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Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Like a flower lyrics

- world This is my world I am the queen I'm doing what I ... want Can be really mean I could grow strong And have sharp thorns Go painfully ... through your skin Anytime I want But when I'm small You

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Fading like a flower (every time you leave) lyrics

when the sun descends alone I run a long long way ... from home To find a heart that's made of stone I will ... try, I just need a little time To get your face

Jamie O´neal - Like a woman lyrics

I think about the way it was, When we fell in love. ... were different then Innocent and wide open, Free and beautiful I want to feel like that again But somewhere along

Annika Ljungberg - Flower in my garden lyrics

wanna walk through the fields My naked thouhgts need a shield ... knows if it´s true It´s a painful art Earn the purple heart It´s a painful art But

Katherine Jenkins - A flower tells a story lyrics

Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a ... StoryA Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a ... StoryA Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a StoryA Flower Tells a

Hep Stars - A flower in my garden lyrics

s a flower in my garden where weeds once used to ... grow Now there's laughter in the wind where sadness used to blow I see ... into your eyes I see love and I hope it never dies There

L'arc~en~ciel - Flower lyrics

kizuiteita Gogo no hikari ni mada Boku wa nemutteru ... Omoidori ni naranai shinario wa Tomadoi bakari dakedo ... Kyou mo aenai kara beddo no naka me wo tojite

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - A flower in the desert lyrics

a minute my friend Don't pass me up for dead As Babylon ... crumbles to sand A sweet flower blossoms in my hand Another ... day is ending for you Another day While I’m alive

How Like A Winter - A flower that sears in silence lyrics

see my suffering In this tears, my cruelty My majesty A flower that sears in silence For ... whom Lord loves Vanish Too soon "A flame ... that still burns those candles that don't waste just

Kaipa - A complex work of art lyrics

as the clouds are passing my blue skies I catch a glimpse of heaven in your ... eyes, Now our days they're dancing on the edge And ... through the time And all the years I can sense

Officium Triste - A flower in decay lyrics

scent The smell of flowers in decay So sad The way ... you sit there, rotting away So young With a lot of ... plans and dreams They’re lost Life’s unfair, so it seems All hope is

Lavagance - Like a butterfly lyrics

oh, love is a journey all doors are before me yeah ... oh, love is a journey but when you think ... you know the way it could turn around ... life life is really like a butterfly you can keep it or

Jamie O´neal - Jamie o'neal - like a woman lyrics

I think about the way it was, When we fell in love. ... were different then Innocent and wide open, Free and beautiful I want to feel like that again But somewhere along

Case Studies - Like the sea lyrics

had a dream last night of smashing a stone into another man ... s face. There was nothing of his nose or his ... or his teeth. His blood splashed on my chest. And as I

Daniel Bedingfield - A kiss without commitment lyrics

kiss without commitment's Like a flower without the rain It ... only leads to pain And it fills my heart with ... touch without commitment's Like a calm before the storm The

Big Audio Dynamite - A party lyrics

li-lion, lion's in a jungle Jungle's in a cage ... Tra-tra-trouble, trouble in the homelands Trouble in the homelands ... makes front page Zu-zu-lu come out to play Bongo drums said today

Edenbridge - A moment of time lyrics

yesterday when we were young like a flower in the desert sand so transient the cycle of life ... within a moment of time within a ... while of a years' decline the brightest of

Bedwetters - Like a deck of cards lyrics

the line just in time so all the pieces wouldn't fall, ... They always stall like it's all or nothing But I get the ... feeling that they are stealing from your hand Or so it

2am - Like a fool lyrics

wae mollatneuji Babocheoreom wae guedaereul bonaen geonji Babocheoreom ... deodige ooneun gaseumeh Eeje eejeyah arayo ... Nae sarangeun ojik guedae bbooningeol Nae nooni guedael chajado Gaseumi jakku

Btob - Like a crystal lyrics

shy or you just don’t realize it but, Imma be straight ... forward with you. I like you neukkyeobwayo neukkyeobwayo neukkyeo bwa (Can you ... feel me) deullinayo dugeundugeun soriga (My heart’s racing for you) saenggakhamyeon halsurok yeori badne

The Cataracs - Like a drug lyrics


Dbsk - Like a soap lyrics

hwagi neomeo neon hwaga na itji geu jasig daeche museun ... mareul han geonji neon hancham ssaun yaegireul teol goseon ... jogeumeun huryeon haejin geonji useo jeongmal

