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Deadlock - 10,000 generations in blood lyrics

my blood shall flow to the sinful grounds and may my wounds ... blood... the blood of the innocent screams for yours... ... cries with tears that are flowing forth like a stream and the

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - 10,000 promises lyrics

Once we were lovers Just lovers we were oh what a lie Once we were dreamers Just dreamers we were oh you and I Now I see you're just somebody Who wastes all ...

Tony Carey - 10,000 times lyrics

everyday I know you're waiting for Mister Clean To carry ... 000 times I've heard you cryin' you cryin' 10,000 times I ... heard you lyin' you lyin' 10,000 lonely nights I

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - 10,000 bars lyrics

Lil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000 BarsLil Wayne - 10,000...

Boney M - 10.000 lightyears lyrics

000 Lightyears somewhere out in space They practice love and ... and no jealousy Living in freedom and humanity 10 ... lightyears away far from pain Came to a place full of

Alphabeat - 10 000 nights of thunder lyrics

was not looking for arty farty love I ... more than weekly I was looking for a decent boy For a ... dance (o-o-oh) The Wuthering Heights And the stormy

Mystic Prophecy - 10.000 miles away lyrics

000 miles away 10.000 words day by day You are the ... sunshine in my life In the rain alone I stay Your sweet ... so empty so alone The yearning deep inside of me My sorrow

Phantogram - 10,000 claps lyrics

change, stars rearrange Kissing my grave Why are you bothering me? 10,000 rats 10,000 ... rats to meet Standing in line One at a time, for me ... Sparkling night Sharpening knives Parallel lines Taking up all of my time Wishing

Crescent Shield - 10,000 midnights ago lyrics

ahead, innocence mine Before me lies the life I ... ll find I will never forget that ... this day they are still calling me I saw the glory And ... thought of the angel's disdain Deep down I know my efforts

Artillery - 10.000 devils lyrics

struggle you keep within Pleading not guilty in a ... world of sin The voices inside your head Forever you're ... chained to the living dead When the night takes

BØrns - 10,000 emerald pools lyrics

ll dive in deeper, deeper for you Down ... Under water Time is standing still You're the treasure ... is you! I'll make a living, trying to get away 10,000

Hurricane - 10 000 years lyrics

I'm like an animal Locked up in a cage You know I'd do anything to see you Hungry for your ... I need you No more talkin' on the telephone No more ... knockin' at your door Tonight is

Juno Reactor - 10,000 miles lyrics

New York City, Missouri...10 000 miles away from home... New York City, Missouri...10 000 miles away from home......

Dope Stars Inc. - 10.000 watts lyrics

total recall But I'm still in such a daze Fed up, I ... can't stop the flow of upcoming files hey you, wanna enjoy ... it's a party that's crossing the border Burn to feel

Adam Pascal - 10,000 miles lyrics

my name I'll look up just in time to see I'll see the sky ... that's in your eyes Then the stars can ... alone at sea 10,000 miles ain't that far When it's over

Damian Marley - 10,000 chariots lyrics

is the people weh fight 'gainst me. Me don't love dem, but ... me cyan sit dung and think of dem and write music bout ... 000 chariots And they are going without horses Hey, the

Clutch - 10,000 witnesses lyrics

defying the grip of the hangman's ... noose And recovering my cognizance, Spun the ... A big red tent and people coming in like the tide of the sea. ... I ducked in to catch the shade, Preacher

Matt Redman - 10,000 reasons (bless the lord) lyrics

soul Worship His holy name Sing like never before O my soul ... comes up, it's a new day dawning It's time to sing Your song ... again Whatever may pass, and

Nox Eterna - 10.000 points of light lyrics

night is my silent partner, 10.000 points of light; I know them ... and miles, I watch you all in your hidden secret beings; I ... you´ll never know, One more in a million faceless crowd.

