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Laura Branigan - Power of love lyrics

whispers in the morning Of lovers sleeping tight Are rolling like thunder now As I look in your eyes I hold on to your body And feel each move you make Your voice is warm and tender A love that I could not forsake (first chorus) 'Cause I am yo

Silent Hill (hra) - Laura lyrics

a mysterious girl who takes me somewhere I wanna know why you are here (Why?) I wanna know why you're here in Silent Hill (Tell me, Oh please,please tell me) Why choose Silent Hill? Can't you see that Silent Hill is such a dangerous world (Trust me, Oh please, please tr

Flogging Molly - Laura lyrics

the words from my lips To your heart finger tips Then you know where I come from Cause I know, yes I know Everything there is to know Cause I lost everything I had See, I could have danced on the sun But my world came undone Laura There's no n

Darin - Laura lyrics

Baby your beauty is just something away from this time I never knew that your perfection could exist around I gotta get to know and show you what I'm all about tomorrow's never promised got to let my feelings out should I just talk to ya, baby baby should I let u go, no

Nek - Laura non c'e lyrics

non c'e e andata via Laura non e piu cosa mia E te che sei qua, e mi chiedi perche l'amo se niente piu mi da Mi manca da spezzare il fiato, Fa male e non lo sa che non mi e mai passata Laura non c'e capisco che e stupido cercarla in te Io sto da schifo credi e non l

Kerkko Koskinen Kollektiivi - Laura palmer lyrics

näyttää ihan samalta, vaikka meni vuosia, se tulee kutsumatta taas ja potkii eteisessä kengät jalastaan On keittiössä sotkuista, me jutellaan sen matkoista, juodaan vahvaa kahvia, se laittaa musiikkia ja nauruun purskahtaa Ja se tanssii niin kuin Laur

Fields Of The Nephilim - Laura lyrics

white eyes Blinded by the night Hollow like the towers On the inside Laura's a machine She's burning insane Laura's a machine For a menace in disguise Behold this night The four walls are furnished Now she's alive No one ever helped poor Laura She's rabin in ecsta

Rapsoul - Laura lyrics

C.J.] Ich war bei dir und deine Eltern schauten mich b?an. Sie sagten: Laura, wieso hast du jetzt 'nen schwarzen Mann? Der hat bestimmt schon 20 Kinder und 'nen Drogenproblem, Wir wollen dich nicht in der Zukunft in 'nem Wohnblock seh'n! [Jan] Sie fragen mich nach

Bat For Lashes - Laura lyrics

say, that they’ve all left you behind Your heart broken, the party died Drape your arms around me and softly say Can we dance upon the tables again? When your smile is so wide And your heels are so high You can’t cry, get your glad rags on And let’s sing along To tha

Carpendale Howard - Laura jane lyrics

altes Gasthaus steht am Straßenrand irgendwo in Wales zwischen Meer und Land über der Tür steht der Name "Laura Jane". Es war schon Mitternacht ich hatte mich verfahr'n vor dem gasthaus hielt ich den Wagen an - ich hatte Licht geseh'

Kenny Rogers - Laura (what's he got that i ain't got) lyrics

hold these hands and count my fingers Laura, touch these lips you once desired Lay your head upon my chest and hear my heartbeat Gently run your fingers through my hair Touch these ears that listened to your wishes Most of them, fulfilled and that's

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Laura lyrics

hold these hands and count my fingers Laura, touch these lips you once desired Lay your head upon my chest and feel my heart beat Gently run your fingers through my hair Touch these ears that listened to your wishes Most of them fullfilled an

Ella Fitzgerald - Laura lyrics

is the face in the misty lights Footsteps that you hear down the hall The laugh that floats on a summer night That you can never quite recall And you see laura on the train that is passing through Those eyes how familiar they seem She gave your very first ki

Carly Simon - Laura lyrics

s always someone, haunting someone, haunting someone, I can't sleep easy, cause I'm afraid of dreaming And then the memory of the dream There's always someone, haunting someone, haunting someone Laura is the face in the misty night Footsteps that you

