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Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Big time lyrics

yeah so much larger than life I'M going to watch it ... the place where I come from is a small town they think so ... my mouth to let those big words come right out I've

Richard Marx - One thing left lyrics

life is one big smile As I cross off the ... things on my list The splendor goes on for ... t know what could be left to wish I'm just living the ... light Another perfect day is all but through Now me

Big Star - Life is white lyrics

Don't like to see your face don't like to hear you talk at all I could be with Ann but I'd just get bored Can't even bring myself to call...

Ronan Keating - Life is a rollercoaster lyrics

to begin But, baby, I got One thing I want you to know ... We found love, oh So don´t fight it Life is a Rollercoaster ... ooh So stop hiding Our love is a mystery Girl, let´s get

Denace - Life is unfair lyrics

Hook] How I wish that you were here to give ... I want But I know that life's unfair and we can't always ... have it all Woah, woah, I wish that you were here Woah,

The Academy Is... - The phrase that pays lyrics

Doctor, I must have gotten this sick somehow. I'm going to ... on the spot, right now. Is it serious? I'm afraid it is ... I gonna die? Well son, death is gonna catch up to all one day

Loft - Life is a game lyrics

is a game, life is a fight Forever in love you're on ... the run Life is a game, life is a fight You teach me what's ... I do All that I want is to be with you Life is a

Loft - Life is a game1 lyrics

is a game, life is a fight Forever in love you're on ... the run Life is a game, life is a fight You teach me what's ... I do All that I want is to be with you Life is a

Cracker - Life in the big city lyrics

in the big city, let's get dirty now Life in the big city, I've got ... in the churchyard Sunday Life in the big city, let's get ... dirty now Life in the big city, wooh! Let's get dirty

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - One big mob lyrics

the mystery, the mystery One big mob Oh yeah, oh yeah One big mob Oh yeah, oh yeah ... brother to the cool breeze One big mob Oh yeah, oh yeah One big mob Oh yeah, oh yeah

Dark - One big game lyrics

the game I believe that this is not true, but life is just ... a cruel life is cruel life is cruel life is cruel life is cruel Once you have

Kansas - One big sky lyrics

- color kills What color is the blood that spills If we ... don't see it no one will Under one big sky Guns ... and plowshares - promise land Ghosts of war stretch

Krokus - One for all lyrics

is a child in the ghetto One is a beggar in rags One is a ... victim of circumstance One is a queen dressed in black ... working hard for the dollar Money to keep 'em alive It's one big fight for survival And I

Patty Griffin - One big love lyrics

the lawn chair Everybody's gone to the movies Everybody's gone and its groovy They went to ... the one about the big war I didn't, I'd seen it ... on a little white dove And one big love, one big love

Decadence - One more fight lyrics

best fighter is never angry. Not ever showing ... or the nail. The inner fire is what defines you. All you ... Hold your breath. Avoid the risk. That’s the safe route to

Radiohead - Life with the big f lyrics

how it soothed me In someone else's laundry When I think ... it's wishing wearing men Beer is ... But everybody says It's life with a big F La la la la la

Big Star - My life is right lyrics

I walked a lonely road Had no one to share ... You are my day You give me life And that's right You give ... You are my day You give me life And that's right So right

Cyber Diva - One big world lyrics

big world I wish I could discover The magic behind it ... One big world I wish i could Explore Your ... Of the unexplainable distraction And I try To

Hardline - Life is a bitch lyrics

Sing it, yeah, yeah, yeah... Life's a bitch He said "I ... School can't teach you how to fight like a man" Sing it, ... yeah, yeah, yeah... Life's a bitch I can hear

Shontelle - Life is not an easy road lyrics

Chorus] Life is not an easy road A true you ... seems you lose the battle) Life is not an easy road You have ... repeats, cause [Chorus] Life is not an easy road A true

