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Polica - Lose you lyrics

atleast now it is clear You don’t want to take it there ... we count our dreams But you never mention me at all It’s ... to speak what’s true When your lips won’t do Well I cannot

Darling Parade - Lose you lyrics

falling into pieces. Are you listening? I'm torn with all ... turn it off. Stop the clock now. I can't stop the clock, it ... away. I don't want to lose you, don't want to lose you,

Him - Lose you tonight (thulsa doom extended dub) lyrics

away I can't live without you Please stay And I learn to ... love you right I was waiting for you Waiting for all my life I ... ve been crying for you Die for you all this time I

Kristina Train - Lose you tonight lyrics

until we stir Reach over to your pillowcase I only feel the ... in an endless sea I wait for you to ride on with me Should ... We could work it out if you would let go of your pride

Him - Lose you tonight lyrics

‘Cause I can't live without you Please stay And I learn to ... love you right ‘Cause I was ... waiting for you Waiting for all my life And ... I've been crying for you Die for you all this time,

Kat Dahlia - Lose you ft. candy warhol lyrics

Dahlia: I'm not gonna cry No, not this time These eyes ... and black Like I did from your hands Oh baby, oh baby, I'm ... I used to see right through you I'm sipping, I'm drinking I

Miku Hatsune - No you, no me lyrics

kimi ga iu tabi ni "No. Ya da." tsumuideta ... Aitai kedo furueru kono te wa Mou kimi ni ... furerarenai Tatoeba ano hoshi ni wa todoita to shite

One Less Reason - No you no me lyrics

m writing you a letter At least I'm trying ... them Over and over No you, no me Its a stupid kind of ... mean And its ok That I miss you more than Im suppose to Its

Boney M - No time to lose lyrics

time to lose My man is coming in today No time to lose I know he must ... be on his way No time to lose I wanna look just right for ... him No time to lose Tonight will be the night

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Don't wanna lose you now lyrics

never thought that I would lose my mind That I could control ... That I was stronger than you, baby Girl if only I knew ... what I've done You know, so why don't you tell me

Brett Dennen - Ain't gonna lose you lyrics

spokes I can be the butt of your jokes I can be the laughing ... the hoax But I ain't gonna lose you No I ain't gonna lose ... me a clown But I ain't gonna lose you No I ain't gonna lose you I can't stand The thought

Rainbow - No time to lose lyrics

other family get no sleep Somewhere down the ... keep Think about the future, nothing in the past God, things ... on, come on, come on Take your love Get down, get down,

Samain - No time to lose lyrics

keep your troubles but I keep my life ... delights I have adventures you can't understand cause your ... s passing fast I've got no time to lose You're

Helix - Never want to lose you lyrics

changes ohh along the way You were with me from the very ... Always there when i needed you You gave me the strength You gave me the purpose to carry ... on And i Never wanna lose you Never wanna say goodbye

Mc Erik & Barbara - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

morning I was walking with you in the summer rain If you ... could know the way I was feeling And I ... wish you were feeling the same Just ... paper It was the only thing you left there And I knew I can

Peaches - Peaches lose you lyrics

don't wanna lose you I don't wanna lose you I ... don't wanna lose you I don't wanna lose you ... Finger to button, push it and nothing How does it happen all

Dean Lewis - Lose my mind (acoustic) lyrics

see you walking through the rain And ... I see the water covering your teardrops on your face And ... I know that I broke all your rules Oh, now you're ... at me, and I'm looking at you like a fool But, you don't know what it feels like to fall

Jarvis Cocker - You're in my eyes (discosong) lyrics

my eyes And visible when you look into a clear blue sky ... disco on a Thursday night You appeared from nowhere beside ... in every detail to the way you were before The best part of

Nina Nesbitt - No interest lyrics

Look out the window and I see you go past me You wave your ... hand and you shout out my name I would've ... called you if you hadn't f***ed me off No ... interest in you, no interest at all There's nothing to lose, 'cause there's nothing at all No interest in you, no interest at all Cause

