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Carlyann - First (originál od lindsay lohan) lyrics

that someone you used to date Why she's hanging around here, what's her story Doesn't she know that its too late That the party is over and thats cause for me Why dont u tell her what's been going on Cuz she seems to be dreaming instead of just leaving If you don't have the

Carlyann - Speak (originál od lindsay lohan) lyrics

Whisper:] Speak up speak straight speak your heart, go... V1: Everybody's got a point of view And the right to their own opinion So don't be scared of what I'm gonna do When you let me know your intuition So what makes you think That I won't

Lindsay Lohan - Walka not a talks ft. snoop dogg lyrics

and Lindsay No problem breaking myself off If that's what keeps me focused, man yeah (Gotta get it, gotta get it) Done had my share of silly heartbreaks But now, now I'm a bitch that got a plan See when I talk it I'mma walk it Back it up and keep it rockin I'mma, sha

Ali Lohan - Lohan holiday lyrics

me take you on a Lohan holiday A winter wonderland that's oh so far away Don't have to go no where - just let your mind escape Come on a journey to this Lohan holiday Imagine if you can - a magical Christmas land fictional journey - a vision so real A place everybod

Lindsay Lohan - A beautiful life (la bella vita) lyrics

won´t talk to me I guess she's pretty busy lately But I'd like to believe She's listening I'm starting to feel All of my bruises imagined or real And I'll get through each day I dig through the bad ones To get to the good ones Who's keeping score anyway And thi

Lindsay Lohan - A day in the life lyrics

Oh,Oh,Oh Oh oh oh oh Today is, So boring, I might aswell be snoring, Because I'm living a bad dream, Cause I'll be, With no react, Somewho i've run right off track, So insane, of the mundane, It makes me wanna scream, [Chorus] It's a day in life,

Lindsay Lohan - Anything but me lyrics

told me that being happy faces Just trying to erase the traces What came before me A girl that I used to see somewhere very deep She's falling asleep and I trying to wake her set her free [Chorus:] Now is a never ending thing One more minute turns

Lindsay Lohan - Bossy lyrics

oh oh oh Stop touching me without permission don't disobey Answer to me said if you wanna play follow direction we do this my way, my way, my way What do you really want? What do wanna know? What do you wanna see? Where do you wanna go? If you leave it to me we will not

Lindsay Lohan - Can't stop won't stop lyrics

cant stop Thinking about him Cant stop No I just cant do it Wont stop Trying to get him off my mind Its just how it is Cant stop My heart starts beating Cant stop Every time I start to call him I wont stop Trying to get him off my mind Cant stop Cant stop (but I know

Lindsay Lohan - Confessions of a broken heart lyrics

wait for the postman to bring me a letter I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better And I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders A family in crisis that only grows older Why'd you have to go Why'd you have to go Why'd you have to go Daughter to father, daughter to

Lindsay Lohan - Disconnected lyrics

awake and awake when I'm sleeping I've got a dry kind of thirst, when drenched On sunny days all I can see is a shadow And I'm not above being under And I'm at the brink though I know that I'm empty And I always hide when it's my turn to seek My only belie

Lindsay Lohan - Drama queen lyrics

was a girl I knew who always wanted to be the one to stand out from the crowd Always believed that she was gonna live her dreams That what went down was gonna come around For all the doubters, non-believers, the cynicals that once were dreamers One of these days

Lindsay Lohan - Edge of seventeen lyrics

like a white wing dove sings a song sounds like she sing it Just like a white wing dove sings a song sounds like she sing it Oh baby oh And the days go by like a strand in the wind in the work That is my own i begin again Said to my friend baby, nothing

Lindsay Lohan - Fastlane lyrics

lonely sometimes int he fast lane People com and go like rain And i look around for a hand to hold There noone here today everyone has gone away And left me afraid So dont wish brought a star Cuz its dark and lonely gets you so far And it doesnt

Lindsay Lohan - First lyrics

that someone you used to date Why she's hanging around here, what's her story Doesn't she know that its too late That the party is over and thats cause for me Why dont u tell her what's been going on Cuz she seems to be dreaming instead of just leaving I

