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Budgie - Love for you and me lyrics

divine, it's got a hold of me It’s changed my life for the ... better For the better By one hundred ... degrees Heaven is open for earth to see All I want is love for you and me Love is

Bed & Breakfast - You and me lyrics

and me Remember the first date You hid yourself behind a tree And I ... thought you were late You and me So ashamed and so shy We ... cry Reminisce about The summers and the winters We've been

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - You and me and the devil makes 3 lyrics

stone up a hill in Hades if you want to lie with me you're ... I've got mood poisoning you must be something that I hate ... misery there's not a word for what I want to do to you

Niall Horan lyricsNiall Horan - You and me lyrics

got a young heart And it's wild and free And I don ... it starts But it ends with you and me It's a hard road As ... far as I can see And I don't where I'm going But

Jack Holiday - Love for you lyrics

for you So much love for you I got love for you So much love for you So much love for you I got love for you So ... much love for you So much love for you I got love for you

Nat King Cole - Love is the thing lyrics

we're rich Or we are poor? Fortune and fame they never ... endure Oh love is the thing, love is the ... What good is money if your heart is all right? Here in

Declan Galbraith - You and me lyrics

everything’s right And everything’s cool It’s the love side of my life That is so ... far from right And I know I’m not the only one ... I who used to fail How you used to be That happiness is

B. B. King - You and me me and you lyrics

took me way back in the country You ... fed me on love and greens You laid my head upon a feather ... bed And I sure had some mighty sweet dreams Don't

Stephen Jones - You and me lyrics

& me Me & you (x3) You & me & me & you ... & you & me & me & me & you As long

Chris Rea - For ever and ever lyrics

t ask me how long baby it's gonna take ... honey, just give it a break Love don't happen to you overnight ... You got to feed it, leave it ... Give it some light Oh love, true love When it looks

The Byrds - You and me lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental

Lil Cuete - You and me lyrics

s just u and me (just u and me) Done feeling so dam low (So ... I know u looking down on me (I know your looking down) ... one way to go) Was there for the good times there for the

Jenix - For you and for me lyrics

How it feels If I look in your eyes I see that you're a ... part of me And I know you're the one You smile shines ... brighter than the sun And I am blinded by the beauty of

Joan Franka - You and me lyrics

was five, you were three We were dancing ... in the street And you looked just like an angel. You looked up a side the sky Saw ... the birds and wondered why They could fly

Brantley Gilbert - You and me against the world lyrics

tears in your eyes, have got me seeing red I hate how they ... get to you, with all the lies they ... town talk, like the devil on your shoulder It’s over…baby

Hard-fi - You and me lyrics

I'm stuck here Then I see you I wanna' touch you I can ... it away I really want you' want you Say that, 'Do you think that' will make it?'

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You and me lyrics

inside I'm sharing all my love with you Oh, I know - I can ... t live without you girl I can't live without you Take me away - make my day ... Everytime I see your face Oh, I know - I can't

Bourbon Crow - You and me lyrics

fingers to the bone everyday And it ain´t pretty when the good ... times go bad Ask myself is it ... okay Sing this song about you and me Sing a song about

Drew Ryniewicz - You and me lyrics

t know I was looking for you But I was looking for you ... is gone It's funny how you drive me a little bit crazy ... I want you right here beside me 'Cause fiding you is like

George Jones - You and me together lyrics

we found a life together And it's a gonna last forever ... Nothing can hurt me now 'cause you are mine. ... every day with gladness You and me together all the time.

Ll Cool J - You and me lyrics

} Yeah, uhh, uhh Word up And you say New York City A-ha ... ha, word up {Take me away, baby} Uhh, uhh, uhh.. ... uhh Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you

E.m.d. - You and me song (originally by the wannadies) lyrics

when we fight I try to make you laugh Til everything's forgotten I know you hate that ... Always when we fight I kiss you once or twice And everything

Foxy Shazam - You and me lyrics

Friends we've made, but love always change with age Like ... rains the pain it fades And with out the rain we'll dry, ... we'll wither up and die Just like those lonely

Insania ( Ger ) - For you lyrics

in the glare of the fame I stand every night on stage and I'm ... searchin' for myself I'd lose control - and you, too I'm sorry - now and ... forever I'll take it if you want to go But deep inside

Jon Mclaughlin - For you from me lyrics

understatement of the year That's for ... d of thought that I'd be standing At your door It's just ... the way you say my name that throws me All the ... are closing Everything that you see here Is for you from me I give it away so easily

Bowling For Soup - You and me lyrics

was an answer i didn’t ask for nothin more and she said, ... “just leave your jacket at the door” and we ... it started here we go if you can help me let me know.

Dew-scented - For you and forever lyrics

thought I had seen them all And forgotten was my wish To ... tiny passionflower This is meant for you and forever ... [Tan:] Return me to these days Where no sin

Olive - You and me lyrics

and me can´t you see. How are hearts are one? ... Please believe and don´t deceive Now our ... just begun. The sunlight in your hair. Makes my heart jump

Parachute - You and me lyrics

my gun and watch the door, pick the ... lock and cut the phone, keep your head up love, ain't nobody ... us. Baby I've had the same dream, where I wake up

Penny & The Quarters - You and me lyrics

and me, You and me, Nobody baby but you and me. ... (Hey, hey, hey) You and me, (My, my, my, my, my, my, my, ... my) You and me, Nobody baby but you and me.

