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Timo Kotipelto - The movement of the nile lyrics

ve been drifting around A new life is like a new day I'm guided by the stars My journey is taking me far away Standing here again, I see the sun rise Seems like I've been gone for a while Here I am again and I rest my eyes On the movement of the

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi i night theme lyrics

from the shell where you hide! There is a starry night outside, Let go the hands that you hold! They'll just imprison you till you are old, And you have just one moment more before the night takes you! Don't be afraid, there is nowhere you can fall But the power of the earth,

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi ii wampum song lyrics

could be living on this land! There could be peace for every man With a woman weaving him wampum By the light of the crimson sun. There could be singing beneath the sky! There could be joy that does not fly With the children teaching us wisdom

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi iv land of the sun lyrics

is a land I can see It's where I long to be! Where the rivers run swiftly And carry your soul to the farthest star. There is a land that I know Where I've lived long ago Oh! strong comes the voice of the wild-hearted lover Who is calling to me!

Sally Oldfield - Songs of the quendi iii nenya lyrics

rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven kings! Three rings for the elven

Mirah - Love song of the fly lyrics

take offer of your open window, oh And permit myself the nearness of you Even just the scent of what you've left behind Drives me in circles of lust Oh your crumbs and your dust I enter each room and perform for you Might you love me alone for my skill and grace How we tease a

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Love song of the year lyrics

used to laugh when I should cry I used to let these feelings pass me by But now that I believe them I got no-one to leave them to me You see I traded love for what I thought must be free So I confess my loneliness And I guess I've lost the best of the year That

Dangerous Toys - Queen of the nile lyrics

makes me shudder She makes me shake At night i think and i want to take her away Rainbows are on her face Visions of tattooed chains Egyptian rain in my world A princess on her throne Chorus : Queen of the nile Love me like an earthquake Queen of the nile Please l

Magic Kingdom - Child of the nile lyrics

was a time of fear and hate King's power was so cruel It was so far, in the land of death Only the strong survived You've been suffering but you never cried See the power of this holy light, ooh Child, Child of the nile Child, Child of the nile This legend will live

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - The origin of love lyrics

the earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And mountains stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs. They had two sets of arms. They had two sets of legs. They had two faces peering Out of o

All Shall Perish - Songs for the damned lyrics

call me the living dead These songs fuel my lust for her flesh Just hymns for a heart that's a bloody mess I guess we lived like the dead Did we stay young 'til we died? Are just clarified and classified? I still see the summer sky... Has stripped, rap

Matt Redman - The prayer of the saints lyrics

the prayers of the saints like sweet smelling incense, Are the prayers of the saints like sweet smelling incense To Your heart, to Your heart? [Repeat] Let these prayers of the saints be sweet smelling incense, Let these prayers of the sain

Scum Of The Earth - The devil made me do it lyrics

you love me, say you need me Love is control F*** you can't let go Love is control F*** you cause I said so Hurt you gently and degrade you You're the slave and don't forget it Say you love me...Let your hell begin The - devil - made me do it... C'mon c

Ashes You Leave - The song of the lost lyrics

was I supposed to know That a wounded soul would heal so slow You needed love but love is dead Ready to paint the world in red Why did you ever let me see The death in life and the death in me The tears shall forever fall Why do I find it so ha

Crash Test Dummies - The beginning of the end lyrics

when the rain begins to fall And there's flooding in the streets And everyone is drowning And everyone retreats And if there ever is a time When death becomes your friend It is when you watch it all come down The beginning of the end The beginning of the en

Onward - The lost side of the world lyrics

sun has set, the sky so red, harmless clouds are drifting high and pale. The moon so bright will make the night, only as black as a widows vale. Some stars will live, some stars will fall, Northern lights will dance to no sound at all. Yet I hear song, of

Nile - The language of shadows lyrics

hope And I shall become free And with freedom acquire emptiness With the mind cleansed and empty There is the void known as despair A gateway upon an emptiness endless and vast In despair the language of the shadows is intelligible In madness all

Nile - The eye of ra lyrics

my foolishness I had taken form of a mortal man And entered time to live amongst humanity born of my tears But now they have turned against me and my descendants They overthrow the temples and curse my name Now I return to the city of the sun There

Lake Of Tears - Down the nile lyrics

of the Nile race towards the light Swiftly moves the golden lion South's an eon watching, waiting to be whole Never will the roacher tire Winds of poisonous whispers brought to break them all Racing riders of the Nile Sapless seasons ending, the end of all grey Gr

Sarah Brightman - On the nile lyrics

my dreams I could be burning Yellow with the sands of time Through the heat I saw the shimmer Heat of passion on my mind Through your smile On the Nile Time is left for me reflecting In the mirror of the Nile Through your smile On the Nile Time is left for me reflecting

