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Love I Am Waiting lyrics

Browse for Love I Am Waiting song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Love I Am Waiting lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Love I Am Waiting.

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For Real - Love will be waiting at home lyrics

good is a kiss, especially if It's not with the one you ... truly love Baby, don't kiss your life away Don't, don ... t, don't, don't What good is a house if it's not a home

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Waiting lyrics

drive slow I've never been this way before Violence reels in the underground Yes, I am ... waiting In silence throne To fill the meetings To strike me down No

Metropolis - Waiting lyrics

am waiting, Minutes pass, Broken shards of ... no letter, Where's your smile sweet lass?... I am waiting, My stare blind, Blank ... and frozen mind, Tight my lips and dead my heartbeat,

Lindsey Buckingham - I am waiting lyrics

am waiting, I am waiting Oh yeah Oh yeah I am waiting, I am waiting Oh yeah Oh ... yeah Waiting for someone to come out of ... somewhere Waiting for someone to come out of

Irfan Makki - Waiting for the call lyrics

away, oceans apart never in my sight always in my heart ... the love is always there it will never die only growing ... a tears rose down my eye I am thiking all the time when the

Samira - Love train lyrics

am waiting, waiting for the love train Moving to the rhythm, ... gotta keep on waiting Life ain't easy, murder and terror ... Stop and look into the mirror Children are dying, love

Aeternus - Waiting for the storms lyrics

in the silence with the trees sleeping I am waiting patiently I am waiting ... Fresh and pure strength, I desire, and I will recieve ... from the mighty storms fresh and pure

Okkervil River - So come back, i am waiting lyrics

A black sheep boy dissolves In syringe or in shower stall ... says "there's plenty of time to make you mine tonight ... There's plenty of time to make you mine" He

Norah Jones - Waiting lyrics

now, watch the stars fall Into a fire wall I am waiting ... here Waiting for you to come home Sinking embers glow Melting icy ... snow I am waiting here, Waiting for you to come home And

Buju Banton - Love you girl lyrics

just wanna say... three little words IIIIIII wanna ... say I love you girl You make my world yea ... Keep bouncin round and round And IIIIIIIIIII Wanna say I love you girl

36 Crazyfists - Waiting on awar lyrics

am waiting on a war, this panic is setting in... From ... what it seems all could use some ... cleansing, better hurry up since were not pretending. And ... panic wouldn't mean so much if there was such a thing as

And One - Love me lyrics

me I hope you break me down ... 'Cause I am waiting for your heart dropping ... hand for years You're spraying your pain with the blood of ... my vein Along your window And I enjoy to suffer

Lee Ann Womack - Waiting for the sun to shine lyrics

ve been standing underneath this dark old cloud Waiting for ... the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine In my ... heart again I've been throwing a lot of good love away Waiting for the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine in

Cult Of Luna - Waiting for you lyrics

am praying for the raging flood I am waiting for you ... to come (instrumental

Ghost - Waiting for the night lyrics

am waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all When everything's dark Keeps us from the ... stark reality I'm waiting for the night to fall When

S. J. Tucker - Love lies lyrics

lies downwind waiting patiently to be found all day ... east wind howling (wailing) angel don't make a sound ... unless you are the one I have been waiting for I've

Itchy Poopzkid - Waiting for the waves lyrics

do you have to say? I know it anyway You're not the one ... to blame Liars always repeat their game ... Get on the podium To spread your valium It ... away or leave me be And I am waiting for the waves now

Banks - Waiting game lyrics

thinking it over The way you make me ... feel all sexy but it’s causing me shame I wanna lean on ... your shoulder I wish I was in love but I don’t wanna cause

Neon Jungle - Waiting game lyrics

thinking it over The way you make me ... feel all sexy but it’s causing me shame I wanna lean on ... your shoulder I wish I was in love but I don’t wanna cause

Girly Direction - Love lyrics

kid waiting for you I'm waiting for you I had to have you ... here you are my celebrity but you're slow as a snail ... also that we of the cool tonight it will be love You,

