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Rens - Kyoya tategami - pain lyrics

without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life

Rens - Kyoya tategami - bad boy lyrics

the feelings Remember the day My stone heart was breaking My love ran away This moment I knew I would be someone else My love turned around and i fell Be my bad boy, be my man Be my weekend lover but dont be my friend You can be my bad boy ever understand That I dont

Rens - Kyoya tategami - bring me to life lyrics

can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold Until you find it there and lead it back home Wake me up (Wake me up inside) I can't wake up (Wake m

Rens - Kyoya tategami - pokerface lyrics

wanna hold em' like they do in Texas plays Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me (I love it) Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to start And after he's been hooked I'll play the one that's on his heart Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh

Rens - Kyoya tategami - sexy and i know it lyrics

I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly I pimp to the beat, walking on the street with in my new La Freak, yeah This is how I roll, animal print, pants out control It's RedFoo with the big afro They like Bruce Lee rock at the club Girl look at that body Girl l

Puff Daddy - Pain lyrics

feat. Notorious B.I.G.) There's times in my life where I just I just wanna run away, I just I just wish the pain would stop I don't wanna cry no more I wish the pain would go away Start a day, bad hands make it hard to deal Sometimes I wanna pull it, end it all with a bullet Hard to l

Deftones - Pain lyrics

Max Cavalera) Speak up - you know what is up Code of silence? Who set you up!? Some shit so wrong in this world All f***ed up now you're gone Speak up - you know what went on How could you let it go? It's murder you covered up Stained blood o

Pegazus - Pain is my friend lyrics

broken heart It's broke in two 'Cause of a bitch That looks like you She was the one She was my love Now she is gone Now all I've got is PAIN, PAIN, PAIN IS MY FRIEND PAIN, PAIN, PAIN IS MY PAIN, PAIN, PAIN IS MY FRIEND PAIN, PAIN, PAIN IS

Bones Soundtrack - Pain on pain lyrics

for life For life All you discover Stay for life For life This moment together To heal yourself Love can heal Can't watch you fall Pain on pain Don't come back here again Shame on pain Took the last breath away Save yourself Yourself lost for a sec

Fun Factory - Pain lyrics

can you feel the pain can you feel the pain can you feel the pain the pain of my heart can you can you feel it tell me can you feel it can you can you feel it the pain of my heart pain pain pain don't you feel my pain droppin' down on you like drops o

Elton John lyricsElton John - Pain lyrics

s your name, my name is Pain Where do you live, I live anyplace Where were you born, in the state of fear How old are you, nineteen hundred and ninety four years What's your plan, my plan is pain When will you leave, I'll never go away How will you brea

Ice-t - Pain lyrics

deuce revolver was my problem solver Had a def girl,really didn't wanna involve her In the life of a gangster,use to rob bankster But now I'm locked up,I'm just a punk low rankster Jail cells know me too damn well Seems like I've built on earth my own personal

The Letter Black - Pain killer lyrics

the name of love I'm fearless of what you can do to me I'm hiding all my tears Even though I wear them on my sleeve I can't erase what you have Done to me Wanted you to love me Always seemed to hurt so deep inside I can't erase what you have D

Ashes Remain - Pain lyrics

know the situation hurts And the pain seems more than you should bear But it’s the only thing that works And I won’t take you away from this I know you’re dying inside But it’s just the way it has to be And if you’re going to survive You must die and bring

Alice Cooper - Pain lyrics

m hidden in the scream When the virgin dies And I'm the ache in the belly When the baby cries And I'm the burnin' sensation When the convict fries I'm pain I'm your pain Unspeakable pain I'm your private pain And I'm the compound fracture In the twiste

Dark Angel - Pain's invention, madness lyrics

shackle me With truth I''m face to face Backed up in between A damp cage I remain In the cell of numb despair The chill engulfs my veins There''s only one notion that I revere The only truth in life is pain It levels and crushes at its free will My

