have called us here today To witness what they call freedom from each other They've been living in style, they wanna end it in style

Lucky Dube - Release me lyrics

don't have to come with me Down this road 'Cause I know my way around here Very well It may not seem like it From where you stand But believe you me, I know what I'm talking about Letting it all go Didn't matter to me 'Cause I've done it all

Lucky Dube - The show goes on lyrics

boys and girls Come out and play The world is a stage For me and you to play on We all are actors We all are actresses Do you wanna sit around Watch your life going by When you can be anything that you wanna be And you can do anything that yo

Lucky Dube - Can't blame you lyrics

so hard not to cry Since they say man ain't supposed to cry But these tears keep running from my eyes I remember the day I came to the city. My children were crying My wife was crying She's gonna lose me To the girls in the city To make her feel alright I Said it's impossible B

Lucky Dube - Good girl lyrics

you were a little girl I had dreams and I had plans for you As a single father I knew There was gonna be turbulance Along the way I did not know that so soon I'd have to stand on the side Watch you go through life Without my guidance you see I wanted to be there when y

Lucky Dube - Sins of the flesh lyrics

lie awake at night And I think about it Where I have been And who I've been with 'Cause all around me I see them dropping like flies Everytime they tell us We say it doesn't exist And all we wanna do Just to have some fun Reverand Jackson says The time

Lucky Dube - The way it is lyrics

t I raise my voice High enough for you I was running like a fugitive all the time Risking rejection from my own people yeah Now that you got what you wanted You don't even know my name It's so funny, we don't talk anymore Be good to the people on your Way up the ladder Cause you'

Lucky Dube - You got no right lyrics

Woman:] I got lonely sometime You were gone and left Like you always do You were never there When I needed some care You were never there when I needed somebody to talk to Somebody came and took your place. [Man:] Oh! Baby Somebody took my place In your heart I can say

Lucky Dube - Johnny lyrics

was a good boy According to his mother But when she wasn't looking yeah Johnny became a bad boy He got into drugs yeah Oh poor Johnny One day he double-crossed And it cost him his life She couldn't believe it When she saw him lying On the ground In a po

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Lucky you lyrics

is a little girl in this little town With a little too much heart to go around Live forever, never say never You can do better, that's what she says Mama named her Lucky on a starlit night A rabbit food in her pocket, she dances in spite of The fact t

Cyntia - Lucky☆star lyrics

wa noboru uh Gokigen ika ga? Brand new days Sunshine te no naru be e Terashite iku yo Hands up One night ima ikiteru kai? Kono rizumu ni mi o makasete Good-bye hataraki ari no Namida shite kinou ni bye-bye Hitori janai nakama ni aeru So lucky☆star Shiawase hoshi furi

Bloodhound Gang - Mama say lyrics

felt like shouting hurrah. It goes one two three when I'm kickin' funky lyrics lyrics I'm bustin' up vocabulary I want you all to hear it hear it I'm bustin' up the rhythm 'cause I'm bustin' up the rhyme Kickin' down the stop posts 'cause I wanna kicks the t

Rapsoul - Mama lyrics

was ich brauch, bist du nimm dir kurz Zeit und hör mir zu Rapsoul Alles was ich brauch, bist du nimm dir kurz Zeit und hör mir zu Mama hör mir zu Die Melodie bewegt mich dazu meiner Mutter was zu schreiben nicht um sie anzulügen sondern um ihr Fre

Emil Dimitrov - Mama lyrics

Димитров songs lyrics - comprehensive archive containing Емил Димитров music lyrics. Usually we have artists' full discography and in the current situation Емил Димитров full discography, but it's not always true. Of course you can always use our song l

Goo Goo Dolls - Lucky one lyrics

day the city saved us It gave your heart a place to hide If all we're counting on is here today and gone tomorrow I wanna make believe that you remember me I, I won't forget you Even if you let me go I won't regret you Cause I'm the lucky one I, I won't f

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Lucky in love lyrics

betting fool, a gambling man No sooner up you're down again Mama said you won't get hurt Don't play the cards, you won't get burned But there's a place where I still win But there's no money in this thing The game of hearts puts me in spades The only game

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Lucky in love lyrics

betting fool, a gambling man No sooner up you're down again Mama said you won't get hurt Don't play the cards, you won't get burned But there's a place where I still win But there's no money in this thing The game of hearts puts me in spades The only

