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Legends Never Die Campfire lyrics

Browse for Legends Never Die Campfire song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Legends Never Die Campfire lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Legends Never Die Campfire.

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Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Legends never die (feat. ferras) lyrics

Verse 1: Ferras] Rev-up, leave 'em all in the dust Got a Cadillac six pack vision of us Tonight we ride high into the desert sky Hands up, feel the heat in the air Legends never die, they play truth or dare Tonight, we stop time, let go of the wheel

Ferras - Legends never die ft. katy perry lyrics

up, leave 'em all in the dust Got a Cadillac six pack vision of us Tonight we ride high into the desert sky Hands up, feel the heat in the air Legends never die, they play truth or dare Tonight we stop time, let go of the wheel And drive! How does it feels to fly?! We

Doro Pesch - Legends never die lyrics

were the god in the halls of time You've seen them come and seen them go Why can't you sleep at night Maybe it's the glare of the light Maybe it's something you'll never know You heard the voice again last night You're fooling yourself, this a

As Blood Runs Black - Legends never die lyrics

contribution made A man-made self brigade An imposition of that's dwelled And hospitality far from reality Casts neglecting yourself And in the process of these lies Heroes never live, legends never die Preserve one's self, in safety for growth Preserve o

Betraying The Martyrs - Legends never die lyrics

screamed inspiration into my lungs Whilst I dreamed to do what you had done A shadow beneath you, just a hopeful son Hopeful son, just a shadow beneath you Every dream I had dreamt, every step I will take For you I'll keep on screaming, 'til your cold hearts wake For now it

Sacred Blood - Legends never die lyrics

fires of fever consume Alexander just as the sly wizards of Babylon forewarned... The trumpet is silent; the ride of the heroes has come to a halt... The King of the world is locked in a deadly struggle with the Lord of the underworld... But he has yet one fight in him left... Chalde

Crystal Tears - Legends never die lyrics

of the heroes who died in the field Brave men who followed their beliefs Drops of their blood formed a contract of dignity And their ashes turned to dust But they will never cease to last They fought the earth and heavens They battled in the seas They had no rest un

Four Year Strong - Heroes get remembered legends never die lyrics

something tells me I'm never gonna live this one down But I'll try but I'm gonna need a quick hand, A sharp eye, a smooth talker Just to play this one out to the very end. And this is where you come in I know, that I could count on you to walk me through And I'm making sure t

Daughtry - Never die lyrics

this hour breaking? Now we're out of time Changing seasons, a thousand reasons to say goodbye Have we given all we have to give? And are we living all the life that we can live? We take away, take away A piece of you and me and just walk away But we'll never die Never

Blitz Kids - Never die lyrics

never thought that this could ever break our silence This is more than what I ever thought it’d be It comes in waves to break the boundaries of our vices All our fears are kept desires and our dreams As time lays ache Our bodies break But legend outlives al

English Dogs - Never die lyrics

off from the start no hope Crazy coloured spikey hair with soap Something new, something fast we´ve breed Mod, soul, rock and roll they´re dead Big boots, leather pants so neat Liquid gold and smoking grass our treat So when we´re here in five more years don´t cry ´Cos t

Creed - Never die lyrics

on a window pane Watching some children laugh and play They're running in circles With candy canes and French braids Inspired to question What makes us grown-ups anyway? Let's search for the moment When youth betrayed itself to age So let the children play Insid

Korzus - Never die lyrics

I hear my internal voice In my visions just my mind How can we end this darkened misery Abandoned dreams lost in time Walking, forcing my soul to rise Letting go of the past we create a new paradise Destiny embrace immortality Rising up, no fear in my eyes Die! Die! Die!

