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Deathgaze - Grave lyrics

de katameta basho ikiru imi nado nai Uso de katameta basho ... shinjitsu nante nai Shitai ni saku hana wa sugu ni karete shimau Mizu wo ataemashou kareta shitai-tachi ni

Hate - Share your blood with daemon lyrics

sermons - the immortal tissues of lies Empty threats - no purgetory no demise ... scripture is burning in his hand Turn of the century will ... end Burning by the gate i can hear Reflection of his

Dj S3rl - Safe sex - s3rl lyrics

ve taken this advice from safe sex specialist Ron Jeremy ... Step 1: I'm gonna make love to ya one more Safe ... Sex Step 2: Put a cap on it Step 3:Put that in

Aura Dione - Cut me lyrics

touch of day I am bleeding away I'm a victim of myself ... Scream to the sky Asking God "Why have I ... lived to see this day?" There's no light in

Dub Phizix - Marka (feat. skeptical & strategy) lyrics

of issy miyake, dark rum and the marijuana Step inna mi ... lake and swim with the piranha Anytime mi drop mi go put ... down a marka If it nuh money say whe dem

Secrets Of The Moon - I maldoror lyrics

sinners Begotten accomplished So I delineate my ... thrones
 I Come kings and queens I received life ... like a wound When did you see that all once abloom Withered under

Ataris - My so called life lyrics

since I saw you On my so-called life, I’ve been writing ... you these letters Asking you to be my wife. But ... it’s been almost a year And still I’ve gotten no reply,

The Dickies - Free willy lyrics

s hot blooded and he lives in the sea he's ... black and white on your colour tv ... this is a story of fortune and fame and now there's only ... charlie tuna to blame proof in the rainbow with all of the trout but that's

Grateful Dead - China cat sunflower lyrics

for a while at the china cat sunflower, Proud walking ... sun. Copperdome bodhi drip a silver kimono, Like a crazy ... quilt stargown through a dream night wind. Crazy cat

Blood On The Dance Floor - It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinstone worl.. lyrics

s so hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world Let's do ... C'mon, let's f*** it up Slash gash terror what? Slash gash terror who? Slash gash party crew You know how we

The Knack - Smilin lyrics

coming but you come once and then you're done when you ... re with me you say you're slumming you must ... believe that i'm really dumb but pretty soon the ... tune you're humming is gonna change and you'll be bummed and it's gonna strip the curl

Cattle Decapitation - Tooth enamel and concrete lyrics

ve never felt before Your face instantly grated and scraped along the sidewalk ... Chiseled up, filed down & a concrete crown I've ... got your face to the curb With my pleathur boot you'll learn - life

Broken Hope - Choked out and castrated lyrics

Japanese geisha of gore with a penchant for rough sex, ... Forced into hard prostitution and a world of ... She dines on desire and ate rape and syphilis for breakfast, A slut whore and caponizer-of-cock who all men

Carcass - Frenzied detruncation lyrics

from limb... Curled glands... Hacked giblets... ... Stumps for hands... Limb from bloody ... limb Ruptured spleen... Rancid Loin... Shattered ribs..

Pungent Stench - Bonesawer lyrics

ll be dead And your arms went red Split your skin ... The saw will win Tear your flesh & open the gash Your bowels come out No ... need to shout I saw your bone 'til you stop to

Man Overboard - One fixed point lyrics

try to talk but I'm in too f***ing deep ... I didn't even think 'cause I just like to speak I ... I'm disturbing Just look at us now You're on your own ... At least for tonight, kid But let's

Saint Vitus - Dependence lyrics

up sick, again today A new gash on my face Can't remember ... what I did Now the pain sets in Don't know if it ... s night or day It doesn't really matter I just need a

Cocteau Twins - Blind dumb deaf lyrics

dumb deafen offends I was never a part of it At the ... bosom Or the breast Or the forehead Or the ... fist Blind dumb deafen offends I was never a part of it My mouthing at you

Madame Macabre - To the ark (a marble hornets inspired song) lyrics

d it turn out this way shattered lives on display Why'd ... it all turn hollow clues we ... should have never followed Tact turned to obsession ... unveiled your transgression Points connected

Silverchair - Petrol chlorine lyrics

through dark black holes It's never gonna end ... Open gash in my ribcage It's never gonna mend Take another picture of the wall ... Sinking deeper everytime I fall Each day ends quicker And my mind gets slower too As

