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Ll Cool J Ghetto Lovin lyrics

Browse for Ll Cool J Ghetto Lovin song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ll Cool J Ghetto Lovin lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ll Cool J Ghetto Lovin.

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Ll Cool J - Ll cool j lyrics

Aiiyo Bimmy So rock the bells, Def Jam collabo' man You ... (uh) ha (uh) ha ha Chorus: LL Cool J and Kandice Love (L ... I'm the G.O.A.T. I just ball a lot (L) And (Cool J) I'm

Ll Cool J - Niggy nuts lyrics

s for the ghetto.. For the ghetto (uh) for the ghetto (yeah) ... It's for the ghetto (uh) man it's for the ghetto ... (yeah) It's for the ghetto (uh) it's for the ghetto

Ll Cool J - Can't think lyrics

LL Cool J] You ever get to the point ... up? You ready to end it all? Don't do it dog, word up I ... latin, asian, whatever We all go through pain When you can

Ll Cool J - Lollipop lyrics

mmm) [Chorus: Girl] + (LL) Kiss me from (uhh) head to ... toe (I will) Oooh baby, I love you so (c ... (uh) I'm gon' be, your lollipop (lollipop) Kiss me from,

Ll Cool J - Clockin g's lyrics

you heard it from hearsay [LL Cool J] You wanna bang 'em ... chain tucked in so the back'll show Whip it out in front of ... dude know That homes still flow like twenty-twos of snow

Ll Cool J - You and me lyrics

LL Cool J] {*Kelly Price harmonizes in ... deal ma? You wanna use my cell? You runnin solo? This block ... foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on ... me He mad jealous even though he be

Ll Cool J - Amazin lyrics

LL Cool J] C'mon, and you don't stop ... by the rocks My limousine roll up, the whole world shocked ... what you bargained for Roll the red carpet, enjoy the

Method Man & Redman - 4 seasons ft. ll cool j & ja rule lyrics

arrest anklet I take it all, if not, here's a thousand ... running, homo nigga [LL Cool J (Method Man)] I'm the ... sultan of the ghetto The homicidal aficionado I

Kelis - Ghetto children ft. marc dorsey & n.e.r.d lyrics

up Wake up Ghetto Children Wake up Wake up Ghetto Children Ghetto Boy ... what teachers say to you Ghetto Children are beautiful Say ... and your sciences Maybe you’ll figure why we subtract and

Ll Cool J - In the midst of it all lyrics

[LL Cool J] Ayo this is the infinite, ... intelligent, extravagant and ... eloquent That shit y'all talkin is irrelevant I put ... gutter to the tenement It's LL Cool J nigga, everything I do

Ll Cool J - Intro lyrics

LL Cool J] Ayo this is the infinite, ... intelligent, extravagant and ... eloquent That shit y'all talkin is irrelevant I put ... gutter to the tenement It's LL Cool J nigga, everything I do

Ll Cool J - Take it off lyrics

LL Cool J) I didn't even know a young ... Runnin' with Queens finest all the way to the top Pass cars ... is live, Monte Carlo was ill Convertable limousines, def jam got the bill Remember R.

Boney M - Lovin´ or leavin´ lyrics

Then another break of day Lovin', Lovin', lovin' or leavin' ... I'm for lovin', lovin' or leavin' Lovin', lovin' ... or leavin' I said lovin', lovin' or leavin' yeah... We

Ll Cool J - Hip hop lyrics

attracts like the Ol' Sugarhill Gang, King Tim and Fatback ... givin em nutta An' I was all up in my headzone, melody and ... all Cosign and The Movement ... sayin ''Yes, yes y'all'' It's just the love affair

Ll Cool J - Doin it lyrics

LL Cool J Mmmm yeah (mmmmm) check it ... Make it hot Verse One: [LL Cool J] It's the first time ... [LeShaun] I'm gonna call you Big Daddy and scream your

Ll Cool J - 6 minutes of pleasure lyrics

I ain't sayin nothin (LL Cool J) Aiyyo baby I know why you ... know what it is, but we're still cool And we can socialize, I ... ? sample in the background) (LL Cool J) Aiyyo baby I know

Ll Cool J - 357 lyrics

LL Cool J) That's right y'all this is the LL Cool J party ... your fly GET OUT THERE! (LL Cool J) To rappers I'm a ... nightmare on Elm Street Hellafied hotter than heat, guess

Ll Cool J - Clap your hands lyrics

LL Cool J] Yeah.. Yeah I like that ... wanna do this, yaknahmsayin? Just gon' chill, check it out ... Slick as Vasoline, smell good as cologne I'm like a

Ll Cool J - Get down lyrics

LL Cool J) G, G, G, G, G, G Get... ... (LL Cool J) Down, to the rhythm that'll ... rock the walls Go sportin and Jordans and ... I'm on the balls Don't lackin I'm black but

Ll Cool J - Mr. goodbar lyrics

LL Cool J) Nah y'all nah y'all uh-uh I ain't disrespectin ... though I'm just sayin it happen to me It ... haha Oh you're his girl (LL Cool J) Hello my name is Mr.