Bernie Paul - Lucky lyrics

I'm a fool one day we'll know Maybe I'm a fool only time can show But now these lonely nights are killing me I'm so far away from reality The pain grows stronger I can't hold on much longer I can still remember that day in September The words that s

Capital Lights - Remember the day lyrics

down, hold your tongue girl. Lights out, over old worlds Lips spoken the truth left you feeling ashamed You're calling out Reborn, a well rehearsed line. Once more, wasting our time But I'm ready to set your record straight... When you're calling out Ware yo

Aurora - Lucky lyrics

I am down I lay my hands upon the ground And for the thousandth time I call him in, his earth is mine Before I make the offering Remember all the faces that I've seen The marks have settled on my skin From all the different places that I've been That I've been A

Goo Goo Dolls - Lucky star lyrics

I could walk a straight mile To write it down in shorthand, I could show you If you want me to And if I had an hourglass I'd save the grains of time I spent with you That's what I'd do But I remember, you always said it could be great And I knew it could be

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Lucky man lyrics

... Well it took so long for me to realize That my destiny was right before my eyes If it were up to me to travel through this life I'd find an open space for me to live out all my dreams I'm such a lucky man, I try to be a stronger man I shed a

Montgomery Gentry - Lucky man lyrics

Turnbull, Dave; Cory, David Lee; I have days where I hate my job This little town and the whole world too And last Sunday when the Bengals lost Lord, it put me in a bad mood I have moments when I curse the rain Then complain when the sun's too hot I l

Colin Hay - Lucky bastard lyrics

chook's in the oven, the check's in the bank When I go to bed at night, I got my stars to thank I can remember when the whole thing got started It's true what they say, I'm a lucky bastard When the rest are falling, I'm still on my feet When they're running from the k

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Mama´s little girl lyrics

like a rag doll Mama's little girl Singing like a skylark Mama's little girl Better give me some time for this heart of mine Cause I just can't take it all in Still I will remember Mama's little girl Ohhhh mama's little girl, little girl Mama's little girl

Bif Naked - Lucky lyrics

was a Monday, when my lover told me, "never pay the reaper with love only." What could I say to you except " I love you" And "I'd give my life for yours." I know we are, we are the lucky ones. I know we are, we are the lucky one

Beth Hart - Mama lyrics

may I, and I would say Yes sweet baby take it away It won't be long Just just remember that Powerful is the woman in you and stay true now & she'd come to me when fire & water was gone to caress the empty with a song Saying why cry for

Declan Galbraith - Mama said lyrics

couldn't sleep last night There was somethin' on my mind I lay there wishin' in the dark Someone could tell me why If you love somebody from the bottom of your heart Why do you hurt each other How does it fall apart? An' then I heard a voice as s

August Alsina - Mama lyrics

Verse 1:] Mama said stay out of trouble Mama said don't be a fool Mama said stay in somebody's church Mama said boy stay in school Mama told me I better get home, before the street lights come on Mama always use to cry when I left her Maybe cause daddy was gone

Jimmy Buffett - Lucky stars lyrics

up just the other day Fell out of bed and my dog ran away. The car won't start and the weather was cold and gray. I got stuck in a traffic jam, My major meeting didn't go as I planned. Looks like it's gonna be another one of those days. I got a roof over my head, So

George Jones - Mama was a preacher man lyrics

remember when daddy died, he said the Lord was by his side With his last breath, he said I'm goin' to the promised land That's when mama told us all that she had heard the call And mama would be a preacher man. Far as I can remember back mama was a woman that

Kerli - Mama you're a liar lyrics

used to be a strong girl, mama said that strong girls don't cry I used to be a cute little girl, mama said that cute girls don't lie but I say...mama u were so wrong, I cry but I feel strong and I don't wanna be like u, I hate the things u do beca

Five Finger Death Punch - Mama said knock you out lyrics

t call it a comeback I been here for years Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon Listen to the bass go BOOM Explosion, overpowerin Over the competition, I'm towerin Wreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that'll make you ca

Ll Cool J - Mama said knock you out lyrics

LL] C'mon man [News Report] And with the local DBT news, LL Cool J with a triumphant comeback [mumbling] but tonite... [LL] Don't call it a comeback I been here for years Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear Makin the tears rain down like a

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Mama (afraid to say goodbye) lyrics

d wake us up early every mornin' She'd help us say our prayers every night She was always there to help us through the hard times We could count on her to make everything alright I remember swingin' on the front porch Papa said there's somethin' I need to say tonight Mama's been si