Genghis Tron - Arms lyrics

Free of consequence Slaying The camel's gash Pine marks his passing well One ... won't do Armed twice for push up's sake ... Arms like these swing a state Arms like these hug the law Arms like these flail when

Absurd Minds - The gash lyrics

dirty town casts a cloud on us. a blanket of ... smog like a sword of Damocles. mechanical moves. ... people cannot smile. Forcing my way ... through streets. leaving this monotony for a while

Animal Collective - Spilling guts lyrics

guts Takes some time to waste a guy Must be mad OK, a ... smoldering burn Must be bad Cut deep and festering day ... by day No one wants a free for all Just a chance A break, a lift to climb On a

Glassjaw - Stuck pig lyrics

down in this latrine in nailbomb, In the city of ... In the province of gun, In a whole off the highway In the ... land of two suns. Sometimes I ... When My blow goes like a quickie in the snow But I

Exhumed - Oozing rectal feast lyrics

hemorrhoidal inflammation Irritating rectal rash ... I scrape out the crepitating cavity To scour out the ... festering gash... Caked on pus and dribbling cess

Annotations Of An Autopsy - Prosthetic er****** lyrics

limbs from a bag was always my forte; I get my stock ... member deep inside her oozing gash, pushing deeply Pushing deep ... as deep as I can, feeling blood squelch against my cock I like the feel

Abscess - Zombie ward lyrics

torn Skin is ripped, the Dead unborn Nurses Scream, ... Doctors Gasp As Child gnaws on mothers gash Infants aisle mothers doom Put child in ... the Plastic Womb Mother dead now awakes Takes a bite out

Annotations Of An Autopsy - Sludge city lyrics

from every f***ing hole! That bitch bled for days, she ... First step; rip out entrails, through her bloody cunt ... Nothing but a piece of meat, a disease ridden slut Sick and

Dinosaur Jr. - Tarpit lyrics

what's bubbling down under there? ... Why's it screaming?, what's unfair? Please excuse it ... shell just swell inside Hatch it out now, watch it ... squirm It's asking me what's that I learned Stay

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Crack hitler lyrics

the eight ball Buy the lady a drink And nobody knows my name Bodies float up From ... Like bubbles in fine champagne He's the one, no doubt ... Walking on the tight rope He's

Dizzee Rascal - Girls ft marga man lyrics

Man: Yo, i dunno...marga man here. with the raskit; ... dizzee rascal. Yo, walkin thru the club doors.. ... .betta make space, make way, make some more... And all the

Glassjaw - Two tabs of mescaline lyrics

smell the sound of a growing gash With pop sensibilities. ... KQED ''It's a tune that equals you.'' I feel Hallelujah ... I fail, Bulemia; I'm frail. Salting the back of a snail. And... This is worship

Bones lyricsBones - 42carats lyrics

„Comone" „No, no No way" Vince up on my tags ... stay relaxed in knitted rags My house is covered in Neiman bags, find me posted in the gash With the lights off Used to

Bones lyricsBones - 42carats lyrics

„Comone" „No, no No way" Vince up on my tags ... stay relaxed in knitted rags My house is covered in Neiman bags, find me posted in the gash With the lights off Used to

Smog - I break horses lyrics

I rode out to the ocean And the water looked like tarnished gold I rode out on a ... she'd never felt so old She asked me if I'd feed her And ... ride her now and then No no no, no no no,

Project 86 - Say goodnight to the bad guy lyrics

here I lie in the streets An invitation for you to steal a glance at me While all the ... village, it gathers To watch the vultures devour this ... decaying matter Come one, come all

Acylum - Dead culture lyrics

cut/torn, into dead flesh Rip/dissect/carve, ... into dead flesh Slit your throat, ... is your time Slit your throat, no chance to survive Soul ... this is your time to die Slasher Hack/slice/gash into

Germs - Circle one lyrics

m Darby Crash A social blast Chaotic master I'm Darby Crash Your meccas gash Prophetic ... stature I'm Darby Crash A one way match Demonic flasher ... deep, in my eyes There's a round, round, round, circle

Midnight - Lust filth and sleaze lyrics

oh I've been waitin' that's right just wait and see ... The sound of seed as it seeps from your slit The ... only gash i'll ever need You give ... you give me sleeze I'm gonna bust when you're down on your

Light This City - Letter to my abuser lyrics

my nemesis, my confidant: Do not expect me to make ... any more requests. I have done penance for my sins. ... You're in debt to me one thousand promises. Just yesterday,