Adept - Love the false lyrics

waiting for a sign to bring us back again. to the ... where we began when everything was pure so this is my ... the rest of the world, how I feel about our time apart I

Beth Hart - Am i the one lyrics

sing these words Time and time again To express my life ... Of being your lover and your friend And as the ... clouds high above shed their tears I'll embrace you With love from all your fears

John Michael Montgomery - Love working on you lyrics

woke up this morning Changes were taking place ... You looked in the mirror A Smile was all over your face ... was there Who dared to climb those walls you've made And

Hillsong United - Am i to believe? lyrics

I to believe That a God would give His ... Son Am I to believe That the world was bought ... with love Am I to believe That a stranger died for ... me Am I to believe That a Saviour set me

Brandi Carlile - Love songs lyrics

can never write a love song I can never write a blue song ... When I'm in love I am a lover And I have always had the ... blues I am afraid that no one sees me What will they say when I am gone It

Annasay - This is love (i am yours) lyrics

were only 17 when i met you underneath the stars ... outside in summers heat it was a party for some friends ... both of us knew but that night was the start of me falling for you now this is love

Am I Blood - Love yourself lyrics

to myself the old breed is standing In front of ... natural human The wrong side of forty years There's ... something wrong with me I don't know what I should believe Where I want there's not

Van Morrison - Waiting game lyrics

a golden autumn day returning Where each moment never is ... the same Sometimes pure joy it comes with patience When I ... m waiting on, waiting game When I'm waiting on, waiting game There must be

Chris Isaak - I want your love lyrics

open up your heart. How can I love you when we're so far ... apart? And all I want is your love. All I want is ... your love. Put out your hand, open ... up your mind. How can you love me then just leave me behind?

Keke Palmer - Keke's love lyrics

up at night and Im wonderin why my fairytail cant ... become a reality. everything i've seen, seems so out of ... reach maybe its just that impossible. Wheres my knight

Pink lyricsPink - Waiting for love lyrics

Help her to carry on Braking down all the years Wondering how she got here She drifts through the sky Counting ... the reasons why How my life turned so fast Remembering

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Waiting for the thunder lyrics

I’m tough and bold Just sometimes I am frightened Sometimes ... I’m dull and cold But sometimes so enlightened I made ... some old mistakes but still did what I wanted Sometimes the

Alex Goot - Waiting to be found lyrics

could easily lie to you and say That I don’t ... like her But that’s exactly how ... it feels to be hurt Nothing ever seems to go the right ... way now Nothing ever seems fair Every day is the same and

Astral Doors - Waiting for the master lyrics

am the beast, I'm the midnight wanderer I am the ghost ... of the daytime conqueror I am a slave to the game So don't ... say, say I'm wrong They are children

Naomi King - Love me, love me not lyrics

want you dear I want you here I need to feel ... Your love is real I want you so I want you to ... know I need to feel Your love is real I, I'm feeling lost

Man With A Mission - Waiting for the moment lyrics

your majesty I am coming to end your dynasty I am ... coming with a sword you might not make it through the night I'm gonna fix it I' gonna ... finally make this right I'm the trouble you don't know

Richard Marx - Waiting on your love lyrics

long is it s'posed to take Which song ... got the answer straight I thought I sang 'em all What ... face am I gonna make Which leg to I have to break To

Brooke Fraser - Love is waiting lyrics

ground, between the traffic and the ordinary sounds I am thinking signs and seasons ... While a north wind blows through I watch as lovers pass me by Walking stories

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - I´m waiting lyrics

am waiting, I am waiting (oh yeah, oh yeah) I am waiting, I am waiting (oh yeah, ... oh yeah) Waiting for someone to come out of ... somewhere Waiting for someone to come out of

Loon - Waiting lyrics

Intro - Loon - talking + (Female voice)] Yo ... people say, behind every bad boy is a good ... woman But bein the Bad Boy that I am (I'll ... be waiting) I never knew how good a woman I

Bob Marley - I´m still waiting lyrics

still waiting I´m still waiting for you my feet wont keep ... me up any more every little beat my hearts beats girl ist´s at your door I just ... wanna love you ant I´m never gonna hurt you so

