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Elton John lyricsElton John - The trail we blaze lyrics

we come Brave, intrepid and then some Pioneers of maximum ... Show that we are just the team To live where others ... up a head of steam On the trail we blaze Changing legend

Gaias Pendulum - The trail of your blood lyrics

ll cross the oceans to take the stars for you I'll cross the ... left Like crows in my heart The hate raise again / This ... mi eyes But I'll follow your trail till the end of my days

Kenziner - Trail of tears lyrics

plague of white, but was not the snow To lie and cheat and ... land We had no escape, from the great white man Suffer the ... our blood and souls Along the trail (of tears) We tried

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Trail of broken hearts lyrics

" Someone, woohoo, see the side of her that I can see ... claim It was different for them. She's leaving a trail of ... Curtains will close At the hollywood bowl The pain that

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Trail of broken hearts (bonus track) lyrics

" Someone, woohoo, see the side of her that I can see ... claim It was different for them. She's leaving a trail of ... Curtains will close At the hollywood bowl The pain that

Courrier - The acendist lyrics

a mountain high On into the clouds in the evening sky My ... a blur of tired thoughts when the light came Radiantly white ... he shown like the sun Transfigured before my

Patti Page - Down the trail of aching hearts lyrics

blue I'll be found Down the trail of achin' hearts Where ... nobody hides their tears You sent me there ... where sadness starts Down the trail of achin' hearts

K.d. Lang - Trail of broken hearts lyrics

back at you Now and from the start These words will ... travel true The godspeed of trust Will ... settle the dust We’ve been passing ... Leaving just a part Down the trail of broken hearts

Combichrist - Follow the trail of blood lyrics

the trail The trail of blood Crossing the line ... of ice will melt Follow the trail The trail of blood ... Crossing the line Sickness of heart You ... killing me In my head you're the enemy You're obsolete, still

Dragonforce - Trail of broken hearts lyrics

we are, far beyond the distant sky. Seen all the ... world and how the story will be over. Through the snow and tainted mountains we ... climbed. Now we have found the light that guides us over.

Sam Cooke - Twilight on the trail lyrics

it's twilight on the trail, And I jog along, The ... world is like a dream And the ripple of the stream is my ... .. When it's twilight on the trail, And I rest once more

Falconer - Trail of flames lyrics

in the silver rain they rode through the woods. ... Crossed the mountains and crossed the ... rivers so deep. They came at dawn with fire and ... steel, left at dusk, a trail of flames. Reach up high

Brother Firetribe - Trail of tears lyrics

can see the shoreline And I feel the ... running And my hands hold on the wheel Driving to the ... With my baby by my side Hear the notes of freedom Sounds so

Heather Dale - Trail of tears lyrics

men like Moses did into the dusty sea And though they ... we did as we was told Mother Mercy looked away and the ... sky was thick with crows. They say that there's a

Hammerfall - The sacred vow lyrics

in the alley A shot inside the dark The gutters paved in ... blackened blood By the godless patriarch You hear ... glowing eyes A bang across the universe As the lightning

Karliene Reynolds - Arizona moon/blue shadows on the trail - rand.. lyrics

pa dam-pa Blue shadows on the trail (Bam-pa dam-pa bam-pa ... Soft wind blowing through the trees above (Bam-pa dam-pa ... bam-pa dam-pa) All of the doggies are in the corral

Donovan - The enchanted gypsy lyrics

i-o That a man rode high In the tinker's sky And begged me ... to go running-o And follow the path of the Gypsy-o ... clings to ruby rings On the fingers of my lady-o And the

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The last cowboy song lyrics

is the last cowboy song The end of a hundred year waltz The voices sound sad as they're ... singin' along Another piece of America's lost ... He rides the feed lots, clerks in a market

Gentle Giant - The runaway lyrics

is the runaway, Lie low the wanted man Mask his elusive ... his home no more. Run in the underwood, Cover and hide the trail Senses like sharpened ... sword, Guards for the shadow on his tail. And

