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Kill Hannah - Living in misery (feat. amanda palmer of the .. lyrics

Look through my eyes As missing children fill the streets ... Joan of Arc and Josephine You can hear them sing ... We are living in misery, in misery, in misery We are living in misery but we have to hold on Yes

Pink lyricsPink - Misery (feat. steven tyler of aerosmith) lyrics

are fallin' all over town Another ... night and these blues got me down Oh, misery! I sure could use some ... company Since he's been gone I ain't been ... the same I carry the weight like an old ball and

Forgive Durden - The oracle (feat. danny stevens of the auditi.. lyrics

mess you fools have made of this. The soul's filled ... vacancy. You've spoiled all the crops and seed. This was a ... gift. You daftly wasted it. The dust and dirt will stain your

Amanda Palmer - In my mind lyrics

my mind In a future five years from now ... Because I Will be the picture of discipline Never ... minding what state I'm in And I will be someone I ... And it's funny how I imagined That I would be that

Notorious B.i.g. - Living in pain lyrics

Nas) [Just Blaze] Welcome to the house of pain, Just Blaze ... niggaz [Intro: Mary J. Blige] Theres no ... Somebody tell me what's happenin to me [Notorious B.I.G.] The

Kiss - Living in sin lyrics

for my wall You found the hotel where I'm stayin' And ... you built up the nerves and then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) ... At the holiday inn, yeah (living in sin) I'm living in sin

Finger Eleven - Living in a dream lyrics

was never the kind To be taking my time Any place that's ... worth a damn And today's another day That I've gone and ... it lands 'Cause I'm just thinking about us I've been living in a dream about you And

Gene Simmons - Living in sin lyrics

for my wall You found the hotel where I'm stayin' And ... you built up the nerves and then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) ... At the holiday inn, yeah (living in sin) I'm living in sin

From Atlantis - Dean the machine (feat. landon tewers of the .. lyrics

never let you down Pleading just give me one last chance ... And you won't ever be looking back Will I redeem myself ... In the eyes of the rest This whole world

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Living in cyberspace lyrics

U.S., France and Italy Spain and Sweden might Have me a ... cyberspace tonight Come (Living in cyberspace) Come (Enjoy ... your interface) Come (Living in cyberspace) Come Here I

Forgive Durden - It's true love (feat. greta salpeter of the h.. lyrics

over our heads tonight to fix there bright. The light ... collects in your eyes, turns and reflects ... jumps into mine. I'm a slave to the sign. ... My hands shake, our minds race from the thought of

Frightened Rabbit - Living in colour lyrics

in colour, living in colour, I can see the paint ... on your toes, Living in colour Even in the blackout, ... I know I am floating, I, I am floating, With my

Before Their Eyes - Revival (feat. landon tewers of the plot in y.. lyrics

you say we are We are everything that you can handle You've ... when will this end? Broken in pieces, this life's in ... shambles Damaged from the start your dreams are dead

James Brown - Living in america lyrics

easy to get anywhere On the transcontinental overload, ... just slide behind the wheel How does it feel ... When there´s no destination - that´s too far And

Bwo - Living in a fantasy lyrics

you hear the engines burning Tossing and turning ... to travel beyond I'm knocking on a frosty icing Scorpio ... rising Shaping the future to come Never shed

Fler - Willkommen in berlin (feat. megaloh) lyrics

of the people say, That love is for ... the givin’ So let me love you girl, ... yay! Meine Heimat ist Berlin, eine Welt für sich Denn sie ... blendet jede andre Stadt in grelles Licht Die Straße

The Fugees - Living like there ain't no tomorrow lyrics

Yo check it out. This is the boy Wyclef from Tranzlators, ... I'm coming from the Booga Basement with a roots ... drink in my hands. So put the Rotts tonics in the air,

Forgive Durden - Doctor doctor (feat. shawn harris of the matc.. lyrics

c'mere! Hahaha! [Coughing] Who's there? Someone's ... humble abode, Please don't mind the mess, Just nest ... down comfortable, Let the doctor do the rest... Dear

