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Left Hand On The Steering Wheel Right Hand Creeping Down You Thigh lyrics

Browse for Left Hand On The Steering Wheel Right Hand Creeping Down You Thigh song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Left Hand On The Steering Wheel Right Hand Creeping Down You Thigh lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Left Hand On The Steering Wheel Right Hand Creeping Down You Thigh.

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Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The devil's right hand lyrics

the time my daddy left to fight the big war I saw ... my first pistol in the general store The general ... was thirteen Thought it was the finest thing I ever had seen

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - The devil's right hand lyrics

the time that Daddy left to fight the big war I saw ... my first pistol in the general store In the general ... was thirteen Thought it was the finest thing I ever had seen

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Hand on the glock lyrics

hill Crusing through the neighborhood Some say I'm no ... lets make it understood Just one man man with a whole lot of ... homeboys (whole lot) Ya get the click of the glock When I

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Hand on the pump lyrics

Verse One] Well I'm an alley cat, ... some say a dirty rat On my side you see my gat, see I ... off buck shots for I'm gonna wetcha Running hard, but I ... like a peace smoke, comin on a homicide You talkin shit,

Illuminata - The hand on the doorledge lyrics

Girl lying on the cold stone floor Her body distracted ... with pain bruises on fragile arms the molestor ... finally went away Everyone said: 'Take care' No, she

Keri Hilson - The ring lyrics

hands on the steering wheel, and it's steering me wrong ... Can't you feel me here, you know you need to come home You keep looking at me, but your ... keeping me on Perfect fit but I'm starting

Elizabeth Huett - One hand on the wheel lyrics

gloss on a cigarette Headache and a ... should regret But I don’t No, I don’t Makeup ... running down my eyes Three steps back ... again last night Being wrong shouldn’t feel so right,

Phantogram - You don't get me high anymore lyrics

don't like staying at home When the moon is bleeding red Woke up ... stoned in the backseat From a dream where ... cut it up, yeah Everybody's on something here My godsend

Dixie Chicks - The long way around lyrics

from high school Married their high school boyfriends ... Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes Where their ... I could never follow I hit the highway in a pink RV with

Aimee Mann - Driving with one hand on the wheel lyrics

asked me to dinner You brought me stuff Now what do ... I make of that You made me an offer I called your bluff Now you're an ... Chorus: Driving with one hand on the wheel Ordering luck

Everly Brothers - The ferris wheel lyrics

ll ride the roller coaster or the carousel I like the spider ... and the diving bell But since she's ... gone I don't like so well The Ferris Wheel I'll ride the

Front Line Assembly - Right hand of heaven lyrics

? raise your right hand to that ?? now let it go ... faster from behind Everyone waits in line Keep it up ... ?? makes you blind Keep it up for all ... mankind Don't let it fall ?? ?? ??

Joan Osborne - Right hand man lyrics

use your toothbrush. Have you got a clean shirt? My ... panties in a wad at the bottom of my purse. I walk ... into the street, the air's so cool. I'm wired and

Coolio - Hand on my nutsac lyrics

I got my) I got my hand on my nutsac burnin 'cross the ... stage in a motherf***in rage like a animal in ... jar, Cool! Yep that's me on the motherf***in mic-a (mic-a)

Go Go Berlin - On the run lyrics

and sisters Can you hear me now The times should ... be changing We don't now how You better leave ... just leave me out Just use your ways, don't you take my hand It's written between us,

Petra - Hand on my heart lyrics

Your hand on my heart and I won't walk ... and I'm here to stay Got Your hand on my heart I ... remember when You first touched my heart And the seed of life within began its

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Hand on your heart lyrics

On Your Heart [INTRO:] Put your hand on your heart and tell ... we're through, ooh Oh, put your hand on your heart Hand on your heart [1:] Well it's one

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Hand on your heart lyrics

your hand on your heart and tell me it's all ... over .. .. Put your hand on your heart, put your hand on your ... heart. Well it's one thing to fall in love, but

The Decemberists - On the bus mall lyrics

From stairway to station We made a sensation With the gadabout crowd. And oh, ... We're two easy targets For the old men at the off-tracks, ... In our rat trap hotel by the freeway. And we slept-in