Fionn Regan - The cowshed lyrics

as a baby, I do Climbing onto the stage in front of the school ... High strung The cat got your tongue The ... You'd been strung I followed the trail when I heard that they

Dark Lunacy - The awareness lyrics

we’re just part of the same infinity? I’m now ... - except myself, my soul - The change defines the passing of ... time it’s the act itself masters this cruel

Sirenia - The seventh summer lyrics

mind makes it hard to find The things in life that I lost ... back in time And the trail of my heart has turned all ... hard to overcome And all the things that I believed were

Cormorant - Mark the trail lyrics

cover of dark they conspired Release from ... oppression inspired The shackles that bound unraveled ... way out untraveled The trap was in place, bait ... swallowed The doctor fell prey, death

Dark At Dawn - The oasis lyrics

ll find yourself attracted by the Glimpse of Fury deep inside ... Moment, to every Direction - the perfect Angle sends his Light ... For the mercyless Judgement to be

In Mourning - The final solution (entering the black lodge) lyrics

outskirts of a real world, there was once a dream ... Misdirected lover killed the mannequin Did a shadow land ... hide the secrets for us all On the other side of society, the

Manowar - The spirit horse of the cherokee lyrics

trail of tears began for all the Cherokee The white men came ... to trade borrow But then they would not leave Some of us ... to slavery We welcomed them as brothers Knowing

The Who lyricsThe Who - The punk and the godfather lyrics

you. You tried to walk on the trail we were carving, Now ... we framed you. G.F.: I'm the guy in the sky Flying high ... No surprise I told lies I'm the punk in the gutter I'm the

Fever Ray - The wolf-riding red hood-soundtrack lyrics

And big fire, big burn Into the ashes And no return ... took you right From your mother’s home Our temple, your ... Can be your pick Not pawned The poison is blood

Birch Book - The trip goes on lyrics

the open sky meets the trail When the restless wind blows ... on the sail My listless leaves will ... flutter fall When the horizon's beckon calls The ... road is wide, the passage free The trip goes

The Birthday Massacre - The long way home lyrics

in the dark Don't fall asleep We ... walk through the snow Trying hard to breathe ... me Don't look behind us There's nothing to see below ... It's a long way home Into the woods Under the tree We

Canopy - The bleeding earth lyrics

distant I Of movement still The trail of absence Infected ... Of blood thirst rise No other strive A lying tongue Of ... vision deprived Now another day It's just like before

Hammers Of Misfortune - The hunting tyrant lyrics

The hounds are hot Upon the trail of our quarry Spur your ... not your arrows miss Fell the tallest tree To feed the ... fires at the castle Meat we'll need

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The thin line between love and hate lyrics

makes a man decide Take the wrong or righteous road? There's a thin line between love ... see between good and bad There's a grey place between ... But everyone does have the right to choose the path that

Rough Silk - The angel and the raven lyrics

stormy night an angel fell the raven sold his dreams in hell ... to keep the light from burning skies ... like he's been told to roll the dice the angel smiled and

Qantice - The hero that you need lyrics

light Black sea witnessing the risind of the Chaos, what ... have they become Mad ground Puppets ... some War games from the past Barbarian fights ... whole society Star ships in the air Hits everywhere But I

Raised By Swans - The past is the prey lyrics

you promised me, then you led us deeper, into the ... trees. And looped the trail, where it traced the thin ... air, when you track the old days, remember the game.

