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Lokumu Eza Yayo lyrics

Browse for Lokumu Eza Yayo song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lokumu Eza Yayo lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lokumu Eza Yayo.

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Yayo lyrics

the ivy and the ink blue Yayo Yeah, you Yayo You have ... dark trailer park life now Yayo How now Yayo Put me onto ... a druggy, like I told you Yayo Yeah, you Yayo Put me

Eminem lyricsEminem - Drama setter - tony yayo feat obie trice lyrics

Intro] [Block Guard] Mr. Yayo. You're free to go So I ... Guess who's home?! Tony Yayo! Yeah! Obie Trice c'mon! ... [Tony Yayo] Here we go now! [Hook -

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Back seat/tony yayo (feat. tony yayo (g-unit).. lyrics

play my Tony Yayo shit Yeah, 50 Cent G-Unit ... Remix Tony Yayo We gonna do it again Back

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Like my style (feat. tony yayo (g-unit)) lyrics

flow Teach ya how to turn yayo in to doe The original don ... need some help" chill Yayo I got this Where I'm from

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Tony yayo explosion (feat. tony yayo) lyrics

Yeah, F-50 As times go by, I twist a lot F*** with me and my niggas, somebody gonna die You think I'm all poinry, cause you see me gettin' high But my...

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Call me (feat. tweet, hope, tony yayo) lyrics

I just wanna f*** 50 Cent, Yayo, featuring Hope, uh huh As ... just wanna f*** Yeah, um, YAYO! Don't call me bitch, don

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Touch the sky (feat. tony yayo) lyrics

up high [VERSE 2: TONY YAYO] Hey yo im higher than a

King Dylan - Vol 2. (andre nickatina - ayo for yayo) lyrics

Well, in elementary I sported a mullet lightning bolts on the side, f*** it never combed it kept it rugged swore to myself I would never buzz it might...

Hot Rod - G-unit anthem lyrics

Whoo yeah its ya boy [Tony Yayo: Talking] Yeah, Hot Rod.... ... & Tony Yayo [Verse 1: Young Hot Rod] Ah ... Young Hot Rod & Tony Yayo] [Young Hot Rod:] G Unit in

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Florida kilos lyrics

me, If you'll be my side. Yayo, yayo, yayo, And all the ... dope things, Yayo, yayo, yayo. Sun in my mouth and gold ... me, If you'll be my side. Yayo, yayo, yayo, And all the

Cashis - You don't know (50cent, eminem, lloyd banks) lyrics

Banks) 50 Cent [Tony Yayo] Intro- [Shady!] Yeah... ... don't know 50 Cent [Tony Yayo] Verse- Now homie i say i ... Back!] 50 Cent [Tony Yayo] Chorus- Who run it? You

Gipsy - Eminem - you don't know lyrics lyrics

don't know (50 Cent [Tony Yayo]) Now homie I say I run it ... ) 50 Cent [Eminem] {Tony Yayo} Who run it? (You know, you ... Down Now!} (Ca$his [Tony Yayo]) Pistol play, ricochet, see

Andre Nickatina - Ayo lyrics

tell Another tale about that yayo Little girl once in a city ... (Dre Dog) Let's go- Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo, all in ... 2X) (Nickatina) Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo, all in

The Game - I told you lyrics

with my stainless Yayo, I'm Outside your place If I ... that Ja Rule was a wanksta Yayo, I'm Outside your place Now ... with my stainless Yayo, I'm Outside your place If I

The Game - 300 bars & runnin' lyrics

me Spongebob And Tony Yayo is Blues Clues And Lloyd ... can ask Mr. CCC who hot Tony Yayo I bet 10 G's you flop Run up ... I'm 10 years younger than Yayo, I get out, I'm fine Then I

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - G-unit soldiers lyrics

.. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo Yea...Niggas salute me Uh ... huh [Tony Yayo] We takin over this shit ... wit your whole f***in re-up (Yayo) Flashin singles, wit the

The Game - Play the game lyrics

in line cadet; atten-HUT! Yayo you punk-ass bitch I know ... is a bitch, 50 is a bitch Yayo is a bitch, Buck is a bitch ... Reebok makin cement shoes Yayo the only real motherf***er

The Game - Poison bananas lyrics

bagging up work when I put Yayo in the bag F*** is you ... gotta come through me Tony Yayo Get out the way ho Lloyd ... the west, E serving ya Yayo You better lay low Cause

G-unit - Catch me in the hood lyrics

50cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [Lloyd Banks:] This rap ... then a deck of cards [Tony Yayo:] You can take me out the ... love you Chi-Chi get the Yayo Picture me being crack out

Idi Bihotz - Euskaldunberri lyrics

zenuen ezjankinaren lotsa ezagutu ere hala ere aurrera ... maitasun hazia maitasun eza galbide abian hizkuntza

Bone Thugs N' Harmony - 1st of tha month lyrics

with my nigga to get me some yayo Double up nigga what you ... t get away better toss that yayo Keep your bankroll Yeah we ... them po-po Toss all that yayo, and we're gonna say no

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Fat bitch (feat. g-unit) lyrics

wit them fat bitches That's Yayo Don't be stuck on the ... I'm a compliment your eyes Yayo'll f*** wit you big bitches ... fat bitch F*** wit Tony Yayo,

The Game - Hate it or love it (street remix) lyrics

rider Ten g's will take Yayo out his Air Forces Believe ... crowd yellin' "FUCK YAYO" So niggaz betta get up ... dont make me remind y'all Yayo was NBC That nigga ain't

Rick Ross - Hustlin lyrics

YO them niggaz rich off that YAYO Steady slangin' YAYO, my ... Chevy bangin' Yayo [Hook

