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Pastor Troy - Just to fight lyrics

Aye yo, this ya boy PT right And on this ... joint right here, for all them niggaz Comin to shows ... to crank that thang up Yall already know what time it is

Pillar - Just to get by lyrics

up here's another lesson Chapter 2 of this saga Sparks ... yet another question Are you doing just enough to ... get by To try and fool 'em into thinking That you live the

Mac Demarco - Just to put me down lyrics

couldn't be from up above I never want another one ... Like her coming around Picking me up Just to put ... from down below For if she was, my heart would know And

Black Milk - Just to be with you lyrics

To Be With You (john capek, steven kipner, jack ... kugell) in a world without angels in a place without a ... sky on the boulevard of broken dreams there but

Black Oak Arkansas - Just to fall in love lyrics

call life a mystery Where does it come ... from Where does it lead We can live eternally Cause we've ... made love Our destiny Just to fall in love We didn't really plan it When we fell to

Bonfire - Just to say we did lyrics

century - must have passed us by we sat and talked ... all night Some cheap stuff - just we in the candlelight playin' princess and knight We drive all night

Faith Hill - Just to hear you say that you love me lyrics

I could win your heart If you'd let me in your heart I'd be so happy, baby Just for these arms to be Holding ... you close to me There's nothing in this

Anne Murray - Just to feel this love from you lyrics

so closely Never knew one touch so well I never dreamed ... love could really Bring me to heaven from hell I've run ... miles in the rain Faced the nights with no end I

Tim Mcgraw - Just to see you smile lyrics

always had an eye for things that ... glittered But I was far from being made of gold I ... don't know how but I scraped up the money I just never ... could quite tell you no Just like when you were leaving Amarillo Takin' that new job in

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Just to get high lyrics

was my best friend I tried to help him But he traded ... everything for suffering And found himself alone I watched the lying turn into ... hiding With scars on both his lips His

Anthony Green - Just to feel alive (featuring lights) lyrics

came along so easily Laughing the whole way you go ... It such a mess Wanted more than anything Give ... you a piece of himself There's ... left I don't know what it is about you I need to

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Just to be close to you lyrics

Strictly for the lovers, yeah You got someone you wanna ... get close to? Then get close to this Ooh ooh ooh ooh Just ... to be close to you Yo, drop the verse

Glen Campbell - Just to satisfy you lyrics

s gonna get hurt before you're ... through Someone's gonna pay for the things you do How many hearts will break how many ... will it take Just to satisfy you just to satisfy you Another love another fool to play your game Another love another fool they're all the same Someone's gonna get hurt

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Just to hold you once again lyrics

Lying here without you baby. You could never understand, what's happening to me. ... So alone. Nothing's real. I just dream about you baby. And forever wonder why

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Just to keep from drowning lyrics

went down to the river Just to see if it would rain I ... looked down in the water I could not believe my ... eyes A face and a reflection Was staring back at me ahah And it scares me just to think About the power that this woman has on me Just

28 Days - Just to make you happy lyrics

can not hang onto this bullshit forever Can you? If you can ... that's up to you We are so foolish all this ... coolness can be fickle Lacking in foundation and I'm

Gangstarr - Just to get a rep lyrics

up kids is out to tax [x2] And this is how the story goes ... Brothers are amused by others brother's reps ... is where the gun is kept 'Cause in the night, you'll feel

Inxs lyricsInxs - Just to learn again lyrics

those years of learning Just to learn again All those years ... of learning Just to learn again Back in time where fear ... can't climb Warm and safe with a nursery rhyme They

Nazareth - Just to get into it lyrics

know that she don't like me She knows ... that I don't care I could mistreat and bad ... mouth that woman Turn around and she'd be there She ain't ... no pride she don't even try to hide What she does It's a

Lionel Richie - Just to be close to you lyrics

to be close to you girl Just for a moment, well just for an hour Just to be close to ... you girl Oh well ah baby aw You know I've been thru ... so many changes in my life girl Aw I've

Lionel Richie - Just to be with you again lyrics

I still walk on through the night and ... through the rain I would give it all just to be with you again It'a a ... lonely road for my heart is still in chains But I