Mudhoney - On the move lyrics

right, the time is now That's right, The shit is going down It's ... time to do what needs to be done It's high time we make you run On the move, we're on the move On the move, we

Ataräxia - The moon sang on the april chair lyrics

the moon sang on the april chair you were a face ... tulips grey steps, eyes on the walls, red-green women ... perched cats, in your world of arcanum and usual you took me by hand to the white

Everlast - On the edge lyrics

ll assure you and ensure you you're the one I love All the ... Gods up in heaven sent you from above Sent you down to ... Earth just to make me smile Don't you know you're the only

Girls Aloud - On the metro lyrics

o's an x's lighting up the dark Now they turned into a ... question mark I was in my favourite ... party spot Sippin' on my favourite soda pop I saw ... all up in my space I left my heart at the disco Now I

Lovex - On the sidelines lyrics

had my chance You gave it away I didn't say ... in time I find myself questioning why I'm deep in despair ... Deep down in my mind I relive the time ... if I If I could sleep by your side I would run through the night Hold you so right

Brian Mcknight - On the floor lyrics

verse] The bed gives Cupboard might ... break underneath you Hard as I try The table might ... I'm all about mine [chorus] Consider the love we made When ... be found In and all around The right place is on the floor

Jeffrey Osborne - On the wings of love lyrics

smile for me And let the day begin You are the ... within And I'm sure that you're An angel in disguise ... Come take my hand and Together we will rise On the wings

Sean Garrett - On the hood lyrics

Intro:] You know your my one and only right And it's ... outside We can make love right here Or we can take it to ... another level We can stand in the ... rain And make love on the hood of my car [Verse 1:]

Alvin Lee - On the road to freedom lyrics

m on the road to freedom On the road to love Yonder can you ... see them Who they're thinking of I met a ... rich man on the road He told me where to go

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On the grind lyrics

Lil Wayne] Whaaat You can find me on the corner ... with stones, quarters and zones or dope and powder broke, ... baby What can I give you? I distribute ki's to the

Logic lyricsLogic - On the low lyrics

Hook: x2] On the low What's up with you ho ... Bitches smokin' dro Bet you know Bust like forty four ... we go hard Like that shit they hustle on the boulevard

George Jones - On the back row lyrics

I sit on the back row in a church down the ... street Not to far from the place where we used to meet ... find me gettin' though till you found someone to love But I

Nicole Scherzinger - On the rocks lyrics

re all out there Waiting, to break my heart ... Break my heart dear friend You're on one team Yet still contemplating, break my heart Oh ... dear friend Bet you thought all that running

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Down on the farm lyrics

I need is some inspiration Before I do somebody some ... feel just like a vegetable Down here on the farm Nobody ... me Nobody here to turn me on I ain't even got a lover Down here on the farm They

Nazareth - On the run lyrics

you're on the run Lookin' for a friend you ... can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that ... When you're on the run Lookin' for a friend you ... can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that

Owl City - On the wing lyrics

and I’ll carry you away into the velvet sky And we’ll stir the stars around And watch them ... fall away into the Hudson Bay And plummet out of sight

A Life Divided - On the edge lyrics

I can't feel you 'Cause I can't feel nothing ... at all And I can't see you I keep staring at the wall ... And I don't dream of you 'Cause every time I did I

Bosson - On the radio lyrics

found me a letter you wrote me on the radio And they told the world just how you ... have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat They ... never said your name but I know just who they meant Woa woa I was so

From Our Hands - On the ground lyrics

yes, I wonder would you cry If my heart doesn’t beat ... If anyone of you people close to me Would put ... down a flower On the ground So yes, I wonder if

Ministry Of Magic - On the other side lyrics

the spiral staircase only to find one empty perch ... a book of nursery rhymes The end of all our conversations ... Close my eyes Maybe I am only dreaming Try to lie to

Goo Goo Dolls - Down on the corner lyrics

on the evening Just about suppertime ... Over by the courthouse They're startin' to unwind Poor ... kids on the corner Tryin' to bring you up ... a tune out And he blows it on the hum CHORUS: Down on the

