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Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Looking through the eye of a pig lyrics

B-Real] I wake up every morning, kiss my wife goodbye Hug my kids, tell ... em I love em, my mouth, hit the fried I'm out on patrol, in ... my squad car, do I lay Where you never know, if you'll

Giant - Looking through the window, couldve sworn i h.. lyrics

ve been waiting, I've been watching every move you make ... And when I see that look in your ... it's more than I can take Now I know it's all for him, ... reminding me what might have been But I let

Ken Hensley - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

you're so sophisticated With your lady-like ways Your ... complicated Do you remember the days? Looking through You ... re looking through the eyes of a child You see what

Britt Nicole - Through the eyes of love lyrics

everything I am Everything I wanna be I can see what's mine ... now Finding out what's true Since I've found ... you Looking through the eyes of love Now I can

Sadus - Through the eyes of greed lyrics

of the Greedy See what they will Lust of the Flesh A need ... to fulfill The Fool and the Liar Must feed the desire The Will to acquire The Eyes of the Greedy will always Crave for

The Monkees - Through the looking glass lyrics

call my name, then you run for protection I ... it's just your reflection Through the looking glass You've ... been looking at your life through a mirror It's time you

Leann Rimes - Looking through your eyes lyrics

at the sky Tell me what do you see Just close ... eyes And describe it to me The heavens are sparkling With ... starlight tonight That's what I see Through your eyes

Matt Pokora - Through the eyes lyrics

can watch disaster Yes, without pain See a million ... people Standing homeless in the rain You can read about it ... Be outraged You can change the channel Turn the page It

John Farnham - Looking through a tear lyrics

simply fall apart. You see a world sad & blue, So ... that you once kissed, But they're lost in mist. Oh oh oh ... oh it's funny How nothing seems quite so clear,

For The Fallen Dreams - Through the looking glass lyrics

everyday, I look to you Now through this looking glass, it is ... time to set this right Looking back on everything I have ... for myself It's time to see what's at the end of the road

Lazarus A.d. - Through your eyes lyrics

feel it building up deep down inside No i wont let it ... no it cant fall apart No i will not hide I can feel the ... As it pushes you to the floor I can see through

Patty Loveless - Looking in the eyes of love lyrics

should I tell you About all the crazy things I've ever done ... been a rebel all my life And when I should have stayed I ... tried to run I was searching for an answer In

Pete Doherty - Through the looking glass lyrics

you hear over the buzz of flies Between the ... pillows and the skies That beg into your ... eyes Through the looking glass In between your thighs ... cat’s no great surprise As we go straight down the rabbit

Dreams Of Sanity - The empress through the looking glass a drea.. lyrics

distant whisper touched my sleep - A ... longing for the reason Before my spell will ... - meet me again so bitter sweet. The Springtime's all ... renewing lights Unvailed to me a

Gyptian - Through the valley lyrics

time... Walking through the valley with my chalwa in my ... to be a real high grade one; Looking to the field and luckily I ... Oh three good purple trees looking at me, Puff-puff ...... Put

Pm Dawn - Looking through patient eyes lyrics

for you that nothing hides. Whatever it is I do, I’m always ... you. I hope you look at me through patient eyes. I’ve become ... become blind. I’ve become what I know not breathes. You

For The Fallen Dreams - The call out perceptions lyrics

in and out as they point to the man, as he lays a gun in his ... hand. Looking through the window at him, no sign of breathing. ... one thing to you. Our dreams won't die. They'll never go away. I find myself reaching

Mott The Hoople - Through the looking glass lyrics

m feelin' ugly - I'm feelin low mornin' mirror - you ain't ... it Oh! Christ I'm tired. Why then did ya have to grin, ... now the blood rolls down my chin Oh You know you

Machinae Supremacy - Through the looking glass lyrics

can feel the sands of time passing through the hourglass and it ... in my eyes as I linger in the wake as eternity escapes I ... begin to realize We'll walk a thousand miles just to

Sleepwave - Through the looking glass lyrics

on my back you watch me dry out my lungs ... Remembering the days when I collected the sun Isn't ... this all just a part of the process Isn't this all just

