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Lucinda Drayton L lyrics

Browse for Lucinda Drayton L song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lucinda Drayton L lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lucinda Drayton L.

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The Knack - Lucinda lyrics

hides behind a smile She lies Beware of what you do ... Take care, she will get to you Trust in ... experience Believe it's true Lucinda ... gonna cut you down Lucinda gonna make you cry She been

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Lucinda lyrics

sun was going down She was lying on the beach In her ... She was wrapped up in a blanket (I could tell she knew ... her way around) And as I lay down beside her You know

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Lucinda/ain't going down to the well to the w.. lyrics

they call me William the Pleaser I sold opium fireworks ... and lead now I'm telling my troubles to strangers ... when the shadows get long I'll be dead now her hair was

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Lucinda lyrics

they call me William the Pleaser I sold opium fireworks ... and lead now I'm telling my troubles to strangers ... when the shadows get long I'll be dead now her hair was

Lucinda Williams - I just wanted to see you so bad lyrics

drove my car in the middle of the night I just wanted ... t matter what my friends would say I was gonna see you ... You were staying in a big hotel I just wanted to see you so

Lucinda Williams - Abandoned lyrics

of my love has been taken for granted ... for Heaven, but baby I ain't blind This ain't the first time ... Sad eyes and crooked smile that I remember well Now it

Lucinda Williams - Am i too blue lyrics

I too blue for you? Am I too blue? ... When I cry like the sky Like the sky sometime Am I too ... blue? Is the night too black? Is the wind too rough?

Lucinda Williams - Big red sun blues lyrics

We can't seem to get along the way we did before ... hangin' in the sky sinkin' low and so am I Just for the love of someone and a big red ... sun How'm I gonna lose these big red sun blues

Lucinda Williams - Changed the locks lyrics

Intro; all verses have these chords] ... I changed the lock on my front door so you ... my house, and you can't lie down on my couch I changed ... the lock on my front door I

Lucinda Williams - Crescent city lyrics

s had a few Now they're talking about who knows who I'm ... City Where everything's still the same This town has said ... that back highway And the longest bridge I've ever

Lucinda Williams - I asked for water (he gave me gasoline) lyrics

him for water, he gave me gasoline Oh, I asked him for water ... he gave me gasoline I asked him for water, he ... gave me gasoline I went down to the depot looked up on the board I went

Lucinda Williams - Like a rose lyrics

got it made it's just a simple matter of letting me into love if you let that feeling ... more that you can do just let it go let it go if it's love you want hold out your

Lucinda Williams - Passionate kisses lyrics

to ask? I want a comfortable bed that won't hurt my back ... Food to fill me up And warm clothes and all that stuff Shouldn't I ... have this, Shouldn't I have this? Shouldn't I

Lucinda Williams - Price to pay lyrics

weighs a lot, it costs a lot and it's worth a whole lot ... but it's not something you could afford anyway cuz you weren ... t careful with my love you lost the key to the door of my

Lucinda Williams - Side of the road lyrics

car on the side of the road Lemme go and stand awhile, I ... you're there but I wanna be alone If only for a minute or ... two I wanna see what it feels like to be without you I

Lucinda Williams - Sundays (live) lyrics

other day of the week I feel alright I don't know why, I ... how come that's the day I always get the blues I don't

Lucinda Williams - The night's too long lyrics

I want I'm tired of these small town boys, they don't move ... gonna find me one who wears a leather jacket and likes his living rough" So she ... and overtime and bought an old rusty car She sold most

Elvis Costello - Bama lama bama loo lyrics

Lama Bama Loo Gotta girl named Lucinda They call her ... the great pretender Gotta girl named Lucinda They call her ... pretender And when she talks She says a Bama Lama Loo

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Bama lama, bama loo lyrics

Lama, Bama Loo Got a gal named Lucinda They call her ... the great pretender Got a gal named Lucinda They call her ... pretender 'Cause when she talks She says Bama Lama, Loo

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Bama lama, bama loo lyrics

Lama, Bama Loo Got a gal named Lucinda They call her ... the great pretender Got a gal named Lucinda They call her ... pretender 'Cause when she talks She says Bama Lama, Loo

