Light Of Love St Marys C 0f E Primary School Bideford lyrics

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Gloria Estefan - Light of love lyrics

dreams created by the passion In a place I'd never ... been before, And letter perfect expectations of a love ... That's what I found when I fell in love with you. History has been established. Here and now soon will come to

The Pleasure Seekers - Light of love lyrics


Eric Serra - Little light of love lyrics

a little light of love I was born and in my cry, my cry Was a little light of love ... For the honoring of life And the pharons of my soul Is ... this light of love Precious little light of love There's a candle burning on In the

Miia - In the light of love lyrics

to ride The one journey I'm already there I'm magnetized It's pullin' me Like ... God to a prayer My fire burns across the endless sky ... I raise my hands and feel the world is mine Take me

Humble Pie - The light of love lyrics

love you And I love the sun too They make bright my light The light of love, the light ... of life I know just how good it can be. My past leaves a trail, bitter and sweet Demands on my life were

Blue Öyster Cult - Light years of love lyrics

we met it was a white hot star The speed of light between ... two hearts It felt like love, it sounds bizarre But in ... your eyes I could see so far Baby baby shouldn't

Carlene Carter - Light of your love lyrics

a little band reeling in my head whenever I see ... you smile. I could kiss and tell if there’s ... more to this one kiss that I could tell We could fall all in love,

Green Carnation - Light of day, day of darkness lyrics

vision, a call In times before my fall In life before I became I dreamed I was insane ... I saw the unseen I heard the unheard I rode the sky above

The Pretenders - Light of the moon lyrics


Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Light of my life lyrics

to you, I'm invisible Tomorrow, you may still be ... out of reach But someday, you and I will be possible We'll be alone, making love ... on the beach By then won't remember what it was like Before you and I fell in love We were at a knot together in this

Lauren Daigle - Light of the world lyrics

world waits for a miracle The heart longs for a little bit of hope Oh come, Oh come Emmanuel The child prays for peace ... on earth And she's calling out from a sea of hurt

Rob Halford - Light of the world lyrics

of the world, there's a place You live Here in my heart, I ... know Light of the world, all my dreams are made ... true By the love You show I can say with

Chris Rea - Light of hope lyrics

is the garden that I know Ten thousand summers wait me here You lead and I will follow ... Your heart is mine tomorrow Into your womb I ... fade away And while she laughs Your pride is turning

Vanilla Ninja lyricsVanilla Ninja - Light of hope lyrics

many tears will be cries tonight And so many dreams ... miss the sky Look out for a light that will move you inside ... And you'll feel all your sorrows pass by

Dawin - Light of day lyrics

Verse 1] How could you deal with such pain every day? ... Ignore the cure that could take it away Better than ... him, I'll always be with love and everything In my arms,

Metalium - Light of day lyrics

M&T: Michael Ehre] Time goes by Out of sight Will ... somebody hear my cry All I hear is my breathing And I feel that my heart's still beating But I

Pink Cream 69 - Light of day lyrics

feelings flowing through his veins The picture's getting clearer, the truth starts to stain No more living for ... nothing, you break your back just to get through the day

Alexandra Burke - Light of the dreamer lyrics

were coming Right at us I was ... running You were scared I was happy I was smiling ... Cause I knew That between me and you We had the upper ... hand They were aiming We were too When you're running

Kat - Light of hell lyrics

stress Takes you down Your brain's exploding Nothing can calm ... pain, you say You wanna leave this world of liars, yeah ... 'cause anger grows inside your mind No matter if comes light or hell, light or hell

Owl City - Light of christmas (ost "veggie tales") lyrics

a snowman with the wind at his back Got the day ... planned and presents to wrap Fight the wind chill with all of my friends ‘Cause it’s Christmas time again

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Light of a thousand stars lyrics

stand like brothers Under troubled sky So crazy how we came to live this life Cross ... my heart but I refuse to die I'm coming home to you They never gave us any guarantee

