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The Dickies - Rosemary lyrics

s my girl she's so wonderful i love her so rosemary kisses ... galore and i think the whole world of her rosemary rosemary she's the girl ... that i adore she's rosemary and i'm going out with her

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - Rosemary ft. rose hemingway lyrics

FINCH:] Suddenly there is music In the sound of your name Rosemary, Rosemary Was the melody ... locked inside me 'Till at last out it came Rosemary, Rosemary Just imagine if we

Neil Sedaka - Rosemary blue lyrics

tried to wake me in the morning, This was our moment of ... You asked me once, how long I'd love you, I told you 'till the day I die And now at ... last my life is over, You cannot go where I have gone I won't be there

Edison Lighthouse - Love grows where my rosemary goes lyrics

ain't got no money Her clothes ... are kinda funny Her hair is kinda wild and free Oh, but love grows where my Rosemary goes ... And nobody knows like me She talks kinda lazy

Katy Rose - Rosemary lyrics

s in the way she talks And how ... stares At someone when nothing is there The way she sits ... seems to care That nobody is ever there Nobody is ever ... there Rosemary (everybody says she's insane)

Anne Briggs - Rosemary lane lyrics

I was in service in Rosemary Lane I won the goodwill of ... my master and did I Till a sailor came there one night to ... lay And that was the beginning of my misery He called

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Rosemary lyrics

Mary was five years old Her parents left ... her, she was out in the cold Alone to live and ... find her way In this great world of heartache and ... pain Eyes of brown, matted

Cemetary - Rosemary taste the sky lyrics

ground Overdrive of sympathy Withdraw the ... ...Onto therapy Obsession leaves you weak Still you ... re the beauty we all seek Rainy days will pass on by Rosemary taste the sky A widow of belief Still your morning sense

Neil Diamond - Rosemary's wine lyrics

hurt the way they do Almost like they'd seen, Almost like ... soft as they could be Tied me to her soul and wouldn't ... set me free And the night that held us in its arms It held us once again, But

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - Rosemary lyrics

you remember how you walked with me down the street into ... square? How the women selling rosemary pressed the ... branches to your chest, promised luck and all the rest,

Dominia - Rosemary's child lyrics

shadows cast on your pale skin Shining dream has gone. ... Dead sun rising The lust of the Beast ... that bursts with sorrow deep within The Belief that disappears beyond the last horizon Requiem for the mankind echoes in the laughter of

Deftones - Rosemary lyrics

s no sound But the engine's drone Our minds set free ... To roam Time shifting We discover the entry To ... other planes Our minds bend And our fingers fold

Grateful Dead - Rosemary lyrics

a breath of cologne The mirror was a window she sat by ... grew scarlet and purple and crimson and blue. She came dead ... wall of the garden a legend did say, no one may come here since no one may Stay

Green Jelly - Obey the cowgod lyrics

2, 3, 4 Are you ready To obey The Cow God? We live in a ... country We can't eat meat Obey The Cow God We live in a ... country Where there is no There's no Burger Kings Obey The Cow God We live in a

De/vision - Obey your heart lyrics

the voice of your heart Move to the ... the underground Focused on infinity Infirm of purpose ... blood surge through your veins Sing out loud Watch your ... dreams come floating out Love's tender embrace Sends you right out to space Use your brain Only you can ease you pain

Agathocles - Obey their rules lyrics

hands in our wallets, until we're old and grey State ... our money, for useless things to pay Obey their f***ing rules and be f***ing abused ... Or make a common fist and make the system loose

Azarath - Obey the flesh lyrics

worship hell, I worship death Not your messiah, not ... your Christ I'm into sadism, into perversion I'm no creation of your god. Hunger of ... the flesh I feed The lust I obey like a lam Devour my sins

Ocean Jet - Obey lyrics

10:22 Endless avenues, mile after mile, I pass by ... every god damn morning The endless city drowned in a billion lights Gives a hint, tells me where you're going I shouldn't follow you

Lostalone - Obey the rules you lose lyrics

t cover up your faith This is what we craved For years we ... dreamt this place Deciphered every closed door ... Throw all possessions down The inanimate have

