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Long Nights Alone Sleeping By Myself With No One To Hold I Just Want Somebody Somebody lyrics

Browse for Long Nights Alone Sleeping By Myself With No One To Hold I Just Want Somebody Somebody song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Long Nights Alone Sleeping By Myself With No One To Hold I Just Want Somebody Somebody lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Long Nights Alone Sleeping By Myself With No One To Hold I Just Want Somebody Somebody.

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Jim Reeves - No one to cry to lyrics

one to cry to No one to say goodnight No one to tell ... my troubles to. No one to seigh to No one to hold tight No one to cheer me when I'm blue ... I go home to my lonely room And find there's no one there And each night I think

Lil Rob - No one to depend on lyrics

I look around at all these smiling faces I don't trust them ... I've got no one to depend on [Chorus] Ain't ... got nobody to depend on, no tengo nade Don't need nobody

Pearl Jam lyricsPearl Jam - Sleeping by myself lyrics

should have know there was someone else Down ... below I always kept it to myself Now I believe in nothing Not today as I move myself out ... of your sight I'll be sleeping by myself tonight I

Ian Hunter - No one lyrics

used to come home each night to no one - no one All by myself, turn out the light - no one ... - no one One knife, a fork 'n' a spoon An ... empty bed in a cold room Oooh I needed

Isac Elliot - No one else (hot chocolate version) lyrics

made a mess and now my heart is an open wound Oh, no How ... do we save something when there's nothing left to lose? Oh, oh And when you ... re there, don't care I know it just ain't right I told myself from the start that I don't

Reba Mcentire - The last one to know lyrics

didn't see the fire burn to ashes Couldn't feel the winds of change I was lost inside the passion Blinded by a ... memory of a flame Guess I should of felt it when you touched me Should of seen it in

Kara's Flowers - Myself lyrics

have told all of my enemies very politely to go home ... I have seen all of your remedies now won't you let me ... please go home I can't find anything to be sad about

Gottsha - No one to answer lyrics

one to turn to No one to answer No one to show the ... way No one to turn to No one to answer No one to show the ... way You're trying to hold on When your dreams are dying away Looking into the

Josh Gracin - No one to share the blame lyrics

a hundred reasons why but ninety-nine would still be shy ... excuse of for why you're gone The truth will burn you ... when you know you're wrong It's hard to face what you

Louis Armstrong lyricsLouis Armstrong - No one to talk to ....all by myself lyrics

on and hear Alexander’s ragtime band Come on and hear... ... come on and hear It’s the best band in the land ... They can play a bugle call like you never heared before So

Secrets - The one with no one lyrics

ve been searching around for any way To figure out why you changed ... Checking every drawer in my head And every fight ... that we've had Just hoping to find something that guides

John Frusciante - With no one lyrics

your wide shores With no one in between You feel your ... fading dial You know someone's happened And you shouldn ... t feed these things But let's go Fading

Anita Baker - No one to blame lyrics

Anita Baker & Vernon Fails) Yes, I've been around and I watch you, baby I know you're ... the one I see you and I cry inside, darlin' The moment has

Cowboy Junkies - Just want to see lyrics

don't want to be no patch on no quilt (I just want to see... ... ) Tear-stained stitching linking memories to guilt (I just want to see...) I don't want to

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - No one to depend on lyrics

ain't got nobody that I can depend on I ain't got nobody that I can depend on Ain't got nobody that I can ... depend on Ain't got nobody that I can depend on Ain't got no one (no tengo a nadie) That I know of (no tengo a

Anvil - No one to follow lyrics

happened to all the great leaders The ideals that they believed They ... have all died and perished With ideas that they conceived ... What happened to the great war hero The cause

For The Fallen Dreams - No one to blame lyrics

t blame this on me I'm right where you wanna be All ... your dreams are slowly fading With every single choice ... you're making I gotta get up, I gotta get up if love is this Then don't

Mother Mother - No one to nothing lyrics

got up today With the thought That I’m not ... what I thought I would’ve been Dot, I’m a little dot In a cosmic spray ... Blue, yellow, and rust Pixie dust I am an abstraction

Neverstore - Lazee feat. neverstore - hold on lyrics

sing now, for all of you With no one to hold on to For ... broken hearts out there, Waiting for someone to be near. Hold on, (This is so du-umb), hold ... on To my people listen up When I miss somebody

