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Lil Double 0 Smith And Wesson lyrics

Browse for Lil Double 0 Smith And Wesson song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lil Double 0 Smith And Wesson lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lil Double 0 Smith And Wesson.

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Lil Pump lyricsLil Pump - Lil pump lyrics

told me ''Lil Pump won't be shit'' (I won't ... be shit!) (brr!) I told lil bitch "I could move ... these bricks) I got a big .30 and I got these clips (I got

Primal Fear - Smith & wesson lyrics

ve turned back on me And left me alone I saw this ... There was just one more way And the ice cold wind howled ... an exit for us all to leave And here we stay and nothing more

Shedaisy - Good together (bucket and chicken) lyrics

got the chicken You got the Smith and Wesson I got the ... You're a back seat kinda guy And I'm the Bishop's daughter A ... a little pick her upper And all night, hold me tight, candlelight supper No daddy, no

Harry Nilsson - Simon smith and the amazing dancing bear lyrics

style with my sincere smile and my dancin' bear. ... Oh who would think a boy and bear would be well accepted ... stop to stare Making the grandest entrance is Simon Smith and his dancing bear. They'll

Flame - Double back lyrics

his homies die So he stood and took they spot And he wasn't ... I'm appalled, We sit back and straight applaud, Laughin' at ... each other fall. And say it's beef, This not beef,

Jadakiss - Lil bruh lyrics

love you so much I even went and got the live band {&quot ... Hold your head lil' bruh"} HA HA! {&quot ... You're not dead lil' bruh"} Uh-uh, nah {

Savior From Anger - Double shot lyrics

all my pounds I’m lost and I’m falling down again Hey ... man what you’re saying? F***! And do just what I say It’s ... dark in my poisoned heart and I feel like suffocate Hey

Juelz Santana - Lil' boy fresh lyrics

mean, people always gonna try and get over on you But protect ... Dig! The story starts off, lil boy black in the ghetto No ... the ghetto Yes, the crack and the metal He takes no days

Army Of The Pharaohs - Henry the 8th lyrics

be proud you befell tomb me and shareef, we stronger than ... in greece you need to understand the pharaohs are still in the ... need to know that we got heat and its still for police its

Vybz Kartel - Badman party lyrics

party: no karate Mi and Shorty rollin' wid di Glock 40 Badman party: fly crazy ... mi have di Beretta Calico, Smith and Wesson di Teckie Little ... Ginelle Janet Geneva Rachel and Rochelle and Reva And Shorty

Hed Pe - War lyrics

See how we split the atom and bring them to their f***ing ... all gay Bitch We got guns and shit You're all lame Bitch ... No, you don't understand This is not a game Bitch

Murderdolls - Bored til death lyrics

list, of who shouldn't exist and everyone's name, is at the ... Run, motherf***er, run and hide nothing you can do to ... your neck until you're cold and blue And I've got an

Chamillionaire - I'm a hustla (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

me Snatch the gat, brrr-at! And lyrically wreck that ass ... your best to be brave Got a Smith & Wesson bro, we know ... gon' behave Safety, your locksmith, like you could get a key

Benzino - Boottee lyrics

the club, what did I see? B double O double T double E All ... me As I nod to the beat, and down some Re-mi Gettin tit ... miss me I rep the 3, Benzino and Twice G I rep the Bean, I

Devildriver - Forgiveness is a six gun lyrics

on the corner of Quit street and Temptation Avenue On the ... Pride can be dangerous and you knew Method of Execution ... have been filled with doubt And they are set free, you

Desiigner - Outlet lyrics

keep my mind straight Dip and dash, hit ya guy gate Dip and ... place Move his ass over there and over there Take his ass ... launcher or that golden Smithen Smith and Wesson, it'll

Plan B - Pity the plight (feat. john cooper clark) lyrics

All look on their sorrows and weep They don't get a moment ... Regard all their worries and cry Their Christian ... perspective is hazy perhaps And the climate oppressively

Salt´n Pepa - Heaven or hell lyrics

But I wear my Tim boots and Hi-Tecs, and I wrecks havoc And if you try to play me I won't ... a silly rabbit (Well) He's standin' on a corner with his ... turnin' tricks in the bars Grandma carries a can of mace And

Lil' B - Double cup f*** em lyrics

We makin history Lil B F*** em, yea Double ... f*** em Aye double cup f*** em, you feel me? ... I leanin and I'm like f*** em so double ... done seen niggas dreams lean and go fake I done seen bitches

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Pump ya breaks lyrics

Snoop Dogg, Big Will Ay lil' homey you need to {*&quot ... quot;*} Now slide right, and just {*"pump ya brakes ... quot;*} [Verse One: Will Smith] All this excess, stress I

Dexter Ward - Ghost rider lyrics

Machine! Open fire, Smith and Wesson kills Firebreathing ... Engines overheat Rock and rolling lawman Without soul!