Ricardo Arjona - Laura (el tren del purgatorio) lyrics

te han visto arañar, banquetas con tus tacones de ajugas. Que no sales del bar, que vives entre burbujas, que te sangra la nariz, que la bulimia hoy es tu gerente que ya no existe barniz para tu blanco casi transparente, que te inyectas la soledad y le echas polvo

Billy Joel - Laura lyrics

calls me in the middle of the night Passes on her painful information Then these careless fingers They get caught in her vice Til they're bleeding on my coffee table Living alone isn't all that it's cracked up to be I'm on her side, why does she push the p

Tony Bennett - Laura lyrics

is the face in the misty lights Footsteps that you hear down the hall The laugh that flows on a summer night That you can never quite recall And you see Laura On the train that is passing through Those eyes, how familiar they seem She gave your very first kiss to you That was

Nat King Cole - Laura lyrics

know the feeling of something half remembered Of something that never happened, yet you recall it well. You know the feeling of recognizing someone That you've never met as far as you could tell, well. Laura is the face in the misty light, Footsteps that you hear down th

Scissor Sisters - Laura lyrics

can't you give me some time, I got to give myself one more chance. To be the man that I know I am. To be the man that I know I am. Won't you just tell Cincinnati, I'm Gonna need your love. Don't you give me your love? Don't you give me your, Come On, Com

Lush - Laura lyrics

maid, tummy ache Make-up run Lipstick girl, black stick curl In the New York sun Inside out, you know about My silly game Even though you don't know About my name Where I've been What I dream What I've seen Clumsy eyes realize How to wr

Bastille - Laura palmer lyrics

out into the dark Cutting out a different path Led by your beating heart All the people of the town Cast their eyes right to the ground In matters of the heart The night was all you had You ran into the night from all you had Found yourself a path upon the ground You ran into

Eurovision Song Contest - Laura tesoro - what's the pressure (belgium) lyrics

ask me why the sun is shining Long after the day is done The evening falls, the bright lights Bring out the best in me, I see Massive thoughts weighing down people all around But they don’t seem to mind at all I will try to stand my ground, won’t

Ewelina Flinta - Laura lyrics

słów nęka mnie a chciałabym to już za sobą mieć mówisz czas zmieni coś a każdy dzień jak cierń rani znów czekam wciąż na jakiś znak co powie mi gdzie iść co zrobić mam lecz jedno co słyszę tu to cisza z którą sama muszę żyć a ja nie mogę już silną być

Skywalker - Laura lyrics

another sip all alone Leave me here to rot let me go There is something you can never know about me unless I show you Take another sip of black joe leave me in the circle and go Cause there are stories untold about me that you don't wanna unfold You wanna set me free

Eurovision - Laura rizzoto - funny girl (latvia) lyrics

it funny, ain’t it funny Oh, it all started as a joke But now I’m falling, now I’m falling The punch line is getting old Cause I’ve been keeping to myself For way too long, yeah Ain’t it funny, ain’t it funny I made you laugh every time we spoke I locked my heart in hesi

Eurovision - Laura tesoro - what's the pressure (belgium) lyrics

ask me why the sun is shining Long after the day is done The evening falls, the bright lights Bring out the best in me, I see Massive thoughts weighing down people all around But they don’t seem to mind at all I will try to stand my ground, won’t be bound And b

Kurupt - Power lyrics

Intro:] Gotta get this motherf***in money my nigga You know? I'm fall up Buildin on built buildings my nigga Getting that big money, ya dig? Always hustling Keepin my A game to the hustle gang, you dig? Countin that money 1... 2... 3... 4 5... 6... 7... 8

Blue Öyster Cult - Power underneath dispair lyrics

boys are surprised to see me Never thought I'd get out of jail Took eight long years to spring me And two hours to ride the rail Took only thirty minutes to find you Asking every snake slithering the street "Where's the man with the golden tattoo? The

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Power to the people lyrics

to the people Power to the people Power to the people Power to the people Power to the people Power to the people Power to the people Power to the people, right on Say you want a revolution We better get on right away Well you get on your feet An

