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Aurora - Lucky lyrics

I am down I lay my hands upon the ground And for the thousandth time I call him in, his earth is mine Before I make the offering Remember all the faces that I've seen The marks have settled on my skin From all the different places that I've been That I've been And I fee

Scum Of The Earth - Pray lyrics

of sin church of ghosts , as I descend I shatter all hope ... Crucified by the tribe of the holy one serenaded by the devil in the midnight sun get down and Pray - Pray - Pray Terrorize, Victimize, Crucified like Jesus Christ Dead not a soul post apocalyp

Blessthefall - Pray lyrics

s pulling out her eyelashes From pain she bears I'm far from home, I'm all alone This hole is way too deep and I've left behind my happy life And I'm still asking how I died Lay down,lay me down pray, now Lay down,lay me down pray, now I'm walking

Blessthefall - Pray - ep lyrics

s pulling out her eyelashes, from pain she bares Now far from home I'm all alone this whole is way too deep And I've left behind my happy life, and I'm still asking how I died Lay down, lay me down, pray [x2] I'm walking through the cold of night so I can see your face At

Mechina - Pray to the winds lyrics

the air of a fallen world And tear the sky with a golden storm Destabilize this world of slaves And debase their fallen gods Let the crescent flag Be stained in human blood Kneel before the myth of mankind Embrace the Esoterical Eon Unleash the rats To plague the

Cassandra Complex - Kneel lyrics

to the boss Kneel at my feet Kneel Kneel Let's make a deal Kneel Kneel Feel you bow beneath my heel What can you do when you rule the world? What can you do when you have it all? What can you do when all you have are slaves? Kneel Kneel Feel the pain you

Lucky Dube - Crazy world lyrics

far so good we still living today But we don't know what tomorrow brings In this crazy world People dying like flies every day You read about it in the news But you don't believe it You'll only know about it When the man in the long black coat Knocks on your

Lucky Dube - Running, falling lyrics

somewhere Is calling out your name In the middle of the night Your eyes go wide I see your legs shaking You don't believe it's happening Oppressor man ye Don't tell me you are scared now It's not the end of your life But it's the end of yo

Amon Amarth - Slaves of fear lyrics

speak of love and tolerance, and thrive on people's ignorance to make you all slaves of fear. They feed on your anxiety, to build their gent society, They kept you down for a thousand years. They nurture prejudice and hate condemn the wars that they create in the name of

Lucky Dube - Choose your friends lyrics

got of yellow school bus Looking so sad today, you see it on his face Mommy and Daddy have been fighting again Every time they fight, he's caught in the middle of it all He has dreams, like every little boy in the world. But right now his main dream, Is to get out of here. Is to s

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Lucky me lyrics

On, Stage Set (Heh) I guess I gotta put on a show again Coz everyones waiting Females, Fly Jets When I turn the radio on I hear all my songs playing (yeah) Whatever money can buy I've probably got it (that's real talk, ooooh oooh, yeah) I see my name in the sky

Lucky Dube - God bless the women lyrics

the middle of the night I heard her pray so bitterly And so softly yeah... She prayed for her children She prayed for their education, Then she prayed for the man That left her with her children. We, praise heroes everyday But there are those that we forg

Lucky Dube - Sins of the flesh lyrics

lie awake at night And I think about it Where I have been And who I've been with 'Cause all around me I see them dropping like flies Everytime they tell us We say it doesn't exist And all we wanna do Just to have some fun Reverand Jackson says The time has com

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Pray i die lyrics

my old enemies And I'm stoned And I got my weed Straight from California, mane Oh, I loved you, I did But, it's time to forgive and forget Plus, I got thirty bitches want me to f*** I'ma lucky I did But it's time I admit my regrets I did you dirty, did you dirty as f*** Come

Lucky Dube - Up with hope (down with dope) lyrics

have know this preacherman For a long time, he was a good man I have known this judge For a long time, he was a good man I have known this teacher For a long time, he was a good man too But because of the drugs They've been taking secretly Them are in loony ho

