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Like A Their In The Night lyrics

Browse for Like A Their In The Night song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Like A Their In The Night lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Like A Their In The Night.

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Eagles Of Death Metal - I like to move in the night lyrics

like to move, yes I move in the night You know I mellow down ... easy; yes it is a sight I like to stroll, yes I take my time ... & when them woman start dancing... Got to make them mine You know we move,

Ace Frehley - In the night lyrics

a.m. On a downtown street There on the corner two strangers ... meet, In the night And then until the daybreak They're ... gonna love and before the light A heart may break, there in the night Look in the

Kiss - Thief in the night lyrics

off in the distance, a shape in the night, alright On a ... mission of mercy, if the price is right He tries to ... possess her and she bites It's a ritual

Leeland - Thief in the night lyrics

is Your love and Your faithfulness It's Your faithfulness that carries me Many times I've run away ... Forsook Your love and all Your grace Still You call

Dead Calm - Thief in the night lyrics

see you in my darkest dreams Coagulating thoughts and ... silent screams My eyes cast the unseen I await you on this ... rainy night I darken your path you're in my sights My rabid thoughts so obscene I

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

through the ashes to fight for the legions ... of hell Blinded by madness in fire and death I dwell ... Need to heal. My religion is blood and I ... need it to live Need the steel. It's the key to the

Freedom Call - Flame in the night lyrics

call your name and I wonder why I should die ... to be free Will I ever get a chance to try Turning back the wheels of time Back to the dawn of my days Send me a

Autograph - In the night lyrics

sits alone, just starin' at the telephone Another night she ... waits, for her imaginary date The same old story's got ... her in a trance Just like her books of Harlequin romance Ohh In the night

Pretty Maids - A place in the night lyrics

the night life see the creatures of the street charming ... ladies dressed to kill Movin' on to get a deal for the night Out in the dark the fire

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Thief in the night lyrics

were the one Me and you, we got something ... strong But even I can tell when somethings going ... on You see my best friend and you ain't being straight ... You two been hanging out while I been working late And last night when we all

Afterschool - In the night sky lyrics

It's brave sound After school I don't wanna ... love I don't wanna love I don't wanna love don ... t wanna love you again Siltago hal tten onjego Ijewa jakku nege weire weire Baby

Covenant - In the night lyrics

want to feel something tonight I want to feel something ... tonight I want to feel something tonight ... I want to feel something

Rachel Macwhirter - Lantern in the night lyrics

saw the end. I saw the ending at the start. Though I ... never said a word aloud, I knew it in my heart. ... All I ever wanted was to make the smiles real. I

Ryan Dolan - In the night (cover) lyrics

alone she was living In a world without an end or beginning Babygirl was living life ... for the feeling But I don't mind, I don't mind And all the ... wrongs she committed She was numb and she was so co

Aurora - In the night (cover) lyrics

alone she was living In a world without an end or beginning Little girl was living ... life for the feeling But I don't mind, I don't mind And all the wrongs she

Capital Sound - In the night lyrics

the night Gotta make it right In the night ... Gotta feel your love babe In the night Gotta make it ... right In the night Gotta feel your love babe Move

Famous Last Words - The dark you fear in the night lyrics

said darling it'll be okay We'll figure out this situation don't worry. What?! ... Don't patronize me with those ... condescending words you spew Your point

Sacred Warrior - In the night lyrics

you feel lonely you can count on me No, you`re not the only one who feels this way ... It`s been a long time since we`ve had anything to say ... Tell me now, will it always be this way ? You`ve got

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - In the night lyrics

alone she was living In a world without an end or beginning Babygirl was living life ... for the feeling But I don't mind, I don't mind And all the ... wrongs she committed She was numb and she was so co

Cranes - In the night lyrics

tears fall in the night as we melt away and only angels did weep as we fall away hold my hand as we fall I ... ll love you anyway kiss me just once again and i'll be on my

Helloween lyricsHelloween - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide help me ... through! In the night I call your name You're the ... light in times of shame! The songs I sing All my love I

Michael Kiske - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide, help me ... through In the night I call your name! You're the ... light in times of shame The songs I sing, all my love I

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - In the open lyrics

Verse 1:] We stayed up waiting for the morning Beneath the ... full Moon on the snow You turned to me before ... you turned to go You said I'm always rushing through the day With my thoughts like

Rock Goddess - In the night lyrics

the Night ...................... ....

Joseph Arthur - In the night lyrics

we live is where we hide 'Cause we can't forgive what's inside We have sweet love (we have sweet love) We have sweet ... love (we have sweet love) Chorus: In the night Voices will fight

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - In the night lyrics

the city, the day is too hot And you're hoping for relief, ... 'cuz your head is filled with pain, But ... you get no relief, 'cuz the night is the same... In the night,

Blackfoot - In the night lyrics

ho, Oh yeah Yeah, I got a woman, oh lord Sweet as she ... can be I?m a workin? man, I work as hard as I can Oh ... you got a hold on me Kind of woman, yes, She can handle her hunk of man She can

The Cataracs - In the night lyrics

....................................... ....................................... ..........................................

