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Morta Skuld - Lords of discipline lyrics

is our Saviour now feeding off the weakness and fear lost ... a man made machine, made of respect nothing disgraces ... knowledge against you a part of me is gone their presence is

Mystic Prophecy - Lords of pain lyrics

And blessed by the fathers of the dark To give me my soul ... back again Lords of Pain Hold my soul as I die Lords of Pain Drink my blood Lords of Pain Give me a sign from

Tasmin Archer - Lords of the new church lyrics

his actions touch the lives of us all He rose with energy ... the west And we see the gods of the new church As they ... us now? Save us from the lords of the new church, don't say

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Lords of summer lyrics

the sound Recall the shaking of the ground Calling, ... calling All as one Lords of summer bring the sun ... coming Winter's yearn Lords of summer shall return At

Black Label Society - Lords of destruction lyrics

in my world of war and mass confusion Peace ... is a word that no one cares of knowing Death is the drug of ... amongst the masses Engines of hell forever burning faster

Eternal Reign - Lords of chaos lyrics

gone nothing's gonna last Lords of chaos – your kingdom will ... re gonna tear down the wall Lords of chaos -- you sealed your ... fate By sowing the seeds of hate Another suicide

Impiety - Lords of apokalypse lyrics

and hate From the claws of death we rise Walk the path ... damned Legions from the end of time Fly through battleskies ... Hellhordes victorious Rulers of the battlesky For lords are

Otep - Lords of war lyrics

the unbounding determination of our people, we will gain the ... and poor Thus we praise the lords of war On our knees and beg ... It's the dwarf souls of greedy men Feculent,

Pathology - Lords of rephaim lyrics

we walk in the iron age of the netherrealm To the ... valley of Rephaim Ancient walk with ... kings read execration texts of the forgotten kingdom-Lords of Rephaim Now we stand to be

Sodom - Lords of depravity lyrics

degrade! The silent calls of solitude Believe me that I ... passion can't wait | ...kiss of decay ...kiss of decay! Kiss ... of decay! You will see Lords of Depravity! Lords of Depravity

Lords Of Black - Lords of black lyrics

you screaming No more twist of reality Now I'm breaking the ... soul and heart We're the Lords of Black From a bloodline ... divine And a new reign of fire Came the tempest and

Keldian - Lords of polaris lyrics

the seven seas We're keepers of the mariner's dreams To ... the darkened sky We are gods of the winter And a speck of ... child Speak our name We are lords of Polaris Bleak gale,

Setherial - Lords of the nightrealm lyrics

of the black art, renders of evil Marked with the seal of ... winds With our disciples of demon legions, spreading ... homages to us, thus we are of him; lords of the nightrealm

Seven Gates - Lords of the night lyrics

good friends 'cause we're lords of the night Roaming still ... we are the Lord We are the lords of the

Attacker - Lords of thunder lyrics

them They're the keepers of the land Nothing we do can ... darkened hole They're the lords of thunder They've come up ... the door They're the lords of thunder Their thunder has

Eidolon - Lords of desecration lyrics

who bear witness the symbol of salvation - for all of those ... journey through - the path of never ending fear though ... the legions fate The lords of desecration Demoralizing -

Ravenheart - Lords of power lyrics

live in the land of glory We live in the land of ... the sun We cry out the call of freedom For everyone We ... see the shine of the sun We see the clouds at

Julie Laughs Nomore - Lords of pleasure lyrics

o spirits of the dark From the flames of ... Walk with the shadows of darkness That surrounds you ... Hear when the gods of thunder will invake you The ... time of death and hatred will enlace

Crosswind - Lords of deceit lyrics

night has silently killed off the day All the nighty do ... is look proud on feet made of clay As a new beginning ... Come on and worship the lords of deceit When the light of truth is slowly engulfed by

Job For A Cowboy - Lords of chaos lyrics

are succumbing to the ravages of warfare built upon capital ... and greed The lords of corruption leave their people ... in the gore-riddened streets of chaos Education, employment

Magnum - Lords of chaos lyrics

hard upon my heels Princely lords of chaos forging black and ... fiery wheels And the mother of the earth is being widowed in ... my sight Father of deception using wrong instead

Debauchery - Lords of battle lyrics

We are the warriors of metal With swords and axes ... blood We are the troops of doom Killers killing in the ... and evil We are the legion of the

Marillion - Lords of the backstage lyrics

collisions A lonely stretch of headlight, diamonds trapped ... that was between us A lord of the backstage, a creature of

Guano Apes - Lords of the boards lyrics

world With the lord of the boards you´ll come and ... get around With the lord of the boards, go mad like a ... world With the lord of the boards youll come and get

Christ Agony - Lords of the night lyrics

Lord of the Night Where will you ... pieces Where shall the ashes of our bodies fall Where will ... bloom again... Oh, Lord of the Night Take my blood and

Crematory - Lords of lies lyrics

betraying yourself Lord of lies Don't care about the ... truth Lord of lies Just want your way ... Lord of lies Don't care who you harm ... Lord of lies It's just about your

Hollenthon - Lords of bedlam lyrics

of rings bear demons of despair Hungry bellows ... brought by gales Vigils of the night remember well Fear ... flung shadows of a lie Herald of War ... light Domination Eagles of ruin A flash of wings

Lords Of The Underground - Here come the lords lyrics

I do a style and flip it kind of simple Brothers say, &quot ... ill and yo Here Come the Lords, cause we're here to make a ... kill! Here Come the Lords! Here Come the Lords! Here

Morbid Saint - Disciples of discipline lyrics

your now a disciple of discipline Awakened by the sounds of ... the door the chanting of the vicious beasts The ... Come to see the face of the demons gathered around

