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Like A Damn Psychopath lyrics

Browse for Like A Damn Psychopath song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Like A Damn Psychopath lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Like A Damn Psychopath.

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Fabolous - Damn lyrics

it's the d-damn ha-ha yea [chorus (Woman Sings)] Damn-it's the way he grabs on ... closer to them girls be like Damn-it's the wife beater wish you ... in the droptop cruisin hoes like Damn-I can't blame em' if he

Montgomery Gentry - Damn baby lyrics

baby Are we crazy Crazy enough to think that we ... might make it? Well maybe If we take it slow enough ... to make love Cause baby I believe Chorus: Ever in ... my life girl have I Been this close to

Colt Ford - Like me lyrics

hoo! Lord have mercy. This here makes me ... feel good! I believe I'm about to get my fishin pole out ... my truck. Oh, I gotta tell y'all what it feels like to be me

Eminem lyricsEminem - Psychopath killer (ft. royce da 5'9", yelawol.. lyrics

Intro: Royce da 5'9"] I guess you could ... it poetry, but with me it started out with just words, just ... words. They started looking like puzzle pieces so I started

The Gazette - Psychopath lyrics

now destroy FAR OUT Did you drop the se**** ... organs somewhere? Egao no ura no gouman sa Splendid ugly ... boy I want to destroy the your face ... By my this hand Product of the rotten

Lizzy Borden - Psychopath lyrics

want to play… I see that you’re all alone I’ve got ... need to follow you home I’d like to be the shadow who stalks ... I’ll lash out send your nerves into

Cheap Sex - Psychopath lyrics

in a cell for years and years These walls have eyes, And these walls have ears. It ... s a vicious game they try To torture my ... mind. I've been walking the tight rope Forever

Extol - Psychopath lyrics

of the one you claim to serve Your self ... righteousness Breeding arrogance and pride Justifying legalism with a distorted ... Perception of submission Salvation by grace, Christianity by performance Lust

Nomy - Psychopath lyrics

standing in a silent room And everyone is holding hands ... I'll make it to crowded tomb If anybody takes a chance You said I’m going to be a man The

Oxymoron - Psychopath lyrics

is a side that I conceal that is beyond your imagination ... a wrong comment will set it ... free and I'll undergo a grave mutation You can't find ... out with whom you deal till it's too late to

Perkele - Psychopath lyrics

s a psychopath, he's a maniac and he's after you. Look ... behind your back, he might follow you He's ... a psycho killer, he's a driller killer so run for

Nasty Savage - Psychopath lyrics

m on the psycho path I'm heading straight for you I'm in all your nightmares And you haven't a clue Hey lady, ... remember me I'm the one that felt you Thinking of me-yeah So it's all a mystery

Razor - Psychopath lyrics

I go outside I rev my engine and I'm ready to ride I'm ... hyperactive, I'm on a tear I'm on the highway going ... I feel uptight I've got a hard on for some Violence

Bathory - Psychopath lyrics

want to kill you and share with you my pain. And if ... it thrills you I'll gladly kill again. I want to maim you. Your throat a bleeding ... well. And before your damned body's cold you're already in hell. This is my anger. My hurt and my hate.

R.l. - Damn! lyrics

can I explain what you mean to me? Count the leaves on ... the trees The cars on the streets and anything ... else you see Baby please, I love you more than anything You're my love

Leann Rimes - Damn lyrics

and I.... There you go again when ya Rub up my skin I ... have to catch my breathe I began to sweat Oh.. ... Lips Tracing down my neck And its scaring me to death

Omarion - Damn lyrics

uhh, Yeah I don't know if y’all ready for this one right ... here Omarion Solo, Y’all aint ready It's time, Tick, ... Tock, Tick, Tock One, and here comes the two to the

Cobra Starship - Damn you look good and im drunk scandalous lyrics

S-C-A-N-D to the A to the L-O-U-S (I) can’t handle it, (I) can’t handle it. ... Damn, that girl she’s scandalous. S-C-A-N-D to the A to ... the L-O-U-S (I) can’t handle it, (I) can’t handle it.

