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Lego Ninjago Back From The Dead lyrics

Browse for Lego Ninjago Back From The Dead song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Lego Ninjago Back From The Dead lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Lego Ninjago Back From The Dead.

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Crematory - Back from the dead lyrics

from the dead Back from the dead - back from the grave Back from the dead - back from the dead ... The voices getting louder - the ... more than words - pictures in the head The dance of the demons

House Of Pain - Back from the dead lyrics

out the casket, rising up Open up ... eyes, can’t you see me What the f*** is this madness Pick up ... my bones Erase my name from off the tombstones Alive and

Skillet - Back from the dead lyrics

b-b-b-b-back-back-back B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back B ... b-b-b-b-back-back-back B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back ... just to stay alive, yeah The zombies come out at night They'll never catch me They'll

Dream Evil - Back from the dead lyrics

from the furious Slaughter and pain ... through darkest hell He's back from the dead Straight back from hell His mission is ... his own gain No absolution from terror and dread Nowhere to

Adler - Back from the dead lyrics

self mutilation Pulled the trigger, missed my face The ... I started with nothin` and then I had somethin` Just enough ... to taste the lie It started with the

Chris Rene - Back from the dead lyrics

Verse] I've been left for dead here A thousand miles from ... lost my life Guess I played the game so I paid the price ... But it was cold at it the way you left me here Now I

Cancer - Back from the dead lyrics

injecting the fluid of pain Bringing the ... corpse back to life Nerves now awake ... violently The serum now has worked Inject ... to the brain, going insane Body

Skylar Grey - Back from the dead ft. big sean, travis barke.. lyrics

ever meet again. I mourn the loss of you sometimes and ... pray for peace within. The world 'distraught' cannot ... do we begin, now, when you're back from the dead? (3x) I held

The Adverts - Back from the dead lyrics

from the Dead ...................... ....

Babyshambles - Back from the dead lyrics

heard it said You had come back from the dead You were ... playing so fine Scooping up the soul of the wine Courage ... my boy, when you look them in the eye Try not to look too

Dream Death - Back from the dead lyrics

I hope you’ve enjoyed the living me because The dead ... remember my parting ways as the first time we really met ... go to your head because I’m BACK FROM THE DEAD! I’ve

Obituary lyricsObituary - Back from the dead lyrics

white light fell. You fear, the point death sent. Rise the dead's awake. You, you like to ... me in hell, dying. We're back, we're back and for once more

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Back from the edge lyrics

from the edge Back from the dead Back before demons took ... control of my head Back to the start Back to my heart Back ... to the boy who would reach for the

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - From the dead lyrics

Welcome home my friend There'll be no more sleeping on ... Around you Comin' 'round the bend Welcome home my friend ... There'll be no more weeping like

Mystic Prophecy - Back from the dark lyrics

bloody oath of raven It's back to kill again The shadows of ... the past Will come back to take revenge We are ... We give yo illusions We are the devil's eyes When emotions

Wolf lyricsWolf - Back from the grave lyrics

you think it was the end - think again It's a ... rising like a beast within There are always things that will ... to die Let's bring it back to life Into life See a

Fleshcrawl - From the dead to the living lyrics

Your soul - Is spoiled from inside Creatures - Out of ... curse To endless pain From the dead to the living s'been ... a horrible trip Into the darkness you drift while your

Grave Digger - Back from the war lyrics

A battlefield, strewed with dead bodies Awful sight, please ... give me peace Deliver me from evil's work Is it a dream ... no lies that's not a joke Back from the war Lay down to the ground Back from the war

King Diamond - From the other side lyrics

don't know if I'm dead or alive All I know is I'm ... .. Oh, leaving it behind From the other side, looking down ... I know that it's me From the other side, looking fown it's

Nekromantix - Back from the grave lyrics

happiness i'll never find back from the grave i don't know ... self-destructive greed see them gather watch them part see

Bruce Dickinson - Back from the edge lyrics

Strange attractors no turning back Present danger I recall ... That pins my senses to the wall Back from the edge, ... where the darkness has fled And I’m

Hellsystem - Back from the darkness (fase due) lyrics

I've been waiting for this day For too long! For too long! You hear me?! Prepare for launch in three, two, one Prepare for launch in three, two,...

Machine Men - Back from the days lyrics

we ever give any thoughts for the heroes of our days Who ... freedom and future Prayed in the dark - and rain at night ... washed their tears away Saved a wounded

Alltheniko - Back from the other side lyrics

from the future world With changed ... Dirty long long times Will the fate alright / will the fate ... mine Obliged to survive I’m Back from the other side ‘cause I

Dream Weaver - Back from the north lyrics

gave me the spirit North winds gave me the wings Now I'm ascending with ... vengeance Rise from the west to the east Forest ... by an urge to be free There’s no limit on the earth

Heavens Gate - Back from the dawn lyrics

a long time ago when you had the feelin' to adore her Did you ... that she's been fakin' All the dirty lies turned you inside ... away [CHORUS:] Breaking the chain Get away, she's back from the dawn You're feeling the

Mindmaze - Back from the edge lyrics

through clouded eyes It's the light in the dark Spreading ... its hope in the unknown It's finally time they pay for their crimes For the years of fear, the pain and the tears They have left you

Antonius A Vijay - Back from the future lyrics

He'll cheat on you never come back Watch out for Larry he'll ... liked Frank And he was the one And I messed it up So ... ll sure end up sad Ma wins the lotto, Dad buys a Villa And then they write you out of the