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - The nile lyrics

up into a dream And I was walking Up and down the streets Of Cairo And then I heard a voice That said I know you It's time for you to turn And face me Her hair was long Her eyes reached out and touched me She said I know just What it is you're after Death is

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The nile song lyrics

was standing by the Nile When I saw the lady smile I would take her for a while For a while Light tears wept like a child How her golden hair was blowing wild Then she spread her wings to fly For to fly Soaring high above the breezes Goi

Beyond The Black - Songs of love and death lyrics

and join my voice in songs of love and death Come and feel me, steal me, save me from myself All my longing, wandering heart is yours to have Come and join my voice in songs of love and death Tonight we’ll start off our story told From this day on we’ll watch our lives unfold Ki

Maze - Songs of love lyrics

should be singing We should be singing our Songs of love We should be singing our Songs of love Better learn to live together That's the only way it should be We can't make it without eachother That's the cold reality Better stop acting like we're crazy Heaven knows we n

Edguy - The pharaoh lyrics

the cradle of silence and of light It took a birth in human blood - angels cry - To the ages of violence and of hate To explore the left hand path I came alive Into my striding, the shell of a god in the cold My soul is just hiding, my spirit haunting on

Take That lyricsTake That - A million love songs lyrics

your head against my life What do you hear? A million words just trying to make The love song of the year Close your eyes but don't forget What you have heard A man who's trying to say three words The words that make me scared A million love songs later

The Adverts - Love songs lyrics

Songs ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Anjulie - Love songs lyrics

fall so I fall... Love songs and limousines Wishing wells and make believe Disco balls and dancing queens I fall so easy (I fall so easy) Rich guys and candlelight Telling me the things I like I'm too young and they're too right for me I fall so ea

Eli Young Band - Always the love songs lyrics

use to pull off highway 249 Had a cool little place where we'd go hide on a Friday night And get away from the city lights We'd find a little wood and build a fire Somebody'd always bring a couple guitars And we'd take turns, singin songs and watchin it burn We'd do &

The Divine Comedy - Songs of love lyrics

pubescent beasts Roam through the streets And coffee-shops Their prey gather in herds Of stiff knee-length skirts And white ankle-socks But while they search for a mate My type hibernate In bedrooms above Composing their songs of love Young, uniform minds In u

Kottonmouth Kings - Love songs lyrics

a rip off the kind, yes and what you will find is another plateau To exhilarate your mind, so break out the herbs and pack up the bongs We're all getting lifted kicking round love songs If you think about it all the time, and you can't it off y

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Songs of freedom lyrics

tells me, we love your songs Your soul is precious, but it just ain't good enough You need a single to help you through Program directors, they all make the rules I said, you're kidding, you're putting me on What about the Constitution, freedom of expression Listen t

Blondie - Songs of love lyrics

of our days we cry out for love And we cry for the times that we lost in all When we had it all, all our hopes and our dreams All of our days we cry out for love, And we try to create it again, again To deny the laws and to leave it behind [Chorus:] Sing sweet son

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - The origin of love (obc) lyrics

Of Love by When the earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And mountains stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs. They had two sets of arms. They had two sets of legs. They had two faces

Neil Patrick Harris - The origin of love lyrics

the earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And mountains stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs. They had two sets of arms. They had two sets of legs. They had two faces peering Out of one giant head So the

Christian Death - Songs of songs lyrics

him kiss me with the virgins love thee Look not upon me because I am black. I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys As the lily among thorns so is my love among the daughters. I sat down under his shadow with great delight and his fruit was sweet. And he

The Flobots - The rose and the thistle lyrics

Hook: MacExplainkenzie Gault] The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns They both have thorns, they both have thorns The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns And they grow in the garden where your love was born The rose and

Jethro Tull - Songs from the wood lyrics

me bring you songs from the wood: to make you feel much better than you could know. Dust you down from tip to toe. Show you how the garden grows. Hold you steady as you go. Join the chorus if you can: it'll make of you an honest man. Let me br

The Adicts - Songs of praise lyrics

to me And I'll whistle along Because I haven't learnt the language And I might get it wrong O o o o songs of praise O o o o songs of praise On Your face Is a profile of you I can see you know The right things to do O o o o songs of praise O o o o songs

Josh Ritter - The curse lyrics

opens his eyes falls in love at first sight With the girl in the doorway What beautiful lines and how full of life After thousands of years what a face to wake up to He holds back a sigh as she touches his arm She dusts off the bed where 'til now he's been sleeping And unde

Ferry Bryan - The right stuff lyrics

your money on the table And the devil in your eye Who is that woman with the crooked smile? You got to go with what you feel A little loving is a dangerous thing Black is the ocean, a burning sky Her nature's wild, hard to beat the right stuff It's mountain high,

