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Psyclon Nine - Take my hand while i take my life lyrics

said: "I'll take it all Give me grandeur and the ... stars as they fall Give me heaven as, the angels they call ... To me from above and they wisper "you're

Alexz Johnson - Trip around the world lyrics

take a Trip Around The World today In the ... back seat rolling down shady lane Lets take a Trip Around ... The World today The money, the money is ... getting in the way Anyway you look at it, its looking at your face Standing in line

Hatesphere - Trip at the brain lyrics

gotta gotta take a trip, gotta take a trip out of this place ... I gotta gotta get away, get away from the human race I don't know what I'll see ... don't even know what I'll find I don't know what

Minnie Riperton - Take a little trip lyrics

a little trip through your mind and explore ... it Take another trip on a magic carpet ride Take a ... little trip through your mind and explore it Take a closer

Miracle Of Sound - Trip to vegas fallout new vegas song lyrics

m gonna take a trip to Vegas With my two favourite ... friends I got my .44 and bullets galore And caps-a ... I got the courier blues And a real short fuse It's a hell

Janis Ian - Take to the sky lyrics

sky morning, red sky night Sailor take warning when the eagle takes flight If I had ... wings I would delight and fly away Black cloud ... riding on the cotton fields back home Every man's an island

Gyptian - Take my money lyrics

nananana woo woo satnanana woooo Aye take up all me ... money And swounder down de jail Fly to upon man to meet ... dis young boy there Make him influence her fa take a

Boyce Avenue - Take you there lyrics

can go to the tropics Sip pina coladas Shorty I could take ... you there Or we can go to the slums Where killas get hung Shorty I could take you there You know I could

Kiss - Take me down below lyrics

saw her standing there across the room. A glass of ... wine and some sweet Perfume. Next ... thing I knew she was standing right next to me. OH YEAH! I told that I have a submarine. She said I know exactly

Gorilla Zoe - Take your shoes off lyrics

(Yung Joc) Next up to bat, the boy Zoe Gorilla that ... is Hey Block, we found another one [Chorus: Yung ... Joc] AC (full), suicide (do's) ... sittin' on fo's Shit so clean nigga take ya shoes off Take ya shoes off, take ya shoes

Sean Kingston - Take you there lyrics

!!! WAT A GWAAN!!! HO!!!! SEAN KINGSTON!!! ... JR! [Chorus] We can go to the tropics Sip pina ... coladas Shorty I could take you there Or we can go to

Kingston Sean - Take you there lyrics

!!! WAT A GWAAN!!! HO!!!! SEAN KINGSTON!!! ... J.R.! [Chorus] We can go to the tropics Sip piña coladas Shorty ... I could take you there Or we can go to

Head East - Take it on home lyrics

was a girl all alone in the world But she was ... young and she was free She understood the ... supernatural A real lady of mystery She could feel ... the earth turning Way down beneath her feet You

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Take it to the limit lyrics

just long enough to see what trip you're on Suffered from ... your ugly deeds The way you;re pushin all, oh no ... Better watch out what you're doing Better take

Hodgson Roger - Take the long way home lyrics

you think you're a Romeo playing a part in a picture-show ... Take the long way home Take the long way home Cos you ... neighborhood Why should you care if you're feeling good Take the long way home Take the

Mudhoney - Take me there lyrics

so dull in the middle of action Out on the prowl ... looking for a distraction I found you out looking ... unaware I knew if you could, you'd ... take me there Come on Yeah Oh Take me there Take me

Reservoar Dogz - Take me to the top lyrics

in the game I wanna kick down the wall Fell the ... crew through the strings Satisfaction is that what rock ... would to you brings Taste rock taste the stone

Fight Or Flight - Take a shot lyrics

a shot now Take my heart Feeling younger and lovely ... I'm not Take my spot Feeling only under ... worst case of hunger you've got I am bleeding Nonetheless breathing Emotionless feelings

Lmfao - Take it to the hole feat busta rhymes lyrics

rock! (Ya, ya) Take it to the hole, yeah, yeah, ... yeah like that Redfoo, reddoo would you ... like that, yeah Turn it up, turn it up! Take it to the hole, take, take it

