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Dbsk - Blink lyrics

war war cry Kanjiro we get to know jibun moutero Nakama ga ... puraido risupekuto no war war cry Mamoru tame ... ni tatakau sore ga otoko no satisfaction ... Kizu no kazu dake tsugi no tobira o akeru the invitation

S. J. Tucker - For love of all who gather lyrics

but a single breath to clear the way, I honor all ... who listen as I play I honor Freya, Brigid, Cerridwen I honor every goddess, in my way I honor Sairyss, Fafnir, Naelyon,

A Day To Remember - Im made of wax, larry what are you made of? lyrics

t blink they won't even miss you at ... So run like hell, Sleep with one eye open, You can ... everyone the damage done, Too bad, you can't stop me You

Revive - Blink lyrics

me to number my days, And count ... every moment, Before it slips away. Take in all the ... colors, Before they fade to grey. I don't want to miss ... a second. More of this... It happens in a blink, it

Glass Animals - Exxus lyrics

in the eye And he won't dare to follow If you need to Hook ... him with your eye, hook him with your eye Do your wiggles ... by his head Takes his high with a bop on bed Makes it

Cascada - Blink lyrics

don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes These ... I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight For once in my life I ... an instant I don’t need this to end to understand That I’m

Cady Groves - Real with me lyrics

m not the one, you wanna win It's a losin' game So I'm losin ... it And I'm surprised we got ... this far With that barricade but I want ... more I would be a fool to let you let me quit And

Forward Russia - Thirteen lyrics

lean on figures and crutches It's such an easy thing to do ... Replace the outer shell with something more neoteric We ... soul Who just so happened to break out She took the

Holy Cross - Iron horse lyrics

darkness I fell The evil Took my soul A final breath ... the night Dazzles the sky To the stars Riding with the ... winds and fight for your honor Riding with the winds and

Five For Fighting - Down lyrics

me If I don't have a smile to smile tonight Don't you ... that I'm hurting cause I wont let you get me down I wont ... there laughing Must be nice to have your sweet revenge I

Chameleon Circuit - Blink! lyrics

I wrote you a letter To make you feel better 'Bout ... for me Girl, you've got to go on Don't think he's ... taking to you He's just on the TV ... Easter Egg And see the reality A world of time and space

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Theres nothing i wont do for you lyrics

feeling blue don't know what to do and need my help i'll ... for i'll open my door always to you i'll share your pain, i ... no knife in the back, no need to look back i am here there's

Damageplan - Blink of an eye lyrics

All was possible and God it felt so near So I suffered ... and I bled, I truly did believe Years have come and gone, ... but just where has it brought me In the blink of

Alkaline Trio - Don't say you won't lyrics

in here, not as sweet as you It's a guy like me, some bad tattoos An empty bar filling up with smoke And that fly in the ... So please don't say you wont be going out today Cause

Elevation Worship - For the honor lyrics

the honor of the Father Who reaches ... out to us That we might live inside ... gave His only Son For the honor of The Savior Let the cross ... of love and grace Came down to give us life For the honor

Hazen Street - Sorry lyrics

impossible I know So used to being on my own Living so ... Tell me what you want me to do I know you want the best ... understand That im trying to cope I want to be something

Reel Big Fish - Rock it with i lyrics

I've got to save my soul You know I wont ... let you go now No no I wont let you go now You know I wont let you go now No no I wont ... doing nothing I want you to rock it with I I want you to

All Sons And Daughters - All praise to you lyrics

the world could not contain Your holiness You made a way, You ... made the way The veil was torn and we stand before You now ... In Your glory we're amazed, by Your

Idlewild - Stay the same lyrics

sometimes happens it always happens to me but ... when i know that this wont survive much longer unless ... but then again survival its not why we should stay the

Acid Drinkers - Acid drinker lyrics

mistakes. don't you excuse yourself You're a scabby liar We ... need some blood to clean our honor. I am a Titan of patience ... You will lose your first battle I wont give you