Nothgard - Obey the king lyrics

and grime will hide all light Bright red dawns replaced ... by night Ice and snow so black not white ... Storm and wind will rush all sites Rise ... global strike A new age of ice and snow Black forces over

Callenish Circle - Obey me... lyrics

me, seduce me and f***ing please me Kneel down, now ... serve me Never forget my wish is your command What I ... want is what I get... is what I get My final warning I'll

Legend - Obey lyrics

You have to follow to find what the future holds for ... you. My life in the palm of your hands. You ... led me astray. You are my guiding star that made me who I am

Blackthorn - Obey the noxdimensions lyrics

no human ever longed to see Is dementing… But your eyes ... are seized by mortal blindness I hear your cry ... Through the noise of mankind The truth which you thirst

Resistant Culture - Obey lyrics

no questions Ask not why Don’t dare ... Follow the leader Follow him blind Go get your money ... He’ll give you a ride Shattered faith No religion Follow no man To his

Boston - Love got away lyrics

in your mind is so real I thought I knew, but in your ... eyes It's so hard to find what's the deal You wake ... up and realize [Chorus:] Love got away, got away from me...

Joan Jett - Love is pain lyrics

you must obey Or you will bleed You know I need to ... get my way So now you listen up You are my pup I ... beat you up in every way An' when I ... to you You answer true Or I will make you black and blue

Eddy Arnold - Love lifted me lyrics

was sinking deep in sin far from the peaceful shore ... Very deeply stained within sinking to rise no more What ... of the sea heard my despairing cry From the waters lifted me now saved am I Love lifted me love lifted me when

Like A Storm - Love the way you hate me lyrics

another shot at me I love the way you HATE ME I don ... t care if I'm not good enough for you I ... don't care if I don't live the life you want me to I ... don't care what you wanna think of me 'Cause all you are

Oar - Love is worth the fall lyrics

can almost believe that you’re real And its love in my heart I can feel But ... there’s something between us I can’t seem to get through it ... all If I could only read your mind I

Ac Dc - Love bomb lyrics

bomb, love bomber It's a comin' on strong I can't take it ... any longer Come a rockin through the door Cruisin' ... the sky, let's fly Blowin' all night and day Open

Ac Dc - Love hungry man lyrics

re the one I've waited for I need your love more and more ... I don't know what your name is I don't know what your game ... is I want to take you tonight Animal appetite 'Cause

Alabama - Love remains lyrics

the last drop of rain has fallen When the final ... note has drifted away When the earth ... ceases to turn And the last fire has burned When the wind ... stops its ceaseless blowing When the last wave has

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - Love you like a love song lyrics

s been said and done Every beautiful ... s been already sung And I guess right now here's ... another one So your melody will play on and on, with best ... of 'em You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible A centerfold miracle, lyrical You've saved m

2am - Love u,hate u lyrics

bamdo jamsu tto yeonlak eobsi Don't wanna hate U (Don't ... apeseon aegyo tto sajeongeobsi Don't wanna love U (Don't ... wanna love U) Deo deo deo deoneun mot

American Authors - Love lyrics

sea? We would look at the bright night sky Thinking of, ... could be How to spend our lives Remember when we had ... nothing left? We were strung out in the cold Holding on, trying to save our breath Trying

Anthony B - Love you girl lyrics

the love of my life I love you girl I love you girl ... Only rastafari love I put above you in this world I love you girl I love you girl No money no jewel yo no diamond no pearl Woman like

April Wine - Love has remembered me lyrics

won't remember me It's been so long And that's ... what i've told myself But you ... And helped me to see That love has a way of finding Those in need Love has remembered

Artist Vs. Poet - Love back lyrics

get your love back Gotta get your love ... back to me Gotta get your love back Gotta get your love ... me now) Gotta get your love back Gotta get your love

Avalanche City - Love love love lyrics

I say, if only life would lean our way, Well, ... be wherever our adventure awaits, And time would be a distant memory, nobody could ... tell us to stay, Well, I've been dreaming ever since I