Ll Cool J - Bartender please lyrics

s L to the L and Cool to the J This is just how we funk ... me Like fo real though All this fraudulent shinin And ... I gotta come back foreign just to remind ya Know they

Ll Cool J - Imagine that lyrics

LL Cool J] Lady I just want you to fantasize with ... man enough I come up to your job and handcuff your boss ... my chin in between Then I'll take you to the window so the

Ll Cool J - We're the greatest lyrics

LL Cool J] Never jealous cause once we're gone ... here til it's done Be really the greatest of all Do it ... well but not enough [LL Cool J] Oh oh oh, mama we made it

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Zoom (featuring ll cool j) lyrics

Yeah, yeah, come on [LL Cool J] Uh, you know you a freak ... ya shake it Rings in ya belly, I can't take it Toss up ... make em Zoom-a-zoom The LL Cool J, [f*** it] give me room

Ll Cool J - After school lyrics

LL Cool J] I know a honey named Millie ... raised out in Philly Body so illy she make a ... grown man silly A brainiac really she ... pretend she dilly Like, ''Why you always look

Ll Cool J - Wanna get paid lyrics

LL Cool J & >The Lost Boyz No ... Are you down now Lost Boyz, LL Cool J > Are ya's down now ... ways Live your life in an ill real way Got 6 rides in your

Ll Cool J - Live for you lyrics

quot;How y'all feel out there?" " ... how you feel, where you are Just know that I love you, girl ... swear you won't find another Just know that I love you, girl

Ll Cool J - Born to love you lyrics

Fresh off the private jet from Europe - did four ... we get down baby, let me tell you a lil' story [LL Cool J] You're not a chickenhead ... parked on Rodeo? Half a mill' in the trunk and I ain't

Ll Cool J - I can't live without my radio lyrics

the hardcore beat While my JVC vibrates the concrete I'm ... is tough But I still sport gold, and I'm out to ... crush My name is Cool J, I devastate the show But I

Ll Cool J - We came to party lyrics

you know what I’m saying? I just wanna touch you all over… ... Hey look, I've got my hands all on your body [LL Cool J] ... hundred bottles of bub It’s just me and the Russians, we

Ll Cool J - Zoom lyrics

Yeah, yeah, come on [LL Cool J] Uh, you know you a ... ya shake it Rings in ya belly, I can't take it Toss up ... make em Zoom-a-zoom The LL Cool J, [f*** it] give me room

Ll Cool J - Give me love lyrics

Seal] Give me love I swear all I need is your heart (your ... Uh baby Give me love Tell me where you need me to stop ... I swear all I need is your love [LL Cool J] Honestly, I'm afraid to

Ll Cool J - Back where i belong lyrics

LL Cool J Talking] Yo, yea, aight ... You ain't gotta be on that all night, this the soundtrack ... Ever since the X's and the Jiggas came out my niggas aint

Ll Cool J - Big mama lyrics

and your grandmother It's all love, let's not forget who ... raised us, word up [LL Cool J] Big Mama, my grandmother, ... Be thy labor great or small Todd Do it well or not at all, God Big Mama, my blood is

Ll Cool J - Nobody can freak you lyrics

LL Cool J, (LeShaun), {Keith Sweat} ... right there, yeah Verse 1: LL Cool J, (LeShaun) A lime ... it down a bit, get your face all yet drown in it) No doubt,

Ll Cool J - Hush lyrics

Hush baby, dont talk so much Just wanna feel ya touch ... Everything will be ok If u do it my way (my ... baby [echoes] [Verse 1 - LL Cool J] U feel so good Rest

Ll Cool J - This is us lyrics

LL Cool J] {*Thomas harmonizing in ... background*} I'ma give all y'all somethin, word up Word ... up - all my live cats out there gonna ... you need to listen to that joint L made'' Heh-heh.. word

Ll Cool J - Throw ya l's up lyrics

L!!! - throw your L's up [LL Cool J] Don't ever ... underestimate the Jack the Ripper Be clear, ... get some money witcha I'm willin and able, to smooth pounds

Ll Cool J - U should lyrics

huh Uhh.. yeah Uh-huh.. [LL Cool J] I'ma make you feel ... good (uhh) It'll be my pleasure to take you ... rocks I'ma carry the bags Tell you little things, make you

Ll Cool J - Hello0 lyrics

Amil Hello, hello (yo, yo) {*repeat 6X*} Call ... me on the telephone.. [LL Cool J] Whether, 2-1-2, or 7-1-8 ... we could both explore (Hello) Baby what you wearin right

