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Play - To live and to die for lyrics

I knew just what to say I would make it go away All this pain inside I don't wanna fight I refuse to say goodbye ... It's because I'm much too proud To apologize When I

Paprika Korps - To conquer and to rule lyrics

conquer and to rule, forgeing the nations by dividing ... men. Constant refilling of fool. Well trained politicians use the animosity Engineered insanity is more efficient than bombs; Tipyfying

Colin Hay - To have and to hold lyrics

the desert I run Into the blinding sun I know that you will come To have and to hold ... I sleep-walk in the night I see your face It's burning ... bright I reach up into the light To have and to hold

Silverstein - To live and to lose lyrics

painted lines along the way back to see ... you Fighting sleep and drifting in the rain, I couldn't get ... through I was thrown from my mind with no one there to

Ablaze In Hatred - To breathe and to suffocate lyrics

fear in my plain emotions To find myself... To feel these ... shivers Under the dead skin of mine To breathe and to ... suffocate To live alone And to die alone Calling of a great

Bejelit - To forget and to forgive lyrics

we were so young in our dreams we scoff at to ... .. we never forget how hard to reach is that way. If we ... heat the nail on our head and we split hairs to be there and never apart but hard is the

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - To have and to hold lyrics

need to be cleansed It's time to make amends For all of ... the fun The damage is done And I feel diseased I'm down on my knees And I need forgiveness

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - To have and to hold (spanish taster) lyrics

need to be cleansed It's time to make amends For all of ... the fun The damage is done And I feel diseased I'm down on my knees And I need forgiveness

Don Mclean - To have and to hold lyrics

the seasons go circlin', and the years spin away And the ... highway grows narrow, at the end ... of the day There's a promise I made you, on the first day of

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - My god, the evil wind lyrics

travel across the sea to the place where no-one's been ... Storm clouds above me, blue ... stream which knows me Sailing towards the darklands, ... tales tell me there is a man He's the evil

Chris De Burgh - Say goodbye to it all lyrics

a boat over Lake Geneva. It was raining all night long, ... We were lucky and we saw no enemy, And came ... from Switzerland poor refugees, Far from the ... guns of war, We said goodbye to it all; They brought us in

Bright Eyes - Let's not shit ourselves (to love and to be l.. lyrics

the animals laugh from the dark of ... the wilderness. A baby cries hard in an apartment ... complex, as I pass in a car buried under the influence. The city's driving

Kim Richey - Something to say lyrics

days I look outside my window Wonder where the time ... goes Why I throw it away One day I'll tie up ... all the loose ends Ring up my best friends And have something to say When all of the pieces fall into place Where

Lil' Flip - Say it to my face lyrics

Lil' Flip:] Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, ... aye, aye, aye [Hook x2: Lil' Flip] Why you actin' like a ... hoe? Nigga say it to my face You rather rap it in a ... flow Why you ain't say it to my face? Now I know your ass a

George Strait - She used to say that to me lyrics

take a rest Your kisses take my breath You are ... the best It’s never been like this Chorus: She used ... to say that to me Over and over so sweet She’ll tell

Job For A Cowboy - To detonate and exterminate lyrics

bodies of millions pile atop the splintered streets of a ... now rotting metropolis. Ignorantly drowning in the ... flames and fumes fabricated by their own doing. As their lives smolder and ignite their

Matthau Mikojan - From my mouth to me and to you lyrics

remember something so it’s here to stay I’ll take ... the rap but please, will you go away I’m sleeping ... through the day, it’s better this way I don’t need anything,

Jason Mraz - It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday lyrics

do I say good bye to what we had, The good times ... that made us laugh outweigh the bad I thought we'd get ... but forever's gone away It's so hard to say goodbye to

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday lyrics

do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times ... that made us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd ... get to see forever But forever's ... gone away It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. I don

N-sync - Hard to say goodbye to yesterday [acapella] lyrics

do I say goodbye To what we had Good times that ... made us laugh outweighed the bad I thought we'd ... get to see forever but forevers ... gone away It's so hard To say goodbye To yesterday I

All Time Low - To live and let go lyrics

of the past A quietly crash And the tables turn You're beautiful strange Defiantly brash ... Be careful now Kid, you're a cut above Always ... just a cut above the rest If there's something left to be

