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Like A Needle In My Vein New Song lyrics

Browse for Like A Needle In My Vein New Song song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Like A Needle In My Vein New Song lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Like A Needle In My Vein New Song.

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Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - You're my flavor lyrics

way you love me Is like a needle in my vein When you're not around me You know it just don ... t feel the same And I've waited a long time Just to feel

Killswitch Engage - My obsession lyrics

s my addiction, withdraws never end The needle in my ... vein that I need to live Her voice is ... compulsion when I call her name Now I am burning inside an

Lunar Path - In the end lyrics

step in the fire. Step in the fire that's been burning ... down your house. See, see all the faces. See all the ... people that's been hurting you in your life. Fight

Peter, Paul And Mary - Riding in my car (car song) lyrics

brm brm brm brm brrrm. Take me riding in the car, car; ... Take me riding in the car, car; Take you riding in the car ... car; I'll take you riding in my car. Click clack, open

Priyanka Chopra - In my city ft. lyrics

I Know you got your own ways I Know you got your own ... life I´m just sayin´g C´mon down to my place ... C´mon make some new friends And tell me what

Herbert Grönemeyer lyricsHerbert Grönemeyer - Airplanes in my head (new version) lyrics

me With your painted smile It's so clear you are not here anymore Your caress a machine's That's so painful to feel I can't tell when ... we started to fall Everything hurts Every move, every

Sophie B. Hawkins - Your tongue like the sun in my mouth lyrics

met a woman from another time I couldn't think ... But a drink from her eyes Was like water to wine She wet my dreams with her distinctive mind I search the desert for a

Drake lyricsDrake - In my bussines(feat gucci mane sean garrett) lyrics

Gucci Mane] I'm so f-cking dumb I wear diamonds on my ... thumbs, There's a diamond on my d-ck so theres a diamond on ... her tongue, I can't feel you baby cos I romantically numb, Emotionally drained I came here just so I can

Lowkey - In my lifetime lyrics

my lifetime I learnt life is suffering And happiness is one thing that ... money doesn't bring In my lifetime, our birth right is ... struggling It must have been, but no matter what I

Rapscallions - In my head lyrics

here I go again Just travelin' When all i want is you ... Just fishin' in these waters Casting anchors, so ... confused Oh whoa oh oh oh I swear I made my

Common - In my own lyrics

"yeah yeah, now check the method&amp ... quot; - extra p from atcq's _keep it Rollin_) * ... cut and scratched 4x by mista sinister Verse one: no i.d.

Belle Stars - Needle in a haystack lyrics

in a haystack, needle in a haystack, needle in a haystack, needle in a haystack Well, well, I ... once believed that all fellas were nice But girls listen

Infant Sorrow - Going up lyrics

water through a drain, I'm spinning down, down, down Like ... the needle in my vein, You're bringing me down, ... down, down Like a dog who's gone insane, You

Russell Brand - Going up lyrics

water through a drain, I'm spinning down, down, ... down Like the needle in my vein, You're bringing me down, ... down, down Like a dog who's gone insane, You

Riot ( Usa ) - Blinded lyrics

I give my true confession Innocent I walk out on the floor ... Finding, all of my oppression Patronizing what ... you think is pure Give me something ... lay my hands upon the door Only my

Crashdïet - Needle in your eye lyrics

say you don't love me Well I ... don't really care about you Cause I'm a gun turret bad boy baby Runnin'high on the fumes ... It's like a ship of destruction Makes me

Elliott Smith - Needle in the hay lyrics

hand on his arm Haystack charm around your neck Strung ... out and thin, callin' some friend Tryin'a cash ... some check He's acting dumb That's what you've

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Needle in the dark lyrics

problems With wisdom comes age With lessons come learning ... And pleasure comes with pain You can only have the ... sunshine after the rain I took a walk It got me

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Needle lyrics

men have tried to save her but all they do is try ... Woke up on a lonely day, she can’t help but wonder ... why? I saw it on her face, she wants to make those

G.b.h. - Needle in a haystack lyrics

once believed, all girls are nice, but listen to me, take my advice. You've gotta ... get yourself on the right track, 'cus finding a good girl, ... Boy, is like finding .. a needle in a haystack, .. .. a needle in a haystack. Those girls