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Damn you lyrics

won't cry myself to sleep, like a sucker I won't cry myself ... if I do I'll die Now you fall asleep with another, damn ... Remember how we used to escape for the summer, fireworks and sparkles would light up the

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Damn lyrics

woke up late Said goodbye Now I'm standing ... Outside On the street I walk Through the city I'm laughing Boucayes Staring down ... At my feet And my eyes Look up at the sky

Damn Girl - Damn girl lyrics

Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl ... Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Listen to me I've ... been around the world Seen a million hunnies Really special girls Gave all my time and

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - Damn girl lyrics

Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Girl ... Damn Girl Damn Girl Damn Listen to me I've ... been around the world Seen a million hunnies Really special girls Gave all my time and

Bonfire - Damn you lyrics

did your homework and you smell like a rose I was a fool to believe you You ... told me I was - all you'd ever need I found ... that nothing is true I'm

Geto Boys - Damn it feels good to be a gangsta lyrics

Verse 1] Damn it feels good to be a gangsta A real gangsta-ass nigga plays his cards right A real ... gangsta-ass nigga never runs his f***in mouth ... Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas don't start fights And niggas always gotta high cap

John Hiatt - Damn this town lyrics

killed my brother in a poker game Damn this town, I'm leaving Daddy stayed drunk and ... he died insane Damn this town, I'm leaving ... Momma had to work, barely raised the kids Damn this town,

Prince - Damn u lyrics

u, u're so fine Seems 2 happen 2 me each and every time ... we make love I can't hold back It's like having a hundred ... million little heart attacks Damn u, baby u're so fine Damn

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Damn you seventeen lyrics

smell the smoke, I still taste the Crown I still feel ... the vinyl of the backseat With the windows halfway ... down Yeah, I still hear "Pour Some Sugar On Me

Ja Rule - Damn lyrics

Chorus] Baby, baby I'mma be where I'm at (I am who I am) Love me for me (You'll leave while you can) (Damn!) We ... can do bad all by ourselfs, we don't need

Victoria Beckham lyricsVictoria Beckham - Like that lyrics

on, yeah Close your eyes, baby count to three And tell me ... now Did you think of him, like it used to be It ain't no ... Cos he's out of love, and he's out of luck Getting lazy now With that attitude, I

Easton Corbin - Damn girl lyrics

re standing there, standing out Every man in the ... crowd's wanting you I gotta know what you think about me ... Buying you a drink or two I don't like to

Drew Seeley - Damn right i've changed lyrics

what’s goin’ on? this is Drew, I ... can’t answer the phone right now, ... please leave a message and I’ll call you back Hey ... it’s been a while, and I’ve been thinking about

Gaelic Storm - Damn good dog lyrics

s got all four legs but he's got no tail, So he wags his head when ... he drinks his ale. He bit old Dirken, but that's OK, 'Cause we didn't like ... him anyway. We didn't like him anyway. He was a damn

Artist Vs. Poet - Damn rough night lyrics

gonna be a damn rough night For the designated driver 'Cause it's me and ... whoever And you know we won't remember ... Sorry for what I'm about to do Turning 21 is a

Halestorm - Damn i wish i was your lover (sophie b. hawki.. lyrics

old dog has chained you up, alright Give you everything ... you need to live inside a twisted cage Sleep beside an ... empty rage I had a dream I was your hero Damn, I wish I

Beverley Knight - Damn lyrics

re a medicine baby Just a little dose and I feel so ... fine You're everything that I want Yet everything that ... I fear You are You're an enema baby You dont feel

David Lee Roth - Damn good lyrics

rools on And that's as it should be Here and gone ... Seems to move so quickly Man, we was happy in our ... restless hearts It was heaven right here on Earth Yeah,

Akanishi Jin - Like you lyrics

finger to the haters Two fingers to the past ... High five girl we made it Yeah we made it One finger to ... the haters Two fingers to the past ... High five girl we made it Yeah we made it Ain't nobody bad, mean Micheal Jackson,

Ja Rule - Damn (should've treated u right) lyrics

9-9 (They ain't ready for this) Ja Rule Uh, Darkchild [Ja Rule] Yeah, yeah, yeah, damn I couldn't ... think about the next man bangin' you Hittin' it,

Jackson United - Damn you lyrics

the teeth through the heart you just got me on my ... knees an i'm so jaded your hand slaps you got my attention ... i hit back but i'm deflated i'm listening,