Alexander Klaws - Light of day lyrics

do u have to be so angry isn't it always something new Why don't u see ... that it just might be u Why don't I try when it's ... all over What ever I do it's not enough I don

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Light of day lyrics

two One, two, three, four Well, I've been out of the woods for six days and ... nights now And I'm a little hot wired but I'm feeling ... alright now I got some money in my pocket and I won't need a ride, yeah I got a big

Emmylou Harris - Light of the stable lyrics

hail to the newborn king Let our voices sing him our ... praises Hail, hail to the guiding light That brought ... us tonight to our savior Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia Come now, there it shines so

Gaias Pendulum - Light of redemption (misery) lyrics

start to look Inside my soul exists To those eyes Of lightness It makes me set aside Heaven from hell And I get decipher My mental labyrinth I

Jimmy Needham - Light of day lyrics

s a road I'm walking on Full of promise and of woes And the ... fog has not yet gone, oh no But as it goes, I ... want you to know Wherever I go, I'll take your hand,

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Light of life lyrics

the people I knew seem to have become one, and that ... one is you In your hands I find ... myself growing to be near my eternal goal You are ... the sun, air and soil, helping grow Life has found

Alan Parsons Project - Light of the world lyrics

am just a stranger, in a promised land I am ... only learning a game with the rules i don't understand ... Going round in circles, i've been round before I can walk

Band Of Skulls - Light of the morning lyrics

wanna see you in the morning I wanna see you when ... the breaking day is dawning You ... It's alright But I wanna see you in the see you in the light of the morning And when I get the same reaction I know

Come The Dawn - Light of the world lyrics

this is where they left us With nothing but a pale and a pile of dust We have come too far To sit and watch ... them tear this world apart I think ... it’s time we start drawing a line We start

Heather Dale - Light of the north lyrics

ones who rule over our fair land of Ealdormere ... They reign just and wisely we vouch with good cheer And no ... truer lady trod on this good earth So let the hall ring for

Dark Horizon - Light of the new age lyrics

Chosen One began a dangerous journey Through the ... Dwarf-Woods, the Dragon's Valleys and the High Rooky ... but his trip would also lead him to know himself and

Derdian - Light of hate lyrics

came out emerging from my lucid dreams Vivid like I was ... thrown back to that bloody scene Just like a time bomb ready to explode A shrapnel of ... violence He used to beat me and my mother, animal When

Flogging Molly - Light of a fading star lyrics

the light of a fading star Is what you were, is what ... you are Like the glow that christens the moon You shone ... too soon, you shone too soon Oh when will this

Hillsong Kids - Light of the world lyrics

Called Me In To Your glorious light ... I Will Not Fear Cause I'm walking with you And ... talking with you From heaven you came To show me life ... You are the light of the world You are the light of

Oracle Sun - Light of life lyrics

tell me why sun is shine but their hearts live in ... dark children fight someone others’ war there’s no time ... to hide Time passing by everyday everynight I’m searching for something to Reach

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Light of the world lyrics

Jesus, son of God, so full of grace and truth The Father's ... saving word, so wonderful are You The angels longed to see ... and prophets searched to find The glory we have seen revealed You shone upon

Cristal Y Acero - Light of power lyrics

are no words to express to you How I feel. To feel stronger like a Light of ... Power Passing through my chest Like a spear of god And ... that has made me stronger My wounds are cured now

Reinxeed - Light of the world lyrics

many wonders can you show to me beyond the madness all around ... The moon will guide my way The way back home to ... you Everyone is waiting for their time

Audio Adrenaline - Light of the sun lyrics

only took a moment To turn my life around The sky was cracked wide open It ... tore these four walls down It was the ... light of the sun The beauty that surrounded me Was

Black Funeral - Light of satanael lyrics

of Venus the Morning Star Fallen and free... we rise ... from the abyss crossing and the radiance of ... Satanael the gates are forever open Nephilim joining with