Tool lyricsTool - 10,000 days (wings, pt. 2) lyrics

as we irrationalize Our way into the arms of the savior ... failing all the trials and the ... you the ignorant fit within the congregation gather ... around spewing sympathy spare me none

Jason Mraz - 10,000 motherf***ers lyrics

I wake up And the day begins Do I hold my breath? And ... day of the week That I sing out, sing out loud I'm just ... one motherf***er singing proud Singing glory, glory

Down & Dirty - 10 000 miles lyrics

Falling down, falling down I just want to go back ... this path This is not mine, I need my home This is not ... mine, I can't let go This is not ... mine, this is not mine This is not mine Okay, I

Disturbed - 10,000 fists lyrics

I want Will mark me as a sinner tonight, I'm a sinner ... sight of Ten Thousand fists in the air Power un-restrained dead on the mark Is what ... Pleasure fused with pain this triumph of the soul

Blessed Death - 10,000 days of bloodshed lyrics

Viet lies - hear my word Think it's gone: this war's so ... Taste the blood, showered in the blast Numbered in ... remenbrance For the minds that were not there Just

Jd Natasha - 10 mil lyrics

los dias y ya no quiero caminar lentamente me estoy ... los dias y ya no quiero caminar lentamente me estoy ... pasos dias noches caminos regalos lugares

M People - Last night 10,000 lyrics

t let the rain wash my heart I've love in ... last night I forget. This ain't no big issue just life and ... Last night 10,000 out in the rain bellowing silence

Indigo Girls - You and me of the 10,000 wars lyrics

me of the 10,000 wars Dividing life into factions of ... to be made and a bed to lie in A hand in the darker side ... heart of a skeptic and the mind of a child Put my life in a

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Fare thee well (10,000 miles) lyrics

I love Till all, all these things be done Till all, till all ... till all these things be

Omnia - Tine bealtaine (10.000 lightyears from home r.. lyrics

Deux, Trois, Quatre Tine Bealtaine (opakuje se dokola

Matt Pond Pa - Lily two lyrics

knows what's right lily you don't have to when you ... it's light the crickets sing loud lily you can hear it in their voices how you've made ... of your voice there is no doing wrong i swear lily you be

Ian Brown - In the year 2525 lyrics

woman can survive they may find... In the year 3535, ain ... the truth Tell no lies Anything you think, do and say Is in ... the pill you took today In the year 4545, ain't gonna

Fields Of The Nephilim - In the year 2525 lyrics

(3535) (4545) (5555) in the year 2525 if man is ... woman can survive they may find... (In The Year 2525) ... (3535) (4545) (5555) in the year 3535 ain't gonna

10.000 Maniacs - In the quiet morning lyrics

the quiet morning There was much despair And ... here to tell her tale Rolled in on a sea of disaster Rolled ... out on a mainline rail She once walked ... she walked by you Her striding steps could not deny

Płomien 81 - Tekst lyrics

bla bla, to zabije cię jak Kain Abla Klasyczne jak Duck Down ... wielki stres z nami dobry tekst, dobry panczlajn Ty słuchasz ... nie są to historie rodem z kina Ale kiedy będziesz słuchał

10.000 Maniacs - Dark eyed sailor lyrics

I roved out one evening fair It bein' the ... "'Tis seven long years since he left this land A ring ... he took from off his lily-white hand One half of the ring is still here with me But

Aoa - Lily (feat. rowoon of sf9) lyrics

want your Lily oh Lily Lucky you are boy nae mam ... piwojwo Make me bloom Lily maeil maeil naege ... ppuryeojwoyo Love hanappunin geudaeui Lily eodumi padochin haneuldo geudaega isseo

Lily Kershaw - Good girl lyrics

morning's got nothing on me Except for last night ... me And whiskey only brings the fight I'm going down ... my own shallow grave I'm going down, down, down Good girls

Lily Kershaw - Maybe lyrics

Just thought you should know In tomorrow's morning light Things will look a lot less ... frightening And now, and now, and now.. ... rewrite history Baby, I'm fading Oh I could use a little saving Maybe you could forget what

Lily Kershaw - Promised land lyrics

You tore it apart And I'm coming down I'm coming down Bring me home if you can To the ... promised land Bring me home if you can To the ... fear The ground's so enticing Could this hell be a home

Lily Kershaw - Saved lyrics

i tried to accept you accepting me and i tried to escape ... the fate awaiting me and take times loose ... cause i've had one too many drinks and this heart cannot be

