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Big Wreck - West virginia lyrics

two weeks straight And the things you love will drown With ... the things I hate Oh well It's ... for a while Until I get things right Just let me dream

Bare Bobby - West virginia woman lyrics

her name was Sally she lived in the Kanawha Valley Just ... outside of Charleston West Virginia US of A Sally done me down ... and dirty really put that hurtin' on me Reckon how she must

Clare Maguire lyricsClare Maguire - Hanging in the stars lyrics

m looking up, breathing in Like no one here lies These ... my eyes I've been drinking With my secrets Hanging in ... am wasted There's a madness Hanging in the stars Far away from

Pj Harvey - Hanging in the wire lyrics

Over no man's land He sees in front of him A smashed up ... unhurried ghosts are there Hanging in the wire Walker's in ... the wire Limbs point upwards There are no birds

In Fear And Faith - Last man stranded lyrics

time When the light didn't blind my eyes I would've killed ... this ground. The desolate king I'm crowned. Take me back ... I guarantee I'll have everything that escaped me. A new

Eagles lyricsEagles - Last good time in town lyrics

I can't wait to do it again But I haven't had the time ... I like to step out every once in a while I kind of like to do ... it in style I haven't had the time

Oratory - Last prophecy + life in another star lyrics

home And took Mother Earth in their hearts Now, is time to ... We have to wait for a light in the dark A real sign about ... beliebe that there is Life in another star, Life in so

Phil Ochs - The hills of west virginia lyrics

the flat plains of Ohio we drifted out one ... As we headed for the hills of West Virginia And the red sun ... of the morning was smiling through the trees, As the

Neil Sedaka - Wheeling, west virginia lyrics

freeway to Culver, Racin' my MG down to MGM. Sittin' in make-up tryin' to wake up ... one more day of make believin', One more day of playin' ... more day of endless pretendin', Do ya know who you are?

Ben Nichols - The last pale light in the west lyrics

my hands, I hold the ashes In my veins, black pitch drums In my chest, if I can catch this ... In my way, the setting sun Dark clouds gather ... 'round me Due northwest, the soul is bound And I

E-dubble - Last man standing lyrics

cart is hard to push beaming Racks on racks on racks you ... credit, my debit is un-seemingly I'm sippin' on that hard ... black tee, why me? trees Blowing out the maxima I can't see

Sloan - Last time in love lyrics

is my last time Last time in love And I got suddenly ... That I'll never get to fall in love again All my life, I ... and always let 'em down Moving on was something I mastered

Mae - Last call lyrics

More out of place than anything you know. Like an opera at ... These lights, are they hanging in the distance? Did they ... glimmer for an instant? When they're shining

Los Fastidios - Last pint of cider in glasgow lyrics

PINT OF CIDER IN GLASGOW We are the Bhoys, ... we want back our Bairds. Last pint of cider in Glasgow, last pint of cider with the Bhoys, ... last pint of cider in Glasgow with the bhoys in

Outkast - West savannah lyrics

1975 it happened Was born in West Savannah way before I ... started rappin My mamma had a nigga at the ... of fifteen My daddy was sellin that sack, now he's gots

Gabry Ponte - In the town (feat. sergio sylvestre) lyrics

where the freaks come alive in the night hours Come face to ... with the neon lights, there ain't no last call where shadows ... crawl There you'll find where all wicked souls, they

Hot Water Music - In the gray lyrics

m suspended now, hanging in the aiay of a weather beaten ... ground where comfort lives in sound, like a gun laying ... Most of me is elsewhere wondering shall we hear a song or

Wolf lyricsWolf - In the eyes of the sun lyrics

far and wide Where desert wind stir up the sand Long ago in ancient time Ruled Pharaoh's ... hand A king and a god to all mortal men ... The temple slowly rises The king and the god builds his grave

Miriam Bryant - Last soul on earth lyrics

ve been thinking about butterflies And now ... endless blue sky Dreaming about what it could be And ... I can't talk I can't think I can't walk I can't see

Guillemots - Last kiss lyrics

s something Oh, so unusual About the ... re sorry Over and over again There's something Oh, so ... re sorry Over and over again One love, one last kiss

