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Living In The Land Of Oz By Ross Wilson lyrics

Browse for Living In The Land Of Oz By Ross Wilson song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Living In The Land Of Oz By Ross Wilson lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Living In The Land Of Oz By Ross Wilson.

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Dusty Springfield - In the land of make believe lyrics

the land of make believe You're mine ... Although you are far away In the land of make believe I'm ... holding you tight The silver moon is shining above

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Living in the line of fire lyrics

doctor driving in his AUDI in the holy land A soldier stops ... him for his papers open up the trunk he demands He built a ... bunker with his partner up in Bethlehem To treat the

Dave Edmunds - In the land of the few lyrics

me again what you told me before There were so many things I'm not ... all I know Were you trying to tell me I'll have to go ... I can laugh, I can cry And they'll never ask me why In the land of the few Well, believe it

The Defiled - In the land of fools lyrics

down, Breathe out a sigh of relief we can all be forgiven ... Great lies, Disguise the interests of us in your heart, ... yeah right, There is no other place for us to go, I'll see

Mob Rules - (in the land of) wind and rain lyrics

searching for the truth of time But does not find ... answers Watch out: high on the wire The world seems like ... bugs on the ground He´s blinded by the light of fire Goes

Ancient Wisdom - In the land of the crimson moon lyrics

Frostclodded Wastelands Where The Sun Has Blackened ... Rivers Once So Rippeling Now Frozen To Ice The Snow ... Reflects The Light Of The Immortal Moon And The Cold

Meat Loaf - In the land of the pig, the butcher is king lyrics

at them now What do they want? And what do they do? ... Now, nothing at all! What do they know ... What do they think? And who do they tell? ... Well, no one at all! Their lives are truely meaningless And we are busy being

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Living in the heart of love lyrics

in the heart of love Living in the heart of love Living in the heart of love Living in the ... heart of love Take me there, I've been freed Today I ... get a crazy seize Then I saw her, yes outside

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - In the land of the mountains of trees lyrics

the water flow together, in the land of the mountains of ... trees, there is seen a zadule running to ... escape. Fleeing towards the dismal dark...dark! Come

Katana - In the land of the sun lyrics

can see a church in which a boy lies asleep I ... he's never been to before The story will begin as the ... on my way I've left everything behind In search of what I

Lisa Germano - In the land of fairies lyrics

Who was that stupid ogre Messing with my head? Somebody ... joker It was only me Thinking I was dead Don’t have time ... to be here That’s the place for me Don’t have time

Gormathon - Land of the lost lyrics

the stellar lights Path thru the dark Of rotten limbs and ... piles of bones Of hundreds ripped apart By ... our heart of choice Into the devils jaws Fearless thru

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Land of la la lyrics

were brought up in a small town Where everyone ... greeted with a morning smile I mean the place was ... eyes were drawn from a lack of food Or your pockets were

Hell - Land of the living dead lyrics

see them all around me, you must see them too Choose your path with ... care or you become a victim of the fools Mind your step ... tread, or you'll be pulled inside They'll suck out your

4him - Land of mercy lyrics

familiar place Where I am living The world that was and what ... s become are not the same I see the evidence of ... grace Without forgetting How far I've had to come to

Masterboy - Land of dreaming lyrics

in the land of dreaming Everybody in the land of ... dreams Everybody in the land of dreaming Everybody in the land of dreams Oh oh living in the land of dreaming Oh oh living in the land of dreaming

Cracker - Sunrise in the land of milk and honey lyrics

sunrise in the land of the pharaohs I see my broken ... arrows Scattered 'cross the plain. Well sunrise on the ... river in the city I'm feeling pretty shitty In the

The Moody Blues - The land of make-believe lyrics

re living in a land of make-believe And trying no ... to let it show Maybe in that land of make-believe Heartaches ... can turn into joy We're breathing in the smoke of high and low We're

