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The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Lets start a war lyrics

start a war said maggie one day With the unemployed masses ... we'll just do away They won't mind, like ... suss us, they'll never know Lets start a war said maggie one day Lets start a war said maggie one day Lets start a war said maggie one day You

Building 429 - Revolution lyrics

are the promise We are the dream We are the raindrop that precedes a hurricane We are the proclamation, ... the possibility We are the river when you only see

Dreamland - Revolution in paradise lyrics

did just realize that all the things you see I am ... not immortal as the guy on TV There's no ... religion that can save me from the pain I was a ... superhero now I'm just insane It's a false charade We

Aimee Allen - Revolution lyrics

kids, rock 'n' roll That's how I lost control Hey ... kids, go get high I can't remember why Up all ... night, I waste my time I am fine, but a day behind Up all night feelin' stupid 'n' happy But the days are overlapping My days are overlapping

Royal Republic - Revolution lyrics

a new recession Wanna hear my confession? I gotta call ... to Side by side My recreation We are the revolution I ... don’t need to You ready? Gonna start a revolution Wanna start a revolution Wanna start a revolution I wanna start a.. I’m gonna start

Revive - Revolution lyrics

away, I'm the one to blame, I try to change, but I ... still remain the same, Going to ground, yet I'm ... coming down, Can't right my wrongs, I've ... tried for too long. So start a revolution in my heart,

R3hab - Revolution lyrics

got a love that keeps on fighting, It keeps ... on. I got a heart that keeps on trying, It keeps ... on. We got this planet, keeps evolving, It keeps ... much for us to do, Just we can start a revolution, You and

L.a. Guns - Revolution lyrics

don't need no aggravation I don't want no more ... lies And when I told you that I only want What's best for ... secret in your eyes I'm alright, we're alright Let's start a revolution, yeah And roll away the stone I don't need

Inhabited - Revolution lyrics

we played these games too long That tomorrow's ... come and gone While we're waiting for a sign We're distracted by our eyes And it's ... to let it go Forgetting what we know We're letting God

Soundtrack Camp Rock lyricsSoundtrack Camp Rock - Start the party lyrics

the groove, let the music play Next stop everybody, its ... time to celebrate Bady go so lets go show, make the genes you ... got become real Let's do this, let me hear

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Revolution ( japan bonus) lyrics

a few steps ahead you can see chances you can't ... ignore only a few days ago life seem useless and sad ... now you can see what is like when you know what

Sex Deviants - Revolution lyrics

quality od life is high sometimes ... usually when I don't drink all the night. If you believe ... in yourself, then you can make this day just another way.

Her Bright Skies - Bonnie and clyde lyrics

let our lives fade behind us Walked away from ... knew. Quit our 9 to 5s for road signs Learned to love in ... hotel rooms. We’ll just take all that we need, We’ll

Nervo - Revolution ft. r3hab & ummet ozcan lyrics

got a love that keeps on fighting It keeps ... on I got a heart that keeps on trying It keeps on ... We got this planet it keeps evolving It ... s so much for us to do Cause we could start revolution

Blowsight - Teenage rockstar lyrics

teenage rockstar i'm not standing still i'm not afraid and now about to change the ... enough to work you complain and moan you need to turn it all around so find yourself a

Attack Attack! - The revolution lyrics

the revolution Start the revolution Start the revolution Start ... the revolution For the first time I ... understand what it means to have taken a life I don't think

Crematory - Revolution lyrics

our will to live free from pain and fear they cannot bring ... us down all your gird go out and ... justify the revolution The beginning of the age - ... to start revolution now break and leave their cage - time

Amy Macdonald - Let's start a band lyrics

a ribbon round my neck and call me a libertine I will sing ... you songs of dreams I used to dream I will sail away on seas of silver and ... gold Until I reach my home Give me a guitar

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Revolution lyrics

there's a revolution Tonight, we're going to war ... We're going to war We're going tonight You ... better make a decision Tonight, We're ... going to war We're going to war I'm not a patriot I'm