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - On my honor lyrics

me back I know we'll make it We'll make a promise And ... then break it On my honor I will try Always do the ... From my eyes honey On my honor I will try If you want me to be strong I'll give it

3 Doors Down - Be somebody lyrics

She said 'Boy I'm tired of waiting up while your out with your friends' He said 'Mom I'm ... I can' Cause I'm trying to be somebody I'm not trying to be somebody else This life

A-teens - In the blink of an eye lyrics

I can do? You broke your heart in two Many pieces ... Now you gotta put it back again Now when you ... re trying to make it through And you're feeling

Atomic Kitten - I wont be there lyrics

girl I once knew the girl with nothing to lose Right ... on, I let go Now is the time to move on Let tommorow be a ... from the heartache And I wont be there no no I wont be

Pretty Boy Floyd - Your mama wont know lyrics

hit you on the spot It was getting hot You were ... just about to let go We were in my car We ... almsot ran to far But we stopped fast when you said no Your momma taught you it aint

Book Of Reflections - Blink of an eye lyrics

want to be with you Till the seas all ran ... dry I want to ride this storm Got to face it with you ... all alone In a world full of lies Where darkness held me

Deadlock - Code of honor lyrics

faggot you ruined the code of honor You ruined the code of honor and now we have to live ... dead You ruined the code of honor no turning back Do you

American Head Charge - A violent reaction lyrics

nurse my broken wing with all the promises you can ... never honor I just dont care enough to ... react to vain attempts sent only to ... perpetuate one's selfish little world you wont see what

Rebecca St. James - When the stars burn down (blessing and honor) lyrics

we stand before the throme With the witnesses who have gone ... Singing blessing and honor, glory and power Forever to ... God Singing blessing and honor, glory and power Forever to

Flow Of Voices - Glory and honor lyrics

Im there with You in heaven What a ... joy will be Gathered with the angel chorus Standing ... sea Such a thought is hard to fathom In the presence of my ... King And with countless ones forgiven

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - One-eyed lyrics

this channel - it needs to be switched I offer a ... in exchange for a split second to blink In ... exchange for a split second to blink Dragged from view, so

Paragon - The art of war lyrics

Denying gold and riches It´s honor and glory they seek ... be mislead by love nor hate To kill is an art performed by ... sword The art of war Where honor´s the only reward Severing

Lil Bo Weep - Not ok but its ok lyrics

something special i tried to make it last, yet my head ... hurt me it pushed into the past, i tried to ... this got me feeling i had to just digress. i dont

Snow Ghosts - And the world was gone lyrics

said you’d wait forever, but I blinked and ... through the water, slowly your hands grow numb I wish you ... over me You said you’d wait forever, but I blink...

Eels - It's a motherf***er lyrics

a motherf***er, being here without you thinkin bout the ... thinkin bout the bad and i wont ever be the same it's a ... through a sunday talking to the walls, just me again

Chomp Chomp Attack - From dreams to reality lyrics

for We will not back down, together we stand out When you ... re on your own, just know you're not ... alone As one we may fall but together we stand strong We

Devin Townsend - Gato lyrics

you and I, we've come to this place And never did I ... believe that I'd survive Now what ... ever happens know that I'm about honor... ...honor among ... So you and I, we talk a little About the themes and all

Incubus - Consequence lyrics

you miss a beat, keep one of your eyes open at all times You ... think that your on the brink, the shit hasn't ... even begun to hit the fan The consequence you

Moloko - Blink lyrics

you hear me, baby, blink! Do you even have the ... capability left to think? There seems to be a ... Everybody's had a chance to see how far I can sink As

Glasseater - Miles ahead lyrics

ve tore me open Left a mark on my ... Where are you now? Curiosity has killed this cat Now ... One this second chance You wont slip from my hands So hold

The Presets - A new sky lyrics

I'm on my way getting pulled to the light Baby don't know ... baby don't see you Baby wont fear tonight Clearing my ... eyes 'cause it's so hard to see If a girl were to come