Lucky Dube - Cool down lyrics

ve been married For seventeen years But u can see She don't trust him at all And you can see she don't believe that he is not cheating You can't blame a poor girl He's been a busy man all his life, just like the rest of us One day she caught hi

Lucky Dube - False prophets lyrics

see them every day Movin' up and down Holding their bibles in their hands yeah Going to church every Sunday Telling people they're Christians yeah Ye man, we read in the Bible And overstand It's telling us of all the false prophets When the Messiah's Gonna come down here

Lucky Dube - Feel irie lyrics

long shall you carry that burdain on your shoulders How long shall those tears keep running down your beautiful face? We all have troubles now and then, know what I'm saying. No matter how hard you try trouble will find us one way or the other People had troubles since th

Lucky Dube - Oh my son (i'm sorry) lyrics

my son, I am sorry about what happened Many years ago Me and your mother had trouble all the time We could not stay together any more The last solution was getting divorced I know what that means to your life I can hear you crying From a million miles away Call

Lucky Dube - Rasta man's prayer lyrics

comes a time In everyman's life where he's got to face The truth no matter what. We are coming to you father With our sins and everything To thank you Those that smoke marijuana Wanna thank you father For making it grow internationally, They wanna thank you lor

Lucky Dube - Sleeping dogs lyrics

m ready to be happy I've been down too long It's time to rise above it all I put a big smile across my face as I walk down joy street yeah Follow me if you can But leave all the burdens behind Don't look to the past It'll make you passteristik Look to the future It'll ma

Lucky Dube - The way it is lyrics

t I raise my voice High enough for you I was running like a fugitive all the time Risking rejection from my own people yeah Now that you got what you wanted You don't even know my name It's so funny, we don't talk anymore Be good to the people on your Way up the ladder Cause y

Lucky Dube - Women lyrics

Verse 1:] Long ago today; when a man had a final word in the house oh oh Now a day; women want to be men themselves oh oh A man said one word she said four words A man said five words she said anger word If we done watch out we gone to be destroy by these wo

Lucky Dube - Life in the movies lyrics

this is the chief of police speaking, Do not steal Police hate competition. Where we gonna run Where we gonna hide You've got the right to remain silent, But forever they were brought here to protect us They were brought here not to hurt But now they hurt us everyd

Lucky Dube - Little heroes lyrics

heroes, go down The drain day by day Future leaders they go down The drains day by day They cry so loud yeah But the whole world Is not listening Only you mothers of the world Can save the children There's a lot of things To be legalized yeah But aborti

Lucky Dube - Crime and corruption lyrics

it the bodyguards around you Is it the high walls where you live Or is it the men with the guns around you Twenty four hours a day That make you ignore the crying of the people Farmers get killed everyday And you say it is not that bad Policemen get ki

Lucky Dube - Dracula lyrics

gonna try and hide In the dark corners Of the night But he's gonna get you 'Cause he's not human at all He' s Dracula ha, ha, ha, ha [Chorus:] Dracula, Dracula [x2] During the day he's my friend But when the night falls He's no friend of m

Lucky Dube - Fugitive lyrics

ve been sitting here for many days now They've been looking for me for many days too From where I'm sitting I can see their angry faces It's only a matter of time They'll be on to me The sirens, helicopters and tings The bloodhounds are on my tail, Oh God Just in minutes

Lucky Dube - Release me lyrics

don't have to come with me Down this road 'Cause I know my way around here Very well It may not seem like it From where you stand But believe you me, I know what I'm talking about Letting it all go Didn't matter to me 'Cause I've done it all before But when you left Par

Lucky Dube - Remember me lyrics

where ever you are remember me In what ever you do I love you Daddy where ever you are remember me In what ever you do I love you You left for the city many years ago Promised to come back And take care of us Many years have gone by now Still no sign of you Daddy Mother

