Lord Keep Me Day By Day Joe Pace Shiloh Church Choir lyrics

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5th Dimension - Day by day lyrics

by day Day by day Oh Dear Lord Three things I pray To see thee more clearly Love thee more dearly Follow thee more nearly Day by day Day by day Day by day Oh Dear Lord Three things I pray To see thee more clearly Love thee more dearly Follow thee more n

Generation X - Day by day lyrics

by day - look what the papers say Day by day - look what the papers say Stranded in the jungle Trapped inside the tube [You] hate your next door neighbour Cos he's got more than you Going round and round / day by day On the cirlce line Round and round Day by day - it's all

Lunafly - Day by day (eng) lyrics

m singing in the rain To keep my hope alive Coz I'm dreaming that I'm sinking again I'm singing in the rain What a feeling I know I gotta fought with my head again It ain't easy you know, to leave the darkness behind Oh I'm waiting Day by Day yeah yeah Hoping that I wo

Enuff Z' Nuff - Day by day lyrics

s not the way You lounge around in T-shirts. It's not the way You smile when you sleep. I'm getting older, And you're getting better. And everyday I wonder if you keep, The thrilled sensation of loving me, It's so good having you around and we...

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Day by day lyrics

by Day Im falling more in love with you And day by day My love seems to grow There isn't any end to my devotion It's deeper, dear, by far Than any ocean I find that day by day You're making all my dreams come true So come what may I want you to know I'm yours a

Clc - Day by day lyrics

myeot beonjjae sae oseul garaipgo hwajangdo haebogo cheot insamareul sudo eopsi doenoedaga eosaekhan useumdeulman sujubeun nae maeum ajigeun jogeum seotuljineun mollado eorinaicheoreom deultteun nae maeumi deullinayo Oh my boy Day by day oh day by day aju jakjiman neul

D - Day by day lyrics

by Day, Asu wa kyou yori sukoshi. Heiwa ni narimasu you ni. “Yume de yokatta” sou omoeru hi to “Yume nara ba yokatta” toiu hi. dōnimo deki nai gekidou no nagare wo mi ni tsuyoku kanji nagara mo. Ki wa utsuri shirazu~shirazu ni bokura no hibi

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Day by day lyrics

tteumyeon dalkom han haessal Shing geureo un fruit hyang heureugo Mokaratte gadeuk dama jageun teraseuye anja Geudael tteo ollimyeon Nado mollae seumineun miso Joheun ilman saenggil geot gata Nugudo manjilsu eobtneun nae haruye seolleim deureul Neukkyeo bojyo Uri

High4 - Day by day lyrics

TVman bara bwa dwibakkyeobeorin nae natgwa bam jigeumi myeot sinji oneuri myeochirinji siganeun nal dugo heulleo ga neocheoreom nal dugo tteona ga ibyeolhan dwien nae sarmeun The end tteonasseo seulpeujiman true story saekkaman ibyeol ape ijen oetori geoteuron urin wanbye

Myname - Day by day (feat. d.o.) lyrics

unmyeongiran noma hanbeon haeboja. amuri sedeorado naneun jiji anha. amuri nareul ttaeryeodo nan ulji anha. amuri butjabado nan meomchuji anha. geurae unmyeongiran noma hanbeon haeboja. amuri himdeureodo nan jichiji anha. amuri jaba chaedo neomeojiji anha. neoege mankeumeun jeo

Niil' - Day by day lyrics

i'm still that man Killed inside Tryin' to forget The problems of my life Walking in the rain Like a fake blind Maybe i'll turn right here, or there... Day by day, day by day I'm still weak Maybe i'll turn right... Day by day, day by day I'm still we

Den Harrow - Day by day lyrics

the morning when we see the light I can see my feelings growing every day. After loving half way through the night I can feel my heart beat in a special way. Visualize a very cozy place waking up into the morning sun Squint my eyes and when I see your face -

Miss May I - Day by day lyrics

I will fight for this I will fight for what I worked for Carry! I can't carry your weight Carry your weight anymore Protect! I've protected the family Now I will protect myself Give! I have set you free But what have you gave me I can't see the point in living d