Slipknot lyricsSlipknot - Pulse of the maggots lyrics

right now What have you got to lose, what have you got to ... lose Except your soul...just listen I fight ... unconventional My right, and its unconditional I can only,

Hillsong United - Break free lyrics

you believe me would you listen if i told you that There is a love ... that makes a way, it'll never hold you back So wont you break wont you break free ... up and dance in His love So wont you break wont you break free

Candlebox - Look what you´ve done lyrics

I never needed anybodys help to make up my mind You wont be ... here long Enough to stand out Youre on fi fi ... Look what youve done, done to my head Look what youve done

Kenny Rogers - The vows go unbroken (always true to you) lyrics

swept me off my feet. And tonight when we kissed, You ... still took my breath away. It goes without saying, But I ... ll say it anyway. The vows go un

Don Moen - We give you glory lyrics

we are here for one purpose tonight To bless Your name, to ... give glory Honor and praises To give You everything we are, ... Hallelujah We're here to bless Your name Gathered as Your family To praise You and

Saliva - Startig over lyrics

soon, I'm gonna pull myself together, Win or lose, I'm ... Fold my hands, As I begin to pray, Sometimes we, Gotta ... I'm gonna open up my eyes, To all my broken feelings, Its

The Adicts - Do it to me lyrics

Some other kid just wants to get off And rock to the Blitzkrieg Bop Coulh he ever ... should he ever So wont you do what you do Wont you ... do it to me So wont you do what you do Wont you

Naomi King - If i wanted him lyrics

look at me like I'm Trying to steal your guy You look at ... me like it's a game of dibs and keeps ... You look at me like I Try to be oh so fly You look at me

Death By Stereo - 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest lyrics

like a ton of bricks on a busted back ... my eyes now I cant even see its like ive got one arm tied ... keep kicking but I know I wont fall you see its just to

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Stronger lyrics

d like you to meet the girl they call next ... He left you when he broke your heart in two You don't know ... if you'll ever make it through He had to go and

Blacklisted Me - Freak like me lyrics

noticed how she was dressed with her hair so black and white ... red now shes gone no i wont turn my back on a freak like ... me no i wont turn my back anymore (im

16 Volt - The enemy lyrics

sells me just as a commodity Another sell out for the ... in his resume Another profit for my enemy Enemy The ... Enemy He hunts and mates within the industry His ego

Candlebox - No sense lyrics

fine The fire wont burn out Taste the sign The ... trees wont come out Seeing traffic ... driving by Maybe you wont see me again cause Im needed ... my mind away Tells me that its time to go You wanna help

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Nyc man lyrics

can only lead to trouble if you break my heart ... If you accidentally crush it on the ides of March I'd ... forward You don't have to go through all of that I'm a

40 Below Summer - 5 of a kind lyrics

down sinking let it go let us begin you can ... push me backwards I wont save your master this is my ... decision so brace yourself never satisfied there

Gary Allan - As the crow flies lyrics

a Gypsy lady once told me 'Son you got the kind of ... soul that's got to be free It ain't what you want, it's ... bird, baby, you were born with the wings' And as the crow

Not Literally - Honor district twelwe lyrics

I’m the stylist you’ll work with. I’m here to help you out. ... KATNISS Are you here to make me look pretty? CINNA ... and polished ‘til you glow with pride. Trust our recipe for

Amasic - All i want lyrics

the one who showed me how to love. There's nothing I wont do, I'd always be with you, ... I would walk for miles, Just to see your smile. There's

Axehammer - Back for vengeance lyrics

killed my wife and took my son This rage in my ... but you can´t hide Death is with me, by my side Back for ... vengeance Watch your death in my eyes Back for

Dj Bonnie - Just an old boyfriend lyrics

each day that we dont touch is one more day it hurtz ... too much il cant forget da lurv ... wen were gnna meet baby it wont even bovaa me tryin 2 make it 2 da day u'll be just an old