Jon Bon Jovi - You really got me now lyrics

a knife out to a gunfight And you're shouting that I'm dead ... My old friends Smith and Wesson Think you're in over your

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Un love lyrics

to load her chamber, Hot and tight like a black leather ... s so particular, she likes a Smith and Wesson or Colt. But she

Lil' Phat - 85 cutlass lyrics

who u with An I don't give a lil fuk about what u did (Nigga) ... o this The hit I'm bout to stand over public shit Yea day ... They want that hit um up and stand over em in public shit

Five Finger Death Punch - The pride lyrics

heyy yaaa Johnny Cash And PBR Jack Daniels Nascar ... Myspace IPod Bill Gates Smith and Wesson NRA Firewater ... to the pride Disneyland White House JFK And Mickey

Razor - Life sentence lyrics

Smith and Wesson tried to tell him "put ... His heart was torn away, and burning deep inside He knew ... was sound His soul was cold and blackened, channelled through

Almost Kings - Bang loud lyrics

to stop the bitchin And im itching to pop the ... a lesson So that pressin a smith and wesson Aint nothing in ... Its on Rearranging and banging drums Occasionally

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Locotes lyrics

or they’ll carry ya Off and burry ya in the eastside area ... 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 The thievery don’nt stop ... gat But shit’s getting deep and I gotta Blast back to

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Steel magnolia (feat. barron ricks) lyrics

short niggaz Joe Pesci and all that shit like this yo ... nigga with aggresion, Smith and Wesson, in his possession ... for presidents Across 110th, to 55th My covenant is

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - Mans beast friend lyrics

samples (repeat 2X) *1 and *2, *3 and *4 simultaneously] ... a quick lesson, about your Smith and Wesson Sit your ass back ... flexin Cause if you run up and try to play mine I'd rather

Linda Ronstadt - Carmelita lyrics

mariachi static on my radio And the tubes they glow in the ... dark And I'm there with you in ... Ensenada And I'm here in Echo Park ... I think I'm sinking down And I'm all strung out on heroin

Andre Nickatina - Purrfect storm lyrics

Storm -Andre Nickatina man you can ... wit the tiger prawns and like to buy anything that my ... im at i give a gun to the hands of time so i can shoot out ... even find time just to sit and write raps you livin like

Phora - No other way lyrics

have in this world is my boss and my word, and I don't break ... I'm dead to you niggas. Smith and Wesson aimed at my head, ... position smart, soldier. And if you were smart you would

Slaughter - Old man lyrics

of the road A cowboy hat and them pointed toes He said, ... time Could have bought this land for damn near a dime (Right ... leaned against his truck And ya better hear me out or you

Boondox - Sleep stalker lyrics

I hear them talking to me and the demons stalkin me running ... in between my thoughts and dreams I think they haunting ... Wake up in the woods with a Smith and Wesson buck naked countin

Brad Paisley - Cornography lyrics

she may not). A former love and a woman of questionable ... they walked into the saloon and asked for Miss Kitty. And ... You lookin' for these." And the littlest cowboy turned

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Justin bieber vs ludwig van beethoven lyrics

my voice is incredible and your music is terrible who ... even Elise want to do me and now that you're right next to ... me, I can understand why they used the dog to play

Exodus - Class dismissed (a hate primer) lyrics

rejection You'll die for it, and I'll die for thee The ... dissertation has begun Pomp and circumstance replaced by ... rejection You'll die for it, and I'll die for thee Hate

Guru - Back 2 back lyrics

hold the tec With the left hand, wristband, shit man Bout 26 ... grand, Brook to the L-Y-N Duke you ... throw shit Always bought and sold shit, dirty down low

Hed Pe - Game over lyrics

Vicious in '78 I wake up handcuffed But i'm doing it &amp ... s why i smoke when i wake up And stay so high Nobody wants to ... soldiers die Nobody understands the muslims eye Everybody

Jesse Rutherford - Listen better lyrics

love me once they meet me and I'm hotter than the sun ... I was posing for the cameras and the lenses. I would never ... that forever is an endless And even though these things make