Basement - Day by day lyrics

wish I could change the way things are and the way things are going to be, but I can't and that's hard. Please say you'll live each day and you won't give in. I pray it's not too late to start living. Today I'll say "I'll be fine&quot

H2o - Day by day lyrics

s a new day, not like the old days What else can I say, that's not been said Each day I rise up, thinking I've wised up I realise that I don't know shit Don't know where I'm gonna be - day by day with me I don't know where I'm gonna land - day by day with me My five year p

Aaa - Day by day lyrics

mo mienakute hitonami no ugoki de toki wo shiru Ashibaya ni doko he iku ore hitori atemo naku Kono koro ja sameta me de machinami wo nagamete mo Kono yo no naka ni Tokekonde koe nante miushinau Kouen wo mioroshite dare hitori Koe mo naku ki ni mo sezu sabishisa mo n

The Hooters - Day by day lyrics

me what you can tonight Time is all we have to play Tell me you can't live without me Tell me every day by day by day Nothing lasts forever, only fades away Day by day Give me what you can tonight I'm back tomorrow anyway Show me some appreciation S

Roman Lob - Day by day lyrics

miles away I can't believe And I'm alone For many years Not a bit from you And no more breath My heart beats Into your chest Please tell me why You're going away And I think about you Day by day Please tell me why You leave me here And I think a

Save The Cookie - Day by day lyrics

am singing with the angels an anthem of your glory day by day everything I need is to know that you are listening and show me that you're smiling down on me. Voices echoing deep inside my soul singing songs that I have never heard I part my lip

Seventh Wonder - Day by day lyrics

cannot look back memories I lack of my yesterday As I serve the shame Nothing left to blame tears fill my eyes Caught in this pain I'm feeling Pouring rain hits my face Stay on this course we've plotted Trust in fate will guide you home I live day by day, alone -still

Seventh Wonder - Day by day (acoustic) lyrics

cannot look back memories I lack of my yesterday As I serve the shame Nothing left to blame tears fill my eyes Caught in this pain I'm feeling Pouring rain hits my face Stay on this course we've plotted Trust in fate will guide you home I live day by

Mad Caddies - Day by day lyrics

situation brings me down again Boredom wraps it's arms around me My inhibitions were thrown out the door so long ago Now I sit here and I can't breathe I feel I'm going nowhere fast I ask myself how long this is gonna last So I go day by day And it feels the same way Laugh

Big Bang - Haru haru (day by day) lyrics

Finally I realized That I'm nothing without you I was so wrong Forgive me Ah ah ah ah - Padocheoreom buswojin nae mam Baramcheoreom heundeullineun nae mam Yeongicheoreom sarajin nae sarang Munsincheoreom jiwojijiga anha Hansumman ttangi kkeoji

Big Bang - Haru haru (day by day) (japanese) lyrics

Yeah, I finally realize, that I’m nothing without you I was so wrong, forgive me Ah ah ah ah~ Yeah, Kimi no goto oboe dashou Kangaete bata daka demo no Kokoro no okusoku dechigatta Koko demo tabi dachi ga negau na Eien toki kimi ga my girl

Faith Hill - Keep walkin' on lyrics

in this world of sorrow, trouble and temptation Jesus always promised trial and tribulation Then He said, "You don't have to fret or fear Children, be of good cheer and keep walkin' on" Children, keep walkin' on, keep walkin' on Keep walkin' on, ke

Elnur & Samir - Day after day lyrics

peace we pray Save us from all fears Oh Lord save us (Aaaaahh) You can feel me in your mind, With every breath you take. Burn the earth with flame of sins, I’ll make you feel dismay. (Ohhhh) Our feelings play with us, But you must keep yourself und

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Keep me lifted lyrics

I gotta get lifted! All night yea, yea (Hip Hop business lift up America) Keep me lifted (Hip Hop business lift up America) So I gotta get lifted! All night yea, yea (You remind me of my herb you keep me lifted!) Keep me lifted I'm the dread lock producer Some call me

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Lord forgive me lyrics

Verse 1] A hundred a zip and I'm sippin' on drop I hit for a hunnit' and I bought me a drop I pulled up on her and panties just drop Up 32 shots and you niggas gon' drop Off with your top (head), give a f*** bout your block 1 2 High speed chasing, give a f*** bout