Ll Cool J - Don't be too late, don't come too soon lyrics

LL Cool J it's been a long time ... you think Verse 1: Tamia, LL Cool J you are my life I ... me any way you want me baby just love me til the tension's

Ll Cool J - Fa ha lyrics

.'' Germany, Italy.. France, Japan ''To take what is given. ... talkin bout, downtown Oh y'all with this too {HA!} Jerz! ... what is given..'' {HA!} [LL Cool J] Breaker breaker one

Ll Cool J - Go cut creator go lyrics

LL Cool J) 1, 2, 3 ?o? clock 4 ?o? ... I was rockin at a park called one eighteen Little kids ... t know that years later I?ll be standin on top Livin near ... Go Go Cut Creator Go (LL Cool J) When back in the days

Ll Cool J - Hello lyrics

Amil Hello, hello (yo, yo) {*repeat 6X*} Call ... me on the telephone.. [LL Cool J] Whether, 2-1-2, or 7-1-8 ... we could both explore (Hello) Baby what you wearin right

Ll Cool J - Mirror mirror lyrics

been?) Right here baby [LL Cool J] Look in the mirror ... while I tell you a tale About a mogul ... precision (He excels, they all fail) Undisputed, the game

Ll Cool J - Move somethin' lyrics

LL Cool J] LL.. N.O. Joe, hit me baby! Push it ... c´mon, prove somethin [LL Cool J] Such a pimply aura Way ... sit courtside next to a baller Where the paper´s longer

Ll Cool J - It's ll and santana lyrics

LL Cool J] My 12th album launched Now ... s only one God Victory is all I want, let's go [Chorus: LL Cool J + (Juelz)] Ah one-two ... and uh, ah one-two and uh Juelz, it's LL and (Santana)

Ll Cool J - Whaddup lyrics

get wicked (Whaddup?) [LL Cool J] Time to put em in the ... ) No reason to bribe, I'll 'pose the nine You'll lose ... [Z-Trip] Hard-hard-hard as hell Battle-battle anybody Rock

Ll Cool J - Droppin em lyrics

LL Cool J] Just like Pauline you all-in.. ... this Yo, I planned it out just like a landscapist ... You and your cronies need to jump on a pony and roll, cause

Ll Cool J - Fuhgidabowdit lyrics

LL Cool J] Get the f*** out of here, I ... m LL Cool Soakin wet with bad bitches ... Yo what am I, an animal? [LL] Cuz I bagged your's too ... singin solo for the pope Tell your mama please, get up off

Ll Cool J - M.i.s.s. i lyrics

brand new day (repeat 4X) [LL Cool J] Word up, this shit ... gon' be ill (Uh-huh, uh-huh..) raw like ... like Ricky love Lucy Pop collars, L got heat Fifteen years

Ll Cool J - 10 milion stars lyrics

LL Cool J] You can't call it a comeback I lay back, ... like thizzat Never in a million years L'll never let you ... gravy [Chorus: repeat 2X] (LL) I look back on Venus I

Ll Cool J - Blink blink lyrics

Intro: LL Cool J] You see yo' this is a ... this piece baby! [Verse 1: LL Cool J] I'ma snatch up your ... mama, bullet train Niggas talk gangsta ... shit but can't really bang Can't really murder

Ll Cool J - Queens is lyrics

these niggas Straight up, all y'all niggas [LL Cool J] ... got the vets *click*) (Killa Queens, killa killa Queens ... be the best *click* {Yo} (Killa Queens, killa killa Queens

Ll Cool J - Smokin', dopin' lyrics

LL Cool J] Yeah.. Smokin, dopin, keep ... re as good as the man who just saw {*scratched ''Cool J' ... I'm snatchin airplay, from all you AIDS catchin singers It

Ll Cool J - It's time for war lyrics

to Exit 13 I am your host LL Cool J [Verse 1] You said ... threw dirt on my name Told DJs he's over He ain't spittin' ... me out in the rain So I called on an inner power It's

Ll Cool J - U can't f*** with me lyrics

LL Cool J](Snoop) (Yeah, Big Snoop ... Your momma wanna chase, I'm just statin' the fact L.A. ... think about your broad all I want is the stacks Cats ... ain't feelin me Why she grillin' me, Black? Admit I'm the

Ll Cool J - Crime stories lyrics

state penitentary Tried to pull off the biggest crime of the ... century Pulled out the ten-side nine ... up sweeter Never had a job you gonna work for ya Major escape but a basehead saw

Ll Cool J - Headsprung lyrics

Verse - LL Cool J] They call me Big L'y, Big Silly Big ... Money, Big Billy When I'm sliding in them all can ya hear me? I be sexing ... get a buzz in ya hat I'm a tell ya how to cause an attack

Ll Cool J - Murdergram lyrics

t go near the speakers (LL Cool J) The big showdown the ... display is skill I'm the type of Picasso ... witcha girl on the pill Take a family snap shot kiss

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