Natalie Merchant - The land of nod lyrics

Breakfast on through all the day At home among my friends ... every night I go abroad Afar into the land of Nod. All by ... to do-- All alone beside the streams And up the mountain

Ministry - The land of rape and honey lyrics

to face blood to blood the mountain you tumbled from ... and in the land of rape and honey you prey ... step by step you climb the mountain you prey fist

Insania (swe) - The land of the wintersun lyrics

long time ago in the night Many men dressed in ... white Ready to fight for their land and to be free Driven ... and fear And love to a land in despair, which they had to

Highland Glory - The land of forgotten dreams (part 1) lyrics

. Welcome take a hold of my hand I`ll take you to a ... far away land Inside your fantasies Places ... Just leave your life behind And follow the wizards sign

Darkane - In the absence of pain lyrics

through the nervous system Your body ... does not respond Failing neural connections ... Communications with the outside world Living in the absence of pain Never feeling a thing No way to sense injuries sustained Trapped within this shell Shattered mind,

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - The land of ice and snow lyrics

land of ice and snow Where the midnight sun blows Hundred ... thousand lakes glow In the land of ice and snow Nothern ... Forest god protects our day In the land of ice and snow

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The land of plenty lyrics

t really have the courage To stand where I ... must stand Don’t really have the temperament To lend a helping hand Don't really know who ... raise my voice and say: May the lights in the land of plenty

Mystic Prophecy - The land of the dead lyrics

m fearing in this moment When the Sun ... goes down In the darkness of the night I hear the voice of ... darkness The want me to go back To their ... graven world Where the night and death will reign

Reverend Bizarre - For you who walk in the land of the shadows lyrics

you walk in the land of the shadows? Do you walk in the land of the shadows? Do you walk in the land of the shadows? I ... think you do... I have been there too. I have seen a black

George Jones - In the shadow of a lie lyrics

lead a rich rewarding life, a wife, a home, a car ... But generally you can find me down in some dim lit bar ... I hold all the pleasures of the world, this fact I can't deny

3rd Bass - Daddy rich in the land of 1210 lyrics

name?" "Back is the incredible" -> Chuck ... m back!" "Back is the incredible" -> Chuck

Bush lyricsBush - Land of the living lyrics

found myself in another world i found myself ... alive and well i am the vapor i am the gas you be ... the angel of everything this is the land of the living this is the land of

Ross Lynch - Living in the moment lyrics

got a smile on my face Moving in my own pace Time I wont ... you want it now Lets get the momentum up Keep reaching ... I use it we’ll never fade Off the Richter Let it quake

Marina & The Diamonds - The state of dreaming lyrics

of girls float on their one quote Living on their ... last hope, on their last hope I lived my ... life inside a dream Only waking when I sleep I would sell

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land of the living lyrics

the land of the living Black bleeds orange into ... blue I am coming to life, Light is breaking ... through I can hear the bells in the city Across the ... I am ready to fight Let down the scarlet cord It's time to

Milk Inc. - Land of the living. lyrics

running round in circles Meeting people I ... see everyday. There’s no one left to talk to ... Cos I already know each word they’ll say. In the land of the living There’s a key In the land of the living To open

Marina And The Diamonds - The state of dreaming lyrics

float on that one quote Living on their last hope, on their ... last hope I lived my life inside a dream, Only waking ... is a play Yeah I've been living In the state of dreaming Living in a make-believe land Living in state of dreaming, Of

Clutch - Land of pleasant living lyrics

there is no ending For the Vodka spinning Mir All that ... is is passing And now is never here So ... keep on raging You frenzied pioneers No ... time for the wringing of hands Strange faced

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Land of endless greed lyrics

don't really care what other people may say I've gotta ... go on living my life anyway Everything ... is golden, everything's for sale I'm done with ... fairy tales But out here in the lap of luxury Unlimited

Donovan - The land of doesn't have to be lyrics

is a land not far from the ears of sound the eyes of ... sight can't see it's over the trees you'll be there by ... s breeze. Few people get there quick by their chosen road

