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Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - Like smoke (ft. nas) lyrics

Chorus: Amy Winehouse] I never wanted ... you to be my man I just need your company ... Don't want to get dependent on Your ... you spend it on Or lose the way you love me Like smoke I

Lucky Boys Confusion - Like rats from a sinking ship lyrics

try to jettison now This has gone, this has gone as far as i can allow This ships been ... sinking with you at the helm Straight to hell, ... straight to hell, take a bow straight to hell The waters red now bring in the sharks Circling, circling look

Hall & Oates - Fading away lyrics

to get Whenever our lives met Like smoke from a cigarette It's fading away (Fading away) Fading ... away It hurts me to think about Those times when there was no doubt Like a cloud, when

Louden Swain - Cigarette lyrics

your last cigarette The ashtray has no regrets You can’t take it with you Have a glass ... of chardonnay Make it last for the day You can’t take ... it with you Don’t swallow before you chew With

Jonny Craig - Bottled up like smoke lyrics

can still feel her From distances and miles away Galaxies and dimensions and cosmic aspirations Are you ready? C'mon. ... So she wants to make me pay I am expected to lead the way Baby, I'm on the case

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Smoke (feat. trey songz) lyrics

pull the fire alarm, girl, where you from? Cause you got this club on fire and outside I bet all they ... smell is smoke (All they smell is smoke) The way your body roll I'ma lose

Brooks Elkie - Black smoke from the calumet lyrics

happened to the children of the ... dove Did the flowers fade, was it a game they played Did ... just grow tired of love Was the pressure too great, they ... learned to hate Watching their martyrs die, who

Gorgon City - Smoke lyrics

lift the smoke from my eyes Let's see the sun in ... the sky Cause I've been wasting the time When you've ... by my side Come lift the smoke from my eyes Let's see the

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Rise like smoke lyrics

m a go hardcore what I believe in And NO! - I'm ... not gonna slow down! They try tell me ... what it is what I can or can't be I gotta family that I ... gotta hold down! So I'm gonna

Sabrina Carpenter - Smoke and fire lyrics

oh, our love is running into a burning building Oh, oh, our ... love is scattered ash with a burnt up feeling Feel the heat so we started running You ... know you saw it coming But the memories are still in my mind Burning like smoke and fire Rumors spread like wildfire I held a

Maddie & Tae - Smoke lyrics

know who burned you so bad Left your heart in ashes on ... the ground Made you promises, took 'em ... right back Left you cold and alone, now all you know is the

Kyler England - We rise like smoke lyrics

rise like smoke to the sky Our hearts beat like wings higher and higher Oh ... to see all the little lights Oh to be ... finally reunited We rise like smoke Then fall in slow

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Smoke lyrics

back against this windshield Parked ... out in this Georgia red field This is where we ... kisses on the hood of that Tacoma We were seventeen, going ... on free and wild She was smoking hot, a whiskey shot,

Gary Allan - Smoke rings in the dark lyrics

I won't make you tell me What I've come to understand You ... re a certain kind of woman and I'm a different kind of man ... I've tried to make you love me You're tried to

Gamma Ray - From the ashes lyrics

the time is here again I'm calling you my friends From ... the ashes we must rise And it's been for much too long ... Now that everything went wrong Like

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Bounce like this [from "the longest yard" sou.. lyrics

Verse] Chinchilla to the floor Ciggarella full ... White Benz double doors I can change color though Blue ... Ferrari red Bent Black truck on 24's Several

Pellek - Friend like me (from aladdin) lyrics

Ali Baba had them forty thieves Scheherazade had a thousand tales But ... master, you in luck 'cause up your sleeves You got a ... brand of magic never fails You got some power in

Deliverance ( Usa ) - From the beginning lyrics

brooding darkness enveloped in the sky ... The Spirit moved on the water still Black lay upon the ... face of the deep Shaping of the hemispheres formed ... by the will A blowing in the air, new thought engaged Speak

I Killed The Prom Queen - Like nails to a casket lyrics

many times searching for mercy without ... forever holding doubt Under masks of false comfort you wear ... so proud And when the walls tear down The shell ... exposed must head for the shadows These bridges still

Musiq Soulchild - Like the sun lyrics

ey, ey Out of all the other girls I've ever had You showed me that you could ... the one I'm missing People talking saying that you and me ... wouldn't last But thankfully our hearts don't have