The Who lyricsThe Who - New song lyrics

need a new song I'll set the words up so ... they tear right at your soul Don't take me too ... long But there's a danger that I'll plagiarize something ... old My fingers kill me as I play my guitar 'Cause I

Howard Jones - New song lyrics

ve been waiting for so long To come here ... now and sing this song Don't be fooled by what you ... see Don't be fooled by what you hear This is a song ... to all of my friends They take the challenge to their hearts Challenging preconceived

Shaun Baker - New song 2012shaun baker ft maloy - there's n.. lyrics

Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't ... DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't ... DoShaun Baker Ft Maloy - There's Nothing I Won't

Gfoty - My song lyrics

tan, don't need it Pink, don't feel it Got hair, ... don't want it Bus fare, (hey) he's got it My song ... I'm on it My song, I'm on it My song, get off

Gerald Levert - In my songs lyrics

This is Eddie Levert, I want to thank you all for loving ... and supporting my son throughout his career. He ... had just finished this album when we went to South Africa. And he was extremely

Nuclear Assault - New song lyrics

books is what some people's minds are like Shut tight, new ... ideas, they just always get passed by Prejudice, living in ... their thoughts and deeds Ignoring all the

Lee Ben - New song lyrics

heart it is eternal And my soul it often flies You can ... see it in the evenings soaring through the skies And it takes me close to madness ... Though it never really tries I've crossed a

Kai Wachi - In my blood (ft. uffy lane snyder) lyrics

.. ho Make that ass talk to me while i, ugh All ... these f***in pills up in my system never coming down ... Uffy captain gon be on his grind the f*** you thinking hah hah hah... Hundred clips i

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - My guitar lies bleeding in my arms lyrics

likes company, I like the way that sounds I've been trying to find the meaning, so I can write it down Staring out ... the window, it's such a long way down I'd like to jump, but

Scarface - In my time lyrics

Verse 1] It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining ... Figured it was gon rain today, so i'm in Sit around the ... until the thunder storms slacks off Look at my nightstand

Aura Dione - Song for sophie lyrics

is a song for a girl called Sophie Used to write her ... name on my arm Time has made us strangers And I don't ... know he anymore But I really hope she's made it That

Amanda Seyfried - In my life lyrics

How strange This feeling that my life's begun at last ... This change, Can people really fall in love so fast? What's the matter with you, ... Cosette? Have you been too much on your

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - My sad christmas song lyrics

is my sad Christmas song I've had it stuck in my head ... all day long I wrote it on the car ... on my ride home Cause I knew I'd walk in the door and I'd ... be alone Why'd I even put up that

Avantasia - In my defense lyrics

my defence what is there to say All the mistakes we made ... must be faced today It's not easy now knowing ... where to start While the world we love ... tears itself apart I'm just a singer with a song How can

Bailey Madilyn - In these halls (graduation song) lyrics

me what did you learn all these year? Tell me what are you gonna take away from ... here We spent 4 years growing up together And the time ... the it took felt like forever We spent 4 years racing to this day Now we're wishing that we hadn't Wished all

Earth, Wind & Fire - Song in my heart lyrics

ve gotta song in my heart And a feeling just for you So ... good that, we can't tear apart A love that's positively ... true Can't stop these feelings I got Cause I've been trying to get thru I've gotta song

Freddie Mercury - In my defence lyrics

my defence, what is there to say? All the mistakes we've made must be faced today It's ... not easy now, knowing where to start While the ... world we love tears itself apart I'm just a singer with a

Breakdown Of Sanity - New world lyrics

step into a world A world I have never seen before Where ... the haunt is bagged and love is the core Warm ... lights surrounding my unfrozen mind Time is standing still for a blink of an eye

Beecake - In my arms (all i ever wanted) lyrics

his rooftop She opens his wine He’s drinking alone and ... it’s not the first time He stares at her back and his eyes ... traces that sweet line He feels the chill as it

Bette Midler - In my life lyrics

quot;It's Christmas time. Gonna sing a little song for you. ... " There are places I remember all my life, ... though some have changed. Some forever, not for

