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Macaco - Fast lane lyrics

Open your eyes Cause we're living fast and lane We're living living in the fast lane fast lane fast lane fast lane faaast lane ... (x2) With the cosmic situation while living without the action I cosmic

Eagles lyricsEagles - Life in the fast lane lyrics

he held her for ransome in the heart of the cold, cold city ... reputation as a cruel dude They said he was ruthless, they ... said he was crude They had one thing in common, they were good in bed She'd say

Montgomery Gentry - Free ride in the fast lane lyrics

I come from in Kentucky There was an old grey headed man The day I left he said, Sonny ... you're something But out there that doesn't mean nothing There ain't no free ride in the fast lane For every ounce of

Alycia Marie lyricsAlycia Marie - Fast lane lyrics

I find myself in The corner of my empty room There's nothing left of you but the world I friend into I can ... survive it I would rather hide it But I feel the way

Bad Meets Evil - Fast lane lyrics

a island My life's ridin' on the Autobahn on autopilot Before ... can form Slap up a cop and then snatch 'I'm out of his ... hang him by his balls from the horn of a unicorn Y'all

Eminem lyricsEminem - Fast lane lyrics

a island My life’s ridin’ on the Autobahn on autopilot Before ... can form Slap up a cop and then snatch I'm out of his ... hang him by his balls from the horn of a unicorn Y’all

Megadeth - Fast lane lyrics

what I feel, I get behind the wheel A feeling in my soul ... senses White line appearing faster Prompting death and ... machine Get out of my… Fast lane, like a jet plane Like

Racer X - Living the hard way lyrics

s over Your problem won the fight Forget it You gotta ... light It's easy Just push them all way Only dreamers Try ... with your back against the wall Hurdle after hurdle you

Rationale - Fast lane lyrics

speeds in the fast lane truly now Revving through the cares tryina keep ourselves ... are We're so caught up in the rhythm and we suffer for so ... little, oh lord Holding on the tears on the last train

Ice-t - The lane lyrics

fast lane, half heart, half money Ain ... ain't nothin funny Raise the risk, raise the profit And ... weak So baby, don't sleep The fast lane, half heart, half

Lil Rob - Fast life lyrics

Right... She wants to live the Fast life (Fast life) Fast ... life (Fast life) Ohh... Na Na Na ... She wants to live the Fast life (Fast life) Fast life (Fast life) Oh. oh. oh... She

Caitlyn Taylor Love - Fast lane lyrics

t get enough you took me to the edge and told me "Baby, ... danger i think we crossed the line my heart is more than ... you got me livin' in a fast line and it's a best day

Saint Vitus - Living backwards lyrics

one even cares So I became the ruler of the land of despair ... Tried ti catch the fast lane But I was left behind Now I ... m only chasing The colors in my mind Dreams

Frozen Plasma - The speed of life lyrics

of empty feelings Living life without regret Walking ... through the fire A senseless journey ... through these times Living in the fast lane A moment ... Don't you want to stop the chase? Here's someone who

Black Lab - Living too fast lyrics

You swear, you say... I'm living too fast I know you say You ... swear, you say... I'm living too fast I know you say ... Black winter... fire in the hole I'm running... nowhere

Ana Johnsson - The way i am lyrics

I've been creeping down the fast lane I'll rush this life, at ... pace I'll race you down the highway So beat me, if you ... can Life's the game, that I play [Chorus]

Common - The food lyrics

Sense! With Kanye West! On the Dave Chappelle Show! ... gotta eat right? It's the food baby! [Chorus - Kanye ... West] I walked in the crib, got two kids And my

Hanker - The age of the quick fix lyrics

we have to choose between the easy and the hard way to ... many of us and especially the youth of today often opt for ... living in the fast lane.» You have no time to wait

Cowboy Junkies - The good and the bad lyrics

it with Laughter is bad when there is no one there to share it ... talk to Dying is good when the one you love grows tired of ... no good once it's cast among the white sand What's the point

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - The high road lyrics

much colder, an' rains in the winter where I live, so I ... enter the I-5 Just like this movie Big ... Trip, where 5 drive Across the country as they journey

Jethro Tull - The clasp lyrics

travellers on the endless wastes in single ... cold-eyed march towards the dawn behind hard-weather ... hoods a-hiding. Meeting as the tall ships do, passing in the