Fu Manchu - Take it away lyrics

m lying to myself and this dagger is my excuse I'm a pawn ... I should have paid up and I left an hour late I was ... laid up I must abuse myself I'm against all

Adore Delano - Take me there lyrics

Woo-ooh-ooh Woo-ooh-ooh Na-na-na-na Tonight, here I am, there you are This is the ... good life, looking up at the stars You know its our ... time, cause we're here and in love Tomorrow doesn't

Afrojack - Take over control lyrics

go take a ride in the car I’ll take the passenger seat Baby we don’t have to go far Unless you want to show Be ... at a lovely place out of town Where you feel

Airfare - Take me on lyrics

me on, Take me on Take me on, whoa the bigger ... they come yes the harder they fall you gotta eat ... my lady, eat my lady on the west side the livin ... is rough you gotta eat my lady, eat my lady on a

Alesso - Take my breath away lyrics

lights hang over head Body high, swimming in my ... you know you excite me like that? When you touch me like that? Got me running right back ... Want, and I want, and I want, and I want it, and I want

Bananarama - Take me to your heart lyrics

me to your heart now, baby Take me to your heart, come on, ... come on I can't stop thinking about you Take me to your heart Take me to ... your heart, come on I must be dreaming And my heart can't

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - Take me back to your house lyrics

s all drunk Everybody's had enough It's getting ugly ... tired, so tired, so tired So take me home. It's getting late ... for me I'll come if you wait for me Let's get out of

Rowan Blanchard - Take on the world lyrics

ve been waitin' For a day like this to come Struck ... like lightnin' My heart's beating like a drum On the edge ... of something wonderful Face to face with changes What

Mary J Blige - Take me as i am lyrics

Verse 1:] She's been down and out She's been wrote about ... She's been talked about, constantly She's been ... up and down She's been pushed around But they held her down,

Boney M - Take the heat off me lyrics

the heat off me Please take the heat off me Yes I'm ... burning If you really lie and cheat I don't want to meet ... kind of terms no more So take the heat off me Please take the heat off me Yes I'm

Boris Carloff - Take me higher lyrics

my soul; if you want to i can give it back Take my soul; ... if you want to i can give it back You have ... broken my picture frame You are afraid ob being happy

Laura Branigan - Take me lyrics

fancied you for a very long time You finally ... got around to makin' your move But when you ... picked me up, you looked so fairy I wish we could dispense

Brick & Lace - Take me back lyrics

me back to the place where we were free Didn't ... have a care in the world you see All ... that raely matter was you and me Times were still the ... world was frozen A pretty pictured love was

Emma Bunton - Take my breath away lyrics

I told you how I feel about you Would you say the same and If I wrote it in a ... Would you keep it or throw it away I never thought I'd ... feel the way I'm feeling lately When everything you seem

Cheap Trick - Take me i'm yours lyrics

walked in the room First I saw your face, then I saw your ... smile A pretty girl like yourself ... You've got a new approach and the time is right You ... you're so fine, oh so fine And it so excites me Come six

Arden Cho - Take it off lyrics

eyes are closed Feeling weak... All I hear Is your heart beat I wanna know What's ... underneath Yea... I feel the fire ... Inbetween Conflicting Rationalities My soul is on the

Chase & Status - Take me away lyrics

tell you Let me tell you what you do what you do, what ... you do to me Take me away Take me away Found you ... So happy I found you What you do to me, yeah Come on and take me away Take me away Uh... Sometimes I can

Conor Maynard - Take off lyrics

see the B-boys, Break it down girl, I see you ... off of your shoulder, I can feel it, Getting louder Can’t keep our feet on the ... for much longer, They wanna close, The lights come up,

Da Blitz - Take my way (d.j. gabry ponte version) lyrics

my way Take my way, babe, babe Won't you say Take my way ... babe , babe Uh , ye Take my way babe, uh, babe, uh ... Won't you say Take my way... Take my way Take my way Take my way, babe, babe

Natalie Maines - Take it on faith lyrics

only one road In and out of my heart I don’t ... know where it ends And where it starts But the ... night is young Younger than we So lets burn right and