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - The lords of salem lyrics

to linger, God Hates - The Lords of Salem, No can ever save ... them, God Hates - The Lords of Salem, No one can destroy ... like a swine, A victim of the fury, Glory to the saint

Lords Of The Underground - Funky child lyrics

is 1971. Now comes the first of the children of Roton Lords of the Underground witness the ... brith of the funky child Doitall, hit ... with the funk from the womb of Brenda See I likes the Lords

Skanners - The lords of lies lyrics

are the lords of lies With eyes of fire And ... with their chairs of leather You promise glory ... like filthy animals The lords of lies Only words, I will

Lords Of The Underground - Keep it underground lyrics

won't sing See, now I'm off my rock I think I need a ... jam if you're feelin' kind of timid So here we go Long ... no matter how it sounds The Lords, The Lords You gotta keep it

Ceremonial Oath - Chapter vi: lords of twilight lyrics

burning bright. Oh, lords of the Twilight, answer me, ... Dance across dimensions of time and space, illuminate ... in blood..." Bread of serpents, enchanted prophecy,

Lords Of The Underground - Lord jazz hit me one time (make it funky) lyrics

Jazz... He goes by the name of Lord Jazz... He goes by the ... name of Lord Jazz... He goes by the ... name of Lord Jazz... He goes by the ... name of Lord Jazz... He goes by the

Orden Ogan - The lords of the flies lyrics

the pain This is the play of your ruin All actors on ... chains DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE CHANGE IT WILL BRING ... THRONE IN THIS WORLD FULL OF LIES ON THE GRAVES OF THE

Lords Of Acid - Take control lyrics

the rythm, feel the soul, Lords of Acid take control (x4) ... s no gain Takes control of my brain It's pure, it's ... sick, It's a reflection of the soul Deepdown in my

Lords Of The Underground - From da bricks lyrics

I'd stick a rhyme in and out of you (STRAIGHT FROM THE ... Jam and Bree, with the Lords Of The Underground This is my ... The Bricks on the streets of concrete Poundin' on the

Pagan Altar - The lords of hypocrisy lyrics

what they say! Tales of heaven and life everlasting ... fear of the eternal fire, Preaching ... lies of death and damnation, Whilst ... night? They're creatures of the night, They're

Lords Of Acid - Let's get high lyrics

s Get High Lords of Acid Let's Get High and

Lords Of Black - Forgive or forget lyrics

to say Where the pieces of a broken life Still burning

Cage - The lords of chaos lyrics

shadow and fear to a new Army of followers We who have been ... by the relentless light of this new world We who are ... and sweet INTOXICATION of his dark shadow Lay low the

Lords Of Black - Nothing left to fear lyrics

rain Secrets and dreams of the past Slipping from a ... heart of stone Is this the end you ... or Just another twist of fate Be with me now Got

Lords Of Black - Out of the dark lyrics

It was late at night when it hit my heart And for the first time I just knew You're not coming back Wish I had you here... by my side And for a last o...

Lords Of Black - The art of illusions, part i: smoke and mirro.. lyrics

Behind a heavy fog Hiding from what I love I hear a distant voice fragile and weak I pay for my mistakes Now and every single day I have to find you somewhere in time ...

Lords Of Black - The art of illusions, part ii: the man from b.. lyrics

Like a flash light I will come Blinding the wise and the fool Inviding your privacy and soul You don't know me but I am The one you can see in your dreams...

Lords Of Black - The grand design lyrics

ultimate question The nature of all you can see Don't try to ... why you exist The masters of creation We build and rule ... chosen ones From hundreds of thousands of

Lords Of Black - The world that came after lyrics

home In a desperate piece of waste land Fight to remember ... the heaven Like a bunch of snakes in Eden Destroying ... every sign of life But I will never leave

Lords Of Black - Too close to the edge lyrics

Getting so close to the edge Of Madness in this game we play ... falling Into the eye of the storm Chorus

Lords Of Black - When everything is gone lyrics

is falling down Visions of you Fall upon my eyes Even ... that I could be Black winds of fire Took you away from me ... in a world where I am Out of sight Chorus Everything

Lords Of Black - Would you take me lyrics

one can see Behind the mask of a lie Is the queen of the ... She's dying to fool The face of the death Thru the sins of ... hear Is the desperate beat of your heart And the only

Fairyland - Of wars in osyrhia lyrics

prince of evil now your march is almost ... will join us and banish you of our lands. troubled was ... the evil awaits we are the lords of victory what I have

Lords Of Black - At the end of the world lyrics

came out of nowhere behind us Riding the ... hunter Blessed by the winds of the storm No shelter around ... When you hear the cries of the world And you pray for

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Discipline lyrics

defined I need your discipline, I need your help I need ... your discipline, You know once I start I ... you begin I need your discipline, I need your help I need

Dead Prez - Discipline lyrics

one love -Yeah Peace Discipline makes things easier, organize ... your life Discipline makes things easier, organize ... uh um, its gonna be fine Discipline, discipline (practice makes

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Discipline lyrics

punish me Babe I need some discipline tonight Don't hold back I ... Tie me to something Take off all my clothes Daddy I want ... to expect Babe I need some discipline tonight Baby Don't hold back

Korzus - Discipline of hate lyrics

desecrate Feed the fire of anger and hate For a moment ... Hate - you can´t control Discipline of hate Spread the world of ... death and shame Discipline of hate Forget your god, become

Belphegor - Discipline through punishment lyrics


Bobby Mcferrin - Discipline lyrics

however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace, for ... have been trained by it, no discipline seems pleasant at the time ... have been trained by it, no discipline seems pleasant at the time

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