Lindsay Lohan - I decide lyrics

t think that you can tell me what to think I'm the one who knows what's good for me And I'm stating my independence Gonna take the road I'm gonna take And I'm gonna make my own mistakes It's my life I decide I decide how I live I decide who I love Choice is mine A

Lindsay Lohan - I wanna be bad lyrics

wanna be bad (bad) I wanna be bad (bad) Boom! I wanna be bad I wanna be bad, I wanna be bad, so bad bad I got all, all these stars, running through my head Dont wanna talk wanna rush, you watch me instead If you pushin up on me, pop that personality (yeah) For onc

Lindsay Lohan - Little more personal lyrics

i like when people talk in the beginning of songs i think that kinda rat I dont think you should use it Well something kinda introspective, something that means a bit to me Like a little more ?personal? You say you gotta go but what does that mean Do yo

Lindsay Lohan - Magnet lyrics

don't know whether I should hate it or should like it The way you read through me I'd swear you were a psychic I tried to not reach for the phone But something bigger makes me call you I don't know what to do I'm into you. [Chorus] Is it gravity, che

Lindsay Lohan - Me vs. the world lyrics

boys, hey girls Hey anybody that will listen to me Incase you haven't noticed It's just me aganist the world today I fell out of the wrong side of the bed And landed in the worst mood The stupid alarm clock screaming at me From across the room [BRIDGE]

Lindsay Lohan - My innocence lyrics

was born a fighter I was born on a rainy day Ive had my share of pain But youve missed most of that So many other things you had to do You looked after you Do you remember what u did Did you know what youve just missed Do you care about that word i have to

Lindsay Lohan - Nobody 'til you lyrics

never walked on water never saw A reason to be going out that far I never found a star that made a wish But now the sky is listening to my hart It can brake me, make me If they want they can chase me Love me, Hate me I dont care anymore [Chorus:] Till you,

Lindsay Lohan - Over lyrics

I watch the walls around me crumble but it's not like I wont build them up again so here's your last chance for redemption So take it while it lasts cause it will end And my tears are turning into time I've wasted trying to find a reason for goodbye Chorus: I can't live wit

Lindsay Lohan - Rumors lyrics

steppin' into the club And it makes me wanna tell the DJ Turn It Up I feel the energy all around And my body can't stop moving to the sound But I can tell that you're watching me And you're probably gonna write what you didn't see Well I just need a little space to breathe

Lindsay Lohan - Speak lyrics

Whisper:] Speak up speak straight speak your heart, go... V1: Everybody's got a point of view And the right to their own opinion So don't be scared of what I'm gonna do When you let me know your intuition So what makes you think That I won't get it?

Lindsay Lohan - Stay lyrics

take Ur coat off and Ur shoes and just relax Let Ur body sink into these arms that's where it's at I'll open up a bottle and slip into something else I hope tonight's the night that all these walls are gonna melt 'Cause when we're out U sending me mixed

Lindsay Lohan - Stuck lyrics

wasn't looking but i found you i wasn't ready but you got me anyway i wasn't looking but i had to and now it seems like i can never look away i'm going down down down i am not myself when you around round round no matter what i do its to fast to slow this wont last but i should

Lindsay Lohan - Symptoms of you lyrics

a good kind of pain And insane kinda sane you When I'm around you When I'm around you There a chill in the heat Feel the sky at my feet cuz I adore you I cant ignore you [Chorus:] I'm not ill I don't need to Take a pill to fix what you do Cure can come through Cuz baby all

Lindsay Lohan - To know your name lyrics

your name But I won't tell We must keep this secret well Privacy's hard to find Eyes are watching all the time [Chorus:] Everybody wants to know our love Everybody talks about our love Everybody wants to know your name To know your name Ev

Lindsay Lohan - Very last moment in time lyrics

stops for no one and moves on unaware It's easy not to notice It's easy not to care Conversation circles And money changes hands been standing in the middle I've been caught up in the spin Out of the confusion The static and the noise you got my attention It made me wanna l