Dr. Dog - Take me into town lyrics

I've been waiting for the rain to break but I guess my waiting's through It's been ... dry as a bone since 1982 And I've been trying to protect ... possessions I keep on his walls all my books and my

Eclipse(sweden) - Take back the fear lyrics

not breathe, can not speak Leave the weak alone to die' It ... s just the money that counts Too afraid to tell ... the truth Long way down too much to loose How

Foghat - Take me to the river lyrics

why I love you like I do After all the things that you ... through You stole my money and my cigarettes And I haven ... seen why I should forget I want to know, won't you tell me

Fun Factory - Take your chance lyrics

your chance Bring your life up to ... the top And you never ever stop And ... to do it right You better take your chance And luck will ... always be around Keep your feet down on

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Take me home lyrics

I'm here all alone Takin' care of my own Down in no man ... s land Got no friend, got no ... plenty of time Where's the saving hand? I got that ... feeling to need more and more attention I got that

Hidden Citizens - Take on me (epic trailer version) lyrics

on me Take me on I'll be gone In a day or two We're talking away ... I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today's another day to find you Shying

Ice Cube - Take me away lyrics

was a good day Know what? Sometimes I just get on my ... knees You know what I mean? And pray to the Man with the master plan To swoop on down on ... that mothership Scoop a nigga up Lord, have mercy, my

Diana Ross - Take me higher (bt's unreleased club mix) lyrics

me higher and higher and higher Take me higher ... Take higher (repeated several times along with the drums) ... Oh, Take me higher When it comes

Ross Lynch - Take it from the top lyrics

take take take it from the Take take take it from the top and I Take take take take it ... from the Take take take it from the top and I You ... never know what this world has in store for you You break

Joe Jonas - Take it and run lyrics

so happy that you made it out tonight With the way you look under these lights, ... You’re the brand new owner of my eyes, my ... eyes I know, I know, many men have tried and failed

K-maro - Take you away lyrics

wanna take you away a little piece of heaven we'll ... call it a day hey I know you will enjoy ... your stay today what's mine is yours so enjoy ... your day hey I wanna take you away and be the best

Kiss - Take me lyrics

your hand in my pocket Grab onto my rocket Feels so ... good to see you receive Baby got to know Do do you want ... to go How you gonna make me feel I said "Go

Kongos - Take it from me lyrics

got a mind of its own and it stings Woke up, don't ... recognize the bed Took me a minute to clear my head I ... tried recalling, but the blanks won't fill Cameras

Kool & The Gang - Take it to the top lyrics

up - Don't you ever stop. What ever it is Take it to the ... up Don't you ever stop. What ever it is Take it to the ... top. The world's out there waiting and it's yours for the taking So come on - get up - it

Avril Lavigne lyricsAvril Lavigne - Take it lyrics

take it take it! Can´t take it take it! I know what ... you do flash me The way it's done impolitely Trying ... to find some alone time No room to ... compromise! Just take it take it! Can't take it take it!

Leatherwolf - Take a chance lyrics

I walk to the Valley of Death I fear no evil The dark ... shadows hanging over my head Cast a doubt with a wink ... of an eye You won't catch me running from you Cause I always keep you in my

Liz Phair - Take a look lyrics

don't know what you're after Wannna know all the details of my disaster Like an accident on the side of the road When you're driving past ... s nothing to see here Wanna take a look, take a look Wanna take a look, take a look

Loverboy - Take me to the top lyrics

s lookin' at you What do you think the chances are ... we're gonna make it together? Here's callin ... your name 'Cause I have to do the things I have to ... do What's a poor boy to do When he's fallen in love with you Help me

Massive Attack lyricsMassive Attack - Take it there (feat. tricky & 3d) lyrics

it kills [?] Rub it down again where the pain still sticks ... Sticking out your tongue it's a hot red liar suck it in ... 2: Tricky] Out there it's heavy though I pre my voice yeah

Mcfly - Take me there lyrics

don't ever wanna spend another day without you ... Without you I don't think that I'd be standin' here if I ... is in your eyes The moment has arrived, you see Right now,

John Cougar Mellencamp - Take what you want lyrics

your life on the table Stick your money on the ... line Create the situation there, one more time ... Your name it means nothing And the dreams that we live ??

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