Magnum - Mama lyrics

ve seen plenty of trouble Never been any different I know You've got to run on the double Keep your eye on the chariot low Mama let your garden grow Can't fall down, never give in A lucky star could be following you You've got to show a little giving Ev

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Mama gave birth to the soul children lyrics

Queen Latifah] Possy, Dovey! (Yes mama?) Time to get up! Hello, I'm Queen Latifah, how ya doing? I hope that you're with this, I hope that you're willing I want to introduce you to a cut called "Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children" [Dove] Well here co

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Mama's song lyrics

used to send us early to bed on Christmas Eve She became Santa's helper and they took care of me We would wake up early from our beds only to see The love she had for all of us was left beneath the tree One day I know we'll be together When the Lord brings me to you Then I know,

Lukas Graham - Mama said lyrics

mama said that it was okay Mama said that it was quite alright Our kind of people had a bed for the night And it was ok Mama told us we were good kids And daddy told us never listen to the ones Pointing nasty fingers and making fun Cause we were goo

The National - Lucky you lyrics

time you get a drink And every time you go to asleep Are those dreams inside you head Is there sunlight on your bed And every time you're driving home Way outside your safety zone Wherever you will ever be You're never getting rid of me You own

Christopher - Mama lyrics

is something like an angel So innocent and free Well protected from the danger She's daddy's little queen She's got a body like a model And she ain't afraid to use it Cause she wanna be a superstar She'll do anything to prove it What would your da

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mama tried lyrics

first thing I remember knowin' was a lonesome whistle blowin', And a youngun's dream of growin' up to ride, On a freight train leavin' town, not knowin' where I'm bound. And no one could change my mind but mama tried. One and only rebel child from

Deluhi - Remember the rain lyrics

no tsumetai kaze ga nobita kami wo suri nukeru Haiiro ni somatta sora wa naiteiru Tatazumu hito ha shinkiro keshiki tokeru BUS tei Daremo ga mukanjou na boukyaku matteiru I was walking alone The way we walked together I was walking alone Can you hear me now

Grateful Dead - Mama tried lyrics

first I remember knowin' was that lonesome whistle blowin' And a youngin's dream of growin' up to ride. On a freight train leavin' town, not knowin' where I was bound No one could steer me right, but mama tried. Was the only rebel child from a family meek and

Akanishi Jin - Lucky lyrics

ga number one Kimi ga special Hadake me na wedding dress Kita ano ko in my dream One day at McDonalds RANCHI wo with my friend GURASU ni ocean blue Makka na kuchibeni Cupid smile Yume no sono ko ga STOP Moshi yume nara samenaide hoshii cuz I lo

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Lucky lyrics

counts the days away and waits for valentines She says every girl in the past is just a waste of time You know, whoa She don't believe in miracles and make-believe If you were blind you still could see That she believes in me, Ohhhh Feels like I found a pocket full of gold I

Clc - Lucky lyrics

show you my love always there for you Oh my boy ooh yeah botong iyagi sogeseo ireonaneun irinde eomeo eotteohge maldo an dwae eojjeomyeon unmyeong gata nan neowa nuguboda sarangeul baewogago sipeun geol han georeum deo neoege dagagaseo soneul naemireo kkakjireul kkiwo

Greg Kihn Band - Lucky lyrics

aw, aw... Games, I never used to play Cause everytime I'd lose It just turns out that way I almost lost it all And then I, I got lucky Ooh, I got lucky I got lucky Ooh, I got lucky In love My fortunes never changed And I always took the blame

George Jones - Mama's hungry eyes lyrics

canvas covered cabin in a crowded labor camp Stands out in this memory I revile 'Cause my daddy raised a family there with two hard working hand And tried to feed my mamas hungry eyes. He dreamed of something better and my mama's faith was stong An

Kandi - Lucky lyrics

d d d d d d damn she get to have it every day. What a Lucky Girl Ooohh well tonight I'll take her place. I'm a lucky girl Damn do you spread her legs this way. What a Lucky Girl Ummm Your the king at this foreplay. I'ma Lucky girl I know you

Lucky Twice - Lucky lyrics

can fool yourself I promise it will help Now every single day I just wanna hear you saying Laughing through the day Thinking you are never boring Speeding through the night Maybe you not count the morning There's nothing you can do To keep it out There's nothing you can do

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