Centinex - The beauty of malice lyrics

through the crystal ball See the future in the painted glass ... Inside the soul of a haunted one ... in grief In silent tears they close their eyes Memories

Megadeth - Looking down the cross lyrics

before they take me and my blessed life ... Now you'll know why death was summoned here tonight I'll ... recall my perils, they'll kill me in pride No, I ... can't run away there's no place to hide

Oliver (vocaloid) - Through the looking glass lyrics

Tock My mind is replaced with a clock Tick Tock Tick ... Tock Tick Tock Try not to dawdle now for you are running ... it's about to start, It's the ticking of our heads and the

Amber Gris - Looking all the pain lyrics

I talk to you I want please hear it looking ... all the pain. kurai, shikai, aitai ... handoutai imubeki taishou wa tokutei no na mo sugata mo ... iki o hisomeru hebi looking all the pain. tameiki ga

Barclay James Harvest - Looking from the outside lyrics

it feels like I'm gonna be Looking from the outside There is ... And it's making me feel this way Does it mean that I'm ... gonna stay Looking from the outside I might as well

Jackson 5 - Lookin' through the windows lyrics

Lookin' through the window) (Lookin' through the window ... (Lookin' through the window) (The window) (Through the window) (Lookin' through the window) Lookin' through the windows The window to your heart

Hawkwind - Looking in the future lyrics

of great men all remind us We may make our lives sublime ... behind us Footprints in the sands of time And with the writing I will show you Looking in the days beyond recall As

Gordon Lightfoot - Looking at the rain lyrics

at the rain Feeling the pain Of love lost running ... though My brain Looking at the wind Watching it spin The ... leaves along the street You win Waiting for a line to fall

Lights - The horror lyrics

the words are fallin off the page, Now theres monsters on ... time to go to sleep. Um whoo oo oo Who's feet are on the floor? Who's looking through the door? Whoo oo oo.. Who's gonna be the one to see the morning come? Be my fire

Nana Mizuki - Looking on the moon lyrics

looking on the moon, Let's heal a heart.. ... no soto ni otsuki-sama Looking on the moon megeteru toki ... ni ha yozora wo miagete miyouyo tsuki no

Chris Rea - Looking for the summer lyrics

deep into the April face A change has ... clearly taken place Looking for the summer The eyes ... gaze And leave behind the springtime days Go looking ... for the summer This ain't no game

Gabrielle Aplin - Through the ages lyrics

is the reason, the one you're living for? Who ... is the reason, the one you're crying for? If I ... look deep inside the caverns of my heart All I ... smiling back at me This is where it all begins, Your hand

Gutter Sirens - Looking for the night lyrics

with the flash of lightning The mother of solitude and poets ... Always in black, gowned in dignity Peaceful, calm ... Haunt me Hug me Wrap me in the scraf woven of

Casus Belli - The madman through the haze lyrics

hear the footsteps The killer is behind you No ... you are lost Be sure that he will find you Don't try to ... escape The one way dyed in red Although you

Flying Colors - The fury of my love lyrics

when we were young Like Eden was in innocence No looking through the camera lens And every ... moment was A living lightning ... afterglow A constant river's overflow

Alison Krauss - Looking in the eyes of love lyrics

should I tell you 'bout all the crazy things I've ever done ... searching all my life And when I should have stayed I ... tried to run I was searching for an answer In

Melissa Manchester - Through the eyes of grace lyrics

and John are in their morning places He looks at ... she looks straight ahead Neither one is hungry, but they need ... to be fed. Yesterday the kids came by to see them,

The Dead Weather - Looking at the invisible man lyrics

m the invisible man I'm like a ... broke down engine No mouth, no hands ... on my bones at all You're looking at me Like you know what ... Ain't nothing to see Wave your hands in the dark woman You're looking at me

Mr. Bungle - The-air conditioned nightmare lyrics

of me today There is no one Only asteroids ... and empty space A waste ...They're looking through the windows at me... Get ... like a catchy tune, yeah You will hate life more than life

Alesana - Through the eyes of uriel lyrics

understanding Silent she waits, perfect oblivion She’s ... crawling to the end, perfect oblivion I ... live behind mirrors within a prison without any ... bars Yet I remain lost to the world In hell I’m suspended within a prism So many walls,

