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Gamma Ray - Lonesome stranger lyrics

the words before music:] Let's make it about metal this time Which metal band do you support? Death Devil! (spits) Death Devil can't play to save their lives amigo Yeah agreed Well, then I don't agree. I think they can play. They just need a new manager. Yeah.

Hootie & The Blowfish - Waltz into me lyrics

of trying to keep myself free Now I find that I'm down on my knees I kept hiding the feeling I had Locked away everyday, Lonesome and sad When I'm with you girl, the fear in me leaves To be in your world is all that I dream When I walk away you waltz into me Sof

Chris De Burgh - Lonesome cowboy lyrics

was a lonesome cowboy, who rode his horse all day, at night he slept in the moonlight, 'till he heard that midnight train... and then that lonesome cowboy, looked up at the stars in the sky, i will leave my land and my horses, on that midnight t

Angel Witch - Waltz the night lyrics

s getting dark as a sea Your unblessed body I walk past your grave see the stone has been disturbed I look for a way that holds the key to your immortality I approach the flats now the stench of the rotting flesh First to the touch I start to shake at the thought o

Kimbra - Waltz me to the grave lyrics

Verse 1:] Remember oceans Violet parasols Black sand beach, where we'd lay You had stones for irises I was so sure it was fate Sea was lapdancing the tide He said "Don't look back, we're heading south" I loved this world wit

Nazareth - Moonlight eyes lyrics

eyes I see you smile It lightens up my night Your smile takes all the fight out of me Moonlight eyes I hear you cryin' It robs me of my pride There's nothing I can hide from moonlight eyes I got no control You just roll me like the sea Oh moonlight eyes

Emmylou Harris - Waltz across texas tonight lyrics

wind can blow cold, it moans and it cries When it carries the sound of a thousand goodbyes But if you listen tonight on that high, lonely plain You’ll just hear my voice as it calls out your name You’ll just hear my voice as it calls out your name Y

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Waltz away dreaming lyrics

I'm here if you see me) she's got a song in her head and she'll sing to me she's got a laugh that reminds me of why she's in love with me she'd never let show she was lonely in case it had frightened me she was carpet and stone, independent, alone

George Jones - Waltz of the angels lyrics

waltz of the angels I hear each time I hold you tightly in these arms of mine It's surely from heaven this music I hear When your lips say I love you in waltz time my dear. There must be a power much higher than I A writer of love songs way up in the

Madness - Waltz into mischief lyrics

The latest and greatest Amazing arrival No conscience no shame For the game of survival Thieves and villains And fraudulent swindlers Gathered in tribute With masks of respect A big hand hooray Oh, come all ye trustful Let the band play A waltz into mischi

Jinjer - Waltz lyrics

I hold you in my arms I can feel, I hear you cry There is no reason to decide Whether to stay with you or not When I hold you in my arms I can feel, I hear you cry There is no reason, no reason to decide Whether to stay with you or not Wh

Naked And Famous - Waltz lyrics

can see you with your brothers And your homes have been blessed But you walk in a rubble You walk in a mess Looking for trouble There’s a fox in the nest Kick up your heels on the double Put the mocking to rest I am a fire if you hesitate Bang bang hurry u

Cyne - Moonlight lyrics

Akin) These days rappers are shitty Really gritty, that's what my style is I culture shock the most We boast, but yet we modest F*** stereotypes, we've spent many a nights Fightin' the likes of hypocrites with every a mic We bold, Poetic slave but I ain't never

Johnny Burnette - Lonesome train lyrics

train on a lonesome track I'm going away, ain't coming back I'm going somewhere far from my baby On a lonesome train, on a lonesome track A lonesome train on a lonesome track Got all my troubles in one big pack My baby left me so sad and lonely On a lonesome train, on a lone

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Lonesome usa lyrics

half way to town last night an' I turned around, In a field of fireflies makin' such a lonely sound. As my headlights flashed on a mailbox by the road, I realized that I was livin' in a new zip code. Well, I'm livin' in Lonesome, USA... Population one since yesterday