Jon Foreman - Somebody's baby lyrics

screams If you're homeless you'd sure ... As hell you'd be drunk Or high or trying to get there Or ... begging for junk When people don ... t want you They just throw you money for beer Her

Barry Manilow - It's all behind us now lyrics

spent my whole life thinking Oh, that there could not ... be Anyone in this world Who'd show me they ... care Who'd really be there to love me Now you're holding

Juelz Santana - By myself lyrics

Chorus: x2] No more lying friends Mourning tragic ends Know they do pretend They won't ... go when I go [Verse 1: Lil' Wayne] Come on home biscuit for man's sake No more fake

Nightingale - One way ticket lyrics

always tried to seize the day Now he let it slip ... away Shining sun or failing rain Doesn’t matter ... anymore Another boring day begins Already knows ... how it will end And now he’s losing faith in you

Judy Garland - By myself lyrics

ll go my way by myself This is the end of romance I'll go ... my way by myself Love is only a dance I'll try to ... apply myself And teach my heart how to sing I'll go my way by myself like a bird on the wing I'll

Disneymania - What i've been looking for by alyson stoner lyrics

s hard to believe That I couldn't see You were always ... there beside me Thought I was alone With no one to hold But you were always right ... beside me This feeling's like no other I want you to know: I've never had someone

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - All by myself lyrics

was alone, I was all by myself No one was looking, I was thinking of you Oh yeah, did I ... mention I was all by myself? All by myself All by myself All by myself I went to

Lionel Richie - Just to be close to you lyrics

to be close to you girl Just for a moment, well just for ... an hour Just to be close to you girl Oh well ah baby aw ... You know I've been thru so many changes in my life girl Aw I've been

Reba Mcentire - The fear of being alone lyrics

ordered up one more bottle of wine You told ... me your story I thought about mine You said ... you lost her you lost everything It all started having a ... familiar ring So I asked you to take me some

Jennifer Hudson - No one gonna love you lyrics

Hmmm! Hmm I, I, I, I've been through some things, ... Please don't hold that against me, Can't nobody love you ... like I'm gonna love you Can't nobody love you like I'm gonna

Deer Tick - Long time lyrics

that'll disappear with the morning sun Miles of ... laps that we were made to run And when the lights dim, ... I think about myself with no one else around And I believe

Pop Evil - Somebody like you lyrics

has taken my tomorrows My empty heart can't ... take no more It's hard to live with no-one to follow ... Where's the hope I once had before? I watch ... the seasons fade My face still out of place Each step I

16 Volt - Somebody to hate lyrics

re like the poison that infects defenseless minds you ... re like the evil that's marauding all mankind you're like ... the millions who will kill in their gods name the only difference is you need someone to blame you want somebody to

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - One for the money lyrics

found myself with no-one I could turn to The situation ... went from bad to worse While I was out there taking care of ... business Oh I was moving forward in reverse I

The Black Keys - No fun lyrics

fun my babe no fun No fun my babe no fun No fun to ... hang around Feeling that same old way No fun to hang around Freaked out for ... another day No fun my babe no fun No fun my babe no fun No fun to be around Walking by myself No fun to be alone In love with nobody else Well maybe go

Andrew Jackson Jihad - No one lyrics

do you call on when you have no one. Who do you call on ... when you have no one. This might not be nice to say but I ... ll say it anyway. When you have no one, you are no one. I used to

Marc Anthony - No one lyrics

whisper words about you endlessly ... mostly to myself 'cause you make me believe no one could ever love you like i could there wouldn't be a ... day you'd feel alone and never would there be a time you didn't know 'cause no one could ever love you like i

Janji - Here with me lyrics

would give up everything To go back in time And change ... my mind about you I’ve regretting all my life ... That I let you go Is life worth living for If you’re

X Ambassadors - Hold you down lyrics

Chorus] Be the last one standing, when the lights go out ... When there's no one to hold you, I will still hold you ... down Be the last one standing, in the faceless crowd When

Aly And Aj - No one lyrics

am moving through the crowd Trying to find myself Feel like a guitar that's never played Will ... someone strum away? [Chorus:] And ... I ask myself Who do I wanna be? Do I wanna throw