Rick Ross - "power" lyrics

Hook:] I’m from the hood and I represent (power) J. Prince, n-gga, that’s (power) V-12 engine, that’s (power) Electric company, I need (power) Satellite dish, b-tch (power) You can’t charge up sh-t without (power) You want to know what make the world spin? (power) You’re runnin

Kansas - Power lyrics

a smile can deceive the one who has made you promise Suddenly you can't believe, the truth only leaves you cold Sometimes the answers you fear are there on the face in the mirror Something the world needs to hear but no one is even listening Power It takes Power Power

Raven - Power and the glory lyrics

a look Take a look around you ... at what you see Mirrors in the air Mirrors everywhere They're reflection onto you And they're reflecting onto me well I just can't believe This is the way The power and the glory Is what they want The power and the g

Kat Graham - Power lyrics

used to be a flower on the wall in the back row Never was homecoming queen just a shadow Now I got a crown cause you gave it to me Cleopatra strong yeah you found it in me Throwing all the pages of the past out the window When you tell me that I'm beautiful I feel it.

K.o.p.r. - Power to the meek lyrics

to the Meek I'm just a girl With my head screwed on I'm just a girl With a smoking gun I got my fingers stung My fingers stung yeah I'm just a girl With my fingers stung Bless these bones Bless this skin All of me And the mess I'm in Yea the mess I'm in But I

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Power (ft. stormzy) lyrics

up, no, you didn't bow, bow I ain't the chick to walk behind you around town Just 'cause you're packin', packin', whoop, down south That don't mean I'm ever gonna take it lying down, baby Oh, I'm a machine when I do it I'll be catching fire, gasoline wh

Krayzie Bone - Power lyrics

Chorus 1: x4] I got the power, power, power! Power to the people We the people got the power, let's ride [Krayzie] A nigga be humble, but I'm down for mine Don't give me no static and you and I can be fine I may be quiet Believe me I get violent You re

The Clipse - Power lyrics

you think you got the power You ain't got the power You don't tell me that it's okay I tell you that it's okay You don't got the power You don't have the power bitch, what Yo, yo Everybody freeze, do what I say, do as I please Commander every

Ben Harper - Power of the gospel lyrics

will make a weak man mighty. It will make a mighty man fall. It will fill your heart and hands or leave you with nothing at all. It's the eyes for the blind and legs for the lame. It is the love for hate and pride for shame. That's the power of the gospel. That's the power of the

Ice-t - Power lyrics

m livin' large as possible,posse unstoppable Style topical, vividly optical Listen,you'll see'em sometimes I'll be'em Cops,critics and punks,necer ever wanta see me in POWER Well,that's too bad, Apocalypse Now I'm back and I'm mad We're comin',y

Planetshakers - Power lyrics

know You are stronger I know You are greater Than anything I am facing I know You are bigger Because of Your power I'll never be the same again Let Your power flow Let Your power move Let Your power come Let Your power come on me today Let it flow in my life Let Your po

Released Anger - Power thrashing death (whiplash cover) lyrics

it into the blood directly into the vein Metal assault on the ear feeling it flow to the brain It can get under the skin the power metal syringe It puts an end to all pain another headbangers singed Breathe the metal in the air feel power everywhere

Bastille - Power lyrics

throw your best shot right at me Cause pain, I can take it easily Did you really think I'd fall to my knees Just to pray for some sweet simplicity? Cause woah, you're squeezing my heart, too hard in your bare hands, they hold too tight And woah the air is

Eric Burdon - Power company lyrics

daddy worked a lifetime, yeah For the Power Company Turning night into day, yeah Yeah, for the Power Company You know that he can still recall when the company was God, Man was a slave Throughout a war-torn strife, My daddy held his lit electric light. Power Company They told hi

Clawfinger - Power lyrics

re politically correct no matter what you say Convincing us all in every single kind of way Cos you frame the words so that we really believe That there's a depth in the message that you're trying to achieve So you twist your tongue to make it all sound true Making us believe that w

