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Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Living in harmony lyrics

It's much better when you're living in harmony With someone you ... re really digging And you want to give it all ... tell you lies Don't wanna bring you down Or treat you unkind Just wanna make you mine

Cold War Kids - In harmony in silver lyrics

Thomas's wrists on his chins kelly green shirt smirkin' ... got a nickle to pitch steamin' plates they for reach we ... from gradeschool working for their fathers and

Ace Of Base - Living in danger lyrics

yourself Its a wonderful thing You can do what you want ... You can live in a dream Get up, get in, get ... rhythm, get down You're living your life in peace and in harmony You're making your own

Nostradameus - In harmony lyrics

how it will be And telling us their lies We're ... drowned in their opinions We get it every day ... carry out the mission Saying 'This is the only way'

The Bridgeheads - In harmony (loud and clear) lyrics


Notorious B.i.g. - Living in pain lyrics

Welcome to the house of pain, Just Blaze niggaz [Intro: ... Somebody tell me what's happenin to me [Notorious B.I.G.] The ... country bud got me chokin I'm on a mission to the point

Baltimora - Living in the background lyrics

ve come out of hiding by and by (Been all alone) ... own) Slowly emerging from the dark (It's ... just day by night) I feel like I've

Frightened Rabbit - Living in colour lyrics

in colour, living in colour, I can see the paint ... on your toes, Living in colour Even in the blackout, ... I know I am floating, I, I am floating, With my

Marc Anthony - Living in a strange world lyrics

all take chances, tormenting chances fighting letting go ... Not knowing what tomorrow brings hour to hour, day by day ... We pray someday we'll find a place to stay but darkness

Jason Mraz - Living in the moment lyrics

traps We put them right in our path When we just wanna ... I will not waste my days Making up all kinds of ways To ... worry about all the things That will not happen to me

Hammerfall - Living in victory lyrics

how we used to say Everything around us are made of clay ... We were the Kings and the others the fools, ... Playing by our rules Adorned with ... above Eventhou you're falling Spoken words made of

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Living in the line of fire lyrics

doctor driving in his AUDI in the holy land A soldier ... a bunker with his partner up in Bethlehem To treat the ... patients in cases of the emergency storming in To know who's right,

One More Time - Living in a dream lyrics

two people be You're lying here so close I can hear ... your gentle breathing Your love's my favourite ... theme Are we living in a dream? It's wonderful

Axxis - Living in a dream lyrics

on air Was so impressed - by Kiss and Queen And here I ... stand - still in the scene I'm still alive ... can say I'm alive Like living in a dream - we rock the

Bwo - Living in a fantasy lyrics

you hear the engines burning Tossing and turning ... to travel beyond I'm knocking on a frosty icing Scorpio ... rising Shaping the future to come Never

Oar - Living in the end lyrics

road A million dollar man in a lower class home Chopping ... for needs of a spiritual kind Forever getting lower while ... be high He was an early morning, evil eyeing fool from afar

Agent Orange - Living in darkness lyrics

- so dumb, so happy i like things that bite things that ... at night everybody's asking me what's it like down ... are bare i feel safest being alone living in darkness living in a world of my own i'm

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - Living in the material world lyrics

m living in the material world Living in the material world can't ... say what I'm doing here But I hope to see ... much clearer, after living in the material world I got

Leo Sayer - Living in a fantasy lyrics

reason to liveyou make me shine -- with all the love that ... you giveand when I think of you -- I keep driftin' ... awaylittle by little -- I love you more ... ever dayI lay in bed but I just can't sleepI

Agathocles - Living in hell lyrics

hell - political refugees trying to escape Living in hell - ... they're being hunted by the state Hunted - just ... what the f*** would you do Living in hell - the risk of being

2 Live Crew - Living in america lyrics

There's 8 million stories in every city And Americans love ... time than HBO And even Don King should promote talk shows It ... t the best thing in years to hit the TV 'Cause

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Living in chaos lyrics

right, could have been gone in ten This world is hard to ... fight, hitting you once, hit it again To ... When you get up it's real, by taking it back, turn it

Dreamaker - Living in fear lyrics

can´t explain all my emotions And I don´t ... say Tell me now what you think about me Tell me what are ... you seeing Lie down by me, feel it with me All my

A Flock Of Seagulls - Living in heaven lyrics

me how does it feel You're in the end of your time No ... will arise So you have nothing to tell And you think your ... it feel You got your head in the clouds Yes you're walking on it You can forget all

Cheap Sex - Living in fear lyrics

out my window i watch the sun go down. ... my body is numb and my mind filled with fear i never ... come here! [Chorus:] living, living, living, living in

Living In A Box - Living in a box lyrics

up this morning Closed in on all sides, nothing doing ... I open my eyes Someone's fooling I've found a way to break ... through This cellophane line 'Cause I know what's going

Dashboard Confessional - Living in your letters lyrics

m always assuming the worst, but you're going ... nonetheless and there's nothing to cushion your heart led ... from further away keep pulling me close to home. And there

Kina Grannis - Living in dreams lyrics

picture on the wall is moving from by the wind The fan is ... like these I'm not distracted by the sounds I sit for hours in a chair inside my head There

Hellion - Living in hell lyrics

into the future, There ain't nothing I can see Everyone ... is trapped inside a false reality Only thinking of yourself is leading ... free? Everyone around is falling down on me Sick minds

Hutchinson Eric - Living in the afterlife lyrics

gets lost inside itself Flash back now as ... else Playback your life in the blink of an eye Is this ... of yourself And say good-bye to the old you Now you're living in the afterlife Say good-bye to the old you Now you're living in the afterlife You can try