Forgive Durden - Genesis (feat. casey crescenzo of the dear hu.. lyrics

is the beginning and the end. The rise and the fall. Our gait ... will begin its saunter at the source, when the infant ... crawl. Place your hand on mine. Untie your mind. Let your

Blessing A Curse - Powerless (feat. garret rapp of the color mor.. lyrics

stopped counting after a thousand times I ... told my mother we'll be fine But nothing is changing at ... all Nothing is changing Tell me ignorance is truly

Destorm - Hex (feat. right side of the tree) lyrics

Yeah (We've been arguing a lot, baby) DeStorm (They ... I'm not for you) Right Side of the Tree (But I keep telling ... you it's worth it) Hold on (Ain't nobody perfect) Yo (Telling you it's worth it) Adjust the bass a bit (But you know I

2 Live Crew - Living in america lyrics

1: Fresh Kid Ice There's 8 million stories in ... love to watch it on TV There's gays, lesbians, stripper ... husbands gone psycho The haters hate it 'cause it's

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Living in chaos lyrics

right, could have been gone in ten This world is hard to ... fight, hitting you once, hit it again To ... know the way it feels, everyone gets ... you get up it's real, by taking it back, turn it around

Plazma - Living in the past lyrics

ries take me back in time To the spring of my life When the ... whole world was mine And I was in the highlight ... And there I first felt The merciless prick of the rose I

Hammerfall - Living in victory lyrics

how we used to say Everything around us are made of clay ... We were the Kings and the others the fools, Playing by our ... and silver dreams You count the seconds, every moment seems

Kreator - Living in fear lyrics

blood falls like rain the war of the demons will give ... you pain inverted crosses the reaper will rise the war of the demons will make you die ... i'll take you down into my grave i'll rip your

Lord Of The Lost - In a perfect world lyrics

out, awoken people Separating good from evil Gather round ... we the sheeple You and I are one ... confusion Rise up, go against the grain No more ... chemicals poisoning our brain Stormy weather You're

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running high and

Lights - Living in another world (feat. darkstars) lyrics

parted I see people crying Truth gets harder There's ... no sense in lying Help me Find my way from ... (Forget) That even breaking up was never meant (Forget)

Hypnogaja - Misery lyrics

I sit, all alone, in the dark Counting the ways to ... tear you apart Contemplating why you don't feel bad I ... guess I wasn't the best that you had You don't

Amanda Seyfried - In my life lyrics

How strange This feeling that my life's begun at last ... Can people really fall in love so fast? What's the ... much on your own? So many things unclear So many things

Living In A Box - Living in a box lyrics

up this morning Closed in on all sides, nothing doing ... I open my eyes Someone's fooling I've found a way to break ... through This cellophane line 'Cause I know what's going

Axxis - Living in a world lyrics

is growing in their veins Flashlights cold eyes Back ... to the start Take a coin for your game The game sucks ... Like a drug - like a derailing train Falling in the trap of these games Living in a

Bodyjar - Living in lyrics

be so much fun We're biding our time together We're trying but it doesn't matter ... Because we're living in We're living in Look what ... look at what it's become They made things happen fast but

2 Chainz - In town (feat. mike posner) lyrics

shit, you already know You ain't never seen this, I'm ready ... to go I got em saying, I, I, I, I, I, I I know I ... But I, I, I, I, I, I I'm in your city today and [Hook:

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Misery is the river of the world lyrics

s the River of the World Misery's the River of the World The higher that the monkey can ... climb The more he shows his tail Call ... no man happy 'til he dies There's no milk at the bottom of the pail God builds a church The devil builds a chapel Like the thistles that are growing

Boris The Blade - Misery (ft. cj mcmahon of thy art is murder) lyrics

let the serpents slither across my face Licking the ... wounds of her sweet embrace She wears ... a mask to hide those sinful horns Angels and demons, ... new love is born Misery will reign down on us all, so

Jane Birkin - Living in limbo lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Pagan Altar - The cry of the banshee lyrics

Through fields and rain drenched forests and dark and ... desolate moors. Screaming.......... A keening wailing cry ... No living soul ever made that sound,

