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Lirik Lagu Just An Ilusion Juliah Sahra lyrics

Browse for Lirik Lagu Just An Ilusion Juliah Sahra song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lirik Lagu Just An Ilusion Juliah Sahra lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lirik Lagu Just An Ilusion Juliah Sahra.

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Brooks Elkie - Just an excuse lyrics

it hadn't been for your wife and children You say you'd be ... off Or is just an excuse Or is just an excuse ... ve had enough of this town And our fairweather friends

Imagination - Just an illusion lyrics

a destiny that's mine there's another place another time. ... Touching many hearts along the way yeah ... I'll never have to sa@ It's just an illusion - illusion -

Kitt Eartha - Just an old fashioned girl lyrics

m just an old-fashioned girl, with an ... sophisticated, I'm the sweet and simple kind I want an old ... fashioned house with an old-fashioned fence, And an ... bowling alley in the back I want an old-fashioned house with an old-fashioned fence, And an

Dj Bonnie - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

the street ma broken heart just skipz a beat il hear ur ... name unside i go insane baby each day that we ... day it hurtz too much il cant forget da lurv dat we mode

Dj Boonie - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

hear your name Inside I go insane Baby each day that we don't ... day it hurts too much I can't forget the love that we ... make it to the day you'll be Just an Old Boyfriend Won't be

September - Just an illusion lyrics

personality has just been negative for me It's ... Two before I open up to you and I can't sell that So I ... So here I am, let me be just what you're looking for It's

Kaci Battaglia - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

hear your name Inside I go insane Baby each day that we don't ... day it hurts too much I can't forget the love that we ... make it to the day you'll be Just an Old Boyfriend Won't be

Against All Authority - Just an obstruction lyrics

m gonna rape your fertile land And plant my seed in your ... laws worship my God Cuz your just an obstruction And your ... back production It's a free land of opportunity Where my

Abiura - Just an experiment lyrics

of colours, blood stained blankets I'm just the painter of ... rid of me but I'm I the insane? I'm the one who knows The ... Oh,please,remember my name and don't forget my words Oh no

Attica Blues - Just an avenue lyrics

laid, Placed in front of me Just the frequency that was ... time should have realized Just your avenue for another ... escape Just your avenue for another escape I always felt

George Jones - (she's just) an old love turned memory lyrics

called you today, an accidental mistake And your ... Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right ... I've always been You're just an old love turned memory

Beth Hart - Just a little hole lyrics

cry It will own you, you can't let it While it holds ... you you can't even try You're so ... nothin' to prove CHORUS Just a little heartache Just a

Negative - An ornament lyrics

I would be pleased to love and share but inside I'm ... locked I can't even cry Love only ... makes you rise again I'm just an ornament, and ornament to

Royal Hunt - An empty shell lyrics

common face, as cold as you can get Without a clue, without ... cause you're moving forward just because it's in your blood, ... cuz otherwise you're just an empty shell Behind that

Jon Bellion - An immigrant lyrics

love in Brixton with both hands around your neck I'm back ... ecstasy So I feel like an immigrant in America Yes I ... am just an immigrant in America Cigar and

George Jones - An old love turned memory lyrics

George) I called you today, an accidental mistake And your ... Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right ... been. (Both) You're just an old love turned memory Now I

All That Remains - Just moment in time lyrics

reason to repent No one will answer my prayers And in the ... sight One God destroys me Another brings me to life ... lives in fear Your soul means nothing because nothing is

Aviators - Just like you lyrics

Someday I'll be up there Just like you Dashing through the ... the sky If only I could stand upon the clouds up high If ... only I could be just like you Someday I'll be

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Just like you lyrics

only half the story There's another side of me I'm the girl ... got everything I've always wanted I'm living the dream So ... yeah everything I've always wanted Is it always what it

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - An emotion away lyrics

I could not compromise And when I saw you I wasn't ... my heart by surprise Who...And when I think of the time I ... before I got confused enough And soon I realized that your...

