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Nostradameus - In harmony lyrics

how it will be And telling us their lies We're ... drowned in their opinions We get it every day ... carry out the mission Saying 'This is the only way'

Anarion - Live in me lyrics

my head held high remembering I say goodbye He isn't ... here, He isn't there Look in his chair, He isn't there He ... has disappeared I'm searching for him Sky of clouds not a

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Harmony lyrics

walls since Good Friday he said There ... s nothing good about that Down Bombay ... feet And they burn like the Indian sun It's a far cry ... Your brothers and sisters behind This battle scar's long

The Bridgeheads - In harmony (loud and clear) lyrics


Cold War Kids - In harmony in silver lyrics

Thomas's wrists on his chins kelly green shirt smirkin' ... 'cause he don't got a nickle to pitch ... steamin' plates they for reach we ... from gradeschool working for their fathers and

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Live in texas lyrics

show. 1. Don't Stay 2. Somewhere I Belong ... 3. Lying From You 4. Papercut 5. Points of Authority 6. Runaway 7 ... Faint 8. From the Inside 9. Figure.09 10. With

Times Of Grace - Live in love lyrics

live in love. Believe in love. In my life I have ... ways that man destroys mankind. Break society’s system, ... strength to be selfless and live in love. Strive to live in

Girls Aloud - Live in the country lyrics

do what I please I'll laugh in your face When you beg on ... be a better way Ooooh, and I don't care I know that when I ... Live in the country If I live in the country Live in the

The Rapture - Live in sunshine lyrics

and trust today Is what i think i'd like to say Can you see ... me standing here? Can you help me with ... there a way to come to you? Live forever, just we two Live in

Aaron Tveit - Live in living color lyrics

in living color Let me take you for a ... ride Yes, I'm live in living color So sit back and let ... I wanna tell my story, Live in living color (live in living color) Something special's

Barbie - Live in the moment lyrics

now, loving this day We won't regret ... we take The sun is out, we don't have a care We're feeling ... so good like we're walking on air Nothing can get in

Jeff Beck - Live in the dark lyrics

of the dark If we gotta live in the dark We will live in the ... dark Won't see me dying in the light I will live in the ... of the dark If we gotta live in the dark We will live in the

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Live in me lyrics

s a feeling I just can't deny It's fire ... Gonna soothe you, put you in a trance And get your sense ... aroused So there ain't no use in holdin' back ... Gotta let that feelin' out Live in me, come in

Portugal. The Man lyricsPortugal. The Man - Live in the moment lyrics

Is a girl with eyes like wishing wells I'm not alone But I ... midnight sun Those days are done But I'm still glowing ... Oooooh la la la la la Let's live in the moment Come back

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Live in the sky(feat jamie foxx) lyrics

Spoken:] What's happening man this T.I.P. you know I ... streets, to the jail cell, I done been in situations where I done had to Cope with all three ... you know what I'm saying, I feel like the only thing

Dragonette - Live in this city lyrics

chopper Gotta keep on doing what I’m doing Cause we’re ... clapping our hands now Yeah, I ... that I like And so I’m walking it downtown Downtown!

The National - I should live in salt lyrics

t make me read your mind You should know me better ... that There's too much crying in the sound I should know you ... you're not right I should live in salt for leaving you behind Behind Think about

Fate Magazine - Live in torture lyrics

my fortune Took my heart I live in torture torn apart ... I should give up what I´ve done Shallow people… REF: ... I trust no one Now be done And I don´t trust myself

Byeland - Live in hell lyrics

forgiven, when all the pain´s leaving my head, quickly ... hurry to the oven, let´s train: how to live in hell. My ... my body and my hart are keeping me down This sweet nothing,

Idlewild - Live in a hiding place lyrics

try to be so much more alive but if time was right then i ... would be with you again or do you worry that i try ... to avoid the point and then deny the time i've

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - "in the end" (live in red suare) lyrics