Eternal 2 - Power of a woman lyrics

Come here baby} {I got something for you} {Don't you wanna come with me} {Hmm, let's go} Ah, do you, do you, do you, do you feel the power? Do you, do you feel, do you, do you feel? Ah, do you, do you, do you, do you feel the power? I'll tell you straight up Wh

Falconer - Power lyrics

your roots, break the bonds. When you get some, you need some more. Our credence made you strong While your honesty's weaker than before. Trample down their dreams To feed your own. The glory of your fortune, Celebrate it alone. You've got power power, To devo

Flame - Power lyrics

got power man, You ain't never seen it like this He got power man, His words make the world exist He got power man, He can turn your situation 'round I've seen Him do it, do it, do it, do it, do it I've seen the Lord do a lot of things in my day Time after tim

Flame - Power in your name lyrics

HOOK:] So much power in Your name Lord You saved us So much power in Your name Lord You bring deliverance So much power in Your name Lord Our Redeemer, our Savior, we worship and praise You Lord So much power in Your name Lord You healed us There's so much power in

Lecrae - Power trip (feat. pro, sho baraka and andy mi.. lyrics

Intro:] Who’s got the power? [Verse 1 (Pro):] The key to life: money, power, respect Louie this, Gucci that, two private jets Big money, big business, watch that paper stack Treat life like a game, it ain't pool but I'm racked Up, big bucks, no whammy

Huey Lewis - Power of love lyrics

power of love is a curious thing make a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove more than a feeling that's the power of love Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream make a bad one good make a wrong

Pellek - Power rangers lyrics

ve got a power and a force that you've never seen before. They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score. No one can ever take them down the power lies on their side. Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Go Go Power Rangers Mighty Morphin' Power

Rainbow - Power lyrics

s sayin' that the times are getting rough You gotta stay loose baby and you gotta be tough...oh I get knocked down...get right back up again Cause I never give up and I never give in... Oh - so strong Got the power when I turn it on Yeah - I'm gonna get

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Power struggle (bubbles demo) lyrics

that don't drown Life in a bubble Jungle I wouldn't frown It showed another jungle Staying in the ground But I was in there for you Now leaving town Life in a bubble jungle Seeing you, believing the satiric, with the power struggle Believing, then dealing, appeasing the p

Freedom Call - Power & glory lyrics

t wait for the time, to come together No sleep at night, say now or never Say, now... now we're ready to rock The place where we are, is we're longing forever Thousand miles on the road, on the boat or wherever Now... now we're coming to town To have a good time all

Kurt Carr - Power praise (let god arise) lyrics

God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God, Let God arise (2x) Power, Power Lord(4x) Jesus (7x) (repeat) Power, Power Lord(4x) He's got t

Maybach Music Group - Power circle lyrics

Intro: Rick Ross] If Michael Jackson came alive right now He’d ask you to smoke one for him So in his honor… (lights) [Verse 1: Rick Ross] You niggas Spud Webb, comin’ up short Think you’re Dee Brown, jump if you want I put it on my momma and her very last nerve R

Power Metal - Power metal lyrics

suara getarkan jiwa Membakar hasratku yang tlah sirna Amarah diri ingin berlari Menembus langit getarkan dunia Gemuruh dadaku kian menggema Bebaskan gejolak dalam irama Satukan rasa dan langkah kita Tuk bersama Power Metal Bersama musik kunyanyikan lagu

Rage - Power and greed lyrics

confrontation With the army, splittered nation Smash the mirror, there's no way back To the reign of egoism and brutality Now it's time to decide on what side you are on It's too late for a false compromise Overnight they came in the same old way The same

Rush Of Fools - Power in the blood lyrics

you be free from the burden of sin There's power in the blood, power in the blood Would you o'er evil a victory win There's wonderful power in the blood There's wonderful power in the blood There's power to save Power to heal Power that gives us

220 Volt - Power games lyrics

again by the same old song Every day a new game is played Start to wonder everybody wonders What fool's gonna kill us one day Wake up. You say you don't worry The drugs won't keep you alive Love it or leave it. Anyway you want it Can't you see you're a victim of circum

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