Vybz Kartel - Million by a morning lyrics

INTRO:] How mi and dan nuh have nuh cash, weh ... p**** deh Tell smith and wesson send back mi money cah Mi ... Tired fi hear mi madda and mi baby dem bawlin Mi waan

Vybz Kartel - Million dollar by a morning lyrics

INTRO:] How mi and dan nuh have nuh cash, weh ... p**** deh Tell smith and wesson send back mi money cah Mi ... Tired fi hear mi madda and mi baby dem bawlin Mi waan

Vybz Kartel - Send fi di magazine lyrics

Mr. Palmer nuh do speech and drama One don man a f*** up ... nuh riddle a nuh fable Mi and mi gun use to rock inna di ... nuh adverstise like Guiness and Red Label Bwoy life disable

Vybz Kartel - Weh dat fah lyrics

fah? ! Stop watch mi tattoo and stop watch Delia [Verse 1: ... TUN ON! Mi bring him a Gaza and show him all type a strap ... bring mi pon di Gully side and show mi barbershop [Chorus

L7 - Packin a rod lyrics

m all f***ed up and i'm mad as hell Violate ... your daughter And your son as well I don't ... I'm packin' a rod, baby And it's all for you GUNS

Nipsey Hussle - We gangbangin lyrics

every time I go to sleep, And every time I take a step up ... I still chipped the nigga and walk off with a grin, My kids ... ll work ya, Over kill ya, And fill yo ass up with 100

2pac lyrics2pac - Starin' through my rear view lyrics

staring I will never understand this society, first they try ... your heart for a plan and we turnin Bad Boys to grown ... Roll a perfect blunt, and let me spark it for ya One

2pac lyrics2pac - Staring thtough my rear view lyrics

staring I will never understand this society, first they try ... search your heart for a plan and we turnin Bad Boys to grown ... Roll a perfect blunt, and let me spark it for ya One

Snowgoons - Casualties of war (ft.smif n wessun & respect.. lyrics

Haul em off, all my dogs bark and bite kid, call em off Call ... Kevlars, camouflage, Smith and Wesson on the chron Timb ... a casualty of war We salute and stand firm ready to get it on

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - (goin' all out) nothin' to lose lyrics

night, right Pigs comin up and shinin the bright light ... behind your badge, your gun and ride Billy club show me no ... think you above all the fuss and the locs is rushin in too

21 Savage lyrics21 Savage - Picky lyrics

so motherf***ing picky Thousand dollars on Giuseppe's You ... you stepping I'm young, dumb and I'm reckless Eighty thousand ... nigga The money come first and these bitches last nigga I

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Big shiny nine lyrics

big black shiny nine Sticks and stones Skeleton bones ... Enough to make the dead jump and run Encyclopedia ain't got ... my big black shiny nine Nuts and bolts Smith and Wesson and

Bone Thugs N' Harmony - Lil eazy-e feat. bone thugs n' harmony - this.. lyrics

Krayzie Bone - Lil Eazy E:] God Bless These ... {Nigga This Aint A Game} [Lil Eazy E:] Little Eazy, Young ... Casket Drop, (In South) Block And I Got That Key Straight

Caskey - Lost outro lyrics

2 here strung on my right And ever since I lost you pops I ... don't write And that was like 09 but every ... me, nobody come to visit And visually I’m sustained, by

Outlawz - Smash lyrics

My feet stuck to the ground And ain't shit that move me Dog, ... I'm heavy bound And I done seen niggaz get ... the trunk Let's throw some hands up Now how many real niggaz

R-truth - What's up lyrics

up Stand up and say whats up Whats up [x5] ... there what's up Feel me, stand up and say whats up Whats up ... s up [x8] I be skippin' and jumpin' ! Leavin' the

Raz Simone - The introduction (& sam lachow) lyrics

Retail rehab, shoppin' and coppin' new golds Knockin' ... I was still used to the curb and shit All the D Boys ... he was sleepin' in his Grandpa's bed I would've killed e

Trick Daddy - Boy lyrics

we ain't gone let 'cha boy And if my money ain't right you ... rob a lot like a Texas boy And if ya aint Slip-N-Slide I'll ... boy You know a nigga keep a Smith and Wesson boy I don't mean

Eazy E - Real muthaf***in g's lyrics

here's another proper track and it's phat, watch the sniper, ... time to pay the piper and let that real shit provoke, ... so you's a wanna be 'loc and you'll get smoked and i hope

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