It starts with one) One thing / I don’t know why It ... how hard you try Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme ... To explain in due time (All I know) time

Pantera - Live in a hole lyrics

of grief I scream at the wind Thought I heard the words ... Imprison myself And stay in a shell I won't let you in ... to have a story to tell Things tend to drag me down Don

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - In the end (live in madrid) lyrics

It starts with) One thing / I don’t know why It ... how hard you try Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme ... To explain in due time (All I know) time

Newsboys - Live in stereo lyrics

guide's got no soul Digging for the sacred In a man ... t behave I just dug myself Into a six foot grave I need ... walks by faith The sight lines lie How am I gonna tag

Cate Kanell - Live in fire (with ltn & ronski speed) lyrics

live in fire A love inspired A million miles of sea ... Evaporate in the moment We can be ... We can escape this And in the dead of the night We ... discover I'm wearing wings now The desert winds howl

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - Live-in skin lyrics

well. Head on with my hate into the lights ahead. I'm ... amazed that I'm still standing And I demand that we all ... blend in. I'm amounted. Just the ... change back for you. I must live in skin that's new. I'm a

The Hollies - Boys in the band lyrics

Mr. Soul or King Creole You gotta go with ... the man in the band He'll be your guide ... Singing la la la la But what makes ... another trick Turn peace into war Singing ha ha ha ha

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Love makes the world go round lyrics

is a town, this a place To bring a pigeon and make a change ... elevate We can't help but sing Yeah, we were dancing We ... human race People, let's join hands Put our minds together

Gordon Lightfoot - Harmony lyrics

oh harmony Where are you tonight, where ... are you tonight Harmony, oh harmony Have you gone away, have you ... you can cry I can cry too Harmony, oh harmony, where are you

Never Shout Never - Harmony lyrics

you, we are we We could live in such harmony. Can't you ... lies between We could live in such harmony. And I am ... praying for the day When you and I

Dragonland - In perfect harmony lyrics

it that I can't see How to live my life and learn I've ... reached the point of no return I've got to ... let me see All the beauty in this world Give me hope,

Faithful Darkness - In shadows lies utopia lyrics

way I want it to be Creating my own paradise - the only ... by my shadow Reborn in a new dimension I’ve found ... awake, never asleep Lost in the shadow, so deep I’m

Donovan - Harmony lyrics

must be in harmony Before we do anything We ... must be in harmony Before we move. We must ... be in harmony Before we do anything We ... must be in harmony Before me move. Mistaken

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Living in harmony lyrics

s much better when you're living in harmony With someone you ... re really digging And you want to give it all ... that you've got Don't wanna make you cry Don't

Clinic - Harmony lyrics

believe in harmony I believe in Christmas Eve Free for all ... your happiness And no one's living on ... their wits One so kind and one so wise One so kind

Since October - Live to die lyrics

live to i live to wasting the day away waiting for my ... own forgiveness but nothing will come of this cause it ... s something i can't give myself i know,

Dub Fx - Don't give up lyrics

escape the Babylon and let me live in a forest Me run away from ... addiction into the peacefulness Me breathing in the energy to love and ... manifest Me storing the adrenalin and put it in

The Pretenders - Don't lose faith in me lyrics

t lose faith in me Don't lose faith in me If you ... lose faith in me You lose faith in us Don't lose harmony Don't lose harmony If you lose harmony You won

Antonius A Vijay - Men we don't know what we did lyrics

We don't know what we did But ... time we screw up We just sing this stupid song We wish ... we'd understand Why women think we're dumb We're trying ... get it But for now they think we're scum Men, We Don't

Koreana - Hand in hand lyrics

the fire in the sky We feel the beating ... We know the chance is here to live forever for all time Hand in hand we stand All across the ... this world a better place In which to live Hand in hand

Novembers Doom - Harmony divine lyrics

follow me, in the dark void running away ... from the burning of the fallen sun. The pain ... It is your end as shown in a dream. I can carry you - ... all. All love is lost - in the eye of the flame.