Dio - Pain lyrics

me a choice between pleasure and pain I choose pain Another day without a heartbeat How can your heart beat If they've taken it away For the first time, just don't think about it Take the water and wash your face with pain You can take away the power Your finest hour

Feeder - Pain on pain lyrics

for life, for life All you discover Stay for life, for life This moment together To heal yourself, love can heal Can't watch you fall Pain on pain Don't come back here again Shame on pain Took the last breath away Save yourself, yourself Lost

Helstar - Pain will be thy name lyrics

feel pain because I can I feel pain therefore I am Focus on the twisting, turning Focus on the breaking, burning Self inflicted ways of bleeding Pain addicted, always needing Merciless and unbending Misery unending Pain Pain Will Be Thy Name Pain Pain Wi

Lycaon - Pain killer lyrics

boku o raku ni suru tame no omocha Itami o `hora' ki okota i kao de te maneku Kuse ni naru hodo nukedasenai kankaku Motomeru mono wa itsumo kawarazu mune ni Dore dake gisei ni shite utatte Dore dake sakebi tsuzukeru nodarou? GIRI GIRI de It’ s more” PAIN” Boku no” PA

Mental Discipline - Pain & regrets lyrics

dear betrayers How many times you fed me lies? Your sweetest words concealed the poison That I was late to recognize Now you see me falling My soul is dead, my heart in shreds You turned my dreams into illusions And left me with Pai

Rawhead Rexx - Pain lyrics

old man in an old house Some kind of silence is around He's lonely you think he's a good guy but don't trust your eyes Cause Pain He's searching for Pain He's back for more Pain His goal is to spread the pain Pain He's searching for Pain He's back for more Pain His goal

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Pain of love lyrics

pain of love Won't break us up We don't need your salvation The pain of love Will never stop We are our own creation The pain of love Lives in our hearts It's deeper than the ocean The pain of love Waits in the dark We take it in slow motion And we go on And

Ashley Monroe - Pain pain lyrics

t slept a wink 'cause I'm still hurting Ain't ate a thing since he went away Tried everything but it ain't working These tears keep rolling down my face Pain pain go away Come again another day Tired of this heartache Tired these tear stains Nothing that I can d

Ace Frehley - Pain in the neck lyrics

think you're cute, you're a pretty girl That's why we're living in sin You always ask where I'm going Or find out where I've been Have lots of fun, makin' love, girl But now you're making me sad No kisses or any sympathy Can make up for the past You're a pain in

Onslaught - Pain lyrics

eyes staring at me laughing at me Needle pushing red No fear no exception lifes rejection Life can end up dead Low down silent warning voices calling Hell is stalking me I breathe deadly passion living fashion Damage I can't see Take this pain

Otis Redding - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Is treating me cold Where can my baby be Lord no one knows Pain in my heart Just won't let me sleep Where can my baby be Lord where can she be And now the days Has begin to get tough I say I want you to come back, come back, Co

Queen - Pain is so close to pleasure lyrics

ooh pain is so close to pleasure oh yeah Sunshine and rainy weather go hand in hand together all your life Ooh ooh pain is so close to pleasure everybody knows One day we love each other then we're fighting one another all the time When I was young and just getting started

Dream - Pain lyrics

The Record! all you do is bring me pain, drive your crazy all you do is bring me pain, drive your crazy all you do is bring me pain, drive your crazy all you do is bring me pain, drive your crazy Boy i thought that we'd last forever i could see it in your

Eatmewhileimhot - Pain lyrics

ve got a message to the universe, I've got a message to the world, I've got a message for every boy and girl The colors of the rainbow, Fading out your face, Change, Willows blooming from the ground, Top soiled by our pain Willows blooming from the ground, Top soiled by ou

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Pain(bonus track) lyrics

Deuce] Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry so hard Now I can see your pain, I'm sorry Goodbye I cry tonight [Johnny 3 Tears] The necks of this youth With their necks through this noose We're told lies like it's truth And we suspec