Punk Goes... - In bloom by so they say (nirvana cover) lyrics

the kids for food Weather changes ... moods Spring is here again Reproductive glands He ... songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot ... songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Living in the heart of love lyrics

in the heart of love Living in the heart of love Living in ... the heart of love Living in the heart of love Take me ... Tomorrow I'l be there, ain't that nice Living in the

Godsmack - Living in the gray lyrics

got something to say? Should I wait and ... to me, and your heart is missing Cold, stubborn, and so vain ... every breath you're breathing Your head's a one-way

Arlo Guthrie - Living in the country lyrics

gypsies 700 years ago Spain brought the guitar to Mexico ... It was Afro American people in the south That worked out ... this way of playing it though You know in

Kill Hannah - Living in misery (feat. amanda palmer of the .. lyrics

Look through my eyes As missing children fill the streets ... Joan of Arc and Josephine You can hear them sing ... We are living in misery, in misery, in misery We are living in misery but we have to

Kiss - Living in sin lyrics

found the hotel where I'm stayin' And you built up the nerves ... then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) ... At the holiday inn, yeah (living in sin) I'm living in sin

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Living in a world without you lyrics

40 days and nights I was chained to your bed You thought ... end of the story Then something inside me called Freedom ... came alive Living in a world without you You

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Living in chicago lyrics

your happy and marching forward in your band Holding hands together, I will ... understand In my life I'm together on my ... and my phone If your mind is in the darkness, could

Billy Talent - Living in the shadows lyrics

Don´t you tell me, what you think is right! When you´re living in the shadows I can tell ... lost your sight! When you´re living in the shadows Distant

Blondie - Living in the real world lyrics

go to wake up Disappear behind your makeup Take away your ... your heart attack Hey, I'm living in a magazine, page to page in my submarine Hey now, Cindy,

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Living in sin lyrics

quot;Living In Sin" I don't need no ... license To sign on no line And I don't need no ... preacher To tell me you're mine I don't need no diamonds I

James Brown - Living in america lyrics

get anywhere On the transcontinental overload, just slide ... behind the wheel How does it feel ... When there´s no destination - that´s too far And ... on the way, you might find out who you are Chorus: Living in America - eye to eye,

Classic Case - Living in a dream lyrics

meet That keeps us together in here We overlook the obvious ... The only thing that's odd is that we rush ... To find an antidote and cure what's ... Long as the sun keeps burning And all the clouds keep bringing rain I know that you

Eviction - Living in emptiness lyrics

The ones you loved put back in hell You lie,you cheat,you ... you hadn't made I hate the pain you've dropped within I'm ... needs A life crumbled by your filth & greed You

Foreigner - Living in a dream lyrics

nowhere to go There's no hiding place for me I've used up ... Oh, someone to have faith in me Oh, will somebody set me ... free I'm living in a dream In a scene of desperation Living in a dream Won't you come

Robin Gibb - Living in another world lyrics

in another world, living in another world I had a ... call I kissed a girl from India, I saw the China wall If ... men are men and mice are blind, they'll never see the sun

Dan Hartman - Living in america lyrics

coast to coast Easy takin' anywhere On the transcontinental overload Just slide behind the wheel, how does it feel ... (When there's no destination) That's too far And

Jael - Living in between lyrics

m living in between To hours that could ... and the past Between feelings that wont last In a game ... that i cannot win. Living in between The road that I

Lights - Living in another world (feat. darkstars) lyrics

parted I see people crying Truth gets harder There's ... no sense in lying Help me Find my way from ... (Forget) That even breaking up was never meant (Forget)

Lillian Axe - Living in the grey lyrics

go Out of the dark will shine a light Everything's in ... spirit grow Stars would shine above you So everybody ... The times they are a-changing My life is rearranging I

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Living in the past lyrics

are done, After all the smoking guns, Don't speak to me of ... hold me now, Don't start acting cold right now, Don't you ... even try. Nothing is the same for us, All the

Neon Trees - Living in another world lyrics

keeps ringing in another room I’m daydreaming ... a little kid at school Caffeine, thinking of my teenage ... yeah They’ve been telling me To come of age I’ve

Plazma - Living in the past lyrics

ries take me back in time To the spring of my ... When the whole world was mine And I was in the highlight ... water Like a rose without rain Now I'm like a fish out of

R.i.o. - Living in stereo lyrics

sun living in stereo might people You know ... shawty girl, I’m on my way Ain’t got no worries it’s a ... me your love and tell the morning come Oh oh, I wanna let you

Gene Simmons - Living in sin lyrics

found the hotel where I'm stayin' And you built up the nerves ... then you called Chorus: I'm living in sin (at the holiday inn) ... At the holiday inn, yeah (living in sin) I'm living in sin

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Living in a world without you lyrics

40 days and nights I was chained to your bed You thought ... end of the story Then something inside me called Freedom ... came alive Living in a world without you You

Bodyjar - Living in lyrics

be so much fun We're biding our time together We're trying but it doesn't matter ... Because we're living in We're living in Look what ... what it's become They made things happen fast but never made

The Boomtown Rats - Living in an island lyrics

fell fast, like it did in the past when the phone rang ... Twice and a voice said 'I think I'm alone' I gave my advice ... on the soul.' Chorus: Oh ain't you glad that we live on an

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Living in cyberspace lyrics

U.S., France and Italy Spain and Sweden might Have me a ... cyberspace tonight Come (Living in cyberspace) Come (Enjoy ... your interface) Come (Living in cyberspace) Come Here I

Michael Heart - Living in sin lyrics

that this is wrong And I think, Id's time, For you to take ... you gonna do Chronus: Baby please make up your mind ... Cause we're running out of lies When he asks

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