Lion Babe - On the rocks lyrics

in the feeling My head is spinning ... These eyes are sinning See you watching me Do you want the ... It's been a minute Don't copy us Just fill my cup

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On the nickel lyrics

and stones will break my bones, but i always will be true, ... and when your mama is dead and gone, i'll ... sing this lullabye just for you, and what becomes of all the

Lil' Keke - On the come up lyrics

Talking] Check the game, we gon do it like this For the 2 ... triple 3, alright [Lil' Keke] Hold up a ... I'll cash it It's all about the cream, and getting paid you

Frankie J - On the floor lyrics

s dime like you holdin' up the wall for You should be ... dancin'...uh yeah [2x] All the guys in the spot Better yet ... ..nobody's had the nerve To talk to you So let

Pretty Ricky - On the hotline lyrics

Cooper, Marcus; Smith, Diamond; Azor, Herby; Pretty Ricky, ... Ricky, Ricky It's 5 in the mornin' And I'm up havin' phone sex wit you, you, so horny ... And now I'm on the hotline Over here lustin' for

Victoria Justice - On the wings of a dream lyrics

I tried. Oh oh ohhh I here the song A song I never heard ... now Oh oh ohhh I think I'm gonna Take a chance tonight All ... I've been wait'n for, to turn the key and unlock the door. It

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

I've loved before is gone Alone like the coming of the frost ... a cold winter's chill in my stony heart And where were You ... that I've hoped for? Where You when all that I've dreamed?

Above & Beyond - On the beach lyrics

goodbye to all your friends Time to leave and ... Sad to fly and leave behind the sun Every day would pave the way For endless nights of ... can go and still be free There's nothing like you and me On the beach Moving with the

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - On the outside lyrics

close enough to hear you say "Do as the ... beautiful ones do" Tore out my ... its frame Just wanted to be one of you Standing on the ... Lookin´ It´s funny how you see the truth But the

Blood Orange - On the line lyrics

Hook] Tell me if you caught my lie My heart's not ... true Tell me if we're on the line Are we through Tell me ... if you're in my life Don't go, baby are we on the line

Dinosaur Jr. - On the way lyrics

d like to come and see you But what's it worth to know ... Promise you'll make it easy You won't ... to go I've been a wreck so long it's hard to pull it back,

David Jordan - On the money lyrics

don’t ever get you anywhere but now I know to ... up let my voice be known I won’t sit back pretend my name ... from my goal I’ll face the music with my soul Don’t

Kate Walsh - On the stage lyrics

the lines I walk, I know it’s ... always only up to me, Give me ... to see this through I know there’s nothing you can do. I ... had it all for just one second. I never want to have to

Sondre Lerche - On the tower lyrics

I see If it's because of me Then I may well have to tell you ... to play is easier than to set the groove And to think is more ... simple than changing the mood Is it more, is it less?

New Kids On The Block - You got the flavor lyrics

don’t really mean to lead you on All I wanna do is take you home You've got that flavor ... Baby, baby you got the flavor Baby, baby you got the flavor Baby, baby you got the flavor You've got that

Niceland - On the floor lyrics

m all for one, one for more, I'm all alone The ... flowers are gone / I'm rotten in a place I ... love Scissors cut the days as my hair falls off I ... m all on the floor Before you fall into one of your saddest

Saga - On the loose lyrics

day you feel quite stable The next you're comin' off the ... wall But I think you should warn me If you start ... heading for a fall I see the problem start I watch the

Saga - On the other side lyrics

there you are You've travelled so far breaking ... to be broken living like there's no tomorrow You've spent ... most of your time criss-crossing the ... meant to be spoken 'cos you feel your time is borrowed

Selah Sue - On the run lyrics

more you tired The more you are being less inside The ... more it changed The more you lost your place of mind girl ... wasn't all that easy,yeah. You better watch out,my friend You're on the run,but it never

B. B. King - On the way lyrics

you know I'll always love you But it would have been a lie ... If I said that I could please you Every moment that I try ... Wouldn't want to see you crying So I hope you don't

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