Lucky Dube - Serious reggae business lyrics

ve been talking about it Where it came from We've been talking about it How it started Wait a minute, It doesn't matter now Where it came from and how it started. But what matters is... We have seen it going all over the world We have seen it chanting Dow

Lucky Dube - Shembe is the way lyrics

wasn't the valley of death, I was walking in It was the valley of confusion for many years Different religions, different beliefs Undermining my culture Looking down upon my tradition Making fun of my language Telling my children, they have no God Finally I can tell

Lucky Dube - The one lyrics

started like a joke I never thought it would come to this Today I'm walking in the bushes, like a criminal Today I'm walking so slow, like a predator Just to get a glimpse of you As you play in the play ground. Your mother spoke to the lawyers Told them I

Lucky Dube - The other side lyrics

name is Jackson He lives in Jamaica Every morning he comes down to the docks to watch the ships come and go He's been here too long Mental slavery has not touched him one bit He still knows his history, he knows where he comes from That is why he believes the ocean can g

Lucky Dube - House of exile lyrics

fighter standing on a mountain In a foreign country Trying to send a message To his people, back in the ghetto He had a home one time Love of a girl But he left that behind Oh yes I can hear him clearly as he whispers in the air His voice came out loud

Lucky Dube - Jah live lyrics

live Jah children Let Rastas never die When everything is going right They forget about your presents But when the tables turn upside down They know that you're there To my mom who taught me That you're always there I wrote this little Son

Lucky Dube - Take it to jah lyrics

this pain in this world All the crying in this world I'll take it to Jah All the worries in this world And all the troubles in this world I will take to Jah All the suffering Right where we are I'll take to my father 'Cause he said Come to I wit

Lucky Dube - Mask lyrics

puts on a brave face every morning and every night He goes on stage, with a big smile on his face You split you sides with laughter You are sitting at the of your seat 'Cause you want some more Show is over; he goes home, he takes off his mask Tears running down his face,

Lucky Dube - Money money money lyrics

t tell me love makes the world go round That is how it used to be So many years ago yeah These days we're living in Everything needs a dollar These days we're living in Everything needs some money You can't get no love without the dollar You ca

Harry Belafonte - Goin' down jordan lyrics

are going down, Jordan We are going down, Jordan We are going down, Jordan Let's walk the heavenly road I was livin' me life as an Anglican Let me tell you how I changed to a Baptist man I was livin' me life as an Anglican Let me tell you how I c

Eminem lyricsEminem - Lucky you ft. joyner lucas lyrics

Intro: Joyner Lucas] Whoa, Joyner, Joyner, yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus 1: Joyner Lucas] Yeah, I done did a lot of things in my day, I admit it I don't take back what I say, if I said it then I meant it All my life I want a Grammy, but I'll prolly never get it I ain't nev

Eminem lyricsEminem - Lucky you lyrics

Joyner, Joyner Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah I done did a lot of things in my day I admit it, I don't take back what I say If I said it, then I meant it All my life I want a Grammy But I'll prolly never get it I ain't never had no trophy or no motherf***in' ribbon F*** the sys

Marillion - Lucky man lyrics

of us want a fast car Some of us want to stand and gaze Some of us pine for the great outdoors Some of us won't leave the house for days Some of us have died for their freedom Some are quite happy in the cage Some think a wild time Is what they want a

Accept lyricsAccept - Slaves to metal lyrics

hold the seeds of metal And we scatter them around We'll eat you up - and spit you out Like a pack of wolves on the hunt We are the kings of madness We are the sons of evil Burning down every house We are the metal gladiators Unchain the beast a

Belinda Carlisle - Kneel at your feet lyrics

my trust in you when trusting's hard Wish that I could just let down my guard Want to feel closer than I feel I stop myself before it gets too real Love can hurt so much it stings Wish that I could just forget everything Just as I start to fall apart You pull me back

Willie Nelson - Kneel at the feet of jesus lyrics

I guess I been hanging around too long it's just about time I was moving along But I'm gonna kneel at the feet of Jesus in the morning And don't you worry and don't you moan it's just about time I was moving along But I'm gonna kneel at the feet of Jesus in the morning I'm gonna kneel