Lindsay Lohan - What are you waiting for lyrics

I get that overwhelming feeling, So sad the Faces on TV, If i try to make a difference would it help anyway, Then i stop and to myself i say [Chorus] So you wanna change the world, What are you waiting for, Say your gunna start right now, What a

Lindsay Lohan - Who loves you lyrics

can tell you things nobody knows Up and everywhere nobody goes Nothing gets me off the way that you do You drive me crazy when you step in the room Something bout your lips something about your kiss Something bout your eyes keeps you on my mind Thought it was nothing Turns

Princess Knocked Out The Gardener - Uselles effort lyrics

wanna see you DOWN !! So watch your back! And bring it down ! Blindy razing dream after dream instead of running to the hill comic positions performed by you Whats going on? you are not a f***ing slacker but I don`t see still any effort People forced to laugh or c

Cliff Richard - Lindsay jane lyrics

away on a never turning tide We sailed on an ocean of pleasure And even though I know, we may never meet again You’re a part of me now and I treasure you, Lindsay Jane You taught me to feel, what I used to ignore Brought alive all my senses to living And even though I know, we

Otis Redding - Tramp lyrics

What you call me? Tramp You didn't! You don't wear continental clothes, or Stetson hats Well I tell you one dog-gone thing It makes me feel good to know one thing I know I'm a lover Matter of opinion That's all right, Mama was Papa too And I'm

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Tramp lyrics

Tramp Have you got a quarter for me Tramp I'll even take a dime anytime 2) Standing on a corner Living in the street I got to made a living from The people that I meet I'm a tramp Just a tramp 3) Spare change hand outs Begging all the time

Lynam - Lindsay says lyrics

do I have so many questions? Don't want to know Some things are better left un told Now I'm upsetting you and, I just turn away I don't really want to see your face Babe, it's all right (It's all right) I'll pretend I don't know if you pretend you

Peter, Paul And Mary - Tramp on the street lyrics

He died on Calvary's tree Nails in His hands and nails in His feet. Mary, she rocked Him, her little Baby to sleep. But they left Him to die like a tramp on the street. Only a poor man was Laz'rus that day When he lay down at the rich man's gate. He begged for th

Cinema Strange - Lindsay's trachea lyrics

Dr. Lindsay:] "Oh, isn't it nice, falling and hating me! Here, breathing the air through Lindsay's trachea! Oh, rendered and torn, spilling my glass to the floor... hands in my hair, pulling and patiently dying... 'Why are you here?' were my words and I s

Elvis Costello - Tramp the dirt down lyrics

saw a newspaper picture from the political campaign A woman was kissing a child, who was obviously in pain She spills with compassion, as that young child's face in her hands she grips Can you imagine all that greed and avarice coming down on that child's lips Well I hope I don't

George Jones - Tramp on your street lyrics

was a long time ago, no shoes on my feet I walked ten miles of train track to hear Hank Williams sing His body was worn but his spirit was free And he sang every song looking right straight at me I'm just a tramp on the street Hank, you must understand You've got

Salt´n Pepa - Tramp lyrics

Verse 1] Homegirls, attention you must pay So listen close to what I say Don't take this as a simple rhyme Cos this type of thing happens all of the time Now, what would you do if a stranger said "Hi..."? Would you diss him, or would you reply? If you an

Adelitas Way - Filthy heart lyrics

heard you got a filthy heart, Heartbreaking is the perfect dart, I though she was my serve, Wish I knew what I said wasn't getting through, Wish I knew it was dead when I looked at you, We looked that no one was coming in, We thought no one was free, You g

Blood On The Dance Floor - Filthy animals lyrics

Dirty! Give it to me hard! Filthy! Dirty! Give it to me hard! I wanna f*** you up (I wanna f*** you up) I get dirty, get deep down, inspire your lust She can't get enough of me Show you things you ain't never seen You wanna be an animal I only wanna make you screa

Chiodos - Lindsay quit lollygagging lyrics

my tongue, right now the perfect time Do anything to make her happy Even if it means my being miserable As long as she's loving life I will be able to sleep at night With a smile upon her face I will be able to sleep at night With a smile upon her face Thought of a smile no