Howie Day - Perfect time of day lyrics

s the perfect time of day It's the last day of your life ... Don't let it drift away While your heart ... is still racing It's the perfect time of day

4him - For future generations lyrics

everywhere All that we hear about is the gloom and despair Too ... be prophets saying "Its the end of it all" ... gonna fall So nature has its needs, thats a lesson

Naomi Terra - Say it´s possible lyrics

through this changing time it could have been anything we ... want it´s fine salvation was just a ... passing thought it was just a passing thought. ... Dont wait act now this amazing offer wont last long it´s only a chance

Brainstorm - In the blink of an eye lyrics

will it end now I'm falling Falling ... through life I'm trying to reach my dreams Somehow I ... How can I deny I never meant to cause you pain Remaining ... this hole I just can't help it Living loaded With my back

Amon Amarth - Death in fire lyrics

wait is soon at end Always charge ... bend Morning is here, make your stand Live for honor, glory, ... death in fire! Total war is here Face it without fear Age of sword, age

Darkwater - In the blink of an eye lyrics

anger and dismay He leaves it all behind But nothing can ... erase it from his mind All can change ... in the blink of an eye We can hear the ... nothing all can change in a blink of an eye Welcome sorrow,

Jenna Anne - My lips are words lyrics

Picture one hand, mine in yours. Question the day I can ... stay I am sure. Writers are writers when their ... the good kind of sore. In your kiss I'm so weak. In your

Enslavement Of Beauty - A study of love and metaphors lyrics

go horseback riding through your dreams right to the meadows ... all my grief (and all the believes that I never had and the ... f***, the collusion between yours truly and the quill and the

Maruja Retana - Right through me lyrics

Oh baby, won't you come a little closer I feel your move ... is spinning Can't deny it No point in trying ... Impossible to fight it Your love is everything Can't

Avantasia - Wastelands lyrics

moment of glory The blink of an eye and it's all gone ... you call home We pretend to be blind everytime it hurts to see You - you close your ... eyes To blink the night away At ease in

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Scars lyrics

But we know if I looked in your eyes I'd break down,yeah, ... I could, for just one night, to be with you, to make it right ... I could, take you there, I wont let go, this I swear, You wont have to wonder what we are,

The Letter Black - Sick charade lyrics

m finally sick of your tongue You suck the air from my ... lungs Leave me with nothing to say Twist every truth till it bleeds Spread the dirt, ... the seeds Don't think, don't blink Just obey, obey Just

Kenny Chesney - Don't blink lyrics

Turning a hundred and two today Asked him what's the ... secret to life He looked up from his ... " [Chorus:] Don't blink Just like that you're six

Josh Gracin - Can't say goodbye lyrics

I think that I can make it But most days, well, I get ... by on faking 'Cause I wont let them see me cry So I ... tears inside Late at night, your name is calling And usually

Primitai - Blink of an eye lyrics

That never dies Cast off your demons The devil's pride ... Come forth and pray Hand me your riches This reign will stay ... at the cross Raise a glass to what is lost Empires fall

Relient K. - Don't blink lyrics

t know where to go from here My thoughts are ... twisted fears Been waitin' a while now on the dawn ... through the darkest night To the break of day on the other

Eden - Nocturne lyrics

my reason in nothing So I wont close my eyes Cos I don't ... want to miss one second And I don't ... want to feel so cold And I don't ... want to be so sad that we are who we

Razorlight - Somewhere else lyrics

what you mean And you keep your mouth shut And your nights ... girl she asked me my name I told her what it was She looked ... up at me I tried to explain Exactly what I lost

Becky G - Alone in december ft. aaron fresh lyrics

the first snow fall to the ground It just don't ... you're not around Supposed to be the happiest time of the ... down the street Trying not to hide on every couple that I