Sevendust - Lucky one lyrics

up to me And say You like to be afraid Can't understand why you won't Let me Stick out my neck and let my Conscience be free It's OK Just call out my name (JUST SIMPLY LET ME HELP YOU) I won't Let you walk alone Do it all I'll help you be th

Girugämesh - Pray english version lyrics

you find yourself feel lonely And you're crying in your heart Hold my hand I'll be on your side And carry on When you look upon the sky I wonder if you cry All I do is pray and kneel Just tell me what you feel So a wish goes over the seas and the stars though y

Lil' Mo - Lucky her lyrics

Verse 1:] When you was my man you didn't understand. You didn't have a clue. It was all brand new to you. That I need love too. You put your boys before me. Constantly ignored me. Didn't do nothing for me. Now it's another story. Oh, no I'm not hating but I am ju

Gym Class Heroes - Peace sign index down ft. busta rhymes lyrics

Class Heroes Cool and Dre (this is) You silly for this one It’s Travie (why you doin this to me) I started rappin back in the class scribbling tracks In hopes that one of my jokes would have the pretty young things laughin The chubby little bastard with a nack for little

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Lucky in love lyrics

betting fool, a gambling man No sooner up you're down again Mama said you won't get hurt Don't play the cards, you won't get burned But there's a place where I still win But there's no money in this thing The game of hearts puts me in spades The only game I got it made Oh, I'm l

Kontrust - Lucky bastard (bonus track) lyrics

s no good - no good at all She`s no good - no good at all She`s not - she`s not good - she`s my bad - she`s no - she`s no - no one No one - no one keep`s me down No one - no one - no one keeps me - down You lucky lucky bastard, you lucky lucky boy You luc

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Lucky in love lyrics

betting fool, a gambling man No sooner up you're down again Mama said you won't get hurt Don't play the cards, you won't get burned But there's a place where I still win But there's no money in this thing The game of hearts puts me in spades The only game I got it ma

As You Drown - Slaves to the kingdom of fear lyrics

see the light of dawn And waste away They have no own free will, they are nothing Puppets on the master's string They are slaves to the kingdom of fear Their stench is revolting Their minds are unplugged Little sheep walk in line, laughing their way t

Matt Nathanson - Lucky boy lyrics

your words like you said I should And look at what good it's done me I've played support system, you played victim And look at what good it's done You trip me up You leave me standing With your awkward Untouchable lips It's a cruel world and I've found It's a cruel world and

Agalloch - Kneel to the cross (sol invictus cover) lyrics

us our bread and bury our dead And kneel to the cross on the wall Whether burnt at the stake or drunk at the wake Just kneel to the cross on the wall We've original sin, but we might just get in If we beg to the cross on the wall It's rattle your neighbours and rattle your sabre Bu

Exmortus - Kneel before the steel lyrics

your ground Fear the mighty ones You must obey Hurricane of piercing death Maelstrom eats terrain Avalanching firestorm Titans here to reign Screaming metal Molten blood Kneel before them Kneel before the steel Slay the weak Bring them to the ground Yo

Kandi - Lucky lyrics

d d d d d d damn she get to have it every day. What a Lucky Girl Ooohh well tonight I'll take her place. I'm a lucky girl Damn do you spread her legs this way. What a Lucky Girl Ummm Your the king at this foreplay. I'ma Lucky girl I know you

Maroon 5 lyricsMaroon 5 - Lucky strike lyrics

re such a motivator, I gotta get your way So sick of saying yes sir, yes sir You're such an instigator, you wanna play the game Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her And I can't wait another minute I can't take the look she's giving Your body rocking, keep me up al

Gravitonas - Lucky star lyrics

every color lost its tone This broken heart - young; not alone You better hide, but by no clan The former foe became your friend Don't let those losers win again You better run, but by no man Our greatest secret never told - the rainbow code Cause I

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