Linda Ronstadt - Keep me from blowing away lyrics

I spent my whole lifetime In a world where the sunshine Finds excuses for not hangin' 'round I squandered emotions On the slightest of notions And the first easy loving I found But soon all the good times The gay times and play times Like col

Gun Barrel - Keep on movin lyrics

think it's time to rise and shine Depression's just a waste of time Life could change in a wink of an eye Don't let it pass you by It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor Whatever you do You just gotta feel sure Trust and believe in who you are Don't hide your golden heart T

Willie Nelson - Keep me from blowing away lyrics

I spent my whole lifetime In a world where the sunshine Finds excuses for not hangin' 'round I squandered emotions On the slightest of notions And the first easy loving I found But soon all the good times The gay times and play times Like colors run together a

Mark Lanegan - Keep me in mind sweetheart lyrics

you ever find that you've fallen behind Please keep me in mind, sweetheart If your love is true Then my money's on you And you'll know what to do, sweetheart Summer was high when you caught my eye Though I was pledged to another The feeling was s

Colony House - Keep on keeping on lyrics

up brother lift your eyes Feel the sun see the light There's a reason you're alive Come on brother lift your eyes Life is fragile don't you know Life's a battle for the soul Here today here to go Don't waste time here feeling low And when hope has sailed away Glory's made

Annisokay - Day to day tragedy lyrics

is it, what is it that you think you need? In this dream I'll have of you A lot of serious damage will be freed We all walk through this world alone With the feeling that your life is incomplete We all keep ourselves unblushed, unknown The abuse of power and selfishness The

Jon Foreman - Lord,save me from myself lyrics

mind is dull and faded From these years of buy and sell My eyes have seen the glory Of this hollow modern shell And sex is a grand production But I'm bored with that as well Ah, Lord save me from myself Electric sun keep shining Ripen daughters of the

Drunk With Pain - Keep me alive ft. viktorie surmova lyrics

above her body Praying to light my path Can’t stand another second, Cut me and wave goodbye As the night, burns upon the fire I feel her stares Dying below his body Praying to obscure my path Can’t stand another second, That you keep me alive

Goo Goo Dolls - Keep the car running lyrics

are days when I feel That everything that's good is gone There are times that I feel No matter what I do it’s wrong I've walked these streets alone Just living day by day Cracking in and fading out, Don't tell me what I'm feeling now You shoot my dreams away Tired

Heather Nova - Keep me lyrics

coming, I’m coming home to you I’m alive I’m a mess I can’t wait to get home to you To get warm, warm and undressed There’ve been changes beyond my dreams Everybody wants me to sing There’ve been changes beyond my grasp Things I’m sinking in So keep me, keep m

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Lord help me lyrics

wake up in the middle of the night in the middle of a sweet dream tell me what I am supposed to do when I wake up in the middle of the night when you've got those blue eyes I try to fight the fire but I'm consumed It's a game that I'll never seem to weeear I swear I wouldn't but he

Alex Goot - Day to day lyrics

look outside and I realize The day is beautiful If not for the sun I believe I would die Somewhere between now and the future Is where my life begins I’ll keep on moving like there’s a fragment of hope Oh, I’ll save my breath I won’t complain About the day to day

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Day after day lyrics

know me, just look in my eyes I shed my skin, got a new disguise My heart still beats and I'm still the same Do you know my name It's everything you've ever seen It's every dream you've broken It's only when you keep your eyes wide open Like a circle of li

Feeder - Day in day out lyrics

queuing up the tills Wishing for our lives to change Just a piece of something new A taste would keep us sane Hypocrisy in every day Drills a hole deep in our brains Searching for a little hope A rainbow when it rains Sitting on an empty bench Got these

Mac Miller - Keep me alive lyrics

Homie I remember everything, Every single blunt lit, Me and my homies we was all up on that dumb shit, Hittin' that one lick, Gettin' us dumb rich, Bein' extra sneaky not leavin' thumb prints, There was little Mac killin' packs of fun dip, And my p

