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America - High in the city lyrics

I'm high in the city Feel the evening air The crowds in the city Compete for a share It ... As I walk through marble Finding my way out to daylight

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - High in the city lyrics

got the time, I got my feet let's go ... hit the street High in the city high in the city I ... gotta protect your own life High in the city high in the city

A Pink - High in the sky (feat. joker) lyrics

Yes Yes right, you ready for the show? Haha let’s get — oh my

Iron Mask - High in the sky lyrics

in the sky your time has come, Only ... t ever try to rule my life again Before the attack you have ... re just a fool and we shall win this war. You will burn in

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - High in the morning lyrics

that bottle belongs to the devil Better leave it on the shelf Could be the old ... to my bones To see him high in the morning And by ... evenin’ see him gone Boy that

Golden Earring - High in the sky lyrics

baby, is still here on my mind The tears I cried have ... filled the rivers, Lakes, seas, but not ... I hear your voice through the wind Whispering tender, ... sweet sweet as wine But remember I'm coming to

Marvin Gaye - Flyin' high (in the friendly sky) lyrics

high in the friendly sky Flying high without ever leaving the ground, no Rest of the folks ... are tired and weary Oh Lord, and have laid their bodies ... down I go to the place where danger awaits me

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The lord lyrics

do you get for trying? Minute you're born you're dying. ... The body is six feet down.The Lord says the soul sticks ... gonna do. I'm gonna believe in the Lord. You can believe

Deathspell Omega - Jubilate deo (o be joyful in the lord) lyrics

men Pregnant nymphets hast they become Defiled with divine ... Organic procreation, mind-intromission; there comes the ... salvation Pubescent vaginas obstructed with the

Don Moen - Trust in the lord lyrics

Trust in the Lord with all your heart And lean ... not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him ... keeps you will not slumber The Lord is near unto all them

Hanson - In the city lyrics

see you walking out that door And you know ... me, can you tell me What's going on in the city? You stand ... there trying to look sweet Every word ... me, can you tell me What's going on in the city? I'm gonna

Taylor Dayne - In the darkness lyrics

Yeah, at least I went through the motions I was always laughin' What was left of my ... And my smile undisguised Then I met you and I let you Oh ... I let you touch me In the darkness You make me see

Emerald Sun - High on the sky lyrics

- into the night, under the moonlight Darkness falling ... You, you're searching the path That leads to the light ... I'll - be there by your side To show you the right way Don't deny it

Apple Fiona - Tymps the sick in the head song lyrics

went bust My feet of clay, they dried to dust The red isn't ... the red we painted Its just rust And the ... signature thing That used to bring a following I have trouble now Even

Fiona Apple - Tymps (the sick in the head song) lyrics

went bust My feet of clay, they dried to dust The red isn't ... the red we painted It's just rust And that ... signature thing That used to bring a following I have trouble now Even

Honey Cocaine - In the cut lyrics

I'm out catch me chillen in the cut Me and my homies swag it ... out in the cut It's a party going down in the cut You ain't ... attitude f*** you Shit I ain't waiting for the money I'm a

Lucky Dube - The way it is lyrics

t I raise my voice High enough for you I was running ... like a fugitive all the time Risking rejection from ... t talk anymore Be good to the people on your Way up the

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

you Turn to years Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the ... answers Deep within You'll hear my screams The

Petra - I waited for the lord on high lyrics

Batstone Chorus: I waited For the Lord on high I waited And He ... me how to walk From fear into security From quicksand into the Rock CHORUS I sing to ... let the people know That I have been

Lucky Dube - The one lyrics

come to this Today I'm walking in the bushes, like a criminal Today I'm walking so slow, ... a glimpse of you As you play in the play ground. Your mother

Lucky Dube - The other side lyrics

name is Jackson He lives in Jamaica Every morning he ... comes down to the docks to watch the ships come ... from That is why he believes the ocean can give him answers