Dragonforce - Once in a lifetime lyrics

clouds and thunderstorms in the fires and flames were ... born Through darkness traveling on the night Hellfires and ... rain will fall time is coming for us all Our journey for

Loudness - In this world beyond lyrics

town of Kiev Not a soul in sight Only complete ... Cry of the slow dusty wind I hear the gods premonition ... It plays in my mind Leave well enough alone ... over and over again In this world beyond Lost

Crush 40 - Live life lyrics

a look inside your heart What seems ... not Just walk on a journey Don't stop reachin' high Don't ... forget So many ways you'll find, wake up to regret Oh!

Clutch - (in the wake of) the swollen goat lyrics

And There Were Black Birds Singing And Fish Floating On The ... Bells Of The Buoys All Rang In Harmony. Bury Your ... Your Crops, Black Water Rising And It Ain't Gonna Stop.

Helalyn Flowers - Don't wake me up lyrics

I look into your eyes My reflection's ... turning into dragonflies I play your ... imagination You can't do anything ... to escape So don't wake me up No don't you

Jeannie Ortega - Live it up lyrics

on Live it, Live it Can't believe I made it ... life can turn this way Sitting here thinking what I'm gonna ... Do I give up, not with everything I'm going through But I won

Befour - Live your dream lyrics

now or never it's our destiny Oh we, we believe in ... forever, for eternity Live your dream don't dream your ... of the moment for eternity live your dream don't dream your

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - All by myself (live in quebec 2013) lyrics

I never needed anyone And making love was just for fun Those ... days are gone Livin' alone I think of all the ... s home All by myself Don't wanna be All by myself

From First To Last - I don't want to live in the real world lyrics

So many chem-trails are passing by. I don't wanna live in ... the real world, I don't wanna live in the real ... world, Government mind control, MK Ultra, Blah,

Hawk Nelson - Live like you're loved lyrics

one who feels like this Feelin' like you lose more than you ... win Like life is just an endless ... but never arrive I'm tellin' you somethin' This racing,

The Kinks - Live life lyrics

the fascists and the left wing militants Out of work ... executives are killing themselves And the I.R.A. ... are killing everybody else Don't panic, don't lose control

Addison Road - Don't wait lyrics

I lost a friend of mine I never even got to say ... so make the most We're not indestructible Our lives are ... a dime So now is the time Don't wait Don't wait Gotta live today Gotta live today

Salt´n Pepa - Live & let die lyrics

a grip on her life I only live once so I gotta get right ... won't be a second I'm not in the mood to preach about the ... truth when the proof compellin' I ain't tellin' or sellin'

Carlsson Magnus - Live forever acoustic lyrics

would live forever If you always keep ... me on your mind And it doesn´t matter How ... Well, Here I am I´m gonna live forever Don´t you ever ... forget And all the stars in heaven Will shine on me

Foghat - Live now pay later lyrics

'57 Cadillac with Batmobile wings, Pink and black striped interior that's fit for a king, ... to pay, be glad when it's mine, "Saw you coming!&quot

Cover Drive - Can't live in a world lyrics

leave But you're still staring right at me Tell me, what ... are we fighting for? Can't we get anything ... right anymore? I'm here, giving you all of me I don't wanna

Albert Jr. Hammond - Hard to live in the city lyrics

its hard to live, its hard to live in the city Yes its hard to live, so hard to live in the city ... I've been following you for blocks and I wish ... just lay your head down low, Don't let anybody know That its

Brutality - In mourning lyrics

Diminishing sun Obscures the light As ... falls Across horizon Wind blows slowly Through the ... trees Change of season Brings new life Tremendous grieving Hard to bare Drags me down

N.o.r.e. - Live my life lyrics

Uhhh, that's what I'm talkin 'bout right here niggas That ... s what I'm talkin 'bout right here Gotti This ... off Beelzebub for real Gon' live my life man (I'mma live my

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