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The Cramps - Aloha from hell lyrics

take a week off. Gonna go to Hell. Send ya a postcard. ... Wish you were here. Aloha from Hell. I'll be dancin' ... You can hear me sing. Aloha from Hell. Gonna get a lei.

Alexander Pistoletov - From russia to ukraine lyrics

Черное большое море, Мы плывем, не зная горя, В Украину мы плывем, За границу мы уйдем. Из России в Украину Скачем-скачем на дельфинах, Кто не скачет тот маска...

Camouflage - From ay to bee lyrics

The lonely day I've met you has changed my world I can't exist without your smile You pushed me up you filled my days you realize the right things wh...

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - From skin to liquid lyrics

Alex Webster... It's from album Gallery Of Suicide...

Dal Shabet - From head to toe - (subin) lyrics

(Can my boy) yeogi jeogi guseokguseok nae mam sumbakkokjil (Oh my boy) waen jongil bangguseokguseok sseureojige hae dareun namjawan dalla geureon heunhaeppajin namja...

Divinefire - From death to life lyrics

When I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. Then He laid his right hand on me and said: Do not fear. I am the First and the Last and the Living One. I experien...

God Is An Astronaut - From dust to the beyond lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (i...

Kryptor - From gehenna to here lyrics

gather under ruined land from these legions in iron. This ... in pools of blood raining from heaven rape and torture - an ... scene called damnation. To thee is forsaken ignite this

Paprika Korps - From soul to soul lyrics

soul to soul From mind to mind This is what i call ... real reggae sound Drown into the riddims Dive into the

Six Degrees Of Separation - From twilight to dusk lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Skyfire - From here to death lyrics

behind Behind what was ment to be Destroying the worlds ... around me With powers from inside My soul is fading ... unknown cosmic force I'm entombed within myself With this

100 °c - From base to travel lyrics

melody and words Connected from place there we will born ... Influence from melody and words I found ... in my head Influence from melody and words Think about

Chomp Chomp Attack - From dreams to reality lyrics

for We will not back down, together we stand out When you ... alone As one we may fall but together we stand strong We ... a dream One life you wish to lead Don't give up this time

Davichi - From me to you lyrics

Saranghae saranghae sesang nuguboda deo Neo hanaman isseojumyeon naneun haengbokhae Sesange sesange gajang bitnaneun saram Haneuri jun ojik han saram Bamhan...

Destiny's End - From dust to life lyrics

for a thousand eons Shot from exploding fire Ride through ... Follow random paths Rising from chaos Becoming part of what ... of the past Concepts of today From dust to life,

Ex Libris - From birth to bloodshed lyrics

shall run through my hands, to the earth Blood shall run ... down from the flesh of our sons! ... my heart lay the treasures from my womb Who bathed in the

Hot Chip - From drummer to driver (bonus track) lyrics

Is a shining highway Away from the memories Left scattered ... of rhythm Will you help me to make a new sound I've got

Jung Joon Young - "내가 나에게" (from me to me) lyrics

Chain eda gitareul dulleomen moseubeun machi Kurt ... georiui aksaro noraereul Non stop bulleotdeon geu sijeoreul

The Backwards - From me to you lyrics

I'll send it along With love from me to you I've got ... I'll send it along With love from me to you I got arms that ... long to hold you And keep you by my

Cannabis Corpse - From wisdom to baked lyrics

had no money for fertilizer To use to feed their precious ... plants That's when this story gets absurd.... A ... strange urban legend started to spread In the nearby town,

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - From her to eternity lyrics

.. that's the one right up top a mine Ah start to cry, Ah ... start to cry O ah hear her walkin ... night And ah hear her crying too. Hot-tears come splashin on

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - From here to eternity lyrics

vowed your love from here to eternity, A love so true, it ... you left with me Will live from here to eternity. Now I'm ... endless desire, will live from here to eternity

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - From zero to hero lyrics

now I'm gonna get my message to you And I hope that you ... believe in it, too It maybe take some time ... go Deep inside your soul From zero to hero So this is

Dark Empire - From refuge to ruin lyrics

Death paints destruction into everybody's lives. Leaving ... less, less than a chance From odds they are up against ... Masses to the west fleeing the stench

Eilera - From pink to black lyrics

And the fire that never stopped burning, even in the end ... I'll go I know it's better to I'll go But before I do I ... have to know But do you? I have to

Excalion - From somewhere to anywhere lyrics

every day I'll find a way to cross every ocean Loneliness ... stay I'm on my way from somewhere to anywhere I have ... learned not to ask when I'll be there

Glass Cloud - From may to now lyrics

all this time It starts to feel like years inside It ... gets to be just like a day on ... you would say Anything to lead me astray Three ... thousand miles from here And nothing helps bring

Gorefest - From ignorance to oblivion lyrics

your opinion Don't bother to understand That people have ... The standards you live up to Are purely based on hatred Towards other cultures and races