Cheap Sex - Living in fear lyrics

out my window i watch the sun go down. all day and ... my body is numb and my mind filled with fear i never ... thought the war would come here! ... [Chorus:] living, living, living, living in fear we're living, living, living in fear im

Skeletonwitch - Rejoice in misery lyrics

Gods Arise From The Blood Of Sin Exalted Demons, Reapers Of ... Flesh Legions Of Woe And Pain Undeniable Unleashed Upon ... You Far Worse Things Than Death Your Fears

Dj Sammy - Living in a daydream lyrics

Time will carry on. Living in a daydream. Time will ... carry on. Living in a daydream. Time will carry

Hangar - Living in trouble (part 2) lyrics

night on the streets Looking for some trouble No money, ... hair F*** you, I don't care Living in trouble - That's my ... vocation Living in trouble - It's no religion Living in trouble - That's my

Dorsal Atlântica - Misery spreads lyrics

raise small kitchen gardens in the country side of the Drain Traps, there's a black ... market of natural food without ... contraceptive drugs. The food is used as an unofficial

Lunatica - The chosen ones lyrics

times of fear and loss, of staving and of pain, Struggling to escape from here, but trying in vain A group of the ... Awaited but not expected, they came to turn things right

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

I. Velvet Forest Of Enchantment] Violet Dawn, ... Misty Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - ... Flowers Thorns Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem Engine

Foreigner - Living in a dream lyrics

got nowhere to go There's no hiding place for me I ... no guarantees And I'm out on the street now With a monkey on ... Oh, someone to have faith in me Oh, will somebody set me

Hangar - Living in trouble (part 1) lyrics

you, I don't care You go up in smoke F***ing the maid mad ... Locked in the bedroom Banging until death Get a job I ... hair F*** you, I don't care Living in trouble - That's my

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Living in harmony lyrics

It's much better when you're living in harmony With someone you ... re really digging And you want to give it all ... tell you lies Don't wanna bring you down Or treat you unkind Just wanna make you mine

Saviour Machine - The widow and the bride lyrics

the dance, after the innocent fall from The terror ... that lies in the hands of the damned Under the trance, ... only the voices that cry in the dark Inherit the poisonous

Amanda Seyfried - The name of the game lyrics

ve seen you twice In a short time Only a day since we started It seems to me ... For every time I'm getting more open-hearted Your ... smile and the sound of your voice And the way you

Godsmack - Living in the gray lyrics

got something to say? Should I wait and ... to me, and your heart is missing Cold, stubborn, and so vain ... every breath you're breathing Your head's a one-way

Billy Talent - Living in the shadows lyrics

Don´t you tell me, what you think is right! When you´re living in the shadows I can tell ... lost your sight! When you´re living in the shadows Distant

Blondie - Living in the real world lyrics

go to wake up Disappear behind your makeup Take away your ... your heart attack Hey, I'm living in a magazine, page to page in my submarine Hey now, Cindy,

Eric Burdon - Living in fear lyrics

in the streets Where the crime rate is rising There's ... people out there frightened for their lives ... And out on the streets Where the blood runs ... water And decent people lock their doors and hide They're living in fear Fighting for

Chastain - Living in a dreamworld lyrics

am I now Where will I be Living in a dreamworld Reality's no ... I guess I'd better get going Living in a dreamworld ... War is at the fence You know right You're

Classic Case - Living in a dream lyrics

it you or me Or neither one just where we meet That ... keeps us together in here We overlook the obvious ... The only thing that's odd is that we rush ... To find an antidote and cure what's

3 Doors Down - Living in your hell lyrics

this will be your ride Just in my faith in you Let you have ... another try You show me of you can do But now we're go ... again Back down demonstrate I'm

Feeder - Living in polaroid lyrics

in, spitting out, the bittersweet sugar of life It ... used to taste better Sucking in, pulling in, emotions I just ... ´Cause we´re Polaroid, we´re living in Polaroid Polaroid, it´s

In This Moment - The promise (feat. adrian patrick of otherwis.. lyrics

haunting This hole that you have ... weak I see you And everything around you fades And I can ... how this will end So I'm turning away now before we begin

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