Cracker - Lonesome johnny blues lyrics

lucky number seven passed me by Lucky number seven called my name and passed on by Well he came back don't you know with his brother six in tow And that is how number thirteen wound up by my side. And that is how I got these Lonesome Johnny Blues How I got these Lone

Ellegarden - Lonesome lyrics

looks smiley He looks friendly You maybe nice Don't know who I am She is talkative He is whiner You are innocent Don't know how I am She keeps talking He keeps begging You are stainless But I keep driving Though I know you're the one

Infinite Tales - Waltz in the flame lyrics

crave the ardent light - So cold is the summer night. Candle's fire shines like a star in dark night. Virgin souls burn in flame to dust. Come closer, lonely moth! Here it’s so hot! Dance with me in flames tonight! Let me in, Hold me tight, Give your strength

Roy Orbison - Lonesome number one lyrics

Number One, just call me Lonesome Number One Although no titles have I won, I surely must be Lonesome Number One Every love I've had has faded like the dew Every one I've wanted, has wanted someone new Heartaches hang around and always come

Mirah - Lonesome sundown lyrics

river flows so slowly there's no knowing its direction Just as aimlessly I followed you acourtin your affection As surely as it's flowin down I'll hear that high lonesome sound Another solitary sun west bound Towards lonesome sundown Lonesome sundown, lonesom

Montgomery Gentry - Lonesome lyrics

coffee cup, one toothbrush One set of keys, one car out in the drive One half of the closet empty One half of the bed cold at night One of us just up and disappeared That only leaves one of us 'round here Lonesome Can drive a man insane Lonesome It's the sad part of the game

Poets Of The Fall - Moonlight kissed lyrics

see shadow and light Stroking the mist And I hear voices take flight And send out our wish Of peaceful dreams on a night Moonlight kissed Tendrils of smoke lash the street And shamelessly court Disguised honey sweet To cater all sorts And hushed tones a

Joe Bonamassa - Lonesome road blues lyrics

don't need your constant heartache All I have is my guitar and you I turned thirty one years old today All you gave me was that store bought blues And I know how that lonesome Lonesome road blues can be Like a devil race car baby Lonesome road comfort me I l

Electric Light Orchestra - Lonesome lullaby lyrics

listened to the whine for way too long Time for me to hear a different song I waited overtime for things to turn around Tired of waiting for it all to hit the ground You said you knew all about it What was right and what was wrong You pulled the wool over the eyes of eve

Charlie Daniels - Lonesome boy from dixie lyrics

there's a peach tree on a hill in northern Georgia Where a teenage boy sits staring at the ground. Soon he'll leave to join the rebel soldiers for the Cumberland and Nashville he is bound. He goes down to ride with the Bedford Forrest Calv'ry He can shoot a man at a hunn

Beck - Lonesome whistle lyrics

was riding number 9, heading south from Caroline I heard that lonesome whistle blowin' I got in trouble, had to roam, left my gal and left my home I heard that lonesome whistle blowin' Just a kid acting smart, I went and broke my darlin's heart I guess I was to

Blur - Lonesome street lyrics

do you got? Mass-produced in somewhere hot You'll have to go on the Underground To get things done here (And then you have to see) If you need a yellow duck Service done This is a place to come to Or well it was Another hot spot, uh oh Cross

Glen Campbell - Lonesome jailhouse blues lyrics

in the jailhouse A-wishin' I was free I'd like to get out But I ain't got a key-ey I got them lonesome jailhouse blues A-waitin' for a train that'll take me away And I'll be gone for many a day I got them lonesome jailhouse blues A-standin' in the jailho

George Jones - Lonesome life lyrics

s end it now, oh, lonesome life this heartaches I'm tired inside and this old heart could use a rest It might as well stop beatin' as far as she's concerned Inside I know there's not a chance that she'll return. Rid yourself of me I beg old lonesome life And free me from all memo

George Jones - Lonesome old town lyrics

here I stand on this high ground Looking out over this great big town Searching for love that didn't treat me right It's a lonesome old town tonight. I'm passin' through I'm not here to stay A friend he told me that she came this way He said that he saw her by the neon lig