Riff - Lily malone lyrics

y encara la autopista hacia ningún lugar. Turbo-alimentada ... rueda camino al Sol, como desesperada, ... buscando una emoción; Lily Malone, Lily Malone, Lily

Dispatch - Bridges strength in numbers lyrics

bed of sand worries again as it had before, waves left ... the land. for the falling leaves the child weepeing ... alone, he's letting go of the anchor and all the

Lily Kershaw - Ashes like snow lyrics

falling like snow As the wind blows the last breathes upon ... the breeze Ashes falling like snow All the people ... Ooo-ooo Won't you meet me in the morning? Ooo-ooo You

Lily Kershaw - Better lyrics

you owe Gossip's gospel in this little wolrd You taste ... to bed The visions simmer In your head In your head

Lily Kershaw - Like the sun lyrics

t hold me like I'm going Don't look at me like I'm ... comes down to it We're all going like the sun There is no ... when it all comes down to it In this silly world and it's

Lily Kershaw - Marlboro man lyrics

a moment of your life to find out where you are going and ... plan to the beauty of not knowing and come on down to the ... shot of whiskey smoke was in your eyes and your hair

Lily Kershaw - Trouble lyrics

who asked, "will you be mine?" well his heart's no ... should be it's buried deep inside me i'm more trouble than ... to touch and they all fall in love with the one who can't

Lily Kershaw - We all grow up lyrics

law Some run their lives into the ground But I’ll miss ... the days sneaking cigarettes Around the ... neighborhood Pretending that we were bad when

Noodles - Lily on the cloud lyrics

day. 新 し い 物 語 が は じ ま る lily on the cloud 鳥 た ち も 歌 う lily on the cloud こ こ に お い で よ ... そ ん な あ な た は 私 のお ま も り lily on the cloud こ の 声 を 染 め て lily on the cloud 送 る の は 愛 さあ

Inkubus Sukkubus - Lily bolane lyrics

Bolane, Lily Bolane. Lily Bolane is a witch with no ... shame Lily Bolane, Lily Bolane, She'll catch you and ... you and craze you with pain A figure of hate, a figure

Lily Kershaw - As it seems lyrics

gone When I’m gone Well in this life you must find ... something to live for Cause when the ... darkness comes a callin' You'll go back to where you ... Fragile as a dream, and Nothing’s ever really As it seems..

Lily Kershaw - Bathed in blue lyrics

ooh da da da you're bathed in blue da da da ooh ooh i ... t see you i saw you bathed in blue the first time i saw you ... my memories i feel safer in their arms than in my head

Lily Kershaw - Midnight in the garden lyrics

goodbye the golden sun was in my eyes i thought i'd be ... afraid to take it's midnight in the garden and this love you ... cannot fake it was in your eye there was no need

Lily Kershaw - Tokyo lyrics

m not into your quirky pretension You ... it's fall An he knows the winter so roaring cold maybe ... from you I will have played in Tokyo, in Tokyo Cause I I

10.000 Maniacs - I'm not the man lyrics

at the walls until the cinder blocks can breathe. His ... eyes have gone away, escaping over time. He rules a ... crowded nation inside his mind. He knows that night like

Matt Pond Pa - Lily one lyrics

tell your mother I've been thinking: Winter changes nothing. ... The frost east can bring the highways down. I went ... to a movie I want to believe in. The actors were all looking

Lycaon - Lily lyrics

yo ne sukoshi dake nemuru Lily kiss in the bloody. Cryin' ... for you the lily Kizu wo ame au you ni tokeru ... Lily kiss in the bloody. Cryin' for you the lily Mise kaeru

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Lily of the west lyrics

some pleasure there to find A damsel there from Lexington was pleasing to my mind ... name she bore was Flora, the lily of the west. I courted ... Flora some pleasure for to find But she turned unto another

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Lily rosemary and the jack of hearts lyrics

and the boys were all planning for a fall The cabaret was ... quiet except for the drilling in the wall The curfew had been ... lifted and the gambling wheel shut down Anyone with

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