3-11 Porter - You and me lyrics

and me are gonna be free To fall in love with some dignity You and me, ... low life desire You and me, low life desire You and me ... our night Sharing dreams and a burning flame You and me,

10cc - For you and i lyrics

ve got troubles (ooh ooh) and we put 'em down We go We ... re not so hot you know It's like a roller ... She may be shy But don't you bring her down Don't pass

Jamie Cullum - You and me are gone lyrics

time I see what's written on your mind I turn away and drop ... my guard Your high horse will be the ... leader of the blind Tender love and truth aside I'm in

Disclosure - You and me feat. eliza doolittle lyrics

be giving up Home is where the heart is And I ... gave it to you in a paper bag Even though ... it’s tarnished You told me it’s the best you ever had You got my secret combination And I don’t be giving that out

Gala - You and me lyrics

or later You’ll understand Sooner than later You’ll ... hold my hand Speaking those words I’ve ... Our destiny is stronger than your fear I would come to you

Alistair Griffin - You and me (tonight) lyrics

you ever loved someone, But you waited just too long, To ... tell them what you're feeling. Maybe I was just ... too proud, To say I love you right out loud, Found the

Manfredi Nicola - You and me lyrics

You and me! I feel so high when I ... think orienteering. You! You and me! I feel so free when I ... orienteering. Map, compass and running shoes, waiting for

Musiq Soulchild - You and me lyrics

thought on the first night You would bare what you hold so ... dear to life And share with me all your innermost fantasies ... baby And afterwards in my arms you

Oliver James - You and me lyrics

and me can´t you see. How are hearts are one? ... Please believe and don´t deceive Now our ... just begun. The sunlight in your hair. Makes my heart jump

Roger Daltrey - You and me lyrics

days We've made a new life And changed our ways Our lives ... complete For can't you see It's me and you You and

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - For you lyrics

the light that's shining from your eyes Even brighter than before Telling me something now ... 'cos I found the truth with you I will take you with me

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - You and me together lyrics

we let our friendship end You need me and I need you No, ... But even if we bend, it's You and me together (together, ... together) I am always on your side (on your side) No one,

Chloe - You and me (feat. marlo) lyrics

walk so far To feel you near We will never Be again ... But it's living inside of me Living inside of me With ... open arms We've come so far But it's living

Chris De Burgh - You and me lyrics

Time Has Come For Me To Take My Bows And Leave ... So Many Things I Wanna Say Before I Go... But I'll Be Back, ... To Sing Again; And I'll Lead You Through The

Indigo Girls - You and me of the 10,000 wars lyrics

and me of the 10,000 wars Dividing ... into factions of pleasures and chores A bed to be made and ... a bed to lie in A hand in the darker side And our ... Zion The heart of a skeptic and the mind of a child Put my

Jes - You and me belong lyrics

powers that be, But don't forget to turn around And remember how U and Me Belong... ... U and Me Belong... Another week in ... the air Ignites a power in me I'm on the verge of a major

The Moody Blues - You and me lyrics

Under the sun there's a homeless man There's a forest ... will be our last thought? Do you think it's coming soon? Will ... it be a comfort Or the pain of a burning

Newsboys - You and me lyrics

was a time When time was mine I never lived for you I couldn't see That you and ... me Were ever meant to be [Chorus] You and ... me were meant to be You had a plan but I couldn't see

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - You and me lyrics

want to go I am staying at home tonight ´cos I don´t want to ... know You revealed a world to me and I would never be ... Dwelling in such happiness, your gift of purity Eh-ee-oh,

Joanna Newsom - You and me, bess lyrics

of the sea Hoarding our meals Alfalfa and rolls Trying ... hurt like a puking bird You stayed for the winter No one ... us about the laws of the land I hold my own but you with your hunger You and the other hand Make yourself known And

Boyce Avenue - You and me lyrics

day is it? And in what month? This clock ... never seemed so alive I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been ... losing so much time Cause it's you and me and

The Classic Crime - You and me both lyrics

guardrail is tempting me Standing like a sentry to the left ... of me It's guarding adventure that ... I need a tragedy to wake me from perpetual dreaming the

Gabrielle Aplin - You and me (moments) lyrics

the rolling seas Make a moment, keep a memory Don't ... into the great unknown Sing and shout and laugh about it We ... know we're not alone You lift me up and we are free I

Life As We Know It Soundtrack - You and me lyrics

and me, we don't like each other Your world it seems just a little ... prove It's the way that you are It's the way that you ... are And it's the way that you are It's the way that you

45 Spacer - You and me lyrics

room all alone, girl why did you take my heart from it's home ... Now I'm heartless and depressed And in the end I ... hope it will be You and me I can't stop looking at

Big Dream - You and me lyrics

day is it? And in what month? This clock ... never seemed so alive I can't keep up and I can't back down I've been ... losing so much time Cause it's you and me and

Charice - You and me against the world lyrics

and me against the world Sometimes it seems like you and me ... the others turn their backs and walk away You can count on me to stay Remember when the

Alice Cooper - You and me lyrics

I got home from work I wanna wrap ... myself around you I wanna take you and squeeze ... to rise. I wanna take you to heaven that would make my ... day complete but you and me ain't movie stars what we

Lacrosse - This new year will be for you an me lyrics

29 days ‘til new years eve And it’s easier to still believe, ... this new year will be for you and me But look at all the ... The dark is getting darker, and the empty is still as epmty

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