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Like The Dey In Morning By Chaka Demus lyrics

Browse for Like The Dey In Morning By Chaka Demus song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Like The Dey In Morning By Chaka Demus lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Like The Dey In Morning By Chaka Demus.

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Juanita Bynum - Like the dew lyrics

the dew in the morning gently rest upon my heart Like the dew in the morning May ... reign, move, yes, rest Like the dew in the morning ... gently rest upon my heart Like the dew in the morning May

Sophie B. Hawkins - Your tongue like the sun in my mouth lyrics

met a woman from another time I couldn't think But ... a drink from her eyes Was like water to wine She wet my ... dreams with her distinctive mind I search the desert for a

Nemesea - Like the air lyrics

She tries to survive Trying hard to run But she fails ... to hide Everyday She's blinded by her pain And she thinks The solution is to become ... just like the air Soon she will be gone

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - In like the rose lyrics

like the rose that grows in your soul, out of time now ... you're out for more In like the stone that forms in your ... on a wire to see your star shine I'm on a wire to see your

Electrovamp - I don't like the vibe in the v.i.p lyrics

don’t like the vibe in the vip Ooooh ooooh I don’t like the vibe in the vip Ooooh ... ooooh If you like my lipstick; kiss it Blink ... miss it Cause I’m fit to loving it Risk it for a biscuit

George Jones - The love in your eyes lyrics

ve seen the rockies bloom in the springtime The bright scenes ... and gold And I've seen the moonlight dance on the ocean ... Like a silver balet that unfolds

Jamie T - Chaka demus lyrics

lot of people round here lost the whites in their eyes. I see the lust inside your heart, so ... why don't you go touch the sky. Think with their ... a gut, Draft if you leave the door open might encourage

Laura Mvula - Like the morning dew lyrics

love is like the morning clouds Like the morning ... that goes away Our love is like the morning lights Like the ... morning dew,that goes away Like morning Nothing lasts but

The Dubliners - The lark in the morning lyrics

lark in the morning she rises off her nest She ... goes home in the evening with the dew all on her breast And like the jolly ploughboy she ... whistles and she sings She goes home in the evening with the dew all on her wings Oh, Roger the ploughboy

Morning Musume - The manpower!!! (updated) lyrics

ga minagiru (minagiru) Manpower ga ... sa (Yeah) Manpower ga minagiru (minagiru) Manpower ga ... de shanto kazasu saishin no yume wa Hatsukoi no kisu ... Homo sapiens Manpower ga minagiru (minagiru) Manpower ga

Morning Musume - The peace! (updated) lyrics

hora yukou ze Sou da minna yukou ze Saa hora utaou ... ze Sou da minna utaou ze Ho hora chikaou ... ze Sou da minna chikaou ze Saa hora ai ... scream, imi nai kedo Konbini ga suki hahahaha Hisaburi

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The river in the pines lyrics

Mary was a maiden When the birds began to sing She was ... sweeter than the blooming rose So early in the spring ... were gay and happy And the morning gay and fine For her lover

Dan Fogelberg - The first christmas morning lyrics

in the east shines a star in the sky That leads us to where ... He is born And bearing good tidings and gifts we ... Him on this first Christmas morning To Him on this first

Masters Of Reality - The moon in your pocket lyrics

When a dime won't buy time of the day You can push you can ... pull you can knock it Let the tide take your troubles away ... When you're pulled by the tide of the morning When

Willie Nelson - You look like the devil lyrics

look like the devil in the morning 'Cause you've been out a ... working through the night Holdin' hands and kissin' everybody I'm glad to say ... that you can blow my mind You look like the devil

Ben Rector - Like the world is going to end lyrics

we found out that the world was gonna end on ... Tuesday morning What would everybody do It ... s funny how the thought of that can make ... something real important And a lot of

The Gathering - In sickness and health lyrics

of this world persists The cold wind speaks for our lost ... Whispering words, weaving worlds Her time has come, ... a dream With a view held within his mind The tears for his

Abba lyricsAbba - The day before you came lyrics

because I always do My train, I'm certain, left the ... it was due I must have read the morning paper going into town ... And having gotten through the editorial, no doubt I must

Louden Swain - Like the heart goes lyrics

s so inviting first thing in the morning I'm as equally ... frightened by the end of the day I got sand in my pockets ... It kinda weighs me down But I'm ... Smoke fills my belly, a drink in my lungs Well I may not

