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Looking To My Eyes Is A Heavy lyrics

Browse for Looking To My Eyes Is A Heavy song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Looking To My Eyes Is A Heavy lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Looking To My Eyes Is A Heavy.

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The Lumineers - My eyes lyrics

You opened the door You gave him a ride Too young to ... know, too old to admit That you couldn't see how it ends ... What did you do to my eyes What did you sing to that

Neil Patrick Harris - My eyes lyrics

dolt with half a brain, can see that humankid has gone ... insane. To the point where I don´t know ... if I´ll upset the status quo, if I throw poison in ... the watermain. Listen close to everybody´s heart and heart

The Overseer - Give light to my eyes lyrics

can feel it hover over my shoulder As I get older it ... doesn't go away I need a way out of this It never ends And I don't want to spend my ... whole life Scared of what comes when I dissolve You

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Music to my eyes lyrics

[Bradley Cooper:] You're music to ... my eyes I had to listen just to find you I'd like for you to ... let me sing along Give you a rhythm you feel I wanna learn your every line I wanna

Alison Krauss - Looking in the eyes of love lyrics

should I tell you 'bout all the crazy things I've ever ... done I've been searching all my life And when I should have ... stayed I tried to run I was searching for an answer In a world full of strangers But

Patty Loveless - Looking in the eyes of love lyrics

wonder should I tell you About all the crazy things I ... ve ever done I've been a rebel all my life And when I ... should have stayed I tried to run I was searching for an answer In this world full of

Leann Rimes - Looking through your eyes lyrics

at the sky Tell me what do you see Just close your eyes And describe it to me The ... heavens are sparkling With starlight tonight That's what I ... see Through your eyes I see the heavens Each

Donovan - My love is true (love song) lyrics

heart is like a flower for my love That blooms as I hold ... But it's rooted deep in fear, just as heavy as a tear That whisper low, her lover is ... not for me. My love is true, for her it is true And

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Looking thru bloodshot eyes lyrics

anxieties Increasing pain My trembling hands can no longer ... sustain I'm on the edge, I need to ... escape The liquid enchant, I must embrace Ice cold ... beer flowing down my throat Detached, withdrawn, I feel

Double You - Looking at my girl lyrics

happened long ago when I don't know You and ... I my friend one day will meet again You're the feeling the ... greatest one of all Hey little girl crying ... in your sleep You need a man to love a man to stand by you

George Strait - Looking out my window through pain lyrics

watched from my window as she slipped from the house ... Once again she's leaving, but Lord, she's not to ... blame This morning a memory phoned her and he's a

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - My heart is a fist lyrics

surrender, I know I've been a pretender You can have this ... guilt this misery I wear so well I wave my flag I ... sound the alarm Somebody stop me before I do any harm I

Macbeth ( Ita ) - To my falling star lyrics

intoxication The celebration of my falling bright star ... Another way to call a wrong evaluation She’s ... sucking out my life Closing my eyes Is she the one I’ve waited for? Dancing with

Maher Zain - My little girl lyrics

are a miracle You are a blessing from above You ... brought joy to my soul And pleasure to my eyes In my ... heart I can feel it An unexplainable feeling Being a father

Pm Dawn - Looking through patient eyes lyrics

it is I do, I try to think about you. I have a love for ... you that nothing hides. Whatever it is I do, I’m always ... of you. I hope you look at me through patient eyes.

Trip Lee - Eyes open lyrics

evening brethren, let's go a special direction Look back, ... let's meet a young'n that was born in 87 His parents was ... so happy, rejoicing at they new blessing He breathes life, at the same time death without a question His parents gazed in his eyes, adoring him as he hollers He

Christina Perri lyricsChristina Perri - My eyes lyrics

eyes are so tired They should sleep ... don't They won't let me pass this up My eyes are ... stuck open in love They want more of him They need less ... of this They're everything They're

Alexia - Looking for my baby lyrics

walking under the rainfall Im ready to get out of my ... fence I need a shift not a shelter This room is always ... empty I know what I need I keep on dreaming