Iced Earth - Last december lyrics

howling winds blow On this moonlit night ... Eyes locked in fear With a dark embrace ... The bitter cold winds Freeze the tears that fall ... Hands held in grace As we take the final

King The Kid - Last train lyrics

you and I both know I'm going home You wanna dance a ... Now I'm broken and I'm going home Ohoh You'll find ... me on the last train rolling last train rolling in Ohoh

Goo Goo Dolls - Last hot night - živě lyrics

I was sitting in my room all alone 'cause the innocence is gone And I smashed ... any songs I was tired of working hard for other people's ... to come true So I smoked my last cigarette and headed out into

Goo Goo Dolls - Last hot night lyrics

stop what you're doing right now put your best ... your long black hair and sing me your favorite song Aren ... t you tired of working hard for other people's

Macabre - In the army now lyrics

joindes the army Was stationed in ... discharge Jeff's in the army now Jeff's in the ... When Jeffrey comes marching home again Insane killer ... He's going to kill a lot of men The

Matchbox 20 - Last beautiful girl lyrics

all fall down like everything else that was This too ... t take back Now every fool in town would've left by now I ... of your face - I can't help thinkin' Maybe if we ever

Dierks Bentley - Last call lyrics

is the only time my mind is clear To think of you and ... heart The tears fall so sincere I know it's wrong but ... s gonna be whiskey and beer Last Call for alcohol still ringin

Dawn Golden - Last train lyrics

when you call my name, waiting And when you tell me you ... And my, my body starts burnin' up And well, I don't want ... run to your man, I quit givin' a f*** And well, I don't

Heart In Hand - Last night lyrics

No one will ever know. Last night you told me, everything ... What's on your mind? It's on the tip of your ... lie to me. It was never my intention, But it was always

Jack's Mannequin - Last straw (bonus song) lyrics

heard that you went out last night And you looked ... I stayed home took a Vicodin... Sometimes it's all that ... I can do When I think about the president How

Mads Langer - In these waters (feat. ida) lyrics

am shy I'm standing on the other side Watching ... while you're passing by Mm mm Rise and fall ... Remember me When you're reaching out for company I'll be

Sirenia - In a manica lyrics

stand there like a weakening fire awaiting the final ... If you consider still hanging in there You will wither in each and in every way How

Mavado - Last night lyrics

Wah, Seh Dem Nuh Wah Tump Inna We Face But Di Fools Dem ... Tell Dem Bout Di Gun Mi Buss Last Night In The Pass Night Infa ... Red Pun Him Head Was The Last Him Coulda Fast Like Sizzla

The Cruxshadows - Last breath lyrics

in the darkness I stand Watching and waiting again ... Somwewhere in the darkness she cries And I ... death And she steals away my last breath As I reach into her

Iron Savior - Last hero lyrics

Man and the universe But in the tales of the bold it has ... And on that very day the kingdom will fall Lost in the ... forevermore And when the last - last hero will die Tears

Lacrimas Profundere - Last lyrics

day in bad times (hold) back your ... fears that belong to me Ride into the last time I trust in ... you For you last adorer And then we are Into ... purensess of my soul (nothing more) F*** the dreams which

Omen - Last rites lyrics

the distance the church bell rings and the raven spreads his wings Shadows of steel fall ... silent in the gloom one last full moon The future is lost ... tall Only silence till morning only silence till

Sacred Warrior - In dust and ashes lyrics

I'm a man with many troubles In the regions dark and deep ... me Your steadfast love remains Even though I feel ... abandoned Invade my soul Break the chains

Seo In Guk - 마지막 생일 (last birthday lyrics

saengilseonmul ibyeol doeginsirheun geol geugeol niga ... jebal naegen majimagi doebeorin saengil chukhahae Happy ... birthday for being born I do not know how

The Who lyricsThe Who - In the ether lyrics

you And I know you're near In this high heaven My world's ... love But you never appear In the gloom of this room Of ... and sprays The light will find me Will bend toward me Yet