Primus - Fisticuffs lyrics

found James Ambrose dead in his cell, a gaping gash ... in his arm had drained him down to hell. No one ... knew for sure if Ambrose was his name. They called him Yankee Sullivan in early days of

Gwar - Licksore lyrics

and crippled she lives all alone Stares out the window, ... telephone Her only friend - a little Kitty Kat She feeds ... it a lot Kitty pretty fat LICKSORE, SOMETHING TO ABHOR KITTY KAT DON'T WANT NO

Josh Henderson - Hello can you hear me lyrics

me what you Tell me twice and tell me again Steal your ... problem watching Why I’m thinking of ... you? Oh tell me what true Oh tell me no more And something is changed And

Razor - Nine dead lyrics

of bloodstains on the floor was all that they could find ... They knew he's insane and he'd kill again but they ... didn't act in time Never a witness, never a clue. No one

Bastille - Falling (ft. ralph of to kill a king) lyrics

quot;My God, are we gonna be like our parents?" ... me...ever" "It's unavoidable, it just happens. ... " "What happens?" "When you

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Rings of saturn lyrics

down and inside out and on all eights You're like a ... funnel-web Like a black fly on the ceiling Skinny, ... white haunches high in the sky And a ... black oily gash crawling backwards across the carpet to smash

Ne-yo - Girlfriend lyrics

s a goddess ghetto queen Sitting ... at the park eating sunflower seeds And I ... if I'm being cocky But I swear I think that she was staring ... I stepped to her like Hey sugar mama you outta line Being

Corrosion Of Conformity - The snake has no head lyrics

at last smothers the working class ... nihilist to be turns the scrape into a gash walking tall and ignorant-this man is now a ... militant deceiving the prophets

Nile - Black seeds of vengeance lyrics

scourge of Amalek is upon you, The seed of Amu hath oppressed you They hath urinated upon you and made ... you eat feces They know not Ra They are the enemies of Asar

Dead Infection - A wild stench lyrics

lie in the ditch Pus start to gush from every scurf ... Curdled glands excrete stench Unbearable ... the soil Yellow phlegm leaks from the throat This poor

Cattle Decapitation - Testicular manslaughter lyrics

multiplier Procreating bastard Ever had your gonads smashed by a ball-peen hammer? ... Ever been forced into a vasectomy by and axe-wielding ... Do you know the word pain? You will when the mallet

Skinless - Cuntaminated lyrics

Quivering clitoris open gash, like a roast beef sandwich ... Force finger f***ing her ecstacy makes him queasy, She used ... no masengil or summers eve Her ... p**** spews cottage cheese no vagisil for the

Bathory - Armageddon lyrics

swear the oath of blood and tear the virgin's flesh I ... gash the wounds of heaven and rides the wings of death ... Tonight the cauldrons are filled with brewage madeEof hate Tonight we blasphemy possessed we desecrate Tonight we raise our

Skinless - Cuntaminated (demo '95) lyrics

Quivering clitoris open gash, like a roast beef sandwich ... Force finger f***ing her ecstacy makes him queasy, She used ... no masengil or summers eve Her ... p**** spews cottage cheese no vagisil for the

Broken Hope - Ghastly lyrics

distorted freak, extremely ugly, ill made by ... perverted gods, Repugnant blemished colonize my ... corrupted flesh, Ghastly—a horrid blight upon the eyes,

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - No chump love sucker lyrics

a witch a bonafide bore what´s more - she snores and that is a fact cow eyes lie yes ... into this how could I ever have kissed that bitch so what

Exhumed - Necromaniac lyrics

musick & lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1998] Awakened by an ... unquenchable addiction, To walk hand in hand with death, ... Exhumed to transcend the walls of the coffin, And search

Neil Patrick Harris - Angry inch lyrics

sex-change operation got botched My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch ... Now all I got is a Barbie Doll-crotch I've got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Sawing my head off lyrics

are the darkest of times Where acceptance and love are Cast aside ... spirits vomiting curses To raise one self to greater ... Relish in the mockeries that you've cast to your brother And gauge the cost of your

Deathspell Omega - Malconfort lyrics

winds roam over Babylon like a primal chaos spread Emaciated beasts howl with angel ... voices Thou shalt be desolate forever, Thou shalt be ... desolate forever In this place shall infuse the venom

Blood On The Dance Floor - The untouchables lyrics

re quick, but were much faster We're one trick, disaster Can't touch this Can ... t touch this Can't touch this Can't touch ... this You all know where, where we're