Buck-tick - My eyes & your eyes lyrics

Eyes & Your Eyes Kirameku kazoekirenai omoi ga afuredashite AH wakari aezu ni ... OH crush in the night Motomeru koto mo shinaide tashikameau yoru ni wa AH wasureta

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - My eyes have seen you lyrics

eyes have seen you My eyes have seen you My eyes have seen ... you Stand in your door When we meet ... some more Show me some more My eyes have seen you My eyes have seen you My eyes have seen

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Looking for my life lyrics

Lord, won't you listen in to me now Oh Love, I got to ... get me back to you somehow I never knew ... that life was loaded I'd only hung around ... birds and bees I never knew that

Maria Haukaas - My heart is singing lyrics

Lalalala la la) I broke the chain, I know ... my name Finally found who I am Don’t wanna be lonely, ... don’t need to be lonely Stumbling, got up again Mmh, I’m just looking

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Looking out my window lyrics

people you know who I am and you what I can do But I ... got a problem now and I'm gonna tell you about it I'm looking for this woman you see Listen, this is the way the story

Miles Kane - Looking out my window lyrics

out my window, looking at the rain Nothing left but ... sorrow, nothing left but pain Why did you go and leave ... me, sad alone and blue Looking out my window, woman, trying to find you Why did you leave

Place Vendome - My heart is dying lyrics

Tommy Denander, Nina Söderqvist] Never knew about the ... lies You played me for a fool and I Kept thinking for ... were the only one but You made the one mistake Of not playing safe I saw who you are

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - Looking for my name lyrics

la blessure Oblique et dure Du ... temps obstinément... Is heaven a place ? Oh! I see the ... moon I see no trace of you... See the red ... upon the hill See the death looking at me I see no trace of you and me Little me Refais le

Krokus - Looking to america lyrics

s a global village in a high-tech age Communication ... barriers slowly fading away Can't compain cause we've reached the stars But do you really ever want to live on Mars?

Royce Da 5'9" - Looking at my dog (feat. yo gotti) lyrics

you lookin' like that? Stop lookin' like that Stop ... lookin' at my dog, lookin' at my dog That'll get you f***ed ... up Why you lookin' like that? That'll get you f***ed up,

The Cribs - My life flashed before my eyes lyrics

wrong time, the wrong place Your talent scouts my ... lonely face Of all the things i can't replace ... Your talent scouts my lonely face Well i'm alright, although i know you

Lord Of The Lost - My heart is black lyrics

heart is black The first one I killed ... was by mistake The second Infected by ... the snake Delusion Set in after the third I'm losing track My heart is black My

Dyslesia - My last wish lyrics

rainy day is darkening my life I am looking through ... the window and I see your shade Why are you so far ? I ... can't take the pain So come to explore my mind and see my fear (* 2) I tried a million

Elliott Smith - Looking over my shoulder lyrics

out in the city slick Another sick rock 'n' roller acting like a dick Needing cash Burning through the trash ... That piles up in this place And fills up behind my empty face Full of things that I'm

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Looking out my back door lyrics

got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy ... Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch Imagination sets in, pretty soon I'm ... Doot doot doot lookin' out my back door There's a giant

Everything But The Girl - My head is only my house unless it rains lyrics

ll let a train be my feet if it's too far to walk to you If the train don't go ... there I'll get a jet or a bus I'm gonna find you You ... re mine and I know I'll find you My head is my only house Until I

2face Idibia - My love lyrics

you feel the sound VIP and 2Face burn it down Just to make ... you bounce along Jump around, up and down Baby, cool ... down Don't wanna see you messing around Don't

Fluke - My spine lyrics

head is spinnin so, my feet dont touch the ground, my eyes is blinded by the light, ... my hearin deafened by the sound, my bodys ... shakin like a leaf, my hearts been beatin out of time, my bloods been boilin up inside

Planet Funk - My girlfriend is a vampire lyrics

think your life is diffecult well mines a ... little bit harder you see i've got this ... problem my girlfriend is a vampire Chorus blond hair ... and brown eyes thin waist she says its my mind

Arsis - Looking to nothing lyrics

do I look to you? To redeem and fulfill To starve and ... deprive The whole of my will And yet I look to you ... One way to bring it down Listen, for these words are my way And yet I look to you