Brainstorm - In these walls lyrics

is not what I am looking for No matter what you do ... is no fear There's no turning back from here There's ... only one way out you'll find I can see forever You're

Delight - Eyes that last i saw in tears lyrics

that last I saw in tears Through division Here ... in death's dream kingdom The golden vision ... Eyes I shall not see again Eyes of decision At the ... door of death's other kingdom Where, as in this The

Parker Theory - Last nightmare lyrics

a web I awake So close to finding death In a car with no ... with no face Who keeps telling me Another angel needs to ... Hit by a truck its hard being stuck Behind the wheel A

A Pale Horse Named Death - In the sleeping death lyrics

tomb, feel all alone Grabbing the razor, as I cut to the ... bone Lay here in silence, listen to drops ... away As I lay and take my last breath In the sleeping

Snow Patrol - The last shot ringing in my ears lyrics

home take her past this evening I'm not sure sure if I ... done I don't even want to think about it She was beautiful ... I've ever seen I saw everything things I hoped I'd never

Lp lyricsLp - In the pines (leadbelly ukulele cover) lyrics

Tell me where did you sleep last night In the pines, in the pines Where the sun don't ever ... shine I would shiver the whole ... where will you go I'm going where the cold wind blows In the pines, in the pines

Buried In Verona - Last words lyrics

the letters That you wrote in the end Imagine what your ... f***ing life Could've been All ... never tried to see the truth in your heartbeats Think back

Janel Drewis - In the pines lyrics

Tell me where did you sleep last night? In the pines, in the ... pines, where the sun never shines Will shiver the whole ... here His head, was found, in a drivers wheel His body was

Meg&dia - The last great star in hollywood lyrics

the east coast. Why they grin so wide, they’ve got their ... one knows. Chorus: I think I’m on the bright side. ... today is a fake from what’s inside. My teeth are yellow

Gene Clark - In the pines lyrics

Tell me where did you sleep last night In the pines in the pines Where the sun never shines ... And you shiver when the cold wind blows Now little girl

Sirrah - In the final moment lyrics

the world I chose to lay down in Here's my place of last ... relief In its red burning towels Salvation from foul ... but the next one won't I'll find you in the final moment To

Sigh - In a drowse lyrics

m going away from those beautiful ... days In a drowse life of pain, in a drowse (I'm) going insane I'll tear it away, (I) ... t hear what they will say In a drowse life in pain, In a

Phil Ochs - No christmas in kentucky lyrics

shoppers shopping on a neon city street ... Christmas treat There's satin on the pretty dolls That ... glow While a boy's walking ragged In the cold ... No, they don't have Christmas in Kentucky There's no holly on

Reba Mcentire - He's in dallas lyrics

ll make your dreams come true in Texas And he captured my ... between us Dreams turned into sleepless nights waiting ... all alone I'm staring out the window through these

Manfred Mann - Virginia lyrics

how are you? How do you do? Virginia, I'm happy to reach you too ... Tell me, Virginia Has it been so long? Virginia, tell me what went wrong ... Tell me, Virginia Could you love again? Virginia, if not I'll be your friend

Marissa Nadler - Virginia lyrics

waves rush against the folds of my face As I ... to drown The waves rush against the folds of my face As I ... start to drown Oh Virginia Virgina, Virginia Die In winter the water Will wash

Miranda Lambert - Virginia bluebell lyrics

of a limb You’re just waiting for somebody to pick you up ... again Shaded by a tree, can’t live ... to grow Pretty little thing, sometimes you gotta look up

The Clipse - Virginia (ft. pharrell) lyrics

to come down here? It's Virginia, nigga... We do this in ... .. You ready? I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but ... ) So when we pull up, it ain't shit to do but look (Talk

Roxy Music - Virginia plain lyrics

long time just try try try tryin´ to Make make the big time.. ... and make believe Baby Jane´s in Acapulco we´re all flyin´ ... down to Rio Throw me a line I´m sinking fast Clutching

Manic Street Preachers - Hanging on lyrics

end I'm not here Wish the last of the year Where do we go ... now Another blackout Hanging on to nothing Hanging on to ... nothing Hanging on to nothing Hanging on to nothing I

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