Run Dmc - The ave. lyrics

D.M.C.] These are the words that I wrote so I hope ... t man I'll never joke about the coke that you're smok-in ... you're f***in up, f***in up the block Got shot rocked and

Eurovision Song Contest - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile marker signs The empty seat beside me keeps ... you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache was never ... thinking about you Here in the calm after the storm tears

Nipsey Hussle - The hussle way lyrics

shit keep itchin me like, Them niggas outta line how they ... who gone go for em, Probly be the same crew, Wen bangin is yo ... t cut from that same cloth, They might give em space, Gotta

Eurovision - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile marker signs The empty seat beside me keeps ... you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache was never ... thinking about you Here in the calm after the storm tears

Linda Ronstadt - The fast one lyrics

eyes You wouldn't see anyone there It's no wonder I been ... sunlight I can't take another day more No wonder I been ... misery You better put on a fast one I think I'm gonna pull

Choking Victim - Living the laws lyrics

and your eviction yer living the laws [x6] blind ... myself, I'm all alone... the lights are on but no ones ... laws and policies, y'know they never meant that much to me.

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Living the blues lyrics

down to my shoes I've been living the blues every night without ... are Strangers all give me the news I've been living the ... could you refuse ? I've been living the blues every night without

Grave - Living the dead behind lyrics

bodies surround me, Leave the dead behind, Striking ... This is not my belief, Living the dead behind, Bless their ... souls. The purity of war, Humans burnt

Dio - Living the lie lyrics

all alone She was never in the circle Or the round would be ... a square And the more she seemed to want it The less they seemed to care ... who it's only why She's living the lie When you're on

Aesthetic Perfection - Living the wasted life lyrics

kiss it's coming on I sense the rift between us my fault I ... a restless mind call the doctors call the gods you ... to save me now weak is the one who crawls lives life

All Time Low - Living the dream lyrics

need the time to realize Everything I ... just seen 'Cause I've been living in a good dream for far too ... long I need the time to realize Everything ... chance Of making my way to the top of this industry And

Notorious B.i.g. - Living the life lyrics

I.G + (Faith Evans)] To my motherf***in' man, fifty grand, the ... if he can Biggie Smalls, the p**** stroker Emcee prover, the chocolate tah smoker (huh?) I

Italobrothers - Cryin' in the rain lyrics

me away from falling the part out I’m afraid to get ... back to the start My feelings for you ... never changed in the meantime, I want you back ... my brain But I’m cryin’ in the rain And tears can never

Jamie T - So lonely was the ballade lyrics

lonely was the ballad Harmonica man Sam was ... jives of love He puts on the gloves and then puts on his ... hat Then its home to the missus who sits on his tongue

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Living at the speed of light lyrics

see I'm (see I'm) I'm juss living at da speed of light (Juss ... Livin) juss living at da speed of light N I ... I'm (cause I'm) I'm juss living at da speed of light (yea) I

Kool & The Gang - Stone love lyrics

street corner blues. You were living in the fast lane much to my ... a natural high. But we're living in the fast lane red lights ... baby Will we ever change the way we are? Stone love girl.

Milkman - Summertime (feat. brandon skeie) lyrics

time to get away Bust out the Tanqueray Pour out a couple ... mind just fade away He’s on the ones and twos Get on the ... into you I don’t want the summertime to end I don’t

The Game - Out of towner lyrics

blood, let's take these niggas back to 96, 11th ... when a nigga was walking the Compton High School. ... Red fitted snug on my motherf***ing forehead. Nike ... a virgin p**** Illmatic in the Walkman, what? Sitting on the subway they looking like

Joe Jonas - Fast life lyrics

in drive Cat walking on the runway, Tripping long on the ... hey, hey Girl, I’m done with these games, And you need to get ... in my lane Pushing it to the red line Hey, hey hey

Nipsey Hussle - Hussle in the house lyrics

out of Slauson, a crazy motherf***er name Nipsey! I'm ... turfed up cause I grew up in the Sixties! Caution! To you rap ... you 'posed to be Straight off the block I sold dope to buy