Miracle Of Sound - The division song - the lucky ones lyrics

windows Deliver no lights Under ... the soft cinders The dimming of life We crawl in cold ... canyons Deep cuts between The giants still standing Over ... rabid ravines Still city sleeps In

Jim Reeves - The farmer and the lord lyrics

Spoken] While resting the other evening by the side of the ... road I saw an old farmer in the field that he just sowed His ... face was all brown and wrinkled from the sun and the wind

Graham Nash - In the 80's lyrics

of working, it's going too Slow, you just had to ... be there, But you hated to go, down ... To the job, where it all feels the ... thousands of people Looking for someone to blame. You

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - The christmas song lyrics

Ooh well ooh Lord) Chestnuts roasting on an ... fire (well) Jack Frost nipping on your nose (mmm) Yuletide ... carols being sung by a choir And folks ... (well) Help to make the season bright (mmm) Tiny

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - High all the time lyrics

I don't need shit Nigga I'm high all the time, I smoke that ... good shit I stay high all the time, man I'm on some hood ... I'll spark shit And stay high all the time, I smoke that

Failure - Lucky shoreline lyrics

called/crawled) out of the (surfseats) watched the day ... seep in through (spur-pains) i feel strangely awake ... and long to breathe the song to live fixed on a

Bloodrock - Lucky in the morning lyrics

in the morning touches everyone get no ... second warning confiscate the sun I don't know any ... I just want to fly high yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ... leave me in the morning I'll drop you a call can't

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - The crab song lyrics

quot;And after all the feelings go, I see I still love you ... let you know now that everything's okay, And you are on ... came," She said with pain in her heart, it was there

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The lord loves the one (that loves the lord) lyrics

Lord loves the one that loves the Lord ... And the law says if you don't give, ... then you don't get loving Now the Lord helps those ... that help themselves And the law says whatever you do is

John P. Kee - The lord is able lyrics

it's over, hold your head up high Just be encouraged, hold ... your head up to the sky Every one of your ... Shout Hallelujah for the battle's already won There

Richard Smallwood - The glory of the lord lyrics

the glory of the Lord Fills this holy temple He ... will lift us high And on angels' wings we'll ... rise To the pure and holy When His spirit ... fills this place LEAD: Let the glory of the Lord Fill this

Marvin Gaye - The onion song lyrics

just a great big onion And pain & fear are the spices ... that make you cry Oh, and the only way to get rid of this ... up this place And reach far high and oh yeah Yes we do We

Morning Dwell - The pirate song lyrics

had to run away So this is the coward, the ruler of the seas ... on a ship Maybe it's too high "up in the stars" ... Drunk as hell, he sails at the seas Oh, a pirate he's

Harry Nilsson - The puppy song lyrics

are nothing more than wishes And a wish ... I'd call myself so very lucky Just to have some company ... To stick with me until the end And walk along beside the sea Share a bit of moon

Sixx:a.m. - High on the music lyrics

high (we are getting high on the music) on the music Get it ... it's yesterday, yesterday High (we are getting high on the ... music) on the music Sing along like it's yesterday,

Sarah Brightman - The unexpected song lyrics

I never thought I'd know The kind of love you've shown me ... I do I see your face appearing Like an unexpected song An ... unexpected song That only we are hearing

Kenny Loggins - The puppy song lyrics

are nothing more than wishes And a wish ... I'd call myself so very lucky Just to have some company to ... la, la, la I wouldn't care Then we'll stay away from crowds

Mcdonnell Charlie - The birthday song lyrics

is a song that I wrote you for your ... Because I couldn’t be bothered to buy you anything And I ... know that you might think that writing this song ... required more effort than going out and buying you something

All Caps - The nanowrimo song lyrics

and I’m gonna write a freaking book It’s only sixteen ... up your social life and stay indoors and forget about your ... thousand words and I’m feeling awesome Man I should make