Edge Of Attack - In the night lyrics

creeping in the night Fill your head with fear ... Visions of a massacre Fill your eyes with tears Thoughts fly by inside ... your head Searching for a chance To fight or die is your

Sammy Hagar - In the night lyrics

there's so much that you can't see So many things that ... you can be Your in the black, so you can be free So many places you can hide So many things you never tried No

Rob Rock - In the night lyrics

can't believe all the time that passed between our lives ... Just yesterday it was a dream too far to come true I've fallen for the last time, I can ... see the sun it's in your eyes I've waited for a

Shaman - In the night lyrics

the night, realm of dreams Wildness creeps, descending All so quiet, all so still ... Prowling silence in the night In the heights, on the peaks Rainy clouds surrounding

Bauhaus - In the night lyrics

the night, in the chair He sits there, he sits ... tight No more cans, no more crime See the place, see the time You never ... know He walks light, don't know how Maybe now, in the night Oh, I

Mustasch - In the night lyrics

my life I have been told To bow my head in awe Now those days are over ... I refuse to feel small Did you really think This ... game could end up a draw Did you really think you had The arms to win this war

Markus Schulz - In the night (feat. brooke tomlinson) lyrics

you do, does something to me Got me lurking under ... streetlights The love that I lose, whenever you leave ... Has me crossing to the dark side I won't let you go

Burning Point - In the night lyrics

you Better or worse, What will it be in the end? ... Sleepwalking in a daydream Waking up in a middle of a scream And the nightmare closes in Merging two worlds in my mind In the night Memories

Hangar - Like a wind in the sky lyrics

god Give me the power To fight with doubt ... That rounds my mind Tell me what should I do ... To understand The suffering of the spirit In this ... imperfect body Show me the way I must follow To reach the sky And save my soul When

Night Ranger - Rumours in the air lyrics

to call me By my first name Now you never even call me ... at all Used to say I was your only flame It was so ... simple I believed it all Now I hear You've got a

A Sound Of Thunder - The night witch lyrics

night witch lives alone outside of town You can ... hear her calling children in the night And when their parents ... wake They find their children gone in the light

Axehammer - The dragons fly lyrics

a shadow in the night Looking for the morning light, to appear With the sunrise comes the beast Spreading pestilence and death The dragon feasts

Little River Band - The night owls lyrics

s a bar right across the street He's got a need he ... just can't beat Out on the floor, he shuffles his feet away He'll get the girl 'cause ... he looks so fine He's gonna win her every time He knows he

Cheap Sex - Fear in the night lyrics

you take this man? In sickness and in health And ... will you love him forever? And will you give him yourself? ... And do you love this woman? Will you treat her right?

Mark Ronson lyricsMark Ronson - The night last night (feat. rose elinor douga.. lyrics

Night When I was sleeping in the night When I was sleeping ... well I died When I was sleeping in the night Last Night And then I went to heaven When

Waltari lyricsWaltari - In the cradle lyrics

know, I feel, I'm the thing moving in the cradle and I'm ... a part of the Frail I know, I feel, I'm the ... thing rocking in the cradle thou I'm a part of the Frail I know, c'mon you friend,

Blitzkrieg - Night stalker lyrics

is the shroud that he wears, Always taking care in the shadows, Searching like a thief in the night, Black hearts learn the meaning of fear. Night Wing comes down, and looks around, he'll be there, He makes them pay, it's his way, he

Axxis - Wind in the night (shalom) lyrics

the name of god people live and die Living bombs made of ... believers The world in war - religions lie It´s like ... opium of the masses Shalom, shalom could this word be

Arthemis - The night of the vampire lyrics

time The candlelight Burns out when the ... clock strikes the midnight It seems to sense From ... everywhere His fury's rushing much too fast He rules the underworld until the night

Battlelore - The green maid lyrics

shades of the elven wood Covers her face ... so pale Those eyes like a stars in the night Her hair like ... a golden flame Gods of wisdom and fortune ... Have blessed her with their gifts no earthly creature can ever reach A beauty like

Exciter - Scream in the night lyrics

can you escape them when they're hiding in the dark The watcher waits in solitude to tear your mind apart Deep within ... your soul they attack you in your dreams Lost in another

Agent Orange - Voices (in the night) lyrics

time - all alone - nowhere to begin it ... seems to me that in the past the darkness was my friend those ... times have changed, i'm now a stranger in a violent place

Bob Marley - Ambush in the night lyrics

ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!) See them fighting for ... power (ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!), But they know not the ... hour (ooh-wee, ooh-wee, ooh-wa!),; So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,

Pinhead Gunpowder - Keeping warm in the night time lyrics

warm in the nighttime Burning hopes and dreams and even ... schemes Seem possible, anything's possible, every thing ... seems so clear When your blood is pumping,

Echosmith - Ran off in the night lyrics

t you come away with me Won't you come away ... [x6] They were made for each other It was love at first ... sight They were caught in the moment It was the end of the

In Strict Confidence - Lost in the night lyrics

world was silent and unaware As a beautiful angel lay dying ... Her agony became too hard to bear She no longer wanted to keep trying All of ... her dreams began falling apart Beginning a dark, treacherous demise Morose sorrow

Bloodbound - Screams in the night lyrics

came from nowhere and took all the children Away in the ... still of the night Morning at sunrise they left with their ... pain Despair calling ready to fight Fallen to

Dream Evil - Heavy metal in the night lyrics

m gonna fight, in the Metal night My guardian angel is my ... sword I hear the call, I see the light I'm gonna give my life ... for my lord The quest is long and the end is

Gamma Ray - Strangers in the night lyrics

lay our souls into your hands and our freedom remains ... we ride on wings of hope and our star will rise again ... Run before you die can't you hear the warning no

Anvil - Fire in the night lyrics

gas from a broken line Chokes the midnight air ... light will ignite So begins the reign of terror Flashing ... fire blazing hot Exploding flames did blow Sleeping innocent unaware Caught inside the inferno Burning On fire

Deathlike Silence - Trapped in the night lyrics

was that noise Off in the dark? Something that's poised ... Waiting to spring And rend her flesh, She is the ... victim. Her cheeks are wet, They taste of salt

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