Rick Ross - Everyday i'm hustlin lyrics

Yo them niggas rich off the yayo Steddy slangin' yayo My

Rick Ross - "luxury tax" lyrics

searching for a fragrance. Yayo, Yayo, he wanna sniff the yayo, flying saucer on the hasa

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Bitch better have my money lyrics

yayo Moo-la-lah Yayo Bitch better have my money

Danny - Bitch better have my money lyrics

yayo Moo-la-lah Yayo Bitch better have my money

Kollegah - Money lyrics

deiner Stadt. Dealer ticken Yayo im Minutentakt, im ... deiner Stadt. Dealer ticken Yayo im Minutentakt, im ... deiner Stadt. Dealer ticken Yayo im Minutentakt, im

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Bitch better have my money lyrics

yayo Moo-la-lah Yayo Bitch better have my money

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Bad news lyrics

in the house, bad news Tony Yayo in the house, bad news 50 ... in the house, bad news Tony Yayo in the house, bad news 50

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Piggy bank lyrics

pennies out my piggy bank Yayo bring the condoms, I'm in ... you hard, right? Pop off! Yayo! Get mo' some niggas on the

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - That's what's up (feat. lloyd banks, tony yay.. lyrics

mouth's a sperm bank Since Yayo be a fearless man I donate ... 4 nigga G-Unit 50 Cent Tony Yayo Lloyd Banks nigga

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - U should be here lyrics

the toast of New York Tony Yayo (Tony Yayo), Lloyd Banks

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - I just wanna lyrics

can bring a friend [Tony Yayo] Bitches from Belize, keep ... catch the makers like "Yayo you remember ME?" I

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Nah nah nah lyrics

[Hook] [Verse 2: Tony Yayo] This rap shit is fake if ... [Hook] [Verse 3: Tony Yayo] Yeah Four bitches in the

The Game - 120 bars lyrics

And I want my 10 G's cause Yayo caught a brick I guess my G ... Queens Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Pastor f***in Ma

The Game - Runnin' lyrics

story [Chorus] [Tony Yayo] If I get knocked with my ... same problems 50 Cent got Yayo in jail and they think I'm

The Game - Outro (red bandana) lyrics

I move that chronic and yayo, way before I met 50, Banks, ... Buck and Yayo Ask Eminem, even Dr.Dre

Rick Ross - "finals" lyrics

bitch And a whip the color YAYO, AND that muh'f***er foreign ... Whi-whi-whip the color YAYO, AND that muh'f***er foreign

Rick Ross - For da low lyrics

Daddy Rick Rizzle M-I-YAYO Candy all in the paint, ... Dirty South ride wit me M-I-Yayo on the map now it's my city

Rick Ross - "made men" lyrics

bar, I set the standards My yayo, Usher Raymond, that bitch ... bar, I set the standards My yayo Mc Hammer, that bitch just

Rick Ross - "maybach music" lyrics

[Rick Ross] Billionaire Yayo JUSTICE LEAGUE [Rick ... name synonymous with Mi-Yayo Instrumental that are

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Breaking my heart lyrics

Paul Gautier, Versace and yayo I like, I like, I like ... St. Tropez, lingerie and yayo I like, I like, I like

Maybach Music Group - Pacman lyrics

My folks in Haiti say them yayo prices coming down [Pill:] ... But she hungry for that yayo ask her granny what she

Pitbull - Fuego lyrics

all they scream is "Yayo Yayo!" Este cubanito no es

G-unit - Groupie love lyrics

that groupie love. [Tono Yayo] Sometimes I rhyme slow ... me that. [Chorus] [tony yayo] Groupie love, I love that

G-unit - Kitty kat lyrics

50 Cent] + (Tony Yayo) (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (G-UNIT!! ... I'm hittin that [Tony Yayo] Big boy Bentley, big boy

G-unit - Minds playing tricks lyrics

I salute him nigga, Tony Yayo nigga the hustler of this ... nigga get correct,Tony Yayo,rap juganaurts we run this

G-unit - Straight outta southside lyrics

and piss Louis the XIII [Yayo:] My name is Yayo A crazy

G-unit - 187ya yo lyrics

G G-Unit. 50 Cent nigga Tony Yayo (yeah) (Drop That Shit) ... ass bitch [TONY YAYO:] They say good things will

Hot Rod - Chase da cat lyrics

gotta shake that thang, mama Yayo gotta workin', Got a little ... home, baby Yayo got a turkey. (turkey!) I got

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Grand finale lyrics

up in the oven (Man), put yayo in the hot plate Drain and ... you bound to get jerked We yayo experts, we been whippin' the

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - White tee w/ yung bruh (prod. nedarb) lyrics

We connect like Wi-Fi Yayo on the table Gucci on my ... We connect like wifi Yayo on the table Gucci on my

Sakura Gakuin - Aogeba toutoshi lyrics

no on Wakaruru nochi ni mo yayo wasuru na Mi wo tate na wo ... age yayo hageme yo Ima koso wakareme

Akon - Self made (feat. french montana, juicy j & pr.. lyrics

out for popo Tryna sell the yayo tryna be the weed man Even

Akon - Snitch (feat. obie trice) lyrics

s ours We vow this, mixing yayo with soda powder Who woulda

Baby Bash - Better than i can tell ya lyrics

young cats gettin' popped wit yayo Down to do what I gotta do

Bt The Roots - Rhymes and ammo lyrics

Kids got backpacks full of yayo and heron Coming to school

Cassidy - A.m. to p.m. lyrics

turn Boys To Men I'll Wine Yayo When I See 'em cause I'll Be

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