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - If i ever had to say goodbye to you lyrics

I ever had to say good bye to you Let the world come to an ... end it wouldn't matter to me then I wouldn't want to live with just your memory ... Deep inside myself I never would be free This life would hold no happiness

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Count to six and die (the vacuum of infinite .. lyrics

s got her eyes open wide She's got the dirt and spit of the world Her mouth on ... the metal The lips of a scared little girl I got ... a angel in the lobby He's waiting to put me in line I won

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Deftones - to have and to hold lyrics

need to be cleansed It's time to make amends For all of ... the fun The damage is done And I feel diseased I'm down on my knees And I need forgiveness

Kiuas - To excel and ascend lyrics

this shell this wondrous creation Why is it forced to ache and to bleed? Wise men, of old, ... promised to end the suffering But their legacy planted ... the seeds of war I've dreamt the dream of true

Protector - To serve and protect lyrics

the early 1980's the Disco culture died Heavy Metal ... grew and started to rise Soon Hardcore Punk and ... Metal met in a clash Melted together into a style known as

Galloglass - To kneel is to suffer lyrics

look straight into the light That blinds me in the ... dark That haunts my sleep at night The fear that ... grips my heart Don't kneel to the master I hold my head

Cimorelli - My god is here lyrics

God is beautiful, My God is pure. My God is holy, ... Forevermore. His spirit comes upon me, When I am sick and weak. His arms they ... wrap around me, His face is all I see. My God is gracious, My God is sure. My God is holy, Forevermore. My God

Don Moen - God will make a way lyrics

Moen, Don; God will make a way Where there ... seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will ... make a way for me He will be my guide Hold me closely to His

Say Anything - Got your money lyrics

Originally by Ol' Dirty Bastard] Ohhh baby I ... dedicate this to all the pretty girls All the ... pretty girls It's on All the pretty girls, ... in the world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your

Matisyahu - Got no water lyrics

No Water You quench my thirsting soul and you fill my ... appetite I give myself to you because you treat me right Put my trust in the world ... and the world gets tight Shift my trust to you it's like a

B. B. King - Something up my sleeve lyrics

ve got something up my sleeve I've got something ... up my sleeve Without saying the word I'm ready for a ... party tonight My fire is on the front burner Can't

Downstait - Say it to my face (alex riley wwe theme) lyrics

it to my face Should've been a man, ... don't know how Play your hand you lost, but it's too late ... now Have to pay the price for things you've said, ... yeah Say it to my face Pretend that you're a

Pink lyricsPink - Tell me something good lyrics

ain't got no kind of feeling inside whoah! hahahaha! I got something that will sure 'nuff set your ... stuff on fire I got something,I got something You refuse

Emmy The Great - God of loneliness lyrics

God of Loneliness Oh God you do it well You've got me ... back again But I don't remember how You ... here So won't you talk to me Won't you tell me why you

Samantha Jade - Something gotta give lyrics

s gotta give Something's gotta give Something's gotta give Something's gotta give ... So let me be the first to say I'm sorry, baby, I don't ... wanna fight no more (I don't wanna fight no more)

Michael W. Smith - (to the praise of his) glorious grace lyrics

us praise the One who chose us Let ... us Set apart, blameless in His sight Through the Son, we ... have faith, we have life To the praise of His glorious ... grace Chorus: May the God of our Lord the Almighty Father

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Say it to me lyrics

might predict I'm onto simple this You're an enigma ... even when you kiss You won't tell me when or ... do you want from me? Just tell me now! Say it to me, Say it to me Say it to me, Say it to me Tell me something, Tell me what you want

Aaron Shust - My savior my god lyrics

am not skilled to understand What God has willed, what God has planned I only know at His right hand Stands One who is my Savior I take Him at His word and deed Christ died to save me, this I read And in my heart I find a need Of Him to be my Savior That He would

Alice Cooper - My god lyrics

I should find myself in blackest night, and fear is ... stabbin' me all over, a tiny prayer cracks the dark with ... light, and I here sounds behind my wall. Inside, a still,