Ace Of Base - Just ´n´ image lyrics

n' Roll inside my head Over and over and over again I ... concentrate harder and harder and then You are just an image ... (that I can see) You are not for real

Chevelle - An island lyrics

bite your tongue. I need an island And I need it fast. ... Some little island Is all I ask. To put you ... don't move I think its got fangs. Watch if they turn

Jimi Jamison - Just beyond the clouds lyrics

in silence My heart's just an empty room Without you I ... my heartbeat thunders What can I do? Without you Time ... won't change the way that I feel Every

Inme - Just a glimpse lyrics

time (before i) I love you, and no one can take that away ... To prove to you, this isn't just an obsession (Your soul) ... own dreams) Super imposed (wanting to be free) You twist

Kla Project - Lagu baru lyrics

indah terlintas kita ciptakan Satu lagu yang baru dalam bayangan Katakan sesuatu lirik dan ... kata Ketuk irama, lantun melodi, untuk bergaya ... suka-suka Apakah pendapatmu akan laguku? Tunjukkanlah sikapmu

Power Metal - Lagu kebebasan lyrics

jiwa membara di dadaku Desiran darahku deras memerah Getar ... hati dan ragaku berpacu Ingin kudaki ... Deru nafas bergelut dengan waktu Suarakan lagu tentang

Ebiet G. Ade - Lagu untuk sebuah nama lyrics

jiwaku mesti bergetar sedang musikpun manis kudengar ... lentik bulu matamu bibirmu dan rambutmu yang kau biarkan ... keningmu makin mengajakku terpana kau goreskan gita cinta

Grupo Limite - Ilusion de amor lyrics

y dejame sembrar una ilusion de amor para que tu me ... mas bellas pueden pasarte tan solo abreme tu corazon.

Ling Tosite Sigure - Ilusion is mine lyrics

hantoumei mizu no naka de ... hazu no mono hito yume kimi hantoumei kisekiteki Ima hantoumei kono imi ni wa kimi no ... wo te ni iretakute Azayakana iro wa kimi ga miseta

The Bravery - An honest mistake lyrics

People They don't mean a thing to you They move ... right through you Just like your breath But ... I still think of you And I just wanted to Just wanted you to

John Michael Montgomery - Holdin' an amazing love lyrics

Nine in a rush Clocking in and out again I guess I'm just An average man but these ... calloused hands Are holding an amazing love I have seen ... arms of mine Are holding an amazing love So just hold

Professor Green - Just be good to green (feat. lily allen) lyrics

you You'll never be mine Just be good to me Ha, Just be ... to Green All I need is a woman to be good to me I'm an easy ... man, I'm easily pleased An you provide me with

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Just like an angel lyrics

my head Here comes the night and go to bed I'm sitting here ... will you go, tonight ? Just like an angel - you are ... to heaven - you're my star Just like an angel - in the night

Aqua - An apple a day lyrics

know an apple a day Won't keep the ... to the part Where we wanna finish What we can't start ... Come and get me Just don't miss the water Until ... to learn walking After you can fly Come and get me What

Billy Joel - An innocent man lyrics

from the door If there's a chance of it opening up They hear ... a voice in the hall outside And hope that it just passes by ... with the fear of a touch And the anger of having been a

B.o.b. - Just a sign (feat. playboy tre) lyrics

my rearview Searching for an answer up high Or is it all ... of the times Or is it all just a sign? Uh, I don't start ... for lifetimes Still I got many miles 'fore it's over Yeah,

Jonathan Coulton - Now i am an arsonist lyrics

was just an acrobat, high above the ... it was killing me You were just an astronaut, floating on a ... go without me Now you are an architect, setting up the sea

The Kelly Family - An angel lyrics

eyes Cause what they see`s an angel hive I`ve got to touch ... that magic sky And greet the angels in their hive ... Sometimes I wish I were an angel Sometimes I wish I were

Mudvayne - Just lyrics

everyone From everything Just a few seconds away A second ... of your time and an inch of my own space ... you do Keep it Don't want it Think I'll just go away

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - An american dream lyrics

you see; Augusta, Georgia is just no place to be. I think ... Jamaican in the moonlight. Sandy beaches, drinking rum every ... got no money, mama, but we can go; We'll split the