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The world ender lyrics

had a name but they took it from me I was the man that I ... a place where I lay my head They burnt it to the ground and the sky turned red I had a ... life and a place in the world I had a sweet talkin’

Adept - Dead planet lyrics

to have it all? We are the carriers Of the sickness in the world All hope is lost, ... of changing Consuming The things that we don't need ... Evolving into our own greed The need to have it all In life

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - Dead man's hand lyrics

lines in the dead of the night, I was heading back out ... any rest. Saw him lying in the road looking bad about 20 ... yards ahead. You come back from a trip to the east but you

Aeon - Dead means dead lyrics

he is dead, his famous death we have all ... some people think, that they can turn to him for guidance ... On the third day he came back from the dead that’s a

Wolf lyricsWolf - The dead lyrics

me To guide you spiritually Dead eyes stare back from the void ... Reflecting what I see I am the key that locks the door The ... link between the worlds Take my hand Dare to

Iron Weasel - Back in your face lyrics

s a long road from nowhere and a short trip from ... here To be right back at nowhere where your dreams ... we fought every battle to get back on top We've gotten so far

Dead Rejects - Rejects from the dead lyrics

rose up from the dead To make you hate yourself ... to us And everybody else The rejects will arise To get a ... We are taking over Its the losers time at last We

Sentenced - The suicider lyrics

...I am the light that shall lead you to ... ." Well, here I am, I'm back again From the deadlands I ... descend... Back from the dead, back from the end ...I'm

King Diamond - A visit from the dead lyrics

PETE It must be summer the sky is clear The garden is ... so beautiful All the flowers and all the trees ... Make Me feel like they're inside of Me I'm

Everclear - The swing lyrics

I will burn in Hell for the things I've done to you ... anything good I should die from the shame from what I put you ... through Let me be the one to bring us back from the

Rotting Christ - Orders from the dead lyrics


Snowgoons - The curse lyrics

Verse 1: Charon Don] The say the mind is a terrible thing to ... So my every rhyme is designed from a spiritual place Get the ... a lyrical great I drink wine from the vines of superior grapes

Miracle Of Sound - The spy who survived lyrics

on the old moors The clouds gather round A memory ... A life in your hands When the betrayed come To rip out ... Seven clouds burst today The cost of survival Is losing

Megosh - I stole from the dead lyrics

I’ve been dragged through the mud I’ve been shunned, ... spread through to infect all the rest And the lungs breathe, ... keeping air from your head Though these eyes

The Game - The documentary lyrics

Boy talks to lady to start the song] [Verse 1 - Game (DRE ... That got pac and big shot The thicks blocks Now every ... myself tote a gun To know the run then get shot Ive been there before Now im f***in with

Jets To Brazil - Your x-rays have just come back from the lab .. lyrics

again when our two roads hit the same dead end and o-oh i'm ... counting the days cuz you've got ... i got three years tied to the mast of this town she's a

Journey - Walking away from the edge lyrics

the sun come up Like I've never ... ve been gone for a long time There's no place to hide anymore ... I feel the light on my face Touchin' me ... down to my soul Waking up from a bad dream Something I had

Adler - The one that you hated lyrics

old to care I'm waiting on the morning light to clear the ... guide, is always But it goes back you paid back All that signs ... keep me going back I'm the one that you hated, you know

Repugnant - From beyond the grave lyrics

spreads over this cemetary The ground appears deceased ... Lifeless forms cuts the sky Out here all life has ... Putrid odours rising From beneath the ground They

Repugnant - From beyond the grave (demo) lyrics

spreads over this cemetary The ground appears deceased ... Lifeless forms cuts the sky Out here all life has ... Putrid odours rising From beneath the ground They

Amon Amarth - The fall through ginnungagap lyrics

threw me into oblivion The life I knew - Seems distant ... float Resting, waiting for the day When I will live again ... called I float towards these cries of fate Faster

Matt Heafy - The wretchedness inside lyrics

you buried me but I’ve come back from the dead You better aim ... reign I’m tearing at the seams I’ve fallen to my ... knees I’m begging for the Strength to kill the

10cc - The anonymous alcoholic lyrics

walk in the room The folks are all there With ... in hand But you can't take the band So you head for the bar ... The barman's well stocked He ... s having fun So why be the one Who's out in the cold

Marc Cohn - Dance back from the grave lyrics

day was like parole before the levees overflowed; I refuse ... to think) How long before the street car rattles down St. ... Avenue and beads swing from two hundred year old trees

Montany - Out of the dark + back from the sky lyrics

face before All alone in the galaxy is that the way it ... ll set us free Where are they now, where are the aliens ... Now will they come back from the sky You can't compare

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Back to the future lyrics

through the do' back from a smoke Sit back relax and ... max with the hoes Chat with my folks ... laugh at them jokes I'm hard to the core ... and she bad to the bone Ask her to bone chats

Iron Savior - Back into the light lyrics

Existence will decay The hope of despair Deep inside ... our heart Brought us to the lair The center of the Dark ... fulfill Evil will await us there We're prepared to kill

2 Pistols - From the bottom lyrics

yup, yup, yup, yup I came from the bottom of the bottom, I ... ain't never goin' back Got my head to the sky and the city on my back Grindin', you ... know where you can find me dead President's homie cash, rule

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