Ghost Killer Entertainment - Like a ghost - bridges lyrics

bridges lay in the quiet mist above the ... river between two worlds Stream of memories and dying hopes ... flows through the dark Black towers are killing all the

K.will - Like a star lyrics

eodi isseodo Mueol hago isseodo Geujeo i nae gaseumeun Geudael neukkil su ... itjyo Saranghal geot gatatjyo Saranghal su bakke ... eobtjyo Nae nune Nae mam geu ane Geudaen

2pm - Like a movie lyrics

Junsu] Oraedwen yeonghwa soge uriga isseo Geu ane ... urin neomu haengbokhae boyeo Gieokdo naji anhteon ... natseon goseseo Uri ... chueokdeureul chatgo isseosseo [Nichkhun]

Repablikan - Like a rose lyrics

Tumingin sa salamin May isang anghel na dumating Padala ng ... Diyos para sa akin upang ako'y mahalin II At kung ikaw ay masaya Sige tumawa ka Ilakas ... mo pa Isigaw mo pa mahal mo'kong talaga REFRAIN: Minahal naman kita bakit akoy iniwan mo Now I realize to make apologize wala kang kwentang

Chava Alberstein - Like a herb in spring כמו עשב בניסן lyrics

נקשר בך הלחן הידוע שזימרתי עצומת עיניים תמצא אותי בנוף אחד צנוע ברצועה של ארץ ושמיים יום אל יום נוסע ליל בליל שוקע רק שירנו בערשם עד מחר שוב נתחדש אפשר שנ...

Chava Alberstein - Like a wildflower כמו צמח בר lyrics

מחר, אני אהיה כה רחוקה אל תחפשו אותי מי שידע למחול - ימחל לי על אהבתי, הזמן ישקיט הכל אני הולכת לדרכי. זה שאהב אותי ישוב לשדותיכם - מן המדבר. והוא יבין - אני חיי...

Axxis - Like a sphinx lyrics

horses on black rush Are standing all around White shadows of red clouds Is all I ... dream about Can see the trees are blue Don ... t wanna see like you Everything is clear -

British Sea Power - Like a honeycomb lyrics

Maiden aunt or brother On the masonary, and there are others Like ... you, beheaded lover In the cemetery ... Seems rather sad to me Oh seems rather sad ... to me Oh amour centenary Available for all to see But

F.t.island - Like a doll lyrics

isseoyo maeil utgo itjyo nunmuri nalkkabwa geureoke maeil useoyo ... utneun inhyeongcheoreom gateun pyojeongeuro hayeomeobsi ... nan useoyo maeil geureoke amu il eobsi jal jinaeyo

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Like a star lyrics

Taeyeon] Sesang eoneu gose geudae sumdeorado Naneun geudael chajanael ... suga isseoyo Geudaega eopdamyeon Geudaega eopdamyeon Nae simjangeun ttwiji anheunikka

Rumburax - Like a stone lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

A Pink - Like a dream lyrics

kkumigireul Modeunge da geojitmarigireul Mianhadan mal jal jinaeraneun maldo ... Deoneun naege hajima (Algo isseo) Dashin oji anheul ... neo (Almyeonseodo) Geuraedo neol kidarilke

Adams - Like a dance lyrics

SEX SEXY BABY!! Weekend tobikau Caling ... yonayona atsumaru Hip Hop Gate wo koetara majiyabai Girls ... Girls… Enemy Let go, no to wa iwase ne Nomihose byousatsu

Alastis - Like a dream lyrics

my life to your dreams Imagine you guide the evens ... Nothing around disturbs your faith ... You know what you want, followed the signs Faces, moves, rumours I know

Andreea Bălan - Like a bunny lyrics

it like a bunny, bunny, bunny! Just ... take your clothes off! Just take your clothes off! Hey ... everybody in the club, pay attention You look like a... walls in detention I wanna party like we're at the Playboy

Aoa - Like a cat lyrics

no matter where you go (geu eodil ... bwado) The pretty girls are AOA You know (I know) You know ... I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly Brave sound na gateun ae cheom

Aoa - Like a cat (japanese) lyrics

No matter where you go (geu eodil ... bwado) The pretty girls are AOA (Yes!) You know (I know) ... I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly, Brave Sound watashi mitai na