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Men in black lyrics

Here come the men in black Its the mibs uh here come the ... in black men in black They wont let you remember Nah nah ... Just in case we ever face to face and make contact The title held by me mib Means what

Robyn - Dream on (feat. christian falk) lyrics

up in-turns Pigs and snitchers Rest your weary heads ... All is well You wont be strip searched torn up tonight You wont be cut up, ... bleeding tonight You won't be strung out

Nicole Scherzinger - When you´re falling lyrics

our death Oh baby take your last breath I see when you ... fall I fall too I know what you see I know ... who you be We need to fall together If you fall I will

Ashlee Simpson - Never dream alone lyrics

the stars Fall asleep with my hand on your heart I wont let it skip a beat In the ... the cold winter Hey love, I wont hurt you Night will come and ... go I wont hurt you You’ll never dream

Incubus - Circles lyrics

as helpless as a stinger without a bee But underneath my ... were coming down And the stones that fell were aiming away ... REFRÉN: Hey what would it mean to you? To know that it’ll come back around again

Axewound - Collide lyrics

Cold breath upon my skin A tortured soul That cries and ... begs for me To let it in It’s in the shadows I can feel ... in my bones Just manifest yourself And show to me I'm not

Adam Gontier - With you lyrics

wounded is a better word It doesn't matter, it just ... hurts And all the chatter, your thoughts are always heard ... I know the sound, your voice spins me 'round As you

Sky Eats Airplane - She is just a glitch lyrics

you once told me, no regrets no wasted ... I'm left in the wake of your returning glory. You looked ... so confident in your decision. While the light ... of your indifference. So pure in your deception, so right in your

Punk Goes... - Men in black by forever the sickest kids (wil.. lyrics

Here come the men in black Its the mibs uh here come the ... in black men in black They wont let you remember Nah nah ... Just in case we ever face to face and make contact The title held by me mib Means what

Fu Manchu - Time to fly lyrics

ll go -I'm getting mine- it's time to fly it's time to ... wider -streamlined- it's time to fly buh bye I'm ... gone blink of an eye it's a roomy is what they tell

Joan Armatrading - Mean old man lyrics

won't you save me You smile to my face, yet still deprave me ... In this semi-mad world, it's best not to think Roll in your boat and you're bound to sink

Skiltron - A last regret lyrics

years have passed And it seems like you forgot Forgot ... it all But for me it was Like a ghost living ... hatred A last regret Will it come from you? I think it wont A last regret Will it

David Phelps - God will take care of you lyrics

dont say a word, but I know youre so afraid Trying hard to ... take a step of faith Youre so confused and youre so ... alone Standing face to face with the unknown Every need

Lesley Roy - I'm gone, i'm going lyrics

sick of hearing your words all I can hear you say ... is how you want me to live my life a different way ... up my things I'm gonna do it just watch me, watch me I

Courtney Lynn - Suddenly lyrics

And every day I try just to breathe I want to show the ... I feel so alive In the blink of an eye My dreams begin to rain Suddenly time, feels ... like the wind It changes everywhere I go I'm

Extreme Music - Burn so brightly lyrics

I'm standing still Alone with the sky tonight Candle ... for you A returning satellite In a heart beat I would ... run to you But you're still out of

Lucinda Williams - Awakening lyrics

I will say what I want to, I will not make amends ... in the awakening I will honor the mistaken, I will honor ... in the awakening I will honor the forsaken, I will not

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Get on the ball lyrics

t wait too long or she'll be gone fast ... as a blink Get on the ball if you love your lover No gesture too small ... if you love her Just give it your all Ooo yeah, you've

Laswell Greg - My fight (for you) lyrics

is mine Take my finger drag it through Where no one else ... will find Take your time I have got all night, ... take your time In the morning the sun ... will have its fight Everything you see

Michelle Branch - My, oh my (the wreckers) lyrics

concrete road used to just be dirt We'd drive out ... This parking lot used to be a field I parked here in ... My, oh my Look how the time flies Look how the world changes

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