Lifehouse - Revolution cry lyrics

passion takes all our purpose When searching ... ones embrace the light When skeptics ... know it's here When you hear a sound as loud as thunder And you hear a cry that shakes

Liberty X - Lets get working lyrics

looking for no mystery Gotta be real love I'm nobodies game Not a chance for you to ... move from the dancefloor To the bedroom, gotta work your body more

Blood On The Dance Floor - Let's start a riot lyrics

Gash, Terror, Whore I like you ... the floor Sock it to me ultra hot Danger, Danger! On the ... spot On the bed, Give me head Make you scream, "Candy cream!" Scene sluts

Kevin Fowler - Let's start livin' lyrics

me a small town girl, a guitar band. Willie on the radio, ... some cash in my hand. Sit me down in any water ... hole that you can, on Friday after quitin time. Oh yeah now

Pigs In The Living Room - Let´s start the war lyrics

start the war in my memory i sweat blood ... in my soul one f***in way one f***in theory i will ... not be back never more I want back our stars return us ... our sky the earth doesnt belong to anyone

Krayzie Bone - Revolution lyrics

2000 years Christ shall return And when I return I ... one, this one, this one [Krayzie x2] Get up, get up, get ... my soldier ride [Chorus] Revolution in my heart Oh, they tearin'

Normandie - Revolution lyrics

up! Now is the time for a change We can't be servants ... forever Don't stop! I'm gonna show you the way Let's do ... this riot together This is a revolution And we can't be

Anthrax - Revolution screams lyrics

ship is Sinking the rats start to drown Stunning Such a ... beautiful violence abounds Questions come easily You got to A world ... filled with chaos and rape You got to Hope springs

Phish - Revolution's over lyrics

revolution's over baby The revolution's over baby now The revolution's over baby The revolution's ... over baby now Reelin' and Quakin' Bringin' home the bacon!

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Revolution 1993 lyrics

ve got to stand up, stay strong start movin' in the ... right direction Don't wait, too long, for people ... 19 nine three, now I'm taking matters into my own hands

The Pretenders - Revolution lyrics


Fefe Dobson - Revolution song lyrics

my dream I break the chains that hold this place together ... but in my dream the consequences would be so ... much better Then they are.... cause beyond the walls

Extreme Music - Revolution lyrics

tomorrow never comes Today won't be wasted Beating of ... the drums And rise up See the fires start to burn And the marching ... of progress Come and raise your flag up And sing out

Stefanie Heinzmann - Revolution lyrics

world where every city is clean. No poor on the streets and ... the people are free. Imagine a life where you can do as you ... please. Nothing to stop you from

Lowkey - Revolution lyrics

a particular bigger plan flipping grams When a ... bigger man in his gang gave him a stick to bang Or maybe just hold 'cos no one ... thought he would kill a man Till he got silly billy

Bowling For Soup - Lets pretend were not in love lyrics

got a note from you that said that you had gone I ... wondered when you wrote that note so I could know when ... you left Then I can chase you down to a neither airplane or a car I wonder what you

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Revolution lyrics

twice You never listen to my advice Good kind treatment, I ... with you Won't get to heaven, I don't care what you do ... I seen you changin from day to day Nothin never gets in

Acidez - Revolution is my destiny lyrics

is my destiny Revolution is my destiny Revolution is ... my destiny Revolution is my destiny Revolution Revolution Revolution Revolution ... Now…attack! Today is gonna be a different day I will

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Revolution lyrics

pictures of never ending dreams Pictures of never ending ... dreams I can't see what these images mean Locked ... inside can't set the rainbow free Like perishing

Klubbingman - Revolution lyrics

call it revolution... Remember the days We ... call it Revolution Wonderful days We call it ... Revolution Magical love We call it Revolution ... Deep from my heart We Call it Revolution Remember

Lightsaber - Lets go lyrics

, Lil Jon , Lil Bo , Big Sam , hey , This shit right ... here for everybody that's proud of the motherf***in ... city you proud of your mothaf***in' neighborhood shit!