April Wine - Like a lover like a song lyrics

t wanna talk about that anymore When there's nothin' ... goin' on, and somethin' should be done ... 'Cause we believed for nothin' it ... seems And, now it's ended broken-hearted And, as anyone can see,

Aqua - Like a robot lyrics

oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Like a robot-bot-bot-bot Oh-oh-oh ... oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Like a robot-bot-bot-bot-bot-bot ... I'm tired of your show I want a real man when I look into

The Cramps - Like a bad girl should lyrics

love your ass for bad or worse I love your nasty ... way you curse When you sit down ... in the ground, the groovy way you spit Ooh, you look ... you smell good Ooh, you taste good, like a bad girl

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Like a rocket man lyrics

wendy cocaine stumbles up the hill to pain Nothing stops the go-to ... girl, nothing takes the place of taking aim Little wendy ... s out there shaking hips and cuckoo eyes Crazy drives

Lil' B - Like a martian lyrics

your boy lil b in this muhf***a, Hundred thousand Pretty ... boys, rich boys, stand up Lil b nigga, pretty boy ... in this bitch All ya'll muhf***in bitches, suck my

Charlotte Church - Like a fool lyrics

got worked up like a fool Now I need to wash ... myself with thoughts As pure as water I got worked up like a fool for you I don't need ... those flowers To make myself as pure as water

The Cribs - Like a gift giver lyrics

birds in a box of tea just waiting to die Like a gift ... giver I will change the way that you see, or I’ll try ... but try when you’re in Heaven to call me up It’s hard to believe in anything that I’ve learned in my life but

John Denver - Like a sad song lyrics

with sweet belonging And everything is beautiful to ... see Even when it's raining The sound of heaven ... me But sometimes I feel like a sad song Like I'm all alone without you So many

Dev - Like a g6 (feat.far east movement & the catar.. lyrics

Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard When we drink we ... do it right gettin slizzard Sippin sizzurp in my ride ... like Three 6 Now I'm feelin so

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Like a bird lyrics

would do anything if I could fly Escape ... into the sky I'm feeling like a bird I would do anything ... if I could see The world in harmony I'm feeling like a bird

Eric Church - Like a wrecking ball lyrics

Singin' my songs on the road, another town One more show ... I'm coming home Don't give a damn what these keys are for ... I'm gonna knock down that front door and I'm gonna

Fear And Wonder - Like a movie lyrics

thoughts paint a picture Moving backwards ... My breath escapes me as I reach the most important one As ... to the sky You never escape my mind Don't tell me

Fire Of Revenge - Like a hammer lyrics

friend remember those days You and me like brothers ... destroyed my illusions, Dreams, and fairytales Hope became in ruins forever You’ll ... feel all my hate like a hammer You’ll see in my eyes all your lies, all my cries

Gen Rosso - Like a movie lyrics

like a movie Everything I see and ... hear That moves all around me Is moving all the ... other way Look at all the things That would come ... together for you Like milk and honey and you… You and me

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Like a champion lyrics

like a champion, talk like a champion Rum pa pa pam pa, ... rum pa pa pam pa Walk like a champion, talk like a champion Rum pa pa pam pa, rum pa pa pam pa Tonight we come alive Stand up cause you got

H2o - Like a prayer lyrics

is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name, and it feels like... ... When you call my name it's like a little prayer Down on my ... knees I want to take you there In the midnight

Ben Harper - Like a king lyrics

Martin's dream Has become Rodney's worst ... Nightmare Can't walk the streets To them we are ... fair game Our lives don't mean a thing Like a king, like a

Stefanie Heinzmann - Like a bullet lyrics

many times you have seen me around And when you’ve seen me ... you’ll know what I’m about I’m not the type of girl ... who cares what you think I choose to swim

Hello Venus - Like a wave lyrics

goodbye, never say goodbye, don’t say goodbye ... Nan babocheoreom tto padocheoreom neol gidarinda ... (don’t leave me cry) Nan babocheoreom tto padocheoreom

Lea Michele - Like a virgin lyrics

made it through the wilderness ... Somehow I made it through Didn't know ... how lost I was Until I found you I was beat incomplete I'd been had, I ... was sad and blue But you made me feel Yeah, you made me

Junior Boys - Like a child lyrics

we close the room You're back in town Guess ya heard the ... Turn to cough Twist my arm Call the girls To nurse ... my charm Yeah, I'm like a child I'm like a child Stay a while We don't have long

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