Joey + Rory - To say goodbye lyrics

said I’ll call you Hon when I get there Ten minutes later ... he was in the air She dropped the kids at ... school and headed home Walked in and ... front room TV on She could tell that there was something

Lecrae - Tell the world (feat. mali music) lyrics

Hook (Mali Music):] Now, I’mma tell the world, tell ‘em ... I’mma tell it everywhere I go Tell the world, tell ‘em ... Yeah, I’m a billboard Tell the world, tell ‘em And I’m

Musical Hamilton - Say no to this lyrics

BURR] There’s nothing like summer in the city Someone ... stress meets someone looking pretty There’s trouble in ... the air, you can smell it And Alexander’s by himself. I’ll

Petra - God fixation lyrics

s got a straight head in a world of brain dead He's got a clean nose even when the wind blows He's got a backbone ... even when he's all alone Ain't taken no chances following

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Something on lyrics

imagination's having puppies It could be a video for new ... recruits Just stare into the camera And pretend that ... you've got the flu Or dreams of impossible vacations And get

Billy Joel - Say goodbye to hollywood lyrics

s driving through the city tonight Through the lights In a ... hot new rent a car He joins the lover in his heavy machine It's a scene down on ... Sunset Boulevard Say goodbye to Hollywood Say goodbye my

B2k - Something to say lyrics

yeah) [2x] You see the girl by the water Yes that one ... there who I know that one day one day ... she will care He comes from the ... Southside He's got the sun in hair He's got something

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - My god is real lyrics

are some things I may not know There are some ... places I can't go But I am sure of this one thing My ... God is real for I can feel Him in my soul My God is real

Ill Bill - My uncle lyrics

Uncle shoots heroin, my father used to do cocaine, my mom's used to smoke weed with ... her friends when i was 8, smoke weed when i was ... sold weed at 14, bummen for piece's like, f***en for virginity, concious rap is bullshit,

Insane Clown Posse - My funhouse lyrics

Violent J] Rich boy's in trouble Car broke down on a ... drive through the ghetto All the weird people, you gotta get the f*** out Need to ... use the phone, step into my funhouse Hey yo, dope, looks

Punk Goes... - My love by we came as romans (justin timberla.. lyrics

that could take your spot my love If I wrote you a ... symphony Just to say how much you mean to me ... (What would you do?) If I told you you were beautiful

Punk Goes... - My michelle by afi (guns n' roses cover) lyrics

daddy works in porno Now that mommy's not ... around She used to love her heroin But now she ... So you stay out late at night And you do your coke for

Slut - Say yes to everything lyrics

out the bags, just sit down and relax It won't last forever ... Calm down a bit, everyone's hypocrite It ... last forever Spare us a no, it's so easy to go It won't

David Phelps - Something's gotta change lyrics

used to ride my bike down the street three miles ... And no one ever thought about it ... twice 'Cause everybody looked ... out for everybody else I was never ever, ever by myself, now it's slippin' away and I need You to save me right

98 Degrees - God rest ye merry gentlemen lyrics

ye merry gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay, Remember Christ our Saviour Was born on ... Christmas Day; To save us all from Satan's ... we were gone astray. O tidings of comfort and joy,

Divinefire - To love and forgive lyrics

up cold sweat in my bed My body is shaking with fear ... Reached for solutions but stranded again Please father give ... me the truth To love and forgive When something goes

Emarosa - Say hello to the bad guy lyrics

find a way Better find a way To tell you got to ... make amends. Don't wait until it’s done. I know I had it ... all but say hello. wait for nothing. you will find my failures. you will let

Finley Quaye - Something to say lyrics

t you cry for me Don't give your life for me All the ... passion and the pain Sunshine through the rain Don't you ... stance for me All the fashion and the fame I heard them

Another Messiah - My god it's him lyrics

amp;rsquo;re comfortably stirring your drink and you turn the ... page of your new exciting book You notice that you ... become somewhat distracted by some stranger’s daring look Then you turn your

Audio Adrenaline - My god lyrics

thought he had a plan, I guess not! A hindu god is ... an, old cow! You could be a god if ya, knew how! My God died on the cross! My God died ... on the cross! My God died on the cross! But He lives! My God is the only God He's the only God that lives He loves, He cares, He

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