Nocturnal Rites - Never die lyrics

the calling From the shadows in the deep Won't surrender We are standing at the edge They call for arms and we'll stand our ground It's neverending When the power comes alive Never falling The truth is in our hearts Rise up and stare the beast in the eyes Wandering so

The Rapture - Never die again lyrics

got me flying Flying in your love Your love is high and Shining from above The life I'm trying Smiling in your love You got me flying Flying in your love Every day you pick me up and Put me down Feels so good inside while You're around Lift me high and hol

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Never die lyrics

Intro] Dream as if you'll live forever (Never, never die) Live as if you'll die today Discussions with myself like I'm walking with Gandhi Trying to inspire but I'm talking to zombies This little rascal is one bad hombre Talk tough, grab m

Melodius Deite - Never die lyrics

you know you're fighting for? Dreams will come to full at all. Let your tears and fear let's gone. Don't give up thus living on. My dream will fly will never die. Die I don't mind. I just know I'm alive. Soul it's your own all of you so make it through. The eagle just stretch

Metalium - Never die lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Michael Ehre] The voices told me what to do I was never able to Follow the way that they are looking for Praying and preaching the way it should be They don't seem to be free [Bridge:] Go ahead, don't look back Strong enough to fight my way Road is f

Alan Walker lyricsAlan Walker - Eminem, linkin park & alan walker - legends n.. lyrics

never die when the world is calling you Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die When I pretend everything is what I want it to be I look exactly like what you always wanted to see When I pretend I can forget about the crimin

Ruelle - Live like legends lyrics

it rains, it pours There will be blood in the water Cold to the core Faith falls hard on our shoulders This is our time No turning back We could live, we could live like legends This is our time No turning back We could live, we could live like legends Live

Civilization One - Legends of the past (carry on) lyrics

flashing light I see Is it a sign to be free? To reach a destination Something in mind All what I see A revolution rising we A gone generation Leaving behind Voices in airwaves, commanding all the young Chronicles of the nature, will never di

Honeyblood - Babes never die lyrics

Verse 1] Care to be clean Purse to be free You spilled my blood That's what curt signs mean There's poison in them Drunken pretense And it makes no sense to me [Pre-Chorus] I knew all along You would go to be wrong [Chorus] Thought

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - We'll never die lyrics

ll never die! We'll never die! Tes pauvres mains tenues Tu pries a corps perdu We'll never die! Ton sang lavera nos fronts Les vautours t'embrasseront We'll never die! Petit garcon perdu Te dsert t'a dchu We'll never die! Ta vie n'est qu'un brin d'e

Moby lyricsMoby - My love will never die lyrics

was so good I felt like this I want everything Now it likes me My love will never die My love will never die And I felt it like your so depressed And my whole buzz broke like nothing My love will never die My love will never die My love will never die My love will never die C

Psy lyricsPsy - Rock will never die lyrics

gudue jjwag dallabutneun gajugbaji seupikeoe jjwag dallabutneun gita soli Rock will never never never never die Never never Never forever nan kiga jagdeorado an sineo kinopi Fashionboda Passioneul aneun wonjo paepi Rock will never never never never die Never

Ian Hunter - Old records never die lyrics

you realize that there is an end to life. Yesterday I heard them say a hero's blown away. And it's so hard to lose someone who's close to you. Oh me, I did not see the danger every day. But music's something in the air, so he can play it anywhere. Old record

Rob Bailey - Never give a f*** lyrics

did the 9-5 I did the 401k All that great shit And I started doing life, we had a house, we had a dog We had all the things that you're supposed to do, and then we were just doing life And like as we were doing it, I always thought this feels f***ing stupid Bullshit a

Crematory - I never die lyrics

in the deep of the night Moved when the horror awakes Frightened by the howl of the world Saved by the powers that be Hounded by dark shadows Pursued by many masks Flogged by whiplashes Branded like stock before the war I never die before - I hear your voice I

Cryptic Wintermoon - Angels never die lyrics

End of day, the fading light falls on the sentinel of night the guardian of her tombstone forgotten and alone She cries below the moonshine all memories of her fade in time impressions of her beauty from beyond the grave The time has passed so slowly an old man now