Maverick Hunter - The madman lyrics

Daniels he wipes his nose and then takes a pull He ain’t young ... man with a morbid soul Oh, the madman cometh He don’t ... son He won’t sleep ‘til their dead, he’s got a swazi on the top of his head Down from the heavens from which he fell,

Divina Enema - The darkest hour lyrics

And loth was he to render up the keys! [Caacrinolaas:] All ... flies he cries and e'er the oftener the worse shall they ... again most likely!' ...The trail was long cold when I took it

Egyptian - The tale of ben and jackie lyrics

´51 Ben and Jackie were on the run Bet for a map to a ... Tut Travelled all across the Kalahari desert Slept on the base of the Kilimanjaro, oh ... It´s dynamite Bang go the crack in the middle of the

Gun Barrel - The redeemer lyrics

Guides you your way Tales of the brave So follow the trail ... lore Keeping you right on the scent Tear down the walls ... Open the door Heritage calls

In Mourning - The black lodge lyrics

damn She laid her eyes upon the glade A place unseen by many ... She was hiding herself in the broad daylight From the ... seekers of the grind denial She approaches

Madder Mortem - The little things lyrics

Like a gentle slide nears the point where you and I ... You know what I am I'm the fire you thought you’d lost ... breathless touch of frost The one spell that will endure The cancer and now the cure

Masterpiece - The collector lyrics

stop this damn abuse Here, there and everywhere Humans ... if something will bleed The Collector is coming, There’s ... world A new blow means another crack Molding a raw stone

Mygrain - The ghost in me lyrics

Still I feel so alive I see the trail of reflections ... Flashing to the sky, terminal daylight I ... life and death intertwine The passing, the other side

Needtobreathe - The heat lyrics

caught when are hands are off the wheel And our foot is on the ... gas Like a moth to a flame, the fire moves us We're just ... waiting on the crash Yeah, you know we

New Model Army - The hunt lyrics

went into town on the Tuesday night Searching all the places that you hang about ... We're looking for you In the back street cellar dive ... drinking clubs In the discotheques and the gaming pubs We

Persuader - The fiction maze lyrics

mind now in control I hear the master in my mind Are you the hellbound one The demon of ... And when tomorrow comes the emptiness is gone My journey ... s just begun Another tempting of the soul, I can

Red Shore, The - The forefront of failure lyrics

on the forefront of failure A new ... be rewarded We must trample the weak Herd them as cattle ... Slay them as sheep And I'll bury the ... defeat And I watched as the heavens Collapsed to this

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - The hunt lyrics

We Went Into Town On The Tuesday Night Searching All ... We're Looking For You In The Back Street Cellar Dive ... Drinking Clubs In The Discotheques And The Gaming Pubs We

Shadow Of Intent - The twin revelation lyrics

years after my return to the Ecumene, an arrangement was ... made between the two of me That night, the ... bloody daggers Arisen in the past, you all have the sudden

Nick Lowe - Trail of tears lyrics

my life time walking A trail of tears I don't want to ... whole life walking Along a trail of tears Trail of tears ... my life time walking A trail of tears I don't want to

Pentagram - Trail blazer lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instru...

Rob Halford - Trail of tears lyrics

bitter harvest Bearing all the blame Man will never end ... won't save you From your Trail of Tears From this ... pushed you over Feeding on the fears Poverty will always

The Mission - Trail of scarlet lyrics

was the word from Milo, a word to the ... Set down between us like the bottle that we shared He had ... let down And you can have the bed and the stains on the

Shaman - Trail of tears lyrics

Oh! Will forgive you for this Trail of Tears There you go ... for its train of shore There you go Hearing voices ... and noises to go There you stand Back in time

Sister - Trail of destruction lyrics

of Trail of destruction Inside these walls I'm surrounded We're ... Let's fade to black and see the starlet night Glow up Feel ... Take me to that place Into the darkness I dive We're lost

Accept lyricsAccept - Trail of tears lyrics

injustice and greed Led to the crimes and the wars ... this rage And all through the nights, we sang and we cried ... on dearly What gives you the right to do this Who are the

Her Name In Blood - The rail to trail lyrics

steps to the hope unseen Picking up the ... just go this time for yours The door kept open seems sign ... an anticipation We are on the each rail to trail Just

Midge Ure - Trail of tears lyrics

from an open sky Fallen from the grace you gave so free Who ... here beside my dark desires There's something I don't ... How long must I walk this trail of tears? Moving what's

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