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Tramp lyrics

You can call me that. I don't wear continental clothes; Stetson hats, sometimes But I'm a lover, hah Mama was - Papa too. And I'm their only child. Lovin' is all I know how to do Call me country Right from the woods I'll answer when you call me 'cause baby I mean

Downplay - Filthy voodoo lyrics

eyes a beauty And our lies a fame We come on TV We forget our name We really like it When they ignore our name Can't just mix the misfit So we dont have shame And even when we have taken everything We are still beggin We all might The trust we need to Ke

Gwar - Filthy flow lyrics

I been following the filthy flow Cause filth's the only way I'll ever know You look at me and you start to laugh You won't laugh when your cut in half I laugh at you as I cut you down Cause you the only game in town I look at you I laugh at you I look at yo

Soundtrack - Valentine - Filthy mind lyrics

is gone My TV's on I'm hanging with the boys A life with fools this world is cruel We never dispense with toys Could you make a suggestion For an act I would enjoy I'm drowning So come inside Welcome to my filthy mind I'm drowning So come inside Welcome to my filthy

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Filthy pop lyrics

Mr.Radio Got her pink tights And her funny-money retro sound Spin that shit Spin it cause it's fabulous! Dance Mr.Radio nerd How 'bout we trade them speakers for these New Jimmy Choo sneakers What do you say? What do you say? Play it for me baby, give it to me

Cradle Of Filth - Filthy little secret lyrics

hides a secret Deeply twined inside of her mind A tried and confined egret That pines to fly south To this mouth of mine Pity Too long have these emotions Like potions, made me A sole castellan Trusted to keep The weight of oceans From her rusted gates of sleep

Scissor Sisters - Filthy/gorgeous lyrics

you're walkin' down the street And the man tries to get your business And the people that you meet Want to open you up like Christmas You gotta wrap your fuzzy with a big red bow Ain't no sum bitch gonna treat me like a ho I'm a classy honey kissy huggy lo

Boy Epic - Filthy lyrics

lips I trust never let me down We've got that faithful touch never hurt us now Cause if you keep me rollin I'll take you to the ground You got your hands on me I've got this filthy beat We make love in melodies, love in melodies We make love in

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Filthy lyrics

(If you know what's good) (If you know what's good) (If you know what's good) (If you know what's good) (Hey, if you know what's good (If you know what's good) Haters gon' say it's fake So real Haters gon' say it's fake So real Haters gon' say it's fake So real All my h

Drive-by Truckers - Filthy and fried lyrics

falling in a dumpster send a stale smell rising through a sickening summer haze to the rhythm of a boot-heeled hipster cowgirl’s clunky sashay of shame Mundane mayhem the last of the AM’S gasoline powered release of the rest of the day to the afte

A Global Threat - Filthy greedy guilt lyrics

on his hands, blood on his feet it's the trial of the century set him free and fill your wallet it's your choice so go on and call it you call it justice, i call it shit but we're gonna have to live with it there's nothing much that we can do the rich go

Lacrimas Profundere - Filthy notes lyrics

is gone And we are left alone You are more than me And I am sure you are meant to be You are just forever But no one has a guarantee I have to think about it No one can help me out of this And there's no doubt about it I would do all for just

Orianthi - Filthy blues lyrics

got my motor running five miles straight I gotta get some loving before it's too late So damn lonely every day and every night But even my dog's got in a catfight Here I am all alone in this hotel room A one night stand with the filthy blues Roll into Memphis with a broken heart

Instalok - Filthy casuals (maroon 5 - animals) lyrics

I’m not trying to be polite When I say you're playing like Filthy Casuals Stick to the Meta and you’ll be fine Otherwise you’re just wasting time you’re a casual I wanna win So what if I like trying things Playing the same stuff, gets boring Lemm

Social Repose - Filthy pride lyrics

handed Rapid fire Infatuation With my filthy pride To a senseless beating Crippled and barely breathing I tore off my skin I'll hang from this noose This is what happens when I show you my demons Repeating the cycle that turns love into indiff

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