Poets Of The Fall - Signs of life lyrics

stands by the corner shop At the edge of a rainbow She ... thought the solution Someone painted on the wall He writes in his daily ... journal Eyes blindfolded, gathering pieces With no direction

Hawk Nelson - Not the same lyrics

ever knowing To meet for the countdown Our friends and ... a while and jam out Guiel Then walk on down George Street ... to lose at all That's the way it was and the way it is

T.i. lyricsT.i. - My life lyrics

That nigga Daz and T.I. is in the motherf***in house..You know ... hating on me pimpin, I'm just living my life Think I ain't gone ... niggas wish that you was living my life In white linen, I'm

Andre Nickatina - Ate miles from the city of dope lyrics

Miles From The City of Dope -Andre ... i fly low like a blind bird they say on the way to heaven man ... i only live 8 miles from the city of dope i sport that

Halsey lyricsHalsey - Slow (jaden smith's 'fast' remix) lyrics

you drive so fast? Why you drive so fast? ... I'm just trynna stay alive on the big screen When you coming ... up to drive all the kids scream I don't know ... [Halsey:] I don't have the time I'm just trynna get

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - Gucci coochie ft. dita von teese, the black g.. lyrics

coochie Ooh ah She grab the mic and go 'da da da da da ... She like to shake her bum to the drum She a wild one, a young ... hooligan Yo, she role with the f***ing real ass clique Yeah

Lil' Keke - Never gone give up lyrics

holding, never gonna give up They faking, they hating They ... to blast So at last, switch the gear work the touch Grab the ... stick press the clutch, man what's up Gotta

Bullet - Heading for the top lyrics

bound to continue Life on the road Always on the run To ... thrills I was born to be the bad one It's a burning ... hot It's time to jump in the fire We're on our way

Drake lyricsDrake - The resistance lyrics

I said that we could kiss the past goodbye, but you weren't ... excited, there's no way to fight it. You ... [Verse 1] Uh, should I spend the weekend in Vegas? I'm living inside a moment, not taking

Redfoo - Too much lyrics

does Cuz we too much We at the table, to the average fella ... this is but a fable To the Cinderella she walks in the ... stable? At the after party bitches wanna do

Simple Plan - Loser of the year lyrics

ah Ye-ah There's a lot of talk about me ... up to meet me Ye-ah I'm on the verge of celebrity Ye-ah So ... siutcases Ye-ah Look at all the pretty faces Ye-ah So what

Simple Plan - Singing in the rain feat r. city lyrics

m reading through the sunday paper And it's all ... I'm looking for a smile on the streets But there's just no ... with me now Singing in the rain up in the rain Singing

Jon Oliva's Pain - Living on the edge lyrics

you're life the only way you know, About a ... miles left to go. Moving faster, towards disaster, Oh the ... lines in the road got your eyes in a hold. ... Still push onward, The quicker the pace. It's the

Crossfaith - Kill 'em all (the qemists remix) lyrics

us tonight) Don't need another imitation Get out of my way ... me You're a fake and I'm in the fast lane Left you all out ... it tonight Never gonna see them again Attack, attack and

R. City - Live by the gun (feat. akon) lyrics

live by the gun die by the gun Ain't nowhere to hide ... pa-pa-pom-pom pack a A-K In the heart of the slums that's ... a 4-5 when he walking through the streets So even in the

Asher Roth - Fast life ft. vic mensa lyrics

Someone's always caught up in the... Someone's always caught ... up in the fast life Someone's always caught ... up in the fast life [Hook: Asher Roth] Fast life, someone's always caught

Rza - The chase lyrics

ghost, escape, blazini, poof The Genie, disappear, cast out ... like they ain't seen me (yo) ... (Yo) ... Burst! Put the key in the ignition friction sparks my

Kendrick Lamar - The heart pt. 2 lyrics

Alright, I don't believe in the, in laws, or the system by ... whatsoever I try not to obey them at any time That's what I ... music keeps me here, by far, the main thing [Kendrick Lamar

R3hab - Living 4 the city ft.shermanology lyrics

in the air Electricity is ... everywhere I 'm living for the rush and I am aware The ... is everywhere I 'm living for the city Just like the ... that turns me on I 'm living for the city Living in the fast light that turns me on I 'm living for the

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