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Love me like you do lyrics

me like you do Love me like you do, like you do Hold ... me tight and don't let go What am ... I to do? When you love me like you do Like you do, hold ... me tight and don't let go Baby

Big Daddy Weave - Love come to life lyrics

ve been restless on the inside Wondering about this heart ... of mine I've been desperately tryin' to ... find A way to prove that I'm still alive Has the love I

Big Time Rush - Love me again lyrics

ll make you love me again (love me again x2) I'll make you love me again (love me again x2) ... Fifty girls at the door, and they all ... wanna roll wanna roll, but I got to know One girl that I

Big Time Rush - Love me love me lyrics

me, love me, say you're gonna love me I know you're ready to go ... I'm I'm ready to go Jaw drop, ... heart stop, we eye lock I must be dreaming, don't hit

Black Kids - Love me already lyrics

girl's been a real whore, Spending her time with Theodore Now ... Teddy, he's my best friend But with friends like ... these, Who needs enemies? My mother, she told me,

Aloe  Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Love is the answer lyrics

hearts everywhere From stepping on them, we don't care ... what we gonna do Even though it's plenty to share People ... hungry on the streets, it ain't fair But you don't think

Bodybangers - Love come down ( feat. tome & jaicko lawrence.. lyrics

you make my love You make my love come down (down, down, down, ... down, down...) Love come down on you Love come ... down, down, down...) My love come down on you That you

Boney M - Love for sale lyrics

For Sale Love for sale Advertising young love for sale Love that's fresh ... and still unspoiled Love that's only slightly soiled Love for sale Love for sale

Boyce Avenue - Love lockdown lyrics

m not lovin you, the way I wanted to What I had to do, ... had to run from you I'm in love with you, but the vibe is ... know Never know enough, til it's over love Til we lose

Bonfire - Love don't lie lyrics

your eyes -when memories are fading Hold me tight- ... 'til death do us part Dream away ... the tears you've been cryin' 'Cause love will rise again Love is like the unknown

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Love game (dave aude club mix) lyrics

have some fun, this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on ... your disco stick Let´s have some fun, this ... beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick I

Brick & Lace - Love is wicked lyrics

Ah, ah, Brick & Lace Inna di ... place Your love is wicked, wicked, wicked Runnin`around I can`t get through my day ... of you just keep consuming me [Inna Ma Head, Inna Ma

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Love it gone lyrics

know, I know it, baby Sounds like your day ... s been crazy I just wanna hold ya All the ... weight that's on your shoulders ... Anything that's wrong Let me, let

Carlene Carter - Love like this lyrics

king would trade his finest crown for love--love like ... this And warriors have laid weapons down for love--love ... like this Hearts will break a thousand times for love--love like this And arms will wait a thousand nights for love Love like this Love may

Cheap Trick - Love comes lyrics

comes 'round just in time Something that's hard to find Oh, no one knows what I've ... been goin' through Same old song, how ... does it go? Same old line, is it all we know? And love

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Love don't love nobody lyrics

a girl Will come and go You reach for love But life wont let ya know ... That in the end Youll still be lovin her But then shes ... gone Youre all alone Sign of pain Is on my face,

Cimorelli - Love you like a love song lyrics

I, I love you like a love song baby I, I love you like ... a love song baby I, I love you like a love song baby ... And I keep hittin' re-pea-pea-pea-pea-pea-peat

Adam Cohen - Love is lyrics

is Romeo and Juliet, Love is whatever you do with it, Love between a man and a man, ... Woman and a woman, Love is doin what you should, doin ... what you shouldn’t, Otherwise wouldn’t Love is The

Cheryl Cole - Love killer lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah Why do I love you so much When you’re a love killer Why do I give you my ... love When you’re a love killer You gave me butterflies And then you shot them

Crystal Fighters - Love is all i got (& feed me) lyrics

love is all I got I can't live Love is all I got Only love in my life Love is all Love is all I got Now love is ... all I got I can't live Love is all I got Only love in my life Love is all Love is all

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Love money party lyrics

Chorus] Money ain't nothing but money when you get to ... the money it ain't nothing but money Love ain't nothing but love when you learn how ... to love ain't nothing but love Party ain't nothing but a

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