Damnwells - New delhi lyrics

s the deal with you and Lucinda she said that you broke her ... hymen while playing kick ball I just think that you really weren't trying I've seen

Beth Hart - Can´t let go lyrics

originally by Lucinda Williams) You told me baby one ... Won’t make me sit on the lonely ride Well it’s over I know ... I thought I can’t let go I’m like a fish out

Lonestar - Don't let's talk about lisa lyrics

Henry/Benmont Tench) Don't let's talk about Lisa Don't let's even start Let's leave Lisa out of this one Lisa ... broke my heart Gwendolyn was splendid, but her

Lonestar - Mountains lyrics

s waited on every creed and color While waiting on this day ... count. It's worth it all to see her son in that cap ... gown. There are times in life when you gotta crawl, Lose your grip, trip and fall

Lucinda Williams - Are you alright lyrics

you alright? All the sudden you went away. ... Are you alright? I hope you come back ... around someday. Are you alright? I haven't seen you in ... a real long time. Are you alright? Could you give me some

Lucinda Williams - Awakening lyrics

in the awakening I will shoulder my troubles and harness ... in the awakening I'll roll nothin' but doubles, sevens ... in the awakening I will lick my wounds, I will kiss the

Lucinda Williams - Blessed lyrics

were blessed by the minister Who ... what he preached We were blessed by the poor man Who ... is within reach We were blessed by the girl selling ... roses Showed us how to live We were blessed by the

Lucinda Williams - Born to be loved lyrics

forsaken You were born to be loved You were born to be loved You weren't born to be ... You were born to be loved You were born to be loved You weren't born to be

Lucinda Williams - Buttercup lyrics

talk about the junk you did, Like you talk about climbing ... trees. You look like a little kid, With bruises on your ... knees. You will never cop, To the damage

Lucinda Williams - Convince me lyrics

Me Please, please convince me Please, please, please convince me Tell me so it makes sense to me ... How much better it's all gonna be And please, please,

Lucinda Williams - Copenhagen lyrics

news hits me like a snowball struck in my face and ... tears And I'm 57 but I could be 7 years old, Cos I will ... never be able to comprehend the ... of what I've just learned But you, have

Lucinda Williams - Disgusted lyrics

been lookin for my old man I can't find him ... nowhere I think I'll go Chicago And look around ... beside me He said: "Would be good, Mama If you just

Lucinda Williams - Drop down daddy lyrics

can drop down, Daddy Let your Mama see You got ... keeps on worrying me Well, my mama won't allow me To ... fool around late at night Said: "You

Lucinda Williams - Great speckled bird lyrics

a beautiful thought I am thinking Con ... cerning a great speckled bird Remember her name is ... On the pages of God's Holy Word. All the other birds ... are flocking 'round her And she is

Lucinda Williams - Happy woman blues lyrics

happy woman. But sometimes life just overcomes me, ... workin' just to pay my dues. Lay down at night, my mind is ... south with the New York City blues, Gotta hit the road

Lucinda Williams - Hard road lyrics

is warm, your hands are cold You know the truth, but the ... story gets old You stood on the corner for ... a long time People passin' by you gave you ... nickels and dimes They think you're

Lucinda Williams - Howlin' at midnight lyrics

winter creepin' in Feel like I've gone and lost my best ... friend My best friend, lost my best friend This car's ... t got nobody, I'm nobody's girl Gonna get in my Mercury and

Lucinda Williams - I lost it lyrics

think I lost it, let me know if you come across ... it Let me know if I let it fall along a back road somewhere ... Money can't replace it, no memory can erase it

Lucinda Williams - Jambalaya (on the bayou) lyrics

go me oh myo me gotta pole the beruea down the bayou ... the bayou [chorus] Jambalaya crawfish pie filet gumbo ... my cher-mio pick guitar fill friut jar and be gay-o son

Lucinda Williams - Jug band music lyrics

dee, jug band music Certainly was a treat for me Well, ... And said: "If you can't play the jug You can't play ... dee, jug band music Certainly was a treat for me And

Lucinda Williams - King of hearts lyrics

you relieve me, baby Take your heart ... from your sleeve And put it on the line, ... t you know that I need you Will you ever be mine Love is a ... gamble, I knew it from the start