Live - Pain lies on the riverside lyrics

have never taken life Yet I have often paid the price And you, you are a victim of this age And the guilt that hangs around your neck Has got me locked up in a cage You've got to learn to live until no end But first you must learn to swim All over again Oh no bec

Neurosis (col) - Pain (the sad fact) lyrics

pain, the sad fact Pain, pain Thank you for the pain Thank you for the chaos The very true friends for me Throughout this dreadful life Things are blacker then ever A constant battle rages in my mind When to end my life is the question left Of the thing th

Nightcore - Pain lyrics

I can see your pain I'm sorry Goodbye I cry so hard Now I can see your pain I'm sorry Goodbye I cry tonight The necks of this youth With their necks through this noose We're told lies like its truth And we suspect that its you So you strap them with th

Orthodox Celts - Pain for sale lyrics

Winds, Let me hear your whisper, Your the only one to touch me, And make me feel alive. Let me feel your record, As gentle as the silt, I'm the only one to understand, Unspoken words you say. I've got pain for sale, does anybody hear me, Pai

2pac lyrics2pac - Pain lyrics

couldn't help but notice your pain [My pain?] It runs deep Share it with me! They'll never take me alive I'm gettin' high with my four-five, Cocked on these suckas, time to die Even as a youngster causin' ruckus on the back of the bus, I was a f

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Pain in my heart lyrics

in my heart Treatin' me poor Where can my baby be Lord, no one knows Pain in my heart Won't let me sleep Where can my baby be Lord, where is she And one day My days are gettin' tough Won't you come back, come back, come back, baby Lord

Apollo 440 - Pain is a close up lyrics

Pain is a close up And happiness a long shot Pain is a close up And happiness a long shot Your consciousness is The only censorship Your consciousness ...

Danzig - Pain in the world lyrics

full of hell Room to burn Heart full of something Unclean Dreadful to know Fair in the mirror Hard on the soul They should have known it From birth Pain Had come to this world Crying Pain has come to the world Dying Pain in the world Heart

Jimmy Eat World - Pain lyrics

don´t feel the way I´ve ever felt. I know. I´m gonna smile and not get worried. I try but it shows. Anyone can make what I have built. And better now Anyone can find the same white pills. It takes my pain away. It´s a lie. A kiss with open eyes And she´s not breath

Hysterica - Pain in the ass lyrics

my dreams I see your face It's just a messed up picture and letter in lace You have your lights of fame Disaster You only have yourself to blame Take a hike with mister rabbit Take it fake it You're a pain in the ass Get out of my way A pain in the ass Sur

Jacob - Pain lyrics

can say I don't feel too well as if sounding bells It hurts and I don't know what to do I can't laugh, to love, I can't Shut, shut your mouth, mouth I can't really hear your voice, I can't see you Burns, burns my brain, brain I cease to feel your skin, I just

Judas Priest - Pain and pleasure lyrics

wanna tell ya, hey I think you oughta know The way you're treating me, I feel I'll have to go I've heard the rumors and it seems they're comin' true You do what suits ya, but then that's nothin' new Do what you wanna do Oh what you put me through

Lullacry - Pain walk with me lyrics

is good day to end it all How it all came to this I don't know Fool was I to believe I still can remember All the things that made me feel so alive Did I deserve it This pain walk with me forever Together, pain walk with me It took you a lifetime To do this for

Everlast - Pain lyrics

between the lies and truths, borderlines get shady Somewhere between the yeses and nos you can find a maybe Somewhere between the highs and lows you can spot the middle Somewhere between the questions and clues you can solve the riddle Somewhere along the road you might need a p

Le Monde - Pain lyrics

yo you got a little time why dont you come holla at me for a minute let me tell you about myself whats your name where you from can i atleast wait on the phone ...