Saves The Day - The last lie i told lyrics

m in a parking lot by myself It's quarter to nine ... and I've been here since 5:45 Oh, there's no one ... but I can see some flickering lights I can hear some dogs

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Like a jet lyrics

the line in the starting position No turning back ... got no time to waste; I’m moving I’ll get you any way that I ... can. (Chorus:) I’m coming through like a freight train

Meat Loaf - Like a rose lyrics

better pray she took her morning medication Or you might ... have to pick her up at the police station Coz if there ... s trouble in this town, you know she's

Murder By Death - The devil in mexico lyrics

ll take two shots," said the Devil to the man And laid a ... little book on the bar Well lord knows the ... only talks shit And only drinks whiskey from the jar And

Absentia - The end of the line lyrics

fades when the morning sun is here again Today is ... just like another yesterday To forget and ... fulfill like the light in your eyes Deep in your eyes ... Forgotten words end everything I once knew Forgotten words

Bi Rain - The best present (prod. by psy) lyrics

saramdeureun naege malhae byeolboril eopdago keuttae ... utneun neo.ui moseube weding deureseu boda deo hayan neo ... ne beonjjae sonkarage kkiwojin banji wihae yeongwoneul

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - The man in me lyrics

man in me will do nearly any task ... As for compensation, there's a little he will ask ... Take a woman like you To get through to the ... man in me. Storm clouds are raging all around my door I think

Chava Alberstein - Like a herb in spring כמו עשב בניסן lyrics

נקשר בך הלחן הידוע שזימרתי עצומת עיניים תמצא אותי בנוף אחד צנוע ברצועה של ארץ ושמיים יום אל יום נוסע ליל בליל שוקע רק שירנו בערשם עד מחר שוב נתחדש אפשר שנתא...

Daniel Schuhmacher - Like a song in your head lyrics

cool I know your private thinking That it ain't all that ... That we're doing good But I got news for you ... It's goona hit you like a heart attack You might be

Lily Kershaw - Like the sun lyrics

t hold me like I'm going Don't look at me like I'm ... comes down to it We're all going like the sun There is no ... when it all comes down to it In this silly world and it's

Blondie - The hunter gets captured by the game lyrics

brings change And the world puts on a new face ... Certain things rearrange And this whole ... world seems like a new face Secretly I've ... been tailing you Like a fox that preys on a rabbit

Drakkar - The next generation lyrics

to what you've created We're the sons of your Madness and ... cannot be sedated We're the Next Generation of men ... t escape [Chorus:] No feelings We're perfect We're

Jake Owen - The bad in me lyrics

look like an angel with your head in the clouds you woke me up this morning with your fooling around, at ... cause girl it feels so good the way you bring out the bad in

The Afters - The way you are lyrics

You came I was just the same As everybody else ... Whoever saw the light and turned away You ... love me now You loved me then And every now and then You

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ashen like love, and black like the snow lyrics

are ashen like love; you are black like the ... snow You are drunken like God, making angels in snow ... You are Mary confined, you are roses entwined I ... am Jesus uncrowned, with the thorns of our time My

Disneymania - The siamese cat song by b5 lyrics

are former residents of Siam There are no finer cats than I am ... We are Siamese with very dainty claws Please observing ... paws containing dainty claws Now we're lookin'

Disneymania - The siamese cat song by hilary duff & haylie .. lyrics

are former residents of Siam There are no finer cats than i am ... We are Siamese with very dainty claws Please observing ... paws containing dainty claws Now we're lookin'

Down By Law - The last brigade lyrics

t want to overthrow the day there's got to be a better way ... to close my eyes now wish the world would go away this is the last brigade the world ... looked into our eyes and gave us

The Mission - The light that pours from you lyrics

still remember the very first kiss And the ... blood on the sheets And like the stars that shoot through the ... night We crash and burn in the heat. There's never any

Plushgun - The dark in you lyrics

saw you playing at the pill arcade it was a downer ... day, not like yesterday on roofs we sang ... sad melodies and in the slow decay, the showers came ... every touch I made Melted the bony marrow of our masquerade

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - The power of love (by frankie goes to hollywo.. lyrics

are like angels They keep bad at bay Love is the ... light Scaring darkness away-yeah I´m so in love with you Make love your ... goal The power of love A force from