The Dresden Dolls - Bad habit lyrics

keeps your words at bay Tending to the sores that ... stay Happiness is just a gash away When i open a familiar scar Pain goes shooting ... like a star Comfort hasn't failed to follow so far... And you might say it's self

Severed Savior - Fecalphiliac lyrics

me to kill Morbid temptations are revealed Fecal ... is blessed You will die and so will you, because you ate my poo Shove my feces down ... your throat Using your skull for my

Julia Holter - Lucette stranded on the island lyrics

call my name aloud Looking for what I ... remember My name I know I love going to the ... movies I turn and see my childhood home On ... this new beach where strange bird fly These birds

Princess Nyah - Hooligans lyrics

boys are hooligans they roll like hooligans ... them boys are hooligans (x2) You dont wanna start ... it tonight,wagwaan tonight its mi, i said, ... you dont wanna start it tonight im like what? you think you can be mity,

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Angry inch (obc) lyrics

sex-change operation got botched My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch ... Now all I got is a Barbie Doll-crotch I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Angry inch lyrics

sex-change operation got botched My guardian angel fell asleep on the watch ... Now all I got is a Barbie Doll-crotch I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got a

Brother Ali - I can't wait lyrics

Chorus:] B-b-b-b-baby, I-I-I-I can't wait, your ... love B-b-b-b-baby, I-I-I-I can't wait [Verse 1:] Wait, ... wait, I done tumbled into love again Ladies first, safety last, nothing under him Watch

Current 93 - A lament for my suzanne lyrics

s the odour of incense And I double in pain And I ... flick through the past As arrayed in my mind On a bed in a ... room That's locked on some hill I'm ... gripping her hand As she cries to the wall The

Exhumed - Vagitarian ii lyrics

musick & lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1995] Admiring the ... syphilitic visage, Of the pustule ridden ... genitals that I adore, Oozing sebum and pus ... dribbling on the labia, Leaves me panting for more... Vaginal excrements fume and funk

Paul Simon - Pigs, sheep and wolves lyrics

and fat Pig's supposed to look like ... that Barnyard thug Sleeps on straw and calls it a rug Yeah that's a ... rug, ok Se's walking down the street And ... nobody's gonna argue with him He's a half-a

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Under the rotted flesh lyrics

flesh Rot my lust for decayed corpses dead bodies ... defilement Re-occuring relapses, perverse with the dead ... Impending suffering Spasms shooting through me nausation A cannibalistic

Nokturnal Mortum - The 13th asbath celebration lyrics

bitterness was born in a soul thrusting the Atame sacrifice, the "Book Of ... Shadows" is opened, we're waiting for the full-moon's arrival - we're celebrating the

Dizzee Rascal - Chillin wiv da man dem lyrics

cuz What ma fam? What you got there? Oi Is that a lemon? No it's cheese cuzzie ... Hey join me? What I just lit it fam! Oh don't ... be shy! F*** sake Are you movin to my girl though

Pungent Stench - Happy re-birthday lyrics

can feel the abhorrence people show for me ... Cause i am and expectorating blasphemy I know that ... my look offends their staring eyes So i run because

Lost Horizon - Sworn in the metal wind lyrics

in the shadow of life's dreary side Fallen down memory lane Winds whip the world, just ... woes whip my mind Where is that time when "right now

Crisis - A graveyard for bitches lyrics

s an invader on a misson. Got a built - in weapon. Gotta stake his claim, ... Leave his mark, then go conquer all over again. He's becoming a weapon, ... A flesh and bone knife. He's been taught to conquer and kill. A

Dead Kennedys - Chicken farm lyrics

rainy morning mingling at the market, Bartering for food for another day. Rifle shots ring ... buidings: Executions have begun. Sprawled in the ... square are today's broken bodies. Lots to

Gwar - Tick-tits lyrics

go Tick-tits! Well have you seen her tits? When ... they are covered in ticks It's shit ... like that That makes monks shag their wicks Say have you ... her tits? Not even dog-tits are better than this Unless of

Adam Sandler - Dip doodle lyrics

ding dong Slip slap slee Dipstick paddywhack ... Pee pee googalee gee Polly wolly sling slang Skooey dibbily doo Wing ... Cheech 'n Chong Hop hip kagagoogoo Hickory dickory