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Life is hard lyrics

always on my guard Admitting life is hard Without you near me ... old school yard, Admitting life is hard Without you near me ... just know I need strength to fight, Strength to fight that

Fast Food Orchestra - One big lie lyrics

’Da freedom definition‘s miscellaneous.And set-up of state ... still poor,richest prodigalise.We sell our soul and we sell ... That’s way I say.Illusion of money, to be slaves.You talk ‘bout

Hammerfall - Life is now lyrics

ride out the storms, so fight Never give up, never give in ... It's your life, make it right Our life is ... not a fashion – Life is now Pedal to the metal – life is now Our life is based on

Hatebreed - Life is pain (merauder cover) lyrics

eyes Facing fear, fear in discipline Another night time to ... to the attack Unleashed is their rage in doubt fight ... back Life is pain Life - is f***ing pain Twisted minds

My Morning Jacket - One big holiday lyrics

and limber When the telephone it ring Was a bad man from ... California Tellin' of a stone he'd bring And of better ... days From this town, we'd escape If we

504 Boyz - Life is serious lyrics

Chorus 2x's] [Erica Foxx] Life is serious out here on these ... Why cry now inhale the pain is gone Get your life back ... your baby daddy I saw you kiss him Hold up little boy

Outkast - Life is like a musical lyrics

too far but long ago When life was straight up and cars ... (it ain't so simple) Now life is a musical I called Big ... Boi on the telephone I said "hey hold up

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Life is for living lyrics

this world there is so Much anger Our lives are ... ve got to stop the tears Life is for living Why must we ... t changed People have to fight to live together And share

Cripper - Life is deadly lyrics

the roots of trouble Take this baby by the horns To the ... who knows best? It was, it is and will be Life is deadly ... same My friend, what we see is true Never walk alone One

Deine Lakaien - Life is a sexually transmitted disease lyrics

the sky state of affairs is to deny it is all illusion one big lie there is only things ... money can buy so we do step by ... or in a circle no release life is a sexually transmitted disease There is no God who

I'm In A Coffin - Life is my coffin lyrics

continued existence is worse than death Yet I still ... resembling “positive” Life is my coffin And it’s time to ... shut the lid One final action And this will

Espen Lind - Life is good lyrics

I have to sleep alone When I'm far away from home ... won't get by When the night is long and I can't see She ... to me She says "Life la la la la la la la la Life

Caliban - Life is too short lyrics

mind will go insane Change is the headline and I am reborn ... the crying All the mourning is gone I woke up with a new ... view of life I don't know what has

Good Charlotte - Life is hard lyrics

gonna be just another statistic Waiting in line, afraid ... that I'll miss it I'm choosing my plane, ... sick and tired of living someone else's plans? Screaming at

Greeley Estates - Life is a garden lyrics

there's no looking back this is your time to stand up this is the time to fight for ... so we'll throw it away why is it they can't see we're who

Greeley Estates - Life is a garden (ep version) lyrics

ignoring your dreams) This is your time to stand up This is your time to fight for All ... we'll throw them away) Why is it they can't see That we're

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Life is better with you lyrics

of the time, when I'm all alone with you. Pickin' up pieces ... of my life, sometimes there's ones I ... Woah, I'm not afraid to be alone, but being alone is better

Kenny Chesney - Life is good lyrics

through the eyes of love. Life is good, the grass is green ... I look You love me like no one could Life is good. ... Them ol' blues are long gone I break into a grin and all

Sixx:a.m. - Life is beautiful lyrics

open your eyes And see that life is beautiful. Will you swear ... on your life, That no one will cry at my funeral I ... things that you don’t I’ve done things that you won’t

Bamford Gord - Life is good lyrics

some jingle in our jeans Life, is good, Even when things ... should, Knock, on wood, Life is good! Their might be ... But we'll get around to them one by one As long as we are able

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Life is a honeymoon lyrics

like you take me back to the islands You got me mile high ... we go through, baby Life is a honeymoon, we're gonna live ... cause we wanna sip it Not missing a moment we're giving