Black Light Burns - My love is coming for you lyrics

a pack of wolves In the dead of the night Like a howling ... wind That blows out the light. My ... love is coming for you You're the ... one I crave I've got an empty heart Like an open grave. Like the mystic tombs

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - My eyes lyrics

high heels with that sun dress Turquoise heart ... hangin 'round your neck Red ... lips like wine, wanna drink 'em up And keep on ... drinkin' 'til you make me drunk Tied up here, wanna let it down And just let

Hot Chip - My brother is watching me (bonus track) lyrics

eyes fill up with tears My arms shake My brother is watching me A baby is in my arms We climb the stairs My ... brother is watching me Wash my hands, shave my head I

George Jones - Looking for my feel good lyrics

my heart ain't had nothin' since you left but ... the feel bad When you left I lost my ... when you left me sittin' here a-cryin' like you knew you ... could And had me a-runnin' all over lookin' for my feel

Scooter lyricsScooter - My eyes are dry lyrics

one tears for the creatures of the night No tears My eyes are dry Good bye No tears No tears No tears Un, ... deux, trois, quatre So like they say Every

John Barrowman - My eyes adored you lyrics

eyes adored you Though I never laid ... a hand on you, My eyes adored you Like a million ... miles away from me you couldn't see ... How I adored you So close, so close and yet so far Carried your

Dio - My eyes lyrics

eyes can see inside tomorrow My eyes can get next to you ... Time flies on wings that just get stronger My eyes are true My eyes could see ... the body shakin' My eyes were clear and bright

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - My eyes don´t cry lyrics

was a lonely no one Living in a vacuum as life's debris ... Victimized as one whose self deprivation ... Had made for my outer insecurity I was a ... he ain't nothin' Living in the

Smokie - My heart is true lyrics

fooled around I didn´t know which road to choose I let you down ... feeling so confused But I want you to know That my love has grown And my feelings are all for you You know girl: My heart is true You know I really love you My heart is true

Axxis - My eyes lyrics

eyes can see but I feel blind So many tears inside Obscure and ... confusing Last night - love was feeling right And now you wanna go Why do you wanna leave

B. B. King - My love is down lyrics

t you understand me, baby? There'll never be no one ... else but you Can't you understand me, baby? ... one but you I loved you then and I love you now, baby And

Lauren Christy - My jeans i want them back lyrics

says he'll never love another girl And I'm so sure ... of his sincerity 'cause he has never lied to me And oh, he ... ll feel a fool if I should go And tonight when I am softly

Darkwoods My Betrothed - My eyes are frozen lyrics

us the time You bring us this loving wave Crosses they ... rose On our once proud pagan land Those words they ... spoke were like Needles on my skin And their blessings

Madder Mortem - My name is silence lyrics

my name in analogies Pulling your eyelids ... down Over my silence, over your blind eyes ... Building myself an anomaly Building with breaking hands Shutting the noise out

Nero - My eyes lyrics

eyes, follow you around the room, And I, only ... ever look at you, So when you move, get a feeling I can't hide, It's ... up to you, if we're gonna to do this tonight... My eyes

Nico - My heart is empty lyrics

quot;My heart is empty But the songs I sing Are filled with love for you ... quot; A man said that to me That's how I know ... it does not even know There is no witness to my anger When

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - My love is with you lyrics

was just walking down the street Looking forward to seeing the friends ... I was to meet Yet what happened so tragically Really ... makes for no sense at all Suddenly two guys

Arachnes - My face is hard lyrics

Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy ... Face Is HardMy Face Is HardMy Face Is

Boyce Avenue - My sacrifice lyrics

my friend, we meet again It's been a while, where ... Feels like forever Within my heart are memories Of ... perfect love that you gave to me Oh, I remember When

David Byrne - My love is you lyrics

men desire a princess And others lust for a temptress ... I don't need one of those 'cause, my love is you My love is you Some men replace their ... mamas And some want a young baiana I have no use for those

Dr. Living Dead! - My brain is for sale lyrics

I'm dying in my mind Honestly I have no hope ... Everyone seem so satisfied Well I'm dying inside ... Give it away My brain is for sale Give it away My brain is for sale It's a

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