King Diamond - Just a shadow lyrics

I'm so alone, the wine is pouring down No one to share with ... no one to care with The only light in my life ... Comes from the candlelight, black candles left behind

Berlin - Go ask the lonely lyrics

s a pain in my head And a hole in my ... bed Where you used to lay Yesterday There's a ... And he howls at the moon No one hears his plea Sounds a lot ... like me How does it feel to wake up Alone every night With no one to hold you And

End Of You - Walking with no one lyrics

time I know what I feel And why it's happening to me If I forget everything It's okay because I do it for ... me I give you time, I give you space What more do you

Firehouse - No one at all lyrics

me why things ain't like They used to be before I ... don't know why you hurt me But I still come back for more Baby I ... don't know how much more My heart can

Terri Nunn - Go ask the lonely lyrics

s a pain in my head And a hole in my ... bed Where you used to lay Yesterday There's a ... And he howls at the moon No one hears his plea Sounds a lot ... like me How does it feel to wake up Alone every night With no one to hold you And

Eyes Set To Kill - Ryan lyrics

that last drink a trigger of a gun Fall asleep ... cold Well I guess life is never any fun With no one to hold. Will you be there in ... the morning? Will you be there in the morning

Gym Class Heroes - No place to run lyrics

place to Run Gym Class Heroes Sometimes, seems it’s harder to lift ... into regret But there’s nowhere to run girl But there’s ... nowhere to run I felt, you only live once so

I Fight Dragons - No one likes superman anymore lyrics

hands, strong mind Strong all the time Straightforward and kind Too simply defined 'Cause no one wants to know the man who stands ... for things we outgrow He's too noble and too blind We're

Meat Loaf - All revved up with no place to go lyrics

was nothing but a lonely boy Looking out for something new And you were nothing ... but a lonely girl But you were something ... Something like a dream come true. I was

Sleigh Bells - To hell with you lyrics

just stop f***ing around Throwing shade on ... the ground I stick around to talk you down Patiently ... Cause these days they might age you With no one to aid you These days they might

Malmonde - No one lyrics

the night I stand thinking Never finding the reason ... why she shakes me The smile on my face, hiding my pain ... Helps me to live in that world All the night I

Natalie Walker - No one else lyrics

Gravity pulls me into Anticipate Our first touch sweet ... and so new Let’s figure out how to make this ... forever Oh this is making me crazy Hey love I am

The 88 - No one here lyrics

paper And throw away the mail Be bad if you wanna Be ... prepared to feel And all the expectations I will never meet Take ... you to the point Of never believing And you're tired of me

Augustines - No need to explain lyrics

need to explain I folded No royal flush This time Is it all down the drain? Two ... hearts beating through the rust This is ... the last time I walk down this driveway Someday has a

MØ - No mythologies to follow lyrics

free, hanging in the trees And waiting for ... the duties coming for me All we ever do is ... count the time, following something Riddles in their ... diamond rings Please cure the disease

Gottsha - No one does what you do lyrics

really got me when you whisper, baby Taking control of ... soul You really got me when I hear your voice, baby on the ... phone You know I loose my control Oh, since

As I Lay Dying - No lungs to breathe lyrics

fought who I am inside Until I wanted, I wanted to die Instead of finding balance I ... found hatred Consumed by failures and ignoring my own ... strengths Pushed out to sea without learning to swim Or

Glen Campbell - I have no one to love me anymore lyrics

baby's gone I have no one who needs me anymore I can't ... go on I have no one to love me anymore Time on my ... hands you on my mind giving in the broken dreams you left

Charon - To serve you lyrics

love of the dark her body will burn For the lust she obey ... A frost in the heart she'll serve Feel ... .. she was taken away With no one to grief one rose in her

Sex Pistols - No fun lyrics

here we go now a sociology lecture with a bit of ... psycology a bit of neurology a bit of ... f***ology no fun right no fun my babe no fun no fun ... my babe no fun fun to be alone alone and by myself fun to

Sex Pistols - No fun (live in winterland, san francisco 197.. lyrics

get one number and one number only Cos I'm lazy ... bastard This is No Fun No fun My babe no fun You no ... fun My babe, you no fun Fun to be alone Alone and by myself

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