Blackfield - The hole in me lyrics

hole in me I cannot reach The one who bleeds Please set ... him free The hole in me The hole in me That no-one sees ... The hole too deep Inside of me What have I done

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

through the ashes to fight for the ... legions of hell Blinded by madness in fire and death I ... and I need it to live Need the steel. It's the key to the ... it to lead Never kneel. I'm the only king you'll need IN THE NIGHT. Bounded by leather IN THE NIGHT. Surroun

Drive-by Truckers - The weakest man lyrics

s a shame for you to do me the way you did babe Making me ... you right beside me You ruined me for everyone but you It ... s easy to love a thing so warm and soothing That

Ben Harper - The woman in you lyrics

I heard you say amen this morning, showing some kind of sign ... from your tongue without warning or just another trick to ... hear you say that you believe in angels? I guess I bring the

Levellers - The last days of winter lyrics

spy with my little eye The sun shining brightly The ... clouds rolling by The last days of winter Now seem ... so far away And everything looks green When it used to

Day6 - 태양처럼 (like the sun) lyrics

nan Dodododododo neo eobsin mossal geot gata baby ... you jeo taeyangcheoreom baby hwanhan misoro nae mameul ... jeo taeyangcheoreom baby hwanhage naui harureul

Dissolving Of Prodigy - The torment in blind eyes lyrics

the wind itself from old myth sweped the dust away, In a sleep of a ... beauty frigg caused the fear. Ah worried, worried is ... Balde's mother, So worried, that even the

Evan And Jaron - Like the rain lyrics

never smile The way you used to do I see you ... trying But it's just not you What ... wrong And what is right Marvin said he tried He just couldn ... t get through Maybe it's a line He's just not used to What

Exid - Like the seasons lyrics

nae gyeote nega igireul like the rain fallsnow fall ... tteoollida jamdeulgi jeone baby everyday nan haengbokhae ... nae gyeote nega igireul like the rain fallsnowfall

Freak Morice - The story of us by taylor swift lyrics

used to think one day we'd tell the story ... of us How we met and the sparks flew instantly People ... would say they're the lucky ones I used to know ... next to you Now I'm searching the room for an empty seat

Kamelot (usa) - Like the shadows lyrics

the shadows cover me Rising from my ecstasy... In a ... quiet childhood I recall a mother's smile Nothing needs to be ... understood, I am free In the deep of a distant forest I

Like Moths To Flames - The worst in me lyrics

you live with your life Knowing all this time/that I was ... right You finally don't belong So if we're ... done here I think you should bit your tongue ... I'm sick of watching you come undone How can you

Mandalaband - Like the wind lyrics

the wind hovering high Like the clouds drifting by We can ... can fly Freedom lies beyond the boundless sky Like the wind, ... like the wind We shall fly, far away

Loreena Mckennitt - The seasons lyrics

d have you give attention To these few lines I'm about to ... write here Tis of the four seasons of the year that ... I shall mention The beauty of all things doth

Miss Li - The boy in the fancy suit lyrics

buy me drinks, You tell me things I let you think you are a ... prince And I'm your maid that ... you well And I know you think that you'll get laid Oh no ... you, Think you're cute In your halfexpensive fancy looking suit How you try to amuse

Punk Goes... - The power of love by the early november (huey.. lyrics

of love is a curious thing Makes a one man weep, and ... another man sing Change a hawk to a little ... white dove More than a feeling, it's the power of love

Running Wild - By the blood in your heart lyrics

is hard, to get it right it ain't easy Desperation's in your ... so bang your head and feel the music Well it's time about ... shout it out, your fist is rising Your heart is pounding with

Rush - The stars look down lyrics

the fly on the wheel, who says, "What ... a lot of dust we're raising." Are you under the ... part of this scheme? Seems like a lifetime ago You could

Saint Etienne - Like the swallow lyrics

s like the swallow that flies so high. ... She's like the river that never runs dry. ... She's like the sunshine on the lea-shore, I love my love, ... pillow for her head. She's like the sunshine on the lea-shore

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - The beatles - in my life (covered by ed sheer.. lyrics

some have gone and some remain all these places had their ... some are dead and some are living in my life I've loved them ... all But of all these friends and lovers there

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