Diablo - Light of the end lyrics

came from nothing into existence, to live from your shame ... And right by your side is where I'll stand Your ... journey begins and ends with me I am the way the truth and the life and my

Seraphim - Light of the setting sun lyrics

into the plan of destiny, fell into changeable hardness ... Sadness of your eyes, crack of the wail Roamer of the ... shadow fell down into underworld, bottom of swamp Searching the bottom of heart, heartless sandglass is running

1000 Funerals - Of love then deceit lyrics

didn't you tell Your secrets in there It seems I was ... fool My unfaithful one Come closer to walk I'm blinding ... by lights Just take me beyond And so far away These

Jackob's Dream - Of love and sorrow lyrics

guess I'll walk alone in the pouring rain I hold this candle that burns in your name ... With every teardrop that falls from my eyes ... I can't forget you, your memory never dies But I can't

Kiuas - Of love lust and human nature lyrics

lips, intoxicating Sultry eyes that stare, waiting To lure ... the hungry heart Into a deadly trap Innocent and pure ... it seems On both of us the shadow feeds Perverted are

Joan Osborne - Love's in need of love today lyrics

morn or evening friends Here's your friendly announcer I ... have serious news to pass on to every-body ... What I'm about to say Could mean the world's disaster

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Love's in need of love today lyrics

morn' or even' friends I'm your friendly announcer I have serious news to pass ... on to everybody What I'm about to say ... Could mean the world's disaster Could change your joy and

Lisa Germano - ... of love and colors lyrics

all us f***ed-up people What are we gonna do with ... ourselves? And our addictions And our desire to kill each other And special things, ... your own dreams? People, all us f***ed-up people Can

Showbread - Of love and rain lyrics

close my eyes and i see you wrapped in a sheet of sleep, as everyone's eyes age, ... your deep blue remains untouched, an angel's finger tips ... touch the surface, an ocean of the bluest saline, having

Avenged Sevenfold - St james (bonus track) lyrics

is the story of a man, Who conquered life drink in hand ... Ship unmanned. Marked by genius, channelled good, By ... some a bit misunderstood. They'd been wrong many times before Some times our saints

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - St. jimmy lyrics

Jimmy's comin' down across the alleyway Up on the boulevard ... like a zip gun on parade Light of a silhouette He's ... insubordinate Coming at you on the count of 1

Robin Gibb - Mother of love lyrics

Take my hand Lead me to a world I understand Mother Take me home Help me find ... the strength to carry on Everything in life we have is changing But you are all I need to keep me still Mother of love Angel of light I'm a

Rebecca St. James - Little bit of love lyrics

are millions in this world today ... Searching for something that can take away the pain Why don ... t we show them a little of God's love? Show his love

Neil Sedaka - Love ain't an easy thing lyrics

is a lot like an airplane Help me get my feet off the ... ground, You've got a kiss like a freight train, You come ... along and you knock me down. You come along and help me out, You take me, shake

Rebecca St. James - Song of love lyrics

King of my heart Father, my peace and my light ... Spirit, the joy of my soul You are Jesus, to ... you none compare Father, I rest in Your care Spirit, the hope of my heart You are Chorus

Pity Sex - St. john's wort lyrics

trying to medicate. Swallow my pity. Wish ... you’d stay with me. Tell me it’s easy. Cut me a bouquet ... Don’t let go. Lace your fingers around my throat

Van Morrison - School of hard knocks lyrics

was educated by the school of hard knocks Tell me who's ... gonna patronise me now? They've brainwashed the suckers ... again and perpetrated the myth Propaganda far and wide

Mike Denver - Chain of love lyrics

of Love He was driving home one evening. In his beat up ... Pontiac When an old lady flagged him down ... Her Mercedes had a flat, He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. ´Til he said I´m here

Clay Walker - The chain of love lyrics

was driving home one evening, In his beat up Pontiac When an old lady flagged ... him down, Her Mercedes had a flat He could see ... that she was frightened, Standing out there in the snow

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