Infernal - From paris to berlin lyrics

Paris To Berlin, and Every Disco I ... Left Me Longing For You from Paris To Berlin, and Every ... I Know What That Might Be from Paris To Berlin, and Every

Tracy Lawrence - From here to kingdom come lyrics

can move to another town take everything I ever gave ... everything I never listened to What a sad affair I'm here ... thing you were never meant to be a wife And their expert

Jarvis Cocker - From auschwitz to ipswich lyrics

All hold hands with our backs to the wall It's the end, why ... you admit it? It's the same from Auschwitz to Ipswich Evil ... comes I know from not where But if you take a

Lord Of The Lost - From venus to mars lyrics

around me I see danger – And too much reality But time ... hands You say that we have to be strong or we will die I ... want to fly from venus to mars I want to slide across

Lonestar - From there to here lyrics

and dreams That's how we got from there to here A nickel ... She waited all that time Today they'll cut a golden ... it all those years It had to be tough, they just said it

Machine Men - From sunrise to sunset lyrics

smile, taste the tear drop from my eye Waiting for the ... breath of wind to give wings for my soul I ... weak, the reason is not far to seek The dream of the end

Man With A Mission - From youth to death lyrics

no zattō to miwatasumana Komukishitsuna ... kazaseba kaze ga chigirete Futo kidzukeba katachi mo miezu ... Ashita kara wa kawareru hazu to Iikikasete wa tada susumu

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - From coast to coast lyrics

lady, I'm close to lose you You're burning up ... miss you Oh, I will swear to you, that I love you From ... coast to coast (from coast to coast) From east to west (from east to west) I know for

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - From enslavement to obliteration lyrics

a life of slavery In the factories our own hands have built ... goods we've already slogged to create To consume all ... prosperity We become the tools of our own oppression

Never A Hero - From heroes to angels lyrics

avoid us, Wrote this song to make a point that you cannot ... You never do what I tell you to do OOH War corruption guns ... and drugs The angels cry from above Watch the earth as it

Poisonblack - From nowhere to nowhere lyrics

something I've lost how to feel The table is set for ... there in silence Don't care to speak It's not temporary It ... And we are carved in stone From now-here to nowhere

Rhapsody Of Fire - From chaos to eternity lyrics

chaos to eternity Dead space all ... me, beyond me Expanding to his cosmic will (Save my ... SPOKE HIS SOUL WILL SOAR FROM RUINS OF HATE SILENT PAIN, ... ENDLESS WAR LED FROM CHAOS TO ETERNITY MORTAL DESTINY

Ride - From time to time lyrics

mine I know that angels come from time to time There's nothing ... much to see just sensuality I know ... that angels come from time to time On a perfect day come

Ritual Carnage - From dawn to decadence lyrics

you dare turn the page Fall to your knees and repent, never ... of his ancient proverbs From dawn to decadence, unholy ... book of lies Succumb to deception, enlightment

Seven Angels - From now to eternity lyrics

and strong My lord is victory Not one more fantasy I

Arsis - From soulless to shattered (art in dying) lyrics

breath of black betrayal. Stoic, famished guard the walls ... this scarlet temple. Awaits to hear the sound of armies ... of failures conquest. A wish to waste and rise alone with

Arthemis - From hell to hell lyrics

Devil in my eyes So face to face they tried to face me ... fury passed me by Fighting to survive, but no way out for ... me to escape Now you are died ... disguise, is time for you to feel the pain I raise my

As I Lay Dying - From shapeless to breakable lyrics

alive for one reason, It's to declare that apart from you I ... I remember who I used to be Like a murderer ... transformed into a pretty thief I have so far

Aviators - From oceans to skies lyrics

ll struggle 'till I'm sore To find escape somewhere ... Nobody's supposed to feel like this One's chance ... fade I need the chance to rise From darkness, from

Aviators - From oceans to skies (vip remix) lyrics

ll struggle 'till I'm sore To find escape somewhere ... Nobody's supposed to feel like this One's chance ... fade I need the chance to rise From darkness, from

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - From heaven to heartache lyrics

Oh baby what have we done? From heaven to heartache in one ... in the flames of lies. From heaven to heartache once ... miss me. Just send a signal to my heart. I will remember.

The Beach Boys - From there to back again lyrics

don't we feel the way we used to anymore There's a place ... we could stay And listen to the waves at my front door ... 'bout some things we used to do Thinking 'bout when life

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - From me to you lyrics

I'll send it along With love from me to you I've got ... I'll send it along With love from me to you I got arms that ... long to hold you And keep you by my

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - From us to you lyrics

ll send it a long with love from us to you, to you, to

Behemoth - From hornedlands to lindesfarne lyrics

came from the cold north carried on ... hate and horned sodomy came to the lands of virgin's ... witches called the spirits from forest from hornedlands to

Benighted - From desire to disgust lyrics

above Lust as the life turns to the deepest disgust I hear ... now until the lie. From desire to disgust All ... dimensions are collapsed From desire to disgust My

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