Box Car Racer - My first punk song lyrics

s 24 to nothing and I'm at the intersection, waiting ... for the light that's green, waiting for a reason, take them ... all and stack them up, not in my collection, hit them all and watch them fly f*** them all and watch them drown, what

Boxcar Racer - My first punk song lyrics

s 24 to nothing and I'm at the intersection, waiting ... for the light that's green, waiting for a reason, take them ... all and stack them up, not in my collection, hit them all and watch them fly f*** them all and watch them drown, what

Mors Principium Est - In my words lyrics

lyrics by Ville Viljanen and Jori Haukio] Everyday ... comes a time when I feel my arm is broken the ink from my ... pen has ran out I take another pen I start to from

Patti Austin - In my life lyrics

music is sweet But the song incomplete Now in my life, Boy ... in my life Something is missing It's the truth, yes it ... s true Still there's no me and you Here in my life Boy in my life Something is missing

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - In my head lyrics

s the cruelest joke to play I'm so high, i run in place ... Only a line, we separate, so I keep on playing ... our favorite song I turn it up while you're

Dierks Bentley - In my head lyrics

completely disappeared You could be a million ... miles from here You're doin' fine from what I hear Lately I guess you've found you ... re destiny If this is really how it's meant to be Then

Blue System - New york - berlin - paris lyrics

too late to stop her now In her red shoes She believes in fairytales - you cant stop ... the blues Everybody loves that girl - everybody on this ... world Oh, she has it all - she got sex like a dreammachine Everynight shes dancing

So Solid Crew - In my life lyrics

no that's the word Oh no that's the word Never seen never ... heard Never happen never occurred I be ... there givin out my lyrical word Oh no that's the word

Drake lyricsDrake - In my feelings lyrics

Intro: Drake] Trap, TrapMoneyBenny This shit got me in my feelings Gotta be real ... with it, yup [Chorus: Drake] Kiki, do you love me Are ... you riding, say you'll never ever leave

Chamillionaire - In my city mayne lyrics

Mayne, Cannon, Cannon) [Verse - Chamillionaire] Northside, Northside, man I love that Northside Shout ... out to the little Korean lady 'cause she starch my Jeans

Europe - In my time lyrics

found the strength I'm breathing again And I've told myself ... I'm still a lucky man 'Cause when I thought I couldn't ... start anew When it's dark A light shines through In my

Nomy - My nightmare lyrics

face, your face Is haunting me This place, this place ... Is killing me You're still around me ... You're the dream when I sleep Like a song on ... repeat Your voice surrounds me All the things that you said Like a ghost in my head The

Amy Winehouse lyricsAmy Winehouse - In my bed lyrics

I could say it breaks my heart like you did in the beginning Its not that we grew apart ... a nightingale no longer singing Its something i know you

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - In my arms lyrics

gave me all your love in one day You gave it all and almost ... faded away I´m gonna take this sad unread issue In my arms tonight Looking at ... hospitals Victorian Feeling as helpless as the elephant man

Anouk - My shoes lyrics

s here a new day rushing by As I try hard to hold onto the ... light When I feel fine the day is over The saddest thing ... of it all I don't know why I wanna

In Flames - In my room lyrics

in my room I'm behind the wall I'm out of reach I don't ... sympathise Adjusting the level of delusion Feel like you're one of the sane Encoding the white noise Lose my way

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - In my arms lyrics

do you describe a feeling? I've only ever dreamt of ... this. DJ's spinning up my favorite song, hurry up and ... get a grove on. Light fantastic and it wont be long, don

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - In my line of work lyrics

deserve everything Everything that you need And all that ... you long for But I, I'm rarely around Every train feels ... you so much more I must roam Follow the road I've chosen

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - In my head (feat. nicki minaj) lyrics

Derulo Everybody looking for love (whoa) Ain't that ... the reason you're at this club? (whoa) You ain't ... gon' find it dancing with him (No) Got a better

Dj Tiesto - In my memory lyrics

summer, we talked endlessly Always, about everything, ... Fusion, nothing new for you I felt, hey, under and, cool breezes The heavenly Face me, sitting in my memory, Hold me, I remember

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