Accept lyricsAccept - Land of the free lyrics

are the days... The days and the times taken for granted So ... faces but still we're alone Living the life, so many souls can ... only dream of Here we are well, but still

Loona - Land of broken dreams lyrics

about a girl, whispered by the wind, she lost her love a ... time ago, to a place within, you can see in her eyes ... breakable, all she lost in a tear, waiting longing just

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Living at the speed of light lyrics

can b here one day gon any minute, dats y I live eryday ... could be here one day, gon in a minute, cause life is so ... short but it's own as a minute see I'm (see I'm) I'm juss

Baltimora - Living in the background lyrics

ve come out of hiding by and by (Been all alone) ... own) Slowly emerging from the dark (It's ... just day by night) I feel like I've

Blaze Bayley - Land of the blind lyrics

and forgive And to live by their rules And to try to fit in I would do anything Like a ... poor blinded fool "You must do ... what they say and not question the way

Ecliptica - Land of silence lyrics

sun is setting down, another rainy night alone, so far ... from home. This land is caught in silence. The ... fear of losing you- it keeps me restless, ... keeps me going on. Whatever you feel,

Jason Mraz - Living in the moment lyrics

is one act Why do we lay all these traps We put them right in ... I will not waste my days Making up all kinds of ways To ... worry about all the things That will not happen to me

Ring Of Fire - Land of frozen tears lyrics

snowfrakes go silently by Outside my window I am ... wondering why Nothing changes We try to survive ... But I'm only waiting here Waiting to die Is ... nightmare Will I wake up to find Skies that are clear We're

Firewind - The land of eternity lyrics

helped us to build it right Intruder, you destroyed the land ... Hunger, can't you see it in our eyes Disaster all over ... Brother, let's go through bad times

Pennywise - Land of the free lyrics

of the free and we're united, make ... our destiny, we take control, yeah, ... never divided, we got the power and we'll never be, ... divided we fall, oh yeah, land of the free, free to

A Canorous Quintet - Land of the lost lyrics

the winds Across tne raging seas To reach the kings in the land of the lost A turbulent ... sea winds of cold Reaching the harbour, they are safe Entering the gates, castle of

Harry Belafonte - Land of the sea and sun lyrics

I sit here With memories by the score Thinking of the nights ... I spent With the girl I still adore So I'm going back to see her Before my ... days are done Going back to see her in the land of the sea and sun Once I had

Dragony - Land of broken dreams lyrics

travelled far, we rode the night We saw the fires burning bright into the sacred ... skies of fate They came in dark, disguised as friends They killed the king and

Edguy - Land of the miracle lyrics

by the fire and the sorrow of the day, I come knocking at ... your door to dry the tears away. The eventide is ... calling me to take a look into your eyes. Pull me on and

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Living in the material world lyrics

m living in the material world Living in the material world can't say ... what I'm doing here But I hope to see ... much clearer, after living in the material world I got

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - Living on the edge of the night lyrics

ll wind off the river Smoke stacks fade to ... This town's my own, riding free and alone And I'm not ... looking back Maybe I know some ... some rules But this is the street, I've got to compete

Oar - Living in the end lyrics

operator on the side of the road A million dollar man in ... a lower class home Chopping trees for needs of a ... spiritual kind Forever getting lower while he tried to be

The Frustrators - Living in the real world lyrics

to wake up, and dissappear behind your makeup Take away your ... until your heart attack I'm living in a magazine, page to page in my limousine Hey now silly

Godsmack - Living in the gray lyrics

got something to say? Should I wait and ... to me, and your heart is missing Cold, stubborn, and so vain ... every breath you're breathing Your head's a one-way

Mason Jennings - Living in the moment lyrics

here on my own It seemed things were so much better out ... a nonbeliever, now I'm living in the moment with the ... knew i could feel more power living life without love So i spent

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