Of Mice & Men - Pain lyrics

am sick of this place of death With a pace that’s set And you know the pessimistic bend Just to watch you break Practice what you preach Separate skin from the bone Digging at my flesh Like a schizophrenic with a blade Fingers tracing scars Mapping out reminders of just

Pain - Pain in the ass lyrics

ve been trying everything to feed my kicks. Spanking old ladies, giving it all I've got. When little ain't enough and your needs are too big. Learning by doing, chugging pee from a coffee cup. Jump up and down on me, Move back and forth on me. You've got to let it out.

Riskykidd - Pain lyrics

I rest my glass on the nightstand Thinking bout the guns that I clapped in the night fam All the pussios that I jacked man I was outta my mind but now I'm back fam Big money, big bucks Big hunnies, big butts Thats over, now I spent it all now I'm f***ed I was ballin then n

Seven Witches - Pain lyrics

you feel, you feel it, it’s all around Watching you faulter, the eyes you burn Said what you want, you said your peace I don’t want to hear it The pain that you feel Hope it’s bringing you down The pain that you feel What you want, I want it, give it

Sinch - Pain lyrics

awake completely satisfied and let the sweat run through my hair Well I haven't felt this way in quite sometime when I look over you're not there Pain I won't let you slip away, No everybody must begin somewhere Everyone here knows this is killing me, man it tear

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Pain (w slug christ & lil tracy) (prod. nedar.. lyrics

Chorus: lil peep] If I gotta imma wait in the rain Girl you don't know my pain And my pockets gotta lotta cocaine Girl you don't know my name If I gotta imma wait in the rain Girl you don't know my pain And my pockets gotta lotta cocaine Girl you don't know my name [Verse

Disturbed - Pain redefined lyrics

falling, lost in forever Will I find a way to keep it together? Am I strong enough to last through the weather in the hurricane of my life? Can it be a conscious decision? That I look for ways to alter my vision? Am I speeding towards another collision

Ensoph - Pain, pride and regret lyrics

back and forth, the blackest sheeps run Their shell's a book, the truth is brought down Soon out of the strife, new order shall arise The beauty in failure, glory is their praise Suck the dust of doctrine and belief Spat by these armies in the

Fade - Pain inside lyrics

out And breathe in Accept what is In front of me now Doesn't matter How I may feel cause deep inside it shows Looking back on what I've done till now Tell myself that it's right Been ignoring this voice in myself For too long With this pain inside I ca

Jadakiss - Pain & torture lyrics

Intro] Yeah niggas! HAHAHA HEEE!! So this is what it all boils down to huh? HUH? This is what it comes to huh? HUH? PLAYOFFS!?! Yo Poofs f*** that we back baby [Jadakiss] I ain't ask you to fear it Mandatory you think about it after you hear it And it's the evil that's g

Metalium - Pain crawls in the night lyrics

the gifts the gods bestowed upon the first born one. Skill and beauty, thieving nature, brighter than the sun. Made of earth and water, punishment to all mankind. Don´t you dare to look, WATCH OUT! Evil´s inside. Oh, you've got to beware. YOU´VE GOT

Nocturnal Rites - Pain & pleasure lyrics

you call for me It’s too late, can’t you see? Couldn’t help, they spit on you, and called you fool I believe it just slipped my mind That I left you behind I can’t help, you died that day that I betrayed On and on… Pain or pleasure There is no distinction You will see

Orphanage - Pain lyrics

me. Heed me! This is real. This pain inside I feel. To vanquish in my life. All in vain, but the memories will remain. To haunt me in my strife. Do it your way. But I am hungry for your blood. Please leave my kind alone. Leave me alone. I am hungry for your blo

25 Ta Life - Pain in temporary lyrics

there wonderful. For the pain. You'll Pay. Love is gone. The pain took over. Oh it was wonderful. Nothing is everlasting what can I do. The pain comes and goes what can I do. Nothing is everlasting. Ain't it wonderful. As the pain it comes and f***ing goes

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