Lucinda Williams - Kiss like your kiss lyrics

ll never be a spring so perfect ... again You'll never see a yellow so rich The grass will ... be quite as green And there'll never be a kiss like your ... kiss. There will never be a summer so complete

Lucinda Williams - Lafayette lyrics

my sweet Lafayette, how I'm going to ... miss you. You feel so good, Lafayette, now I've come to ... greet you Tell all my friends I've come back ... again I couldn't stay away, I was gone only a day But I'm comin' back

Lucinda Williams - Little darlin' pal of mine lyrics

little darling, oh, how I love you How I love you, none ... can tell In your heart you love another Little darling pal of mine Many a day with ... you I've rambled Happiest hours with you I

Lucinda Williams - Louisiana man lyrics

Refrain:] Louisiana man with a style his ... own, Not like some other men I've known, ... and his hats he wore so well; Caught me eye on the very ... first day And I never will forget the way He played

Lucinda Williams - Make me a pallet on the floor lyrics

make me down a pallet on your floor Make me down ... a pallet on your floor Honey, make it down, make ... it soft and low Then maybe my good gal she ... up the country through the sleedin' snow Goin' up the

Lucinda Williams - Malted milk lyrics

keep drinkin' malted milk Tryin' to drive my blues ... away I keep drinkin' malted milk Tryin' to drive my blues away And it is as welcome ... to my lovin' As the flower is in May Malted milk,

Lucinda Williams - Maria lyrics

you're still wild and restless And I can just see ya ... to New Mexico So pack up all of your belongings A pick-up ... will take you where you wanna go ... out when you hear mountains calling Out to Canada or the

Lucinda Williams - Me and my chauffeur blues lyrics

I can't turn you down Well, I don't want you And I don ... To be ridin' these other girls To be ridin' these other ... girls around 'Cause I'll grab me a pistol, ah... And

Lucinda Williams - Motherless children lyrics

children Have a hard time When ... their mother's dead Motherless children Have a hard time ... to door They don't have No place to go Motherless children

Lucinda Williams - One night stand lyrics

empty hand With nothin' left to bet It doesn't really ... say There's no one here to blame I'll just close the door ... and walk away Let down once again I can't

Lucinda Williams - Rambling on my mind lyrics

got ramblin' I got ramblin' on my mind Little boy, little boy I got ramblin' on ... my mind I hate to leave you, baby But you treat ... things on my mind I hate to leave you, baby, But you treat

Lucinda Williams - Rolling along lyrics

I'm rollin' along the highway Livin' the life I'm used to I thought ... about you all the way from Little Rock to Houston And ... But your tied to somebody else I think about you all the

Lucinda Williams - Satisfied mind lyrics

I'd do things my way How little they know That it's so ... satisfied mind Once I was living In fortune and fame ... And everthing I could dream of To get a start in life's game And suddenly it

Lucinda Williams - Seeing black lyrics

a day and time You didn't tell me you'd changed your mind ... How could I have been so blind I didn't know you'd ... ride Did you run out of places to go and hide Did you

Lucinda Williams - Sharp cutting wings (song to a poet) lyrics

one I've been waitin' for Let's fly away To some foreign ... I wish I had a ship to sail the waters I wish I had ... about a hundred dollars But I just stand With

Lucinda Williams - Soldier's song lyrics

enemy today Baby sends the little one out to play Enemy ... buddies down Baby rides the little one on the merry-go ... enemy's name Baby takes the little one to a baseball game

Lucinda Williams - Stop breaking down lyrics

can't keep walkin' down the street 'Fore ... with me Stop breakin' down Please, please, stop breakin' ... down I got the stuff that'll bust your brains out, baby

Lucinda Williams - Ugly truth lyrics

fame Hide your given middle name Swallow your pride, ... swallow your pills In your house up in the hills Leave your husband, leave ... wife Keep on runnin' your whole life Sweep your dirt under

Augustana - Meet you there lyrics

it come down But sooner or later babe, You're gonna need ... 'Cause you're getting older, There ain't no stopping ... that It's a backstabbing world honey, Just lean your head

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