Willie Nelson - Smoke smoke smoke that cigarette lyrics

Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette! (Tex Williams) Now I ... m a feller with a heart of gold And the ways of a ... gentleman I've been told The kind of ... guy that wouldn't even harm a flea But if me and a certain character met The guy that invented the cigarette I'd

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - Cigarette smoke lyrics

out the way, mister With your short sharp tips No, I won't read your ... lips right now And baby, hey You send a shiver ... down my spine But do you read my mind Do you... And you

Karmia - Cigarette lyrics

still smoke the same brand It makes me feel that you are here I still think of ... the days we spent together I still ... carry the memory of that spring inside my heart

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Smoke clouds lyrics

no further than the fathers who go further than they ... we're surrounded by the scars behind their hoods And ... who is gonna teach them wrong from right? Who's gonna tell them

Emil Bulls - Cigarette scars lyrics

s gone astray he f***ed it up Disgraced, ... stigmatized Here he comes The protagonist of my life He's the ... singer baby Oh god He's the winner baby Supposed to be a sinner baby The protagonist of my life

K.d. Lang - Smoke dreams lyrics

dreams From smoke rings While a cigarette ... burns I keep yearning for you Through smoke ... dreams From smoke rings That old feeling returns Can’t ... believe that we’re through I try to

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - Cigarette smoker fiona lyrics

at the side of the pool at one of your houses With ... wet white trousers on And worlds collide as the ... off to the strippers To make up for all the lost time

Cara Salimando - Cigarette smoke lyrics

knew a girl made of cigarette smoke, she wore winter around her like a warm overcoat. And she'd ... write, and she'd smile, and she'd write, and she'd laugh, and the smoke was her

Mydy Rabycad - Cigarette smoke lyrics

s no other reason to live When you cannot ... breath smoke of your life So try to find ... friends you could cry with And bet your feeling for the ... fire Bass keep walkin', heartbeat makin' Bass keep walkin', heartbeat makin' I

Sakura Fujiwara - Cigarette butts lyrics

love I wish we could go back to where we were Right, ... I’m not wrong Who said love is blind? You, baby ... left my room, you won’t look back Door and your heart closed

K.d. Lang - Deep in a dream lyrics

dim all the lights And I sink in my chair The smoke from my cigarette Climbs ... through the air The walls in my room Fade away in a ... gloom And I’m deep in a dream of you Smoke makes a stairway For you to descend You

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Deep in a dream lyrics

dim all the lights and I sink in my chair. The smoke from my cigarette climbs ... through the air. The walls of my room fade away in ... the blue, And I'm deep in a dream of you. The smoke makes a stairway for you to

Nina Hagen - Deep in a dream lyrics

dim all the lights and I sink in my chair. The smoke from my cigarette climbs ... through the air. The walls of my room fade away in ... the blue, And I'm deep in a dream of you. The smoke makes a stairway for you to

Rizzle Kicks - Miss cigarette lyrics

Miss Illusion, Mmm yeah I love it when my lips are ... on her, There's a spark in our relationship I plant ... a kiss upon her, I f*ck around too much and there's a

Elliott Smith - Condor ave lyrics

took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue and she ... locked the car and slipped past into rythmic queitude ... lights burning voice dry and hoarse i threw the screen

Flunk - Cigarette burns lyrics

day you're gonna ride ahead of yours That day you're ... gonna rise above of the occasion Hurt - you know it comes ... like this, it goes like this Hurt - you know it goes

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - I just wait lyrics

Just Wait lyrics Through the smoke ... from my cigarette, I see you clearly, ... The twinkling in your eyes makes me wonder if I’m dead or alive, And I, I just wait.

Pursuit Of Happiness - Cigarette dangles lyrics

dangles - makes me hard Kidnap me throw me in the back of ... your car Take me to your room where the ... flowers hang like bats Poison me with liquor then ... break out the party hats Kiss me till you hurt me,

Dan Black - Cigarette pack lyrics

me well But there's things that you can't give Coco, I have ... go I've got these things that I must live I must live ... I'm gonna change this world Man, I got a

Adele lyricsAdele - Fool that i am (etta james cover) lyrics

that I am for falling in love with you And ... fool that I am for thinking you loved me ... too You took my heart then played the part of ... little coquette And my dreams just disappeared like the smoke from a cigarette Fool that I am for hoping you'd