Julian - Like change lyrics

Hook] Don't need a wife just a one night stand Get it then ... I keep 'er in tha pocket like change... (like what?) Keep ... her in tha pocket like change (like change) [Background (2x):] Keep 'er in

Girls Aloud - Damn lyrics

if you could tell me what the hell I should really do? ... Whenever you're around I fail to move it, yeah All I can ... really do whenever you're in my ... head, ooh yeah About girls who take good care

Mustasch - Damn its dark lyrics

It´s Dark, and I feel severed You and me ... used to be together It´s insane it couldn´t be much better ... But now it´s gone and it´s gone forever But I

Hanna Pakarinen - Damn you lyrics

m caught in the rain And the air is so cold 'Cause you're ... not coming back The winter is stuck in my ... soul You made me believe How you made me ... without you Existing but barely alive So damn you for

Absurd Minds - Damn the lie lyrics

desertwinds, sand in my face, an endless journey. I flee ... from falseness, I flee from lies. I ... have to find my kingdom, I'd like to find my way. I'm coming

Bow Wow - Damn thing lyrics

JD:] eva be out..and see sumbody dat you want ... n there, You dont even feel like talkin, you just wanna walk ... right up to em and be like.. [Bow Wow:]Hey shorty, what

Nikka Costa - Damn i said it first lyrics

wth you I lose my cool And end up playin' myself this ... way I can raise a baby, get paid and captivate ... So why I let you make me crazy When we're lyin' here I

Deez Nuts - Damn right lyrics

to everybody busting their ass all week. Doing the nine ... to five. Doing whatever it is you've gotta do to ... make ends meat. You know by the time the ... weekend rolls around you're gonna wanna go

Damn Yankees - Damn yankees lyrics

brother Ready for Another Dose of my Yankee ... Pride In the jungle Ya just might stumble Onto ... something that you never tried Got that ... right There was trouble in the east Worry

Kim-lian - Damn you lyrics

m caught in the rain and the air is so cold 'cause ... you're not coming back the winter is stuck in my ... soul you made me believe how you made ... without you existing but barely alive so damn you for

One Fine Day - Damn right lyrics

you get it now, now you make a bow to shattered hopes and ... dreams of a better day but you won't see me crawl and never following your way can you feel the heat from your

Alex Clare - Damn your eyes lyrics

can do what I want, I'm in complete control ... That's what I tell myself! I got a mind ... of my own, I'll be alright alone Don't need anybody else! ... I give myself a good talking to No more being a fool

C-lekktor - Damn your faith lyrics

all those bitter prayers,after been just wasting the ... time there is nothing you can do,so damn your faith,release all your hate after all ... those years of deception,after been adoring you in vain

Etta James - Damn your eyes lyrics

can do what I want I'm in complete control ... That's what I tell myself I got a mind ... of my own I'll be alright alone Don't need anybody else ... I gave myself a good talkin' to No more bein' a fool

Meat Puppets - Damn thing lyrics

s a question, which one is right, ... Now replyin', chicken equals cow And cows don't mean a ... s the righteous spring Got a big head and it only keeps ... growin' And the wind in my thought, it

Sinead O'connor - Damn your eyes lyrics

can do what i want i'm in complete control ... that's what i tell myself i've got a ... mind of my own i'll be alright alone don't need anybody else i gave myself a

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Damn your eyes lyrics

can do what i want i'm in complete control ... that's what i tell myself i've got a ... mind of my own i'll be alright alone don't need anybody else i gave myself a

Bellefire - Damn lyrics

Ciara:] Is it any wonder Why I'm sitting ... here waiting for you to call? I can see the future disappear Through my fingertips ... out of grip When we could have it all And all this darkness Going round and around

Dazzle Vision - Like i'm not real lyrics

.. No one will come... Damn it... Damn it... I don' t ... see a way out... Damn it... Damn it... My inexperience... ... This is result of that You have always come for

K. Michelle - Damn lyrics

Verse 1:] Mama said it would happen to me But ... not the time To be sitting at home crying While your ass ... is out here lying Hang it up you can stop your

Elle Varner - Damn good friends lyrics

Verse 1] Thought I’d Slide past the walls of your heart like You’re from the fly taking ... my time Before revealing my True intention But ... to suggest When You like us just the way we is… Please pardon me for my

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