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Just a little bit lyrics

don't want much Just want a little bit Don't want it ... all Just a little bit Give me an eeny ... I won't let you resist I want an eeny weeny bit A teeny

Iiris - Just like an ogre lyrics

me fall Down, down, down Just like an Ogre Hold me close ... me fall Down, down, down Just like an Ogre So on the ... s perfect Everything's just the way as it is But I am

Bonnie Bianco - Just a friend lyrics

but I loved somebody else and thought I always would ... talked and laughed together, but you ... were only Just a friend, an inspiration just a friend,

C-lekktor - C-lekktor - an empty soul lyrics

all the lust that you can wish Unlimited treasures, a ... greedy life that you can buy Exterior beauty, ... internal pride, a life of vanity I want it all, I'll take

Celtic Woman - An angel lyrics

eyes 'Cause what they see's an Angel hive I've got to touch ... that magic star And greet the Angels in their ... Sometimes, I wish I were an Angel Sometimes, I wish I

Chief Keef - Just in case (ft. gino marley) lyrics

in them clips Shoot a movie just in case In an all black suit ... A L's up, everyday, 2-4 just in case What I'm gonna do ... I know you feel the bass And I don't wanna feel my face,

Cubanate - An airport bar lyrics

here forever Killing time in an airport bar I see a ... face like a razor Eyes like an insect Body like cancer All ... they do All the travelers just say "you're welcome, sir

Falling In Reverse - Just like you lyrics

na.. I am aware That I am an asshole I really don't care ... na na na.. But honestly I'm just like you I got a bad case ... 17 I got a f***ed up brain And really bad attitude And I

Aretha Franklin - An angel cries lyrics

Aretha, come by when you can I've got somethin I wanna ... say. And when I got there she said ... You know, rather than go through a long drawn out ... me explain Gotta find me an angel, to fly away with me

Harry Connick Jr. - I'm an old cowhand lyrics

about to sing my song I’m an old cowhand from the rio grande But my legs ain’t bowed, and my cheeks ain’t tan Well ... ’cause I don’t know how And I sure ain’t fixin’ to

Jerry Lee Lewis - Just a bummin' around (with merle haggard) lyrics

got an ol' slouch hat, Got my roll ... I'm as free as a breeze An' do as I please, Just a ... friends, I don't feel any older I've got nothin' to ... lose Not even the blues, Just a bummin' around...

Kc Concepcion - An updated version of me lyrics

know I can be so awkward at times I can be insecure You can call me ... naive, you can say I'm a child You can say ... see I will prove somehow I can be so much more Someday

Kelly Patricia Maria - An angel lyrics

eyes 'Cause what they see's an angel hive I've got to touch ... that magic sky And greet the angels in their hive ... Sometimes I wish I were an angel Sometimes I wish I were

Marillion - An accidental man lyrics

s a price you have to pay An accident of gender An ... this point of view This time and place on earth This time and place on earth You ask me ... that I don't love you It's just I can't connect 'Cause I was

Mdo - An angel cries lyrics

slip away with a blink of an eye We were one in a dream ... so right But sometimes we change And sometimes we make ... mistakes that we can't erase Today she told me

Kenny Rogers - There's an old man in our town lyrics

s an old man in our town And I guess he's been around ... For years and years At least it seems ... that way. Wrinkled hands and rocking chair Growing old just sitting there Every year he

Rory Gallagher - Just hit town lyrics

I just hit town and I flew in by the seat of my ... pants, Well, I just touched down and got me some ... crazy plans. I'm an ace, I'm a deuce, I'm a ... buzzin` all over the land, And it ain't no use to change

Salt The Wound - An era of revolution lyrics

like paint, this is the human way, thou's death war driven, ... fulfilled. Purely blood and excrement, this is unholy, ... mutiny, destruction. [2x] Just like paint thrown onto canvas

Say Anything - An insult to the dead lyrics

is angular It isn't circle shaped ... mistake I made when I abandoned her And with my wand ... on her La la la la la la Another wasted verse on her ... Allah I have made such an awful regret of today Oh

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Just the two of us lyrics

arose in my mind, would I be man enough? Against wrong, ... choose right and be standin up From the hospital that ... first night Took a hour just ta get the carseat in right

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