Queen - Lily of the valley lyrics

am forever searching high and low But why does ev'ryone tell me no Neptune of the seas an answer for me please The lily of the valley doesn't know I lie in wait with open eyes I carry on thru' stormy skies I follow ev'ry course my kingdom for a horse But each time I grow ol

Cold In May - Songs of innocence lyrics

me silence as a gift when the ghosts will play with me the game is beautiful and sweet echoes of the empty streets And i'm so anxious to find the questions thrilling on and on in me and i'm so anxious so lost in senses to find the truth that

Neil Diamond - Songs of life lyrics

of life, they ring From quiet steeples to distant valleys Along the hillsides of lovers' hearts Of lovers' hearts Come sing you songs of life And they will keep you From ever wanting, from ever needing For ever more, for ever more Oh, and when the moment's true It sings so sof

Mekong Delta - "the apocalypt - world in shards" (la maison .. lyrics

through the desert ocean I am talking with the wind "See this world Beyond control" Cataclysm Abstract vision Green collision Can't see clear right now Aberration Twin sensation Fear soul nations Preocuppied downfall Fad

Nile - The howling of the jinn lyrics

I Ammara Fana Azif I am the Infidel Fiendish Insects encircle Me Howling Wind Wraiths Surround my disembodied Ka Dulcarnon Hideous Unseen Speaking in Tongues Heard only by the Mad Shrieking Insects Swarm over Me Suffocate Me Suffocate my Soul

Brandi Carlile - Love songs lyrics

can never write a love song I can never write a blue song When I'm in love I am a lover And I have always had the blues I am afraid that no one sees me What will they say when I am gone It occurs to me I think I miss you I think I've missed you all

Nocturnal Rites - Temple of the dead lyrics

dynasty falls, another reborn The Pharaoh's legacy, carved into stone IN scriptures of Re, the God of the Nile Tell how to bury the chosen Open the temple Entomb the soul of the king As the gate opened up, and we saw the temple inside Heard the callin

Ring Of Fire - The pharaoh's curse lyrics

ten thousand years undisturbed Under the earth The treasures of mighty kings Strange happenings The knowledge of ancient earth Riddles of antiquity Frozen in time Manage to survive The children of the sun Awakened and disturbed Can't be reversed The strangers thought the

Cinema Bizarre - Love songs (they kill me) dave aude remix lyrics

curtain's closed No way home The nectar of life run dry These tainted words Made to hurt Cut in me with its' knife Eating my mind And with each bite I'm begging please lord, no This place is a mess The one has gone Lovesongs, they kil

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Love lyrics

love look what you've done to my heart Oh I should've known from the start That, you'd go and tear it apart Oh and now you've deserved me You never lose, you never fail You always live to tell the tale You take me up, you bring me down Without a

Mali Music - The glory of the lamb lyrics

Verse 1] I don't know if it's just me, But I found it profoundly important, That quickly, we'll see and realize, how we've become insubordinate, Mouths to praise, hands to wave, feet to dance, souls to save If we can return to a place of worship e

Nile - The chaining of the iniquitous lyrics

Slayers of Geb Reckon up the Immoral After the Weighing of the Words in Amentet Tem saith unto the reapers Keep Ward over the Wicked And Bind ye Fast Those who Are to be Smitten The Neniu Profane Apostates The Depraved who when on Earth Cursed Ra Shameless w

Nile - The fiends who come to steal the magick of th.. lyrics

great one has fallen on his side Swarmed by the eight crocodiles I know them by their names and lives I save my father from them Crocodiles of the west Who live on the unwearying stars Detestation of you is in me The Nau snake is in my belly

Scum Of The Earth - Get your dead on lyrics

your dead on Drug...Face...Loved by no one Little miss white trash America Dead...Head...Loves no one Get your dead on Get your dead on White trash devil girl Get your dead on Hey! Hey! Devil girl Get your dead on...Get your dead on Give me love...American

Wolf lyricsWolf - In the eyes of the sun lyrics

in the dunes, far and wide Where desert wind stir up the sand Long ago in ancient time Ruled Pharaoh's hand A king and a god to all mortal men Worship and kneel before him A son of a god and a god of the sun Bow your heads and adore him Stone by stone, slave by slave The templ

Nile - The burning pits of the duat lyrics

Hath Been Immersed Head Down. In that, Which Floweth In Abundance from the Slaughtered Ones. I Hath Been Made to Eat Feces and Drink Urine. I Lay in Chains before the Undying Flames. I am Helpless in the Presence of He Who is Master of the Pits of Fire. I am Humbled an

Kenny Loggins - Love will follow lyrics

run out of breath and start to shake I love you with all my heart can take I hold you beside me in my sleep And long to be dreaming endlessly We've come into a place in time Where I am yours and you're mine A circle filled with love If you come a

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