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Timo Kotipelto - The movement of the nile lyrics

like a new day I'm guided by the stars My journey is taking ... me far away Standing here again, I see the sun ... for a while Here I am again and I rest my eyes On the

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi ii wampum song lyrics

could be living on this land! There could be peace for ... woman weaving him wampum By the light of the crimson sun. There could be singing beneath the sky! There could be joy that

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi i night theme lyrics

from the shell where you hide! There ... starry night outside, Let go the hands that you hold! They'll ... you till you are old, And you have just one moment

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi iv land of the sun lyrics

is a land I can see It's where I long ... to be! Where the rivers run swiftly And carry ... your soul to the farthest star. There is a land ... long ago Oh! strong comes the voice of the wild-hearted lover Who is calling to me! He

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi iii nenya lyrics

rings for the elven kings! Three rings for ... elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for ... kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for

Mirah - Love song of the fly lyrics

take offer of your open window, oh And ... permit myself the nearness of you Even just the scent of ... behind Drives me in circles of lust Oh your crumbs and your

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Love song of the year lyrics

I should cry I used to let these feelings pass me by But ... now that I believe them I got no-one to leave them ... to me You see I traded love for what I thought must be

Arthemesia - Of the owls, of the wolves and of the nature lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Astral Doors - Of the son and the father lyrics

look upon the man of twilight Forever damned to ... holy ground Behind the walls it's black,but evil ... shines And none can leave until it's ... Strangers in our eyes They walk in shaped of God Hear

Cadaveria - The days of the after and behind lyrics

was walking in the dust Through the half-closed ... spaces Incrustations of mud and dew Resins dripped in the ... alone, Frightened eyes, red of pain. I was walking in the

Vinícius Galant - The amazing tale of the snake and the lion lyrics

walked out the door without a note Left your ... bed Im trying to reach you on the phone Hanging on a line for ... old song I see you’re tired of what we’ve become My words

Cruel Force - The return of the darkness and evil (bathory .. lyrics

Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the darkness ... pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn The ... soul scream in vain Tonight the Hellfire shall burn Thunder and lightning the ancient

Lisa Mitchell - The story of the raven and the mushroom man lyrics

the other day when the earth turned away I found a ... little book [?] in the grey [?] flower drawn like a ... child on the cover It was the story of the raven and the

Dangerous Toys - Queen of the nile lyrics

me shake At night i think and i want to take her away ... are on her face Visions of tattooed chains Egyptian ... her throne Chorus : Queen of the nile Love me like an

Magic Kingdom - Child of the nile lyrics

was a time of fear and hate King's power was so ... cruel It was so far, in the land of death Only the strong ... but you never cried See the power of this holy light, ooh

Matt Redman - The prayer of the saints lyrics

the prayers of the saints like sweet smelling ... incense, Are the prayers of the saints like sweet smelling ... heart? [Repeat] Let these prayers of the saints be

The Flobots - The rose and the thistle lyrics

MacExplainkenzie Gault] The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns They both ... have thorns, they both have thorns The rose and the thistle, well they both

All Shall Perish - Songs for the damned lyrics

call me the living dead These songs fuel my lust for her ... mess I guess we lived like the dead Did we stay young 'til ... we died? Are just clarified and classified? I still see the

Josh Ritter - The curse lyrics

opens his eyes falls in love at first sight With the girl ... in the doorway What beautiful lines ... and how full of life After thousands of ... touches his arm She dusts off the bed where 'til now he's

Neil Diamond - Songs of life lyrics

of life, they ring From quiet steeples to ... distant valleys Along the hillsides of lovers' hearts Of lovers' hearts Come sing ... you songs of life And they will keep you From ever

Scum Of The Earth - The devil made me do it lyrics

you love me, say you need me Love ... F*** you can't let go Love is control F*** you cause I ... said so Hurt you gently and degrade you You're the

Freternia - The woods of the elvenking lyrics

is a place between the trees Where beauty rules ... live in harmony With nature and its beings A landscape ... such beautiful A handful have seen Wonderful songs

Ashes You Leave - The song of the lost lyrics

heal so slow You needed love but love is dead Ready to ... paint the world in red Why did you ... ever let me see The death in life and the death ... in me The tears shall forever fall

Primordial - The song of the tomb lyrics

the north to the south From the east to the west All that ... waits for me is the grave I have been where my ... brothers lay fallen And my kind are as slaves

Crash Test Dummies - The wicked and the evil lyrics

those who kneel to worship And beg for clemency There are ... those who know the hardship Of a conscience that'is not free ... Some barely half-alive But the wicked and the evil Eat, and

Ice-t - Lifestyles of the rich and infamous lyrics

my silk sheets Get fly crash the limo back seats Lookin' in the faces Of some ladies that I ... never met On the interview tip, no sweat They ... ask me questions I throw the words back They say they

Crash Test Dummies - The beginning of the end lyrics

when the rain begins to fall And there's flooding in the ... streets And everyone is drowning And ... everyone retreats And if there ever is a time When death

Manic Street Preachers - Love letter to the future lyrics

now is the winter of my discontent if only the ... no answers all except for the president I broke the ... rule I should've played the fool your love letter's

And One - Love you to the end lyrics

was the light of my youth my only real life ... twenty orbits later then i met her at dawn again ... would be happy to be into the water into the sea i love you to the end tell me tell

Brenda Lee - Love ain't the question lyrics

s no doubt about it, love ain't the question, And love ... ain't the answer to what's coming down ... With more than love to hold most folks together, ... With lost love and average folks have ever found