Default - The memory will never die lyrics

whisper in your ear The words you want to hear You feel the wind and it reminds you It happens everytime You stop and close your eyes You can't deny what lives inside you Well I know it's hard to see What is meant to be When yesterday is so far behind you

Dio - Metal will never die lyrics

the danger, see the glory Hear the thunder of a heavy metal It will take you, hypnotise you Raise your fist a rebel yell I am metal and I'll never die We are metal and we'll never die I will crank you up, you can't bring me down I will make y

E-rotic - Dreams never die lyrics

dreams never die cos baby I miss you my feeling don't lie and love is alive oh dreams never die I'm longing to kiss you so baby I'll fight to hold you tonight baby I miss you ... oh dreams never die cos baby I miss you my feeling don't lie and love is aliv

Eminem lyricsEminem - Kings never die ft. gwen stefani lyrics

Chorus: Gwen Stefani] Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die [Verse 1: Eminem] I can hear the drummer drumming And the trumpets, someone's tryna summon someone, I know something's coming

Eminem lyricsEminem - Kings never die lyrics

Chorus: Gwen Stefani] Here to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die [Verse 1: Eminem] I can hear the drummers drumming And the trumpets, someone's tryna summon someone, I know something's coming But I'm runni

Biohazard - Kings never die lyrics

wanna be remembered for all the things I've done Win or lose, I never gave a f*** if I died young Live fast, die young, that's the way I liked to live Buy now, pay later, throw away and never give Live life, take it by the balls and never look back You

B. J. Thomas - Some love songs never die lyrics

laugh and play your part You fool the world but not your heart 'Cause you can't teach a heart to tell a lie You thought it all would pass in time The melody and all the rhyme But still the music starts when she walks by Some love songs never die They haunt your memory The pain

Dark Empire - We will never die lyrics

of a new day the world is afire Awake in emotional haze You struggle to live then you lay down to die A bolt in the wheels worn away How long can we hold out? A shallow game that plays on every Day to please our kings Our lives held by their strings

Grave Digger - Metal will never die lyrics

re standing in the first row Raising our fist Screaming at our idols Coming out of the mist Like a thunder from the sky Rolling on the stage Metal Monsters are unleashed Fighting side by side For Metal we live For Metal we'll die We are riding the sky Til the morning light

Mitch Malloy - Our love will never die lyrics

ve been drgged around And your heart's been lost so many times But baby, now it's found I've been shot down I've tasted all the tears of love and sorrow In my life But those days are fading There's no more lonely nights of waiting For each others arms Chorus: Love lives,

Delta Rae - I will never die lyrics

oak, pine and weed Bury my heart underneath these trees And when a southern wind comes to raise my soul Spread my spirit like a flock of crows Cause I loved ya for too long I loved ya for too long I loved ya for too long Old heat of a raging fire Come and light my eyes Summe

H.e.a.t - We will never die lyrics

came out of nowhere, like a candle in the night I'll always remember it, love at first sight The way she was dressed was nothing in particular But I almost knew that she was all that I wanted Was searching for someone (someone like you) To live and to like

Nightfane - Hope never die lyrics

see you. I hear you, all time everywhere. I miss you. I want to kiss you. Where are you, where? RF:I'll forever hope that, will be together. I know, hope never die. I sayed you, I need you, I love you my evening star. I'll forever hope that, will be together. I

Gwen Stefani lyricsGwen Stefani - Kings never die ft. eminem lyrics

to stay Even when I'm gone When I close my eyes Through the passage of time Kings never die I can hear the drummer drumming And the trumpets, someone's tryna summon someone I know somethin's coming But I'm runnin' from it to be standing at the summit And plummet, how

Circle Ii Circle - Dreams that never die lyrics

a while It seemed like everything we hoped for Would come true We were confused For a time It felt like every road Was there for us to choose We were born to lose Darker days have since gone by Apparitions in the light The minutes will turn to

Lotti Helmut - My love will never die lyrics

is something I must tell you before you step into the great big world There´s good and bad but it´s full of surprises so keep your arms unfurled The road of life is long and steep Sometimes you´ll run, sometimes you´ll creep but I´ll be there when