Lee Rocker - Lonesome tears lyrics

tears sad and blue I cried lonesome tears for you Well you know I know I cried When you said goodbye When you left and said I'm gone Lonesome tears fell all night long Well you know I know I cried When you said goodbye You left me here all

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - Lonesome dreams lyrics

land on an island coast Where the only souls I see are ghosts I run through wooded isle And chase the sunlight mile after mile And I feel like I know this place As a tree line breaks in a wide open space I stare at a bright red sun And search all day, never find anyon

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Lonesome town lyrics

s a place where lovers go To cry their troubles away And we call it Lonesome Town Where the broken hearts stay You can buy a dream or two To last you all through the years And the only price you pay Is heart full of tears Going down to Loneso

Kim Richey - Lonesome side of town lyrics

s a place I know too well I've been there and left too tell I can see that you and me are almost halfway there We're gettin' much too close Feels like I've seen a ghost Took a vow if I made it out you'd never catch me there again. No time to wo

Dr. Dog - Lonesome lyrics

does it take to be lonesome? Nothing at all What does it take to be lonesome? Nothing at all My thoughts are wicked and rotten My goat don't wanna be gotten And I had my fill of the whippoorwill When he broke into song I shot him Leave me a

Little River Band - Lonesome loser lyrics

chorus) Have you heard about the lonesome loser? Beaten by the Queen of Hearts every time Have you heard about the lonesome loser? He's a loser but he still keeps on trying Sit down, take a look at yourself Don't you want to be somebody? Someday somebod

Antonio Banderas - Waltz for eva and che lyrics

me before I waltz out of your life Before turning my back on the past Forgive my impertinent behavior But how long do you think this pantomime can last? Tell me before I ride off in the sunset There's one thing I never got clear How can you claim you're our savior Whe

Johnny Burnette - Lonesome waters lyrics

sit alone by the lonesome waters And a lonely seagul flyes up above And the blue horizont over lonesome waters Well, it'll just reminds me, that I lost my love Well, I'm so lonesome by the sea Crying for your kiss But darling must did it Like a-this, like

Falconer - Waltz with the dead lyrics

of mendacity whispers Throughout the gloom, like echoes Of mystery or a lullaby of doom An illusion of pleasure An illusion of pain Yield to the beauty and Soon you will waltz with the dead Come yes you and listen to My melody. Say can you do An

George Jones - Lonesome valley lyrics

gotta walk that lonesome valley And you gotta walk, walk it by yourself Nobody else can walk it for you You gotta walk, walk it by yourself. Jesus walked this lonesome valley And he had to walk it by Himself Nobody else could walk it for Him He had to walk, walk it by Himse

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Lonesome sundown lyrics

s a lonely girl Lost in the world Got love in her eyes for me She's a sweet young thing Brings me dreams In a box she made for me Lonesome sundown (Yea) This is gonna be hard It's a lonesome sundown (Yea) This is gonna be hard I know so don't let go This is gon

Ricky Nelson - Lonesome town lyrics

s a place where lovers go To cry their troubles away. And they call it, Lonesome Town, Where the broken hearts stay. You can buy a dream or two To last you all through the years. And the only price you pay Is a heart full of tears. Goin' down to

Sacrificed Alliance - Moonlight lyrics

celestial fire is dying A whole sky covered in blood Oh…his wounds are ravishing Don’t worry, he’ll be reborn tomorrow But now his time is over His blinding rays hide too many things The joy that he brings is killing me Because my happiness hides with

Elliott Smith - Waltz #2 (xo) lyrics

#2 Elliott Smith First the mic then a half cigarette Singing "Cathy's Clown" - That's the man that she's married to now. That's the girl that he takes around town. She appears composed, so she is, I suppose. Who can really tell? She show

The Cramps - Lonesome town lyrics

s a place where lovers go To cry their troubles away And we call it Lonesome Town Where the broken hearts stay You can buy a dream or two To last you all through the years And the only price you pay Is heart full of tears Going down to Lone

