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Edwin Colins - It's a funny thing lyrics

s a funny thing A funny phase I'm going through As I ... drift through space Nothing left to cling to Don't ... think me morose I've always been a tryer Now here's

Lauren Alaina - Funny thing about love lyrics

used to want me But I didn't want you ... But now I want you Oh, but you don't want me Why can't our two hearts Just make up their minds ... And want the same thing At the same time The funny thing about love It never makes

Au Revoir Simone - A violent yet flammable world lyrics

shape the sides Touching down in ... the spaces Soaking from a warm goodbye An early rise ... offers kindly Tonight I sleep to dream Of a place that's ... calling me It is always just a dream Still I cannot forget

Donovan - A funny man lyrics

day a funny kind of man Came walking down this street ... He wore a shoe upon his head And hats upon his feet, ... He raised the shoe and smiled at me His manners

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - A certain romance lyrics

oh they might wear classic Reeboks Or knackered ... Converse Or tracky bottoms tucked in socks ... But all of that's what the point is not The point ... s that there isn’t no romance around there And there

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - A beautiful thing lyrics

the ulcerating silence perspective comes ... The way it always does for it's ransom So randomly somebody calls The ... phone rings and it brings Niagara Falls At three o'clock

Ella Fitzgerald - A woman is a sometime thing lyrics

(to clara) What, that chile ain’t asleep yet? give him to ... me. I’ll fix him for you. (jake takes the baby from clara) ... Lissen to yo’ daddy warn you, ’fore you start a-travelling, Woman may born you,

Liza Minnelli - A beautiful thing lyrics

a fact can be a beautiful thing When the fact I'm facin' is ... you A fact can be a terrible thing When the dreams you've been ... dreaming fall through Forget the past And think about the present

George Gershwin - A woman is a sometime thing lyrics

to yo' daddy warn you 'Fore you start a-traveling Woman may born you, ... love you and mourn you But a woman is a sometime thing ... Yes a woman is a sometime thing Yo' mammy is the first to

The Hollies - A little thing like love lyrics

Took you from Dakota from the Black Hills to the ... plains I brought you up a lady and the right way to behave ... Turned my pockets inside-out and not a dime was saved And

Meat Loaf - A kiss is a terrible thing to waste lyrics

listen, to the night You can hear the darkness call I can barely stand to wait I can ... barely stand at all C'mon closer to me now It ... s like we're sharing the same skin We gotta get out of

Diana Ross - A simple thing like cry lyrics

it didn't hurt so bad If it didn't hurt so bad Maybe I could cry If I ... thought it was all a joke And you were putting me on If ... I could just make a wish And this moment would be all

Better Than Ezra - A southern thing lyrics

was a blackjack dealer Living on the Gulf of ... Mexico Kelly had a taste for guns and pills He was ... looking for a mark to roll Sara was a Kappa ... from Tulane She was looking for a little change

Lee Rocker - Funny car graveyard lyrics

rock, where they go Hey man, where’s that ride Where ... they hide Well, they scrapped for metal Or stole Ford ... parts Or rusted away in a funny car graveyard Where are all the Duke boys, General Lee

Nick Carter - Funny face (ft. backstreet boys) lyrics

wipe your eyes Cause I don't wanna see you cry ... And I don't want you thinking I'm a bad guy ... Sometimes I say some things That I don't really mean ... The last thing that I want is you mad at me I know,

Primus - Lee van cleef lyrics

a badge, a Red Rider at Rocket Camp out at (?Nohack? ... ) Peak Lookin' for jailbirds left and right tryin'a ... trees Everybody I know's watchin' Clint, we all like watchin' Clint Hi Hi Hi Hiiiiii

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

You've been left Open your heart Cause you know best ... Pull close the ones that leave you alone Welcome home… ... Write down those words you wanted to hear Compliments yea

Brenda Lee - We had a good thing going lyrics

baby, I know that we just couldn't go wrong ... No matter how hard we might have tried For you and I, we're ... just too much alike to get along Oh what a shame to have

From Autumn To Ashes - The funny thing about getting pistol whipped .. lyrics

no one moves Aggravation is the current mood ... Closed accounts, prosecute Dressed ... in these outdated suits Transmission incorrect Is there ... anyone that's competent? Dismissal but