Kristina - Life is a game lyrics

Ey, Life is a game. Ey, Ey, we're all ... born to play. Ey, Ey, twisted is the way, sometimes it ... Ey, Ey, the journey of life. Ey, Ey, Gets harder at

Muppets - Life is a happy song lyrics

is great Everything is grand I´ve got the whole ... palm of my hand Everything is perfect It´s falling into ... I can´t seem to wipe This smile off my face Life´s a

Nas lyricsNas - Life is what you make it lyrics

Know you all relate to this shit that i wrote niggas ... now I knew it would come back one day So I'm on point, scrap, ... for gunplay Stared at one face, thought it was beef he

Omer Bhatti { O-bee } - Life is a movie lyrics

at me, my life’s like a movie But this is ... real life you should sue me Sit back ... Media should have left him alone, but he kept jabbing, ... Sylvester Stallone I don’t worry too much about

Q-tip - Life is better lyrics

Norah Jones:] Life's filled with graaaay... But ... fall, awaaaaaay... Hip-hop is playing again And it's bangin ... for you... Don't stop this feeling I feel... I just

Dan Bull - Life is strange rap feat. cammie robinson lyrics

I can always turn back time Mistakes are something I don't ... make and I know that life is strange but I'll never be ... time having the time of my life but it's time for a change

Jamie Blackberry - Life is coll lyrics

Life is cool and fun it fully There is only one and it is your gift. ... can not appreciate that it is weird weird weird is bad One told me that she lost her job

Norah Jones - Life is better lyrics

fall, awaaaaaay... Hip-hop is playing again And it's ... for you... Don't stop this feeling I feel... I just ... knees I'm so INTO your rich history.. Tell me a story to

Tom Beck - Life is too short lyrics

You gotta do your thing life`s too short to pretend to be ... Someone else when you look in the ... mirror So don`t go waisting this presious time By ... pleasing anyone else Are you willing to

Flipper - Life is cheap lyrics

so dead Just felt like someone hit my head Like someone ... knew just what to do Poison the masses catch the ... like cold Eating away at my life ties Not really knowing not

Sophie B. Hawkins - Life is a river lyrics

I've lied to myself And risked not asking for your help ... Life is a river And it flows to the ... by me I need to ride on This glistening trail I wont get

The Kelly Family - Life is hard enough lyrics

ll be brave You'll be strong one day Life is hard enough ... Try to see things my way Life is hard enough baby Can't ... All the pain all the strain Is killing me Life is hard

Daniel Küblböck - Life is too short lyrics

And million hearts are gone But there's only you my ... I wanna hold you tight Life is too short to throw it away ... You will miss it baby, oh every day Life

Merchant Natalie - Life is sweet lyrics

How painful it must be To bruise so easily Inside It's a ... You wanna hide from the viscous world... Outside Don't ... bride She'll never be satisfied You know, and that's not

Jason Mraz - Life is wonderful lyrics

a hen to make an egg There is no end to what I'm saying ... It takes some bad for satisfaction La la la la la la ... la life is wonderful Ah la la la la la

Reamonn - Life is a dream lyrics

no not you oh no not you anyone but you Everytime I realise ... The way you try to prophesise that dreams just can't come ... dreams returned my believe in life And when you turn you - you

Army Of Lovers - Life is fantastic lyrics

the beauty and sorrow Death is too drastic, I can't say ... the joys of tomorrow Life is fantastic, I don't want to ... you bag of skin and blood One day I break your heart and

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Life is hard lyrics

beauty through and through Life is sunny, life is cool Life is even easy too But if my word ... is to be true Life is something to behold But if ... the truth is to be told Let us not leave

Eve - Life is so hard (teena marie) lyrics

Eve] This song is a dedication to those ... [Chorus: Teena Marie] Livin life is so hard Every day I pray ... know right from wrong Livin life is so hard Every day I pray

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