Donnie Munro - Love will never die lyrics

could have loved much better if time was on our side but on the other side of lonely I just feel we never tried you go walking on the shoreline where it rises to the tide on the other side of emptiness our love will never die I see you n the night

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - We will never die lyrics

are your therapy cause we call us wild and free we are the horsemen of the apocalypse long time we slept in the fire of lust but now we are awake we are the ones you can trust we play for you not just for anyone we want to free your soul my son foll

Broken Iris - Where butterflies never die lyrics

on, To the painted skies, where dreams will be unified, As I, swept inside. Multiply humanity, Harmonize insanity. Shedding light of remedy, pulling tight of clarity. Shattered glass, in flower beds. Humanize, inhuman ends. It's all the same for

Saigon - Bbb (real niggas never die) lyrics

Hook:] Boom bye bye inna batty bwoy head (Say boom bye bye, boom bye bye) [x4] (Real niggas never die) [Gunshots] [Verse 1:] I say boom bye bye to a batty boy When it comes to the charges, I'm a naughty boy Put the feet to your head like karate

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Metal will never die lyrics

will never die, we promise you Metal is the law, the only for me and you Be my brother; let us sing this fighting song We fight for metal; metal is our holy alliance Nobody can beat us Together we are strong! We are brothers of metal; we will ha

Hozier lyricsHozier - My love will never die lyrics

ve done Me wrong For a long Long time But after all You've done I never changed My mind Honey please Try to love me Honey please Honey try My love will never die Flowers Flowers grow Where I'm laid To rest Honey pick A blossom And hold it Hold it To your b

Metal Law - Heroes never die lyrics

sees the night in fire Swords that cross in the wind His glance of eyes Empty, staring bright The warrior is silent He's coming to return Always running straight Straight into the fight His swords is at his side The power is born in the night Jou

Nocturnal Rites - Fools never die lyrics

their lies on the TV-screen Telling us all what to be Act like they’re gods, egos inflated Can’t believe you’d fail to see Other lives on the great divide And hungry you swallow their scheme Small-minded fools, all so conceited Don’t you know that

Dignity - Dreams never die lyrics

broken window And a bird that gasps for air The final breath - black eyes look back at me screaming in despair In one second I m awake And sweat drops falling from my head Yet another dream Continuously comes back into me Message without meaning. Leave

C21 - Love will never die lyrics

many words to say so many words to spell the way you make me feel I want my heart to tell No place to run and hide don't you know.... That I've been strong enough for loneliness I'm holding back the best - cuz Love will never lie even when yo

Masterplan - Spirit never die lyrics

was a place - a little town Where we used to play and laugh around We went too far - reaching for that star And the light moved away from me And the spirit never died - the world belongs to me This is when I've been given time to live and see I'll never give u

Nicole Scherzinger - Tomorrow never die [deluxe edition] lyrics

can feel your heartbeat under your black, black leather (black, black leather) In your gateway call, boy take me away forever (away forever) Might be rolling the dice Yes, i'm making you mine But i'm thinking it's now or never Be my rebel star And i'll sing you the sweet love

Nocturnal Rites - The flame will never die lyrics

painting is fading now The color's wearing thin Her eyes in the broken glass A stare that chills within She cries only crimson tears The eyes are burning with fire Once believed, made her strong Once deceived made her wrong Sorrow and pain Closed her eyes to see through th

Hawkwind - Some people never die lyrics

the prisoner wearing a black sweater' he has changed from his t-shirt; is being moved out toward an armoured car. Being led out by, er, Captain Fritz. There is the prisoner. “Do you have anything to say in your defence?” “There's a shot. Oswald has be

Funeral For A Friend - Escape artist never die lyrics

red poison of your lips The red poison of your eyes Is where I kissed the blood from, Just that corner of your mouth where I can see the white of your smile. Up to my neck When I'm breathing without you, without you Up to my eyes And I'm seeing without you, without

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