Smokey Robinson - Just to see her lyrics

to see her Just to touch her Just to hold her in my arms again ... time If I could feel her warm embrace see her smiling face Can't find anyone to take ... her place I've got to see her again I would do anything I

Schultz Mark - Just to know you lyrics

Christ Had the choice Oh, to set us free And He broke ... through the darkness And came with a passion Gave up the ... Heavens To take up the fight He poured out

Aaron Neville - Just to be with you lyrics

d travel any day (to be with you) Realize how ... much I care (to be with you) With you in my ... life, there's no way I could go wrong (to be with ... you) Every night and day I pray (to be with you) Someway,

Marvin Gaye - Just to keep you satisfied lyrics

were my wife, life, my hopes and dreams For you to understand what this means I shall ... explain I stood all the jealousy all the bitching too ... Yes I forgot all once in bed with you Ooh darling how could we end up like

Neville Aaron - Just to be with you lyrics

d travel any day (to be with you) Realize how ... much I care (to be with you) With you in my ... life, there's no way I could go wrong (to be with ... you) Every night and day I pray (to be with you) Someway,

Cardi B lyricsCardi B - Lick (remix) feat. offset lyrics

dig? Yeah Lookin' like I caught a (Look at me) Cardi ... (Look at me) Cardi (Look at me) Woah Lookin' like I ... caught a lick (lick, hey!) Run up on me, you get

Lady May - Round up lyrics

woahh) Yee-Haw! What the hell is a yee-haw? (Well ... ..) That's that country shit Yeah, May, Blu, (wheww) crazy cat, yeah. Bob Marley ... (whewww) That's that country shit... Round up,

Lil Xan lyricsLil Xan - Round here (ft. yg) lyrics

Lil Xan] (Ear Drummers) Ayy, where? Yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy (Turn me up, fool) ... [Chorus: Lil Xan] Know you not from round ... here Ayy, yeah Know you not from round

Sky Ferreira - Lick my twit lyrics

re just another bad, You're just another bad, You're just another bad, Hit, hit, hit ... You're just another bad, You're just another bad ... My turn now, can you handle it? Stop tripping,

Blu Cantrell - Round up lyrics

Intro] Woooh Yee-Haw! What the hell is a yee-haw? (Well ... ..) That's that country shit Yeah, May, Blu, crazy cat ... (wheww) yeah Bob Marley (whewww), hey Mill That

Andre Nickatina - Hit it from the back (lips 2) lyrics

Andre talking) Hehehe, wussup, ooh, that's nice what you got on, I ... like that Verse 1 Girl it's after 12 oclock and we over ... high You lookin good enough to eat just like a slice of pie And I can see I got you wet,

Blowsight - Hit on the radio lyrics

hug, we kiss We start to miss And make a new fight ... We break, we turn Make up and learn That this is all ... right Oh I never wanna leave you Cuz baby when I see

Ram Jam - Just like me lyrics

fight, get it right, wanna fight, baby tonight Wanna ... get it right, get in time, baby it's right Why, they tell ... me bother, baby keep it coming tonight

N.w.a. - Just don't bite it lyrics

Homeboy:] Godamn, now lick my balls, oh shit. [Bitch:] ... You like that? [Homeboy:] Put 'em off ... It's good? [Homeboy:] Ouch, shit, godamn bitch you bit' my damn, shit I said suck the mothaf***a, you're bitin' it, shit!

Keel - Lookin' for a good time lyrics

ve been tryin' to hold the line Living on the ... edge of a dream Now I'm ready to take what's mine Stand ... up for what I believe I'm not lazy - just a little crazy Ain't afraid to say what I mean Under the

Beverley Knight - Round and around lyrics

Sometimes see me smile It's to tell you that I care And the ... best thing you can do is Come and follow ... through Just to hold me Just be there I'm falling in

Peabo Bryson - You're lookin' like love to me lyrics

maybe way too early in the game For you or me to know how ... far we'll go But when I look at you From any point of view ... I see Woah, you're lookin' like love to me We've

3 Doors Down - Round and round lyrics

s one who takes it all And there's one who takes the fall One who never wins And ... there's one who stands again There's one who lives in pain And there's one who has no