Anthem Lights - In the light ft. jamie grace (acoustic) lyrics

keep trying to find a life On my own, apart ... from You I am the king of excuses I've got one for ... every selfish thing I do Tell me, what's going on inside of me? I despise

Sarah Bettens - The soldier song lyrics

I'm fine, everything's ok It doesn't help to ... I didn't let you down Mother, I lied, this is not for me ... I don't know why I should be The lucky one who gets to see

Canned Heat - The road song lyrics

t going down, dark road all by ... oooh, yo-oooh Flag that train, that's the train my baby's ... for water, she gave me gasoline Well don't you hear me cry, ... long how long Has that fearin train been gone Well don't

The Dubliners - The pool song lyrics

the Lord upon high who rules the sky Look down on our pubs ... and bars And the women and men all seated within Neglecting their pints and their jars The crack it is bad, the atmosphere sad Every man has

Excelsis - The tomorrow song lyrics

and pain from the highest hills, the time will come ... when we can`not stand still the price of honour we will pay, ... against Gessler we will stay ... right, die if you must during this night (I) often

Fogalord - The fog lord lyrics

"...the miracle happened... the ... prayers had been heard... the gates opened and the fog rose ... up as the prophecy told! The Fog Lord, long-invoked during

Lil Kim - In the air tonite lyrics

Way back (way back)- back into time (into time) Chorus: ... [Phil Collins] I can feel it coming in the air tonight Oh Lord And I ... ve been waiting for this moment For all my

Barry Manilow - The christmas song lyrics

roasting on a open fire Jack Frost ... nipping at your nose Yuletide ... carols being sung by a choir and folks ... some misteltoe help to make the season bright tiny tots

Masters Of Reality - The candy song lyrics

little honey child Got something I wanna taste I got myself ... a hatchet To lay these woods to waste And when ... my work is through I'll bring my cash to you Go down and

Francesca Battistelli - The christmas song lyrics

roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost ... nipping on your nose, Yuletide ... carols being sung by a choir, And folks ... some mistletoe, Help to make the season bright. Tiny tots

Jackson Browne - The fuse lyrics

s coming from so far away It's hard ... to say for sure Whether what I hear is music or the ... wind Through an open door There's a fire high in the empty ... sky Where the sound meets the shore There's a long

Itchy Poopzkid - The pirate song lyrics

aye matey walk the plank Shiver me timbers - ... just a prank Where we stand the ground is never stable ... our table All and as far the eye can see is easy prey We

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The nile song lyrics

was standing by the Nile When I saw the lady ... How her golden hair was blowing wild Then she spread her wings to fly For to fly Soaring high above the breezes Going always where she pleases

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Song of you lyrics

you want a song So you want a song A song ... just for you There are many melodies to choose ... from but there’s only one of you So I’m ... gonna fly in the sky so high in the wind And I’m gonna try

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The monkey song lyrics

I wonder if where love's involved Did we improve as we ... we'd fix a big mistake By going wild, going ape Here we ... go 'round the dry thistle Monkey can climb

The Rapture - The pop song lyrics

lala i said i tatter way up high And when you lay yourself ... rest Sometimes a lemon flyeying though your head Your growing older Your growing older ... Your growing old You got let down You

Crashdïet - The buried song lyrics

got my ass in trouble again Same old ball, same old chain I've got no manners and it ain't okay Every night I wind up ... in jail In jail In jail My life is a

Gloria Gaynor - The luckiest girl in the world lyrics

I got you, honey I must be the luckiest girl in the world ... touch you, honey I must be the luckiest girl in the world ... Like a happy ending in a picture show, yeah You're the one who takes me where I

Jim Morrison - The ghost song lyrics

child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of ... your day the day's divinity First thing you see. ... soft, mad children Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy The music and voices

Joe Walsh - The worry song lyrics

if my chances were improving I got ulcers from the worrying I've done And they worry ... Well, I'm worried I may find a four leaf clover Lord ... knows I can't sleep if nothing's wrong I'm worried that my

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