Laura Bell Bundy - Cigarette lyrics

stayed lonely, shoulda stayed bored and broken I shoulda been alright, just for the ... night But this noise in my head on my cold empty bed Makes ... me need somethin to pass the time Damn this old weakness, the first taste of

Etta James - Fool that i am lyrics

that I am, For falling in love with you. And a ... fool that I am, For thinking you loved me, ... too. You took my heart, Then played the part of ... little coquette. And, all my dreams just disappeared

Idlewild - As if i hadn't slept lyrics

s always 3am in your world, so I'm ... drinking this as if I hadn't slept, telling stories ... them self, you didn't even hear them, our thoughts are ... somewhere else, As long as I go somewhere we'll see

Madeline Juno - Like lovers do lyrics

yourself to me like somebody to love Or tell me ... oh yeah Maybe I'm out of my mind again and I'mma be naiv Maybe I'm in ... over my head again but I saw you in my sleep I've died

Ksi - Smoke and mirrors lyrics

at myself, I see my face In blurry visions everyday ... Smoke 'n' mirrors Blind me from the way Smoke 'n' mirrors ... Blind me from the way I see your hidden agenda

Simeon Soul Charger - Cigarette lyrics

t think before I spill I'm likely to get slaughtered And ... you seem like a good time I can see it now ... The love drips down your face And you seem like a good

Amber Run - Spark lyrics

it's the spark and then it's the flame Then ... it's swinging around round lampposts in the rain Well then ... it's that feeling that you, you just can't shake

Andre Nickatina - Smoke dope weed raps lyrics

smoke chewy like a mothaf***in nut You got a gram bag ... hit the zags and roll her up 'cause a nigga like me can't fake it when I'm ... red eyes Jump in the Cutlass with the niggas from the

Collie Buddz - Smoke the weed feat. snoop lion lyrics

Hook) Smoke the weed, everyday Don’t smoke the seeds , no ... way Smoke the weed, Smoke the weed (Verse) Sugar ... generation Young boys and girls Be careful of the

Nerina Pallot - Cigarette lyrics

How I want you But no one can know ... Cigarette How I love you But I ... let you go Like the vodka and the quarter of whiskey ... soon But time is fleeting And I am wasted Howling at

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Smoke the weed (featuring collie buddz) lyrics

Hook:] Smoke the weed, everyday Don't smoke the seeds, no way Smoke the weed, Smoke the ... weed [Verse 1:] Sugar generation Young boys and ... girls Be careful of the seeds you show

Snoop Lion - Smoke the weed lyrics

the weed, everyday Don’t smoke the seeds , no way Smoke ... the weed, Smoke the weed Sugar generation ... Young boys and girls Be careful of the seeds you show

Juicy J - Smoke dat weed lyrics

Juicy J] Yeah, we high as a junt up in this motherf***er ... m drinkin some fruit punch; that's belvedere vodka and cranberry juice YouknowwhatI'msayin? The engineer high,

Krayzie Bone - Smoke & burn lyrics

Chorus 1: Up in Clouds (Krayzie Bone)] And burn Cause ... you want to smoke and burn (Lost in the smoke of ... mighty reefer) Beauty surrounds me Do what you

Laura Branigan - Smoke screan lyrics

me You're on the rebound and you don't wanna get hurt again I know you're fallin' but ... you don't want to let me know You think ... it's safer not to let it show You

Raury - Cigarette song lyrics

Verse 1] I shared my cigarette with her, yeah I f***ed ... her every Wednesday evening, evening Why do you ... always use that word, yeah When you don't even know

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Smoke and mirrors lyrics

I was a boy, all the books I read I ... followed like a blind man To heed the words my father ... siad Those golden summers faded into night, words become a ... dream The echoes of my childhood and where the path is winding

Codeine - Cigarette machine lyrics

heave doubt From a little old dragon's mouth ... Split lip and split tongue Finally, ... cross-eyed She stands next to the cigarette machine This device has got it

Creel Commission - Cigarette lyrics

know that you're tired and feeling alone Wrapped in a ... ball with the plug from the phone Lying in bed with a cigarette All of the ... flowers have died in the vase All that we are will remain in the past It's

Kim Mitchell - Big smoke lyrics

smoke, built for speed and comfort Great lines, nice ... foof du jour Man best be loosen' up his tie ... Big Smoke eating maraschino cherries You feel her

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