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - You ain't got the right lyrics

got the right to tell me I'm not lonely You don't understand ... that don't make it easier to lose No that don't make it easier ... to lose I woke up Monday morning

Olly Murs - Did i lose you (feat. giorgia) lyrics

I'm the only one That's how you left me here with a smoking ... plastic trees I swear I hear you laughing cause the joke's on ... me Oh oh oh Can you lose what you never did have It's

Austra - Lose it lyrics

t wanna lose you, don't wanna lose, Don't wanna lose you, don't ... wanna lose. I never knew you, I never knew, I never knew you, I never knew. Your body's

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

of your girlfriends. I know they are telling lies. They ... they may say. Rumors are bad enough. The rumors are made to ... my heaven. I don’t wanna lose you. I don't lose no more my

Jeremy Greene - Can't afford to lose you lyrics

oh oh Whoa whoa oh oh oh oh Now when I feel I'm in trouble I ... the fire and back again You said no You said no that ... a time When I rise to the top You said I'll keep climbing and

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - You don't care [japanese limited edition bonu.. lyrics

overdue Those tears were for you Don't say you love me again ... just because you see the end Don't act like you care It's too late to ... (Oh) I don't wanna lose you I don't wanna lose you But

Asia - Don't wanna lose you now lyrics

complain? If it wasn't for you, I don't know what I would do ... So you help me through And I don't ... wanna lose you Hey, what would you say ... if I told you I thank you for all that I am 'Cos I

Kat-tun - No more pain lyrics

heaven? tenchi wo hikisaki kono mi wa fukaku tsuranukare inori wa tooku anata e todokanu ... mama? eien ni tatakau kono sugata hitomi de uketomete

John Hiatt - I know how to lose you lyrics

don't know how to keep a good thing I ... ever find love again But I know how to lose you Down the ... I've left before the dawn No words said, not one tear shed

Gloria Estefan - Don't wanna lose you lyrics

to make things clear Or know when to face the truth And ... I know that the moment is here I ... ll open my heart and show you inside My love has no pride ... I feel with you I've got nothing to hide So open your

Billy Ocean - If i should lose you lyrics

it's your life I don't really wanna ... stand in your way But I need consistent ... love With me love is not a game that you play We ... need to be closer baby, yeah There's so many

Dj Layla & Alissa - I dont wanna lose you lyrics

don’t wanna lose you my love I don’t wanna lose you You are the love of my ... life And I don’t wanna lose you My heart, my heart’s ... bleeding Without your smile I can’t, I can’t

Farscape - No remorse to kill lyrics

t try to escape Your death is certain You run at ... I won't have mercy finishing your life The fire is burning ... eyes My hate is increasing You betrayed me And now you fear

Vanessa Hudgens - Lose your love lyrics

Chorus] If I should lose your love boy Shame on me I was ... blind to see That I would lose your love, boy Just tell me ... how to get you back Cause I could never lose your love Don't wanna lose your love I remember the

Kill La Kill - Ost 01 -before my body is dry (don't lose you.. lyrics

basement where we met May you surprised me so much Because ... you’re talking now I gotta find the truth from ... fights But I’m all alone You’re the only one who can help

J. Moss - No more lyrics

t ever gonna let no stick Ain't ever gonna let no stone They're never gonna ... break my bones No, No I ain't ever gonna hurt my ... By hanging with a bunch of losers I'm never gonna choose to

Christina Milian - You snooze, you lose lyrics

snooze you're gonna lose and she won't want you back ... again The way you keep on playin' is impossible ... to win Soon you're gonna see you'll head to ... at the end You're goin' to hit and miss You snooze you lose baby

Hall And Oates - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

I have separate lives girl You and I go different ways on ... get in the way They tend to lose their overviews and overplay ... I’ve got to do Feels like you’re drifting away And I don’t

Nat King Cole - If i should lose you lyrics

I should lose you The stars would fall from ... the skies If I should lose you The leaves would wither and ... the sound of rain With you beside me No wind in winter

Rooney - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

re looking at me, you're lost in a stare Well, I ... have to admit I didn't know you were there We're trying our ... But neither one of us knows how to survive [Chorus]

Graham Colton - You find a way lyrics

m writing you for the hundredth time cuz ... everything I wanna say But you find a way to keep me hanging ... on You find a way to make everything ... go wrong It's the way you lose me Say you choose me Then

Shakin' Stevens - If i lose you lyrics

I lose you. Will I cry. Will I live. ... try. And get along without you. And if I call you. On ... the phone. Will you answer baby? Will you please ... come on home now. Or will I have to try.