Driver - I believe in love lyrics

I am waiting for the final scene Destiny pictured on ... the silver screen in my dreams Agony, it was all I ever ... knew Until I found victory searching for the vital

Janina Gavankar - Waiting for godot lyrics

out, we fell out of the faith My idle mind is a devil ... t keep my hands to myself as I watch them go 'round Friends may come, and friends may ... go, but I still I say If I wait for love, am I waiting for

Bleeding Through - Love in slow motion lyrics

will always feel and I will always care. I wish she ... was my enemy But I''m still waiting here For her to hold my hand ... steal my breath. For her to pick up the pieces of promises

The Cat Empire - Waiting lyrics

is the last time I will follow you This is the ... last time I will follow you at all Cos ... you're my trouble And woman I've been trouble and despair ... My only care Is standing here waiting when you're

Eldritch - Seeds of love lyrics

am purging my soul from the mistakes I made I am breathing ... new air trusting in destiny A cool wind in my hair ... swept bad thoughts away If I’m wrong wake me up from this

Jessica Sanchez - Waiting (beyoncé) lyrics

waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock ... and seconds feel like hours as I sit here and ... watch them tick away And just the ... thought of seeing you again I wanna sang I've been longin

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Waiting lyrics

waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock ... and seconds feel like hours as I sit here and ... watch them tick away And just the ... thought of seeing you again I wanna sang I've been longin

Coldworker - Waiting for buildings to collapse lyrics

my mind, there is a voice It tells me to destroy the ... world It’s all right, I love debris I love to see things ... fall apart Rampage, I'm in a rage I can’t wait to tear

Reverie - Waiting lyrics

to the mind I think but I can't hide Digging a deeper ... hole Every day Enslaving the soul I run Every ... thought wave hits me As if to drain the ocean I'm finding a brand new corner The

Etta James - Waiting for charlie to come home lyrics

for Charlie to come home Bring me all the love I need Waiting for Charlie to come home ... Bring me his lips, his wild hungry arms And all of ... the love that I need I said a lot of things to him I didn't mean to say Instead of

Ratty - Sunrise here i am lyrics

the floating, shapeless oceans I did ... all my best to smile til your singing eyes and fingers drew me loving into ... your eyes Here I am, here I am waiting to hold you

Seal lyricsSeal - Waiting for you lyrics

a shade of blue You won't believe What I'm going through It just feels like I can't ... No, oohooo no... Everyone is just the same They touch me ... But I can't say There has been

Ray J - Love you from my heart lyrics

I know I'm only 16 But inside you mean the world to me I ... know I may be young to you But ... there's nothing that I wouldn't do See, I've had ... romance Girl, I'm very smart I must have

77 Bombay Street - Waiting for tomorrow lyrics

Minutes left and here I'm standing. In my mind i'm ... reaching out for heloing hands. I feel so lonley i am broken, as I'm waiting for my ... life to faid away. Houres are days and

Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the wings lyrics

here I am, I'm a man And that little boy ... tied down Deep within me You have broken your ... word! I'm sorry that I bowed once again And let the ... loose You can't understand it Your can't understand what it's like The world which we live in Feel I'm tear

Carnal Forge - Waiting for sundown lyrics

the world domination to me Whatever you're looking for, look somewhere else I ... have to take it all, and killing you is the best way to get ... there Always hiding from the daylight, at war with the sun And you know that I am the fallen one DESTINY

Zack Hemsey - Waiting between worlds lyrics

was alone in a bathroom Eyes fixed like ... a statue Wrists soar and her face bruised ... She just waiting for more bad news Now she ... s white like a full moon As she can't

Corey Hart - Waiting for you lyrics

s lookin' for the answers Everybody's ... lookin' for a place to hide When I see you deep inside ... your shelter Thinking that you got nobody on your ... side Don't you know if you run the distance You may

H & Claire - You´re a love song lyrics

the world was mine, to give I'd hand it over On a silver ... platter, resting on my shoulder But all I ... have is what you see I'd give the universe If it was up

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