Onward - The lost side of the world lyrics

sun has set, the sky so red, harmless clouds ... are drifting high and pale. The moon so bright will make the ... some stars will fall, Northern lights will dance to no

The Damned - The pleasure and the pain lyrics

my head I try to reason out of bed These feelings locked ... inside of me Will never see the light of day Slowly upwards ... faster down Reach the top and hit the ground So many

Nofx - The black and white lyrics

McCarthy killed the light He didn't wake his lovely wife He left the key ... inside the door Woke on the wrong side of the bed She ... he's thinking about him Catherine McKinnon does exist She

Kid Cudi - Lord of the sad and lonely lyrics

Lord of the Sad and Lonely) Won't you tell me ... who is; the supreme leader Still want to ... I'm not a human eater Move and groove, make the bitch linger ... Want more than the dick, gold on the ring finger

The Dubliners - The captains and the kings lyrics

remember in September when the final stumps were drawn And the shouts of crowds now silent ... when the boisterous cheer had gone ... things When all are dead to love us Oh, the captains and the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The bells of the seven hells lyrics

Lyrics: Deris] Listen to the whisper of the weak and blind ... Don´t drink it ! We are the hive We are the people We ... ring The Bells Of The 7 Hells We bear the light

Sea Wolf - The cold, the dark and the silence lyrics

that you're not afraid, my love. I know you well enough to ... down your window you'd find the wind, the ice, the trees ... outside. But when the cold, the dark, and the

Gwar - The litany of the slain lyrics

we begin our litany Of people killed by mostly me ... Goatie the load, he's first in line ... not far behind Ripped an arm off Melvin Fleebish Mutant ... was spitted Cranial-crush the Franken Ref Ollie North was

Shai Hulud - Scornful of the motives and virtue of others lyrics

true. Let this be my writ of misanthropy To a thankless ... world of men Who have perfected ... nothing. Save the art of accusation. ~ Woe is he ... to pen. Even one word of hatred. I know the hate

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The briar and the rose lyrics

fell asleep down by the stream And there I had the ... strangest dream And down by Brennan's Glenn there ... grows A briar and a rose There's a tree in the forest But

Cryptic Slaughter - Deathstyles of the poor and lowly lyrics

castles built on bones There’s people dieing don’t you ... you only know how to take They beg for bread but you say ... let them eat cake! Deathstyles of the poor & lowly Brought to

Händel Georg Friedrich - And the glory of the lord lyrics

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and ... all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord ... (Isaiah 40:5) Read more: Handel George Frideric - 04.

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald lyrics

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big ... lake they called "Gitche Gumee ... quot; The lake, it is said, never gives ... up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy With a

The Rapture - Out of the races and onto the tracks lyrics

yourself together Get yourself together ... Shake Get yourself together Take it all on chair Get ... yourself together Mothers in a lawn chair Electric

Battlelore - The curse of the kings lyrics

track] Once great kings of the Secondborn Cheated their ... faith with the Rings of Sauron Nine for mortal men ... Turned them into the shadows of immortal Without their

Desultory - King of the valley and the western sky lyrics

can't ignore the highway, I've got it in my ... It's right beside my palace and just above the sea. I have the stars around me, sometimes I ... feel the world. And from the top of his lighthouse we

The Kooks - The king and i lyrics

t care for anybody else. See them curse that sound! See them ... curse that sound! King of the castle and all the men, There's always given do nothing

Lacrimas Profundere - The gesture of the gist lyrics

.. And there is no sun not then and never again glossy ... nativity desirable perfume of light flavourless silence the beauty of the gist ... But ... what is the gist nothing or everything

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the ... wheel of fortune that grinds your ... chest the fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs to me the time has come, your time, my

Magnum - The blue and the grey lyrics

the wind calls Over the fields Of the blue and the ... grey And slowly the night falls It hides and ... conceals Oh, the blue and the grey Your thoughts of

Meat Puppets - The monkey and the snake lyrics

tweet tweet) This is the story of the history of night ... From the beginning it has never seen the light It takes a while to ... never understand It holds the gift of darkness in it's hand

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Current 93 - In the heart of the wood and what i found the.. lyrics

the heart of the wood in the closed forest christ ... four swastika i'm told on the cliffs of mother i walked ... with mary behind the eyes of his innocence or guile the

Disturbed - The brave and the bold lyrics

your life you just stood there questioning Feeling your ... ambition crumble away As the power within you began to ... what you were searching for And feeling a longing you couldn

Freedom Call - The eyes of the world lyrics

the end of all creation The world is standing still ... all who have sinned Hear the clash up in the atmosphere There’s silence everywhere We‘re

Brenda Lee - The angel and the little blue bell lyrics

Christmas time in the steeple high The bells would ... proudly ring To tell the world of the joy and cheer ... bring But one little bell in the steeple high Could only pain

Necromantia - Knights of the black and white eagle lyrics

carry flaming swords Clad in the colors of doom From dusk ... 'till dawn We are the Keepers of the Blood We hold ... the keys of the Great Realms The secrets of life and death And the Philosopher's stone

Overkill - The green and black lyrics

in a pack Bloodstains and scars the badges of the green ... and black YOU AND ME ETERNITY YOU AND ME ... get her with nothing to say And Once you're in, you're never

Oyster Band - The lost and found lyrics

is the hour when the city turns blue This is the ... time of the lost and found They loose the nutters in the ... Underground Everything's far and nothing is true When the

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