Nick Lowe - Lonesome reverie lyrics

are falling on the citys glitter heart everywhere there are lovers like we once used to be each turn I take reminds me of how we're now apart and I'm lost in a Lonesome Reverie Over there is where we found that little park on the day you decided to say that you loved me I

Buddy Holly - Lonesome tears lyrics

tears sad and blue I shed lonesome tears for you Guess you know I know why I cried when you said goodbye When you left and you said "I'm gone" Lonesome tears fell all night long Yes, you know I know I cried When you said goodb

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Lonesome tears in my eyes lyrics

baby baby baby Blues and sorrow And I love you tomorrow Just suit you just fine Oh baby baby baby Blues and sorrow And I love you tomorrow Just suit you just fine I can't forget that you told me So many promising lies How must I forget thes

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Lonesome and a long way from home lyrics

on an open highway, Such a lovely day but something's wrong. Something, something's gotta be wrong. I just left home this morning, This old road keeps rolling on and on. Rolling, rolling on and on. Won't somebody help me? Won't somebody help me? Won't

Susan Enan - Moonlight lyrics

and me And a small mystery Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight Ever high Bought together by Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight Blowing a kiss On each side of this Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight Oceans wide I see the other side Moonlight, moonlight,

Groove Coverage - Moonlight shadow (acoustic version) lyrics

last that ever she saw him Carried away By a moonlight shadow He passed on worried and warning Carried away By a moonlight shadow Lost in a river That saturday night Far away On the other side He was caught in the middle Of a desperate fight

Kitty In A Casket - Moonlight massacre lyrics

is a lie You can't deny That's the reason Why all my boyfriends die I'm a mutant zombie girl From another gruesome world Crawl out night by night (oh) Try to find love of my life World's as sharp as a knife Now I go insane... Hungry fo

Dog Fashion Disco - Moonlight city drive lyrics

x2) La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la La la la la la La la la la la La la la la la la la la la la la Moonlight city drive No one here gets out alive Moonlight city drive So sit back and enjoy the ride Moonlight city drive It'd tak

Fireforce - Moonlight lady lyrics

moon is rising high Time has come to bid the past goodbye Face a new born year Nature survives without fears Worship the sun and the midnight sky The moon is full and you feel alive Lonely lady of the night Look deep in your mind Witching hour

Bette Midler - Moonlight dancing lyrics

'bout a little bit, a little bit of moonlight dancin' underneath the starry sky? How 'bout a little bit, a little bit of moonlight dancin'? Just the moon and you and I. Mmm, just the moon and you and I. Moonlight dancin', mmm, moonlight dancin'. How 'bout a little bit, a little b

Morning Musume - Moonlight night ~tsukiyo ban da yo~ lyrics

no ban da yo, everybody Moonlight night, moonlight night Hey ! Miteru mo i kedo sawagou yo Moonlight night, moonlight night Doresu wo matoi Karen ni mau (mau, mau, mau, mau...) Minna goran yo watashi no sexy dance wo (dance wo, dance wo, dance wo)

Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - Moonlight lyrics

uh, moonlight, uh Nigga, why you trippin'? Get your mood right, uh Shawty look good in the moonlight All these p**** niggas so bad mind Spotlight, moonlight Nigga, why you trippin'? Get your mood right Shawty look good in the moonlight All these p**** niggas so bad mi

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Lonesome day blues lyrics

today has been a sad and lonesome day Yeah, today has been a sad and lonesome day I'm just sitting here thinking with my mind a million miles away Well, they're doing the double shuffle, throwing sand on the floor They're doing the double shuffle, they're throwing sand on the

Golden Earring - Lonesome d.j. lyrics

s a sad, real sad record I've gotta dedicate To a friend out there, somewhere on a big highway That's quite a note you wrote Before you sneaked out with that - what's his name? Here's our song, yes the one I used to play for you all day You've gotta call and explain Bef

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Lonesome river lyrics

sit here alone on the banks of the river The lonesome wind blows, the water rolls high I hear a voice calling out there in the darkness I sit here alone too lonesome to cry. Oh, the water rolls high on the river at midnight I sit on the shore to grieve and to cry

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