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

but show Though I hardly know your name I know about love ... and I know Chorus: I don't wanna lose you I don't even wanna say ... by those manly advances I know, I've only just met you

Julie Thiel - Don´t wanna to lose you lyrics

want a lifetime here without you Don't hear any children ... want a lifetime here without you I can't stand to watch you ... Isn't there a prayer we all know I can barely look into your

Jamestown Story - I don't wanna lose you lyrics

been losing sleep for a while now Thinkin' about us And it's ... we're doing okay When we're not And it's killing me slowly ... I need you in my life Or I'm not

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - No need to argue lyrics

s no need to argue anymore. I ... had, I knew, I knew, I'd lose you. You'll always be ... 'Cause I knew, I knew, I'd lose you. You'll always be ... Will I forget in time, ah, You said I was on your mind?

C21 - Don't wanna lose you lyrics

cuz my heart is crying for you Down - deep down you know ... that so can you forgive me the truth I kept ... my feelings inside of me but now I can see Don't wanna lose you I'm here to stay did I

Ian Hunter - No one lyrics

to come home each night to no one - no one All by myself, ... turn out the light - no one - no one One knife, a ... Oooh I needed someone - maybe you could help I called you up,

Carolina Liar - No more secrets lyrics

million miles you could say I've been around I ... there are better men for you So don't you tell me what to ... do, oh no No don't you tell me what to say, oh no

The Hives - You got it all.... wrong lyrics

wanna dance you really wanna let it go You ... bad but this time they told you to go You want it You try ... it fast when you really should do it slow You

Royal Blood - You want me lyrics

want me, you got me Got me trapped, right ... between your teeth Cause when you’re ... lost ahead So don’t let me lose you again Say now, it’s late ... now Leave me alone cause you wanted to Take your time

Leo Sayer - You win -- i lose lyrics

win -- I losethat's how it all beginswell I ... affairs of the heartbut I know that I'll never win well I ... talk to you sweet like honeydon't I treat ... I can't figure out when you scream and you shoutwhy I

Misery Index - You lose lyrics

re lost in their gluttonous agenda Built on a ... sand Their tides wash away your perspective The mouth that ... hand More, More is what you need And None, f***ing nothing is what you get You

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - You better pray lyrics

is dripping That's because you know just what I'm thinking ... who follows And there ain't nothing from me you can borrow ... You like to hide behind lies But

Simply Red - You make me believe lyrics

baby girl Occasionally you're my puttana But then you ... believe That I should never lose you love You make me believe ... me weep If I should ever lose your love Cause you make me

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - You learn lyrics

recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone ... walking around naked in your living room Swallow it down ... It feels so good (swimming in your stomach) Wait until the

Framing Hanley - You lyrics

lot of things to resolve If you've got the time at all I'm ... a few times But how much is enough For you 'Cause I don't ... want to lose you I was thinking about

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You and me lyrics

I'm sharing all my love with you Oh, I know - I can't live ... without you girl I can't live without you Take me away - make my day ... Everytime I see your face Oh, I know - I can't

Isac Elliot - No one else (hot chocolate version) lyrics

made a mess and now my heart is an open wound ... Oh, no How do we save something ... when there's nothing left to lose? Oh, oh And when you're ... there, don't care I know it just ain't right I told

Frank Sinatra - No one ever tells you lyrics

one ever tells you what’s like to love and lose, ... to go on living, how to face another day, No one ever tells you the way. No one ever tells you how it feels to walk alone,

B. B. King - No one ever tells you lyrics

one ever tells you What it's like to love and lose How it feels to waken And ... go on living How to face another day No, no one ever ... tells you the way No one ever tells you How it

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