Carcass - Crepitating bowel erosion lyrics

encrusted sebaceous growths Pustulating, ... bleeding piles are what I boast Scabby and blistered ... pectoral skin flakes away As my crushed bowels evacuate

Iniquity - Spawn of the abscess lyrics

into tender skin Throat is flooded as the needle ... in Tied down, brittle screams are choked Vocal chord in ... corrosive liquids soaked Naked scrotum stuck in a vice

Insane Clown Posse - Truly alone lyrics

ain't nobody, asking me, I've been There ain ... t nobody, that would name me, as a friend There ain't nobody ... that's dropping by, to say hi There ain't nobody, that

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of violence lyrics

steel collide Severed remnants, disembodied veins Brutal ... homicide Bloodbath trauma, diabolic gash Tempered alloy ... sledge Bludgeoned to death in a manic rage Massive

Skullview - Palace of the boundless cold lyrics

fear, the time has come For the evil to take ... You’ll enter into the dark Raise your gauntlets high And ... let the metal reign Skull splitting fists ... of war Erupt inside Your brain I can see the light That shines through the terrain

Exhumed - Disassembly line lyrics

open the drawers in the dissection ward ... Hone the keen of the scalpel’s dread blade Scrub down ... the slab, for toes yet to be tagged And Y-shaped thoracic

Death Angel - Left for dead lyrics

beaten, and now ripped apart The black hopeless days of ... a once thriving heart The pain of the process. Your sick ... little plan You buried the hope but!

Blood On The Dance Floor - Mosh & roll lyrics

we're back BOTDF rep rep Slash Gash Terror Crew 407, ... where you at? When I step up in the ... up in the club Music is my favorite drug I'm in the ... business of terror More metal than Slayer I got money and

The Who lyricsThe Who - Sally simpson lyrics

the house Mr. Simpson announced that Sally couldn't ... the meeting. He went on cleaning his blue Rolls Royce and ... she ran inside weeping. She got to ... her room and tears splashed the picture of the new

Busta Rhymes - We comin' through lyrics

Serious now Serious All my niggas ONE TWO Line up ... COME THROUGH I got shit for all of you to wild out and ... DUMB TO Back and bust your gun too Nowhere

Lady Sovereign - Fit but you know it (remix) lyrics

re just too damn vain for me girl Playing in a ... different league from me girl I ain't even ... trying to speak girl You ain't playing right Kano: ... Once upon a time I was on a chick She was on 'im but I

Vybz Kartel - 4 star lyrics

Yow Birch!....Dem neva seh we a di real war ... scientists....weh do di war research.... .eeeehhh..... ... Hey!!! Di war nah done til di whole ah dem dead Mack 90 rifle buss off yuh

Kano - Dont know why lyrics

is Kano you should know my name Yeah I make beats but ... flows my game And I ain't got no G-Unit, piece or ... my home crew ain't got no fros and chain It ... s Kano like I said before I can spit rock grime hip hop and

Carcass - Forensic clinicism / the sanguine article lyrics

exaltation, through fusty spatterings I sift, Cauterizing ... pyogenic cortex I just yearn to rip, With impalpable, cathartic tools, dilapidated ... lusts I gratify, Cold premediated surgery, in my calculated

Andre Nickatina - Nickatina creation lyrics

Welcome. i look foward to a tounnrament of truly epic ... proportion. We are unique gentlemen, through ... long years or rigourous training, sacrafice , denail pain

Kano - Remember me lyrics

let your hair down and drink up, After the club, ... we can link up, see what we can think up. Just let ... your body to the talkin', just let your hips do

Dizzee Rascal - Hype talk lyrics

talk Inside outside Ra ra ra Too many man talk nuff' bla ... bla Talk like Dizzee ain't got a temper Hit 'em wit ... the force like sky walker Inside outside Ra ra ra

Abyssos - Queen covered in black lyrics

of seduction, ruler of another sphere. Drowned in my ... secret ocean, no-one knows where. A ... the long lost empire, the landscapes of Fhinstha, the ... world of the vampires. To a time where history has never

Kano - Reload it lyrics

is, This is, This is what it means when DJs reload it, ... This is what it means, When DJs reload it , ... This is what it means when DJs reload it, Reload

Cradle Of Filth - Nightmares of an ether drinker lyrics

with madness the moon shall derange The ether caresses ... the feverous reign I taste the change Lips curl, ... my grip starts to harden Maelstorms are loosing in the garden Angels will whisper bane Hidden meanings in the teaching of pain time warps with

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