Daedalus - The never ending illusion lyrics

in the first light, leaves of shadow slowly fade. Wake up every ... veiling your self-esteem, looking through the glass. Hollow ... hours waiting for a trace, a sign to

Seven Thorns - Through the mirror lyrics

that open door! Out of the darkness suddenly A light ... appears in front of me The mirror image that I fear It ... s not a dream - and now it's clear! Why do I hide

Ani Difranco - Looking for the holes lyrics

am looking for the holes The holes in your jeans Because ... I want to know Are they worn out in the seat Or are they worn out in the knees There are so many ways to wear What we've got before it's gone

Hatebreed - Looking down the barrel of today lyrics

I set a shotgun to my head they said I wasn't worth the ... bullets Now the world is my trigger and I'm ... here!) I can't hesitate Eyes wide open pupils dilate Still

Gummy - Looking in the mirror (거울을 보다가) (ft. red roc) lyrics

deureo jyeoseo Tteonaganabwa modu nal jillyeohanabwa ... yeoja jugeodo aningeongabwa tteonaji mara butjjapkko ... maedallyeobwado useumbodaneun nunmullo ... saneun nugabwado monnan nanikka tteona

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - (looking for) the heart of saturday night lyrics

you gassed her up Behind the wheel With your arm around ... your sweet one In your Oldsmobile ... Barrelin' down the boulevard You're looking for ... are jinglin' And you see the lights You get all tinglin'

Luke Christopher - The alphabet lyrics

it goes A's for Ambition B what I wanna be C past the ... me Doubters and Enemies F we say f*** 'em The irony is they inspire me to love 'em G ... is past go and ignite the cash flow And H is put your

Fallen Angels - Looking over the walls of despair lyrics

hell Incarcerated twisted wretch locked in a cell There was no witness to your gruesome ... all mankind I have done no wrong Rampant sea of madness

Ayreon - The first man on earth lyrics

fields of green, vast as the oceans Is this a dream, is ... I stand alone here on the silent shore I'm after ... prey in the fields Shelter in a cave ... from the cold and lonely nights And

A Breath Before Surfacing - Looking into the sun without going blind lyrics

is pious in every way When learned her passions ... “Forbidden” they will say Her morbid lust ... thought You seductress of the dead The end is the ... beast As she’s pulling back the sheet, she’s a macabre

10 Years - Through the iris lyrics

Two circular hues of blue with a gray shade So ... captivating More than you know False perceptions That ... brought forth these questions of Truth, love

Asaf Avidan - Through the gale lyrics

are the roughest seas you're ever ... Nothing matters. Ahead we go. Our ship is ... going through, we're heading for the gale ... And we'll break our arms to swim if our vessel fails

Reamonn - Through the eyes of a child lyrics

innocent child, with your open eyes, you´ve ... seen us foul, we really are And I know that ... we will be tomorrow to their how can held this glory ... day? And I wish that this world will embrace you from

Yolanda Adams - Through the storm lyrics

storms of life will blow They're sure to come and go They ... meet me at a time when I'm calm and doing fine ... But the captain of my soul, he’s always on board He rocks me in

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - Through the mist that reigns lyrics

mist that reigns, I see you weeping and reflected. Even ... yet to be cast off, but so powerless am I. I see you and ... Let all my tears stream down so when they have dried out

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - Through the mist that reigns atmospheric conv.. lyrics

mist that reigns, I see you weeping and reflected. Even ... yet to be cast off, but so powerless am I. I see you and ... Let all my tears stream down so when they have dried out

Day Of Fire - Through the fire lyrics

in the flame again I’ll be there to hold your hand Keeping ... you safe until the end And when the flood begins I’ll be there with you to stand Walking

Dbsk - Through the forest lyrics

ee sak mak ham Oh~Oh~! Neol wi hae beu reu deon Sarang eui ... mi ryeon doh Ka ggeum keu ri weo ji neun ee moo geh kap Oh ... jina kat ji da keu reoh keh Kwe rop teon ki eok doh Moh doo

Hatebreed - Through the thorns lyrics

on Now it's all irrelevant The ... journey here and what it meant The time and ... distance Others hate for my persistence ... But veered from my path I will get Through, the trials

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