Poison - Baby gets around a bit lyrics

can't say I ain't been around That I ain't done my ... like this big old world Has been one big shoe to shine ... But I never ever took a dime For what comes naturally And if I never knew the

George Strait - Ive got a funny feeling lyrics

my baby's wearin' a permanent smile A satisfied look ... I ain't seen for awhile I ain't had no raise, fulfilled any dreams But somethin's ... come over my baby it seems I've got a funny feeling somebody's stealin'

Rie Fu - Funny dream lyrics

had a funny dream of you and me we’re drinkin’ wine along the cote d’Azur And ... every where we’re waiting to see and we’re walkin’ ... in the rain I had a funny dream of you and me we never

Powerman 5000 - A swim with the sharks lyrics

get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing Well ... a swim with the sharks is like me I'll find ... them for three and catch them and kill them for ten When

A Fine Frenzy - Wish you well lyrics

re a million miles away this Christmas You're a ... million miles away from home But if you feel ... like coming back, coming back, let me know I haven't ... heard you call me sister I haven't heard it said in years

Dune Rats - Funny guy lyrics

a funny guy To your face Yeah! Pocket ful of lies Tastes like mace Yeah! One ... more time Does it again Yeah! Why you gotta Lie? Why ... you gotta Lie? Why you gotta Lie? All the time The time

George Gershwin - Isn't it a pity? lyrics

did I wander Hereand there and yonder, Wasting precious ... time For no reason or rhyme? Isn't it a pity ... Isn't it a crime! My journey is ended, ... Everything is splendid; Meeting you today Has given me a wonderful

Blutengel - A little love lyrics

I just want to feel a little love someday..) ... Feeling like a little child. Crying out for ... his mother. I'm sitting here alone, And i miss you so much.

Easton Corbin - A lot to learn about livin' lyrics

off the plane down in Cabo Just meanin' to stay for a ... week I got a funny sensation about this vacation The second ... the sand hit my feet Taxi driver took my two bags He

Lisa Mitchell - A little ramblin' blues for any hour lyrics

once I had a little house in the country babe In the country I was ... in the country with you And the man in the corner had a ... funny little hat And he wore little buttons all

Bonnie Raitt - Thing called love lyrics

t have to humble yourself to me, ... I ain't your judge or your king ... Baby, you know I ain't no Queen of Sheba We may ... not even have our dignity, this could be

Charles & Eddie - Love is a beautiful thing lyrics

is what I believe.. Been so long ... since I met you And all the changes we've been ... through And all this time I can't forget you Everywhere I ... turn I think of you And I..I wanna love ya baby And you-ooh, you are all I need

Dusty Springfield - I've got a good thing lyrics

got a good thing I got a good thing I got a good thing going Take the sun and take the moon And stars that ... shine so bright All I need is my guy And everything's all right Everything about him thrills me The way

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Its a love thing lyrics

yeah Ooh it's a love thing I been working all day long ... And I'm ready to come on home to you All ... other guys roll their eyes And don't realize it's what I want to do It's what I want to

Lyn Collins - Me and my baby got a good thing goin' lyrics

yeah, I want all you Brothers and sisters ... to stand up I want everybody to stand up And ... counted tonight Brothers and sisters if you Know you ... got your thing together I want you stand on up Now I

Debelah Morgan - We had a good thing goin' lyrics

We got a good thing going baby Ooh We had a good thing ... going Baby you know I know it We had a good thing flowing Flowing ... We had a good thing going Baby you know I know it We had a good thing flowing Strange

Gregg Allman - Don't mess up a good thing lyrics

been cheating on me You know my love is ... true Ain't nobody in the whole wide ... world Gonna love you like I do CHORUS ... no fool If you keep messing around now baby You gonna mess

Michael Bolton - Love is a wonderful thing lyrics

think twice They simply spread their wings The sun shines, ... it don't ask why Or what the whole thing means The ... same applies to you and I We never question that

Bananarama - Too much of a good thing lyrics

tell me I take too much Of almost everything I touch, what ... a bore You never can get enough Of anything you ... to love, give me more Too fast to live, too young to die

Luke Bryan - Rain is a good thing lyrics

Verse 1] My daddy spent his life lookin' up at the sky He'd cuss kick the ... dust, sayin' son it's way to dry It clouds up in the ... city, the weather man complains But where I come from, rain is a good thing [Chorus]