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Revolution (with rose stone) lyrics

t fight the feeling, relax Oh child the knot's in your ... back 'Cause you've been holding on I ... feel you when you're reaching out I'll talk you ... memories Just keep breathing with me It's time to

Chastisement - Conclusion; pain! lyrics

the remains among the piles of corpses a ... chance to get insane as you see the torment you ... will find the path the one who leads to me i ... will see you finally die young come to me among the piles of corpses

Kirk Franklin - Revolution lyrics

Jerkins, Rodney; Franklin, Kirk; The book of ... revelations Chapter 7, Verses 16 and 17 (Yes ... Sir) 'They shall hunger no more Neither shall they thirst anymore' (Preach, Preacher) 'For God shall

Girls Aloud - Revolution in the head lyrics

da-ting Gimme-da-ting Gimme-da-oh-oh-oh ... Gimme-da-ting Gimme-da-ting Gimme-da-oh-oh-oh ... hey Oh, oh, oh Gimme-da-ting Gimme-da-ting Gimme-da

Kopek - Revolution lyrics

on the streets, they are talkin' bout a revolution Out ... on the streets, they are talkin' bout a revolution Out ... on the streets, they are talkin' bout a revolution Out

Lacrimosa - Revolution lyrics

Mensch hat eine Welt erschaffen, die menschenfeindlich ... ist - kaum noch Platz für Liebe birgt – Ersatzbefriedigung. ... um jeden Preis – statt Selbstreflexion, Gier nachts und keine Speise - es braucht eine Revolution! Spuck

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - Revolution (featuring phil keaggy) lyrics

calm than a heartbeat that flatlines Quiet like a dark ... street, under the moonlight A phrase of action that's been ... screamed from the guts of men Ever ... prejudice, discrimination A word louder that a gunshot And softer that a baby's laugh

Queensrÿche - Revolution calling lyrics

a price I'd do about anything Except pull the ... trigger For that I'd need a pretty good cause Then I heard of Dr. X The man with the ... cure Just watch the television Yeah, you

Accept lyricsAccept - Revolution lyrics

starvation, I need another occupation Everybody ... s got a hand out now ....”hard luck" Hey buddy can ... you spare a dime Can't take any more frustration, Every day there's a new temptation L

Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution action lyrics

on! Go! It's time to live and it's time to die! (x3) It ... s time to live - Revolution Action! What we gonna go for? ... What we gonna go for? What we gonna go for? Revolution Action! What we gonna go for?

B-52s - Revolution earth lyrics

distance Wildlife and stars Blanket the night You ... lying beside me, darling Eyes wide open While ... the wide arc of the globe is turning We ... feel it moving through the dark Hear the hills Scrape the

Dope - Revolution lyrics

s our time To make a stand You and me one by one Up against the man It's about ... time To understand You and me we're the ones With the ... upper hand Revolution Can you hear me This is our

Nina Hagen - Revolution ballroom lyrics

the Lord was in the flesh Showing us the ... truth He sacrificed himself To purify ... the roots He said "Blessed be the one ... Who knows my father's name When the time has come

Teena Marie - Revolution lyrics

lane the pipers gone I saw the photogrpah Neither you ... nor I can tell what heaven knows I told my best ... friend name, Mickey, girl We're really ... living in a sicky world We need a

Pennywise - Revolution lyrics

we walk through these troubled ... struggle through this so called life Waiting for ... something to change And now all hope is gone The pain has ... lingered far to long Black is a sky filled with rage

Audio Adrenaline - Revolution lyrics

define revolution just look at the word Dance around the ... globe yo haven't you heard About changes the walls tumble ... down And the people rearrange it They're not satisfied

Crossfaith - Revolution lyrics

conviction Fight the nightmare that brings me down Yeah I ... feel like we all are living fiction Now I ... feel that we have been born again Caught you staring at the

Crossfaith - Revolution (ksuke remix) lyrics

conviction Fight the nightmare that brings me down Yeah I ... feel like we all are living fiction Now I ... feel that we have been born again Caught you staring at the

Crossfaith - Revolution (the bloody beetroots remix) lyrics

conviction Fight the nightmare that brings me down Yeah I ... feel like we all are living fiction Now I ... feel that we have been born again Caught you staring at the

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