Alan Parsons Project - Day after day lyrics

at the sky And picture a memory Of days in your life You knew what it meant to be happy and free With time on your side Remember your daddy When no one was wiser Your ma used to say That you would go further than he ever could With time on you

Clay Evans - Lord make me right lyrics

Create in me A clean heart Renew in me A right spirit Bridge I want to be right I want to be whole I want to saved O Lord Vamp O Lord make me

Shedaisy - Keep me lyrics

can't really be what life is all about Learning how to live just to live without The travesty's the irony and the irony is you I've traded in my sanctity for a cheaper shade of blue And as I surrender to this sunken bed So afflicted by the tenant in my head Even no

The Black Keys - Keep me lyrics

me clean, Keep me warm, Keep my soul away from harm, Keep the night, Keep the day, Keep the in-between away, Hold that second, Hold the time, Hold that picture in your mind, Hold the smoke, Hold the fire, Hold all that now you desire, hey! Show me trust, Show me love, Sh

Boa (보아) - Some day one day (feat. verbal) lyrics

TOUCH MY LONELINESS Sabishikute ii RAIN nureta mado shizuku nazoru yo Sakki tsukutta MILK mo sameta HAH TIME GOES BY Denwa mo kyou wa ofu ni shita mama Kimi wo kirai na wake ja nai kedo Makka na butsu magajin negai goto GOOD BYE NOW Daiji na mono mo toki ni Munashiku

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Keep me waiting lyrics

hit the coast with the faith of a preacherman. I saw a ghost with a face like a madman. I had this dream I was sleeping at the Royal Ball. I hit the streets, hey watch me in the monitor! I saw a clone who looked just like a senator. I checked the clock, I fel

Adelitas Way - Keep me waiting lyrics

s the road, you should go Cause every time we talk we fight And you don't have to let me know this show Everything you say sets in slow, again Just got done wondering now I know you're gone It's gone away How could you keep me still here waiting? And I feel when I try And y

Career Soldiers - Day to day war lyrics

m running in circles, cycles I can't break I've come to accept failure as my only fate Sometimes I think I'm just as fake As everything, everything I hate I keep saying happiness is around the bend But I'm kidding myself because the darkness never ends No hope for lig

Matisyahu - Lord raise me up lyrics

I been gone for so long where my mind been at wont you please wake me up wont you please bring me back daydream fantasy and my mind well asleep eyes closed up from you with my mind

Medina - Keep me hanging lyrics

m in and out of love, I'm running back and forth between our hearts, but I won’t give us up. Cause every day you let me know why we can’t stop and when you say please. I’m over my head; I’m over my knees. I’m begging you please. Love you more than words can say. We just can’t

Kiss - Keep me comin' lyrics

know what you're like, you're not sleepin' at night I know you're losing control, I know your plans Where you're keeping your hands, I know it's taking its toll Sweet little innocent girl, making your way in this world Something you're feeling tonight tells you what's wro

Krokus - Keep me rolling lyrics

you make me hot I said woman, I need a lot Enjoy your lovin' enjoy your blues And when you're rockin', you blow my fuse Oh when the night is young And the dark has come I wanna share your love You keep me rollin', through the night You keep me goin', and that's alright La

Leap Year Soundtrack - Day to day lyrics

left home and I went out on my own I don't care if I'm welcome anymore I'm day to day I'm hanging on today, today I'm day to day Now I'm left with our hapless memories Can't deny that you gave them all to me I'm day to day I'm hanging on today, today I'm day to day Al

Ron Pope - Keep me warm lyrics

Park Right after dark We are laughing Holding hands there in the grass The summer sun has just begun to sing a lullabye to us and it feels so good You and me We've got everything we need I'm not seeking shelter from no God-forsaken storm Just lay

Ashes Remain - Keep me breathing lyrics

all breath and we all bleed We get lost in between Searching for what we all need It's hard to see underneath the lies Underneath the lies My mind's a loaded gun No one can hear me screaming Another night that comes undone You're the one that keeps

Badfinger - Day after day lyrics

remember finding out about you Every day, my mind is all around you Looking out from my lonely room, day after day Bring it home, baby, make it soon I give my love to you I remember holding you while you sleep Every day, I feel the tears that you weep Looking out of

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