Mary J Blige - Round and round lyrics

and round I go Where I stop You will never know Round and round I go Where I stop You ... will never know I just don't understand What is your ... master plan What did you have me do Confusion in my mind

Mobb Depp - Hit it from the back lyrics

yeah How we hit it? Check it out Shorty ... don't front, you better act like you're widdit Frontin ... like you never did it, bitch admit it Matter fact, shut the

Matt Cardle - Hit my heart lyrics

to Hit My Heart If you can find heaven I show you how ... to lose it How to build a castle And take it down brick ... Living by the moonlight Waiting for the moment When my

Art Garfunkel - Lookin´ for the right one lyrics

been so unlucky, I'm no good at playing games, I remember ... their faces; forget their names. Thought I'd found the ... right one, but she hasn't found me, So I bundle up

Lionel Richie - Round and round lyrics

to figure out just where you are You tried to play the game ... of love, didn't get too far You told yourself you'd be ... nobody's fool You want a good reason why love is so

Bernasconi Rico - Hit the dust '12 lyrics

get up and move it cause i´m now on the mic so if ... you really wanna groove it then you gotta ... feel right because the rhymes i am swanging ... always sexy and tight they keep your body

The Game - Hit the j lyrics

Marry Jane That OG Kush, that sour diesel drive them girls ... insane I roll it up, she disappear like David Blane And ... she ain't try to book a flight on that paper plane

Phish - Round room lyrics

room is round when I lay down, when I wake up it's ... square When I go outside it's on a spiral set of stairs The ... people that surround me are waiting out there In a round

Alkoholizer - Stop hit off the ghetto - join the boar party.. lyrics

stupid preppy you can't escape to this voice... Now you ... re caught in a corner and you got no more choice! ... Let's open your ears and stop f*** around yourself You're

Big Ali - Hit the floor lyrics

now it's really time to play (3x) (I've got the power!) ... 2x Everybody hit the floor Lets get it on ... You gotta move you body Don't stop, ... come on Now hit the floor Lets get it on

Down By Law - Hit or miss lyrics

you want to become a hero stop the world -- become a hero ... we just can't find one anywhere can't find one anywhere so you're thinking ... you're a victim stop the world cause you're a

Gp Wu - Hit me with that shit lyrics

Hey what's up fam? (what's goin' down? ) word to this ... gp shit right here Nawmean? (1-2) turn my mic up. we're ... (word born no doubt) time to hit 'em with that shit. Down

Jacob Sartorius - Hit or miss lyrics

heard that life gets hard when you're older, and the ... fun stuff's just for kids. But what I realize ... as I grow up, is that is just a hit or miss. So let's no

Klaypex - Hit me lyrics

on, hit me! I want you to hit me as hard as you can I want you to hit me as hard as ... you can You hit me in the ear

Beck Ost - Hit in the america lyrics

ve never dreamed before I'm gonna knock ... the door Into the world of perfect free ... (You ain't no lonely!) You're ... gonna say I'm lying I'm gonna get the chance I thought a

Dean Martin - Hit the road to dreamland lyrics

bye baby Time to hit the road to dreamland You're mine baby Dig you in the land of nod ... Hold tight baby We'll be swinging up in ... dreamland All night baby Where the little cherubs

Coolio - Hit 'em lyrics

has Come to my understanding that There are those, ... who have questioned my skills And abilities Since it is thus I ... must Release it, myself Forth with be

Beat Crusaders - Hit in the usa lyrics

Go!) (Hey!) I've never dreamed before I'm gonna knock ... the door Into the world of perfect free ... (You ain't no lonely!) You're ... gonna say I'm lying I'm gonna get the chance I thought a

Oxymoron - Hit the road (again) lyrics

other places and we're still going on ... Plenty of new faces cos the nights are long ... Tearing down the highway, full speed ahead miles ... uncounted, the van? become our bed ...I really missed all that All

Ginuwine - Just because lyrics

because I'm all G'd up, doesn't mean I'm ... out to cut Just because,boo,I got game,doesn't mean I'll forget your name Because I push a 6, doesn't mean I

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - Just my imagination lyrics

was a game we used to play We would hit the town on ... Friday night And stay in bed until Sunday We used ... were living for the love we had and Living not for reality

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