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - A baltimore love thing lyrics

loves me, she loves me not Yeah she loves me not The ... fiends need me, I ain't around it, bones ache Detox, ... rehab, cold sweat, watch 'em shake I'm not that

Dina Carroll - You'll loose a good thing lyrics

you should lose me, oh yeah You'll lose a good thing ... If you should lose me, oh yeah You'll lose a good thing ... You know I love you I'd do anything for you Just don't

Don Mclean - When a good thing goes bad lyrics

a good thing goes bad, it's not the end of the ... world. It's the end of a world that you had with a ... girl. Though it's hard to admit that the memory's sad

Garth Brooks lyricsGarth Brooks - I've got a good thing going lyrics

swears there's nothing wrong, but something's ... She's never been much good at telling lies 'Cause you can ... hear the sound of leaving, if you listen This may

Faith Hill - Love is a sweet thing lyrics

was sitting on a corner with a bottle of beer And the same ... shopping cart he'd been pushing for years ... A big smile on his face Like the first day of ... spring All the people looked the other

Krystal Harris - Love is a beautiful thing lyrics

so long since I met you and all the changes we've been ... through and all this time I can't forget you everywhere I ... turn I think of you and I wanna love ya baby and you are all I need Soul to soul,

Hanna Pakarinen - Maybe its a good thing lyrics

don't talk lost connection we're ... direction it seems too late to repatriate just too hard to put back together I ... think I've reached the end I'll always be

Pink lyricsPink - Love is such a crazy thing lyrics

I'd find someone But you came along and made me see That ... for me Boy, I love you constantly You are my love, my ... only love Baby my heart belongs to you Be with me,

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Love is a wild thing lyrics

people say Love is fate - but I don´t buy it It´s a chance we´re taking We´ve ... gotta try it How can we know What the night is ... gonna teach us Can we be so certain Love is

Neil Sedaka - Workin' on a groovy thing lyrics

I saw you I knew that I was gonna love you And everyday ... I thought of how I'm gonna love you Now you're here ... next to me And ecstasy is a reality I feel good when you

Gary Allan - Like it's a bad thing lyrics

say, I drive a little fast Say, I like to push the limit ... Everyday I'm living like it was my last They say, Im proud ... of my scars Each one tells a story Got guts and glory down

Lady Antebellum - When you got a good thing lyrics

keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man Lookin at you standin there I know I am Barefooted beauty with eyes that ... sure looks good on you I swear Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby Happy

Bay City Rollers - Love brought me such a magical thing lyrics

s not because your eyes say something to me It's not ... because your smile flies me away Really it's an ordinary day ... through me It seems you kinda did it to me Love brought me

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Too much of a good thing lyrics

is like quicksand It's always bringin' me down I still ... keep comin' back for more And like an addiction One is ... never enough I'm like a junkie at your door Too

Bootsy Collins - A life for da sweet ting lyrics

one go out to me posse inna Berlin City! Seeed, ya ! ... to help me to do this, so I a call Bootzilla! Oh yeah, ... Bootzilla here, along with Eased (ya mon!) Yo E? (Bootsy?)

C.b.milton - It's a loving thing lyrics

sighed and closed his eyes can’t think of what to say It’s ... so clear when he sees her face but words just slip away ... In other days in other times he’d laugh and walk on by But that was

Dashboard Confessional - The ghost of a good thing lyrics

it?s luck, but it?s the same Hard luck, you?ve been ... trying to tame Maybe it?s love, but it?s like ... you said ?Love is like a role that we play.? But, I

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - We've got a good thing going lyrics

is all around me when you’re near I can feel it in the atmosphere ... Believe me when I look at you I know We got a good thing goin' now We got a good thing goin' now Don't let go! Don

Devotchka - Such a lovely thing lyrics

s an elusive thing This love of which you sing ... What are we doing What are we doing? I will give you anything Just please don't ... spinning round You're such a lovely thing But there is

Firehouse - Love is a dangerous thing lyrics

take your chances with modern romances ... Remember everything that you've learned If you give ... into desire you're playing with fire And you could ... be so easily burned If you want to

George Benson - Never give up on a good thing lyrics

give up on a good